How to get VIP Time

Even if you increase your VIP level, you still need to have VIP time enabled in order to get the benefits of VIP. Once you level up, VIP time is active for 24 hours, but after that, you’ll need to use items. (You can see how much time you have left in VIP time by tapping the VIP level under the face symbol in the upper left corner of the screen.

Recommended : Purchase “VIP 30 Days” on the black market

I’ve been activating VIPs this way for a long time without charging for them. Whether or not they appear on the black market is random, but once you use this, there is a high probability that they will appear at least once before the next 30 day deadline. It also requires 3,000 gems, but it won’t be difficult to accumulate them in 30 days either.

How to get VIP Time items

Black Market

  • VIP 30 Minutes x1 – 3,000 resources
  • VIP 60 Minutes x1 – 6,000 resources
  • VIP 1 Day x1 – 190 gems
  • VIP 7 Days x1 – 990 gems
  • VIP 30 Days x1 – 3,000 gems


  • VIP 1 Day – 250 gems
  • VIP 7 Days – 1,500 gems
  • VIP 30 Days – 4,000 gems

Wheel of Fortune

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a “VIP 60 Minutes x1”, etc.
*Not on the reward list (which can be found by pressing the chest to the left of the remaining chip count), but it will hit.

Purchase Package


  • 200 Gems Speed Up Package $0.99 – VIP 1 day x1
  • Super Value Activity Package (15,000% return) $4.99 – VIP 1 day x1



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Hey! Apart from VIP 30 days and Monarch gear, what other items do you think are worth buying at the Black Market? Also, what about at the Alliance Shop (you already mentioned Tributes)? Are chips a good buy?

Jake Forrest

What about the 3 day bubbles from the Alliance Shop? If not there, where is the best place?

I would not recommend it. I think it is very expensive.

Please refer to the following article to collect gems and buy them in the store.
How to get 21,000 Gems in a Week
I think the easiest way is to smash the Crazy Egg Hammer 12’s every day.

(My apologies. I accidentally translated your comment into Japanese and saved it, so your original text was lost.)

Do they act cumulative? I am a bit afraid to use the second 30 days item while the other is still running. Would be bad if they substitute the active one. I would like it most if I can trigger all VIP time items at once to get a long cumulative active period.
PS: kudos and thanks a lot for all these very helpful articles!


At 5pm server time, you’ll get one VIP 100 for an item on the city wall!

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If you found this article useful, I would appreciate a donation.

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