How to get Adv City Teleporter a lot

“Adv City Teleporter”, which allows you to move cities to any coordinates.

If you’re actively enjoying PvP, you’ll want to always have at least 30 of them with you, but buying them in the store will cost you 2,000 gems each, which isn’t cheap.

Here’s how to get the “Adv City Teleporter” outside of the store. You should focus on the “Gather Troops” and “Crazy Egg” events.

Gather Troops – Day 5 Destructive Attack

Up to 32 pcs

Gather Troops - Day 5 Destructive Attack

You can get this when you kill a certain number of other players’ troops.

  • Kill 5,000 troops -> 1 pcs
  • Kill 10,000 troops -> 2 pcs
  • Kill 20,000 troops -> 3 pcs
  • Kill 50,000 troops -> 4 pcs *total 10 pcs
  • Kill 100,000 troops -> 5 pcs *total 15 pcs
  • Kill 300,000 troops -> 7 pcs *total 22 pcs
  • Kill 500,000 troops -> 10 pcs *total 32 pcs

*Kills in the NPC Subordinate City, the Battle of Gaugamela, and the Battle of Constantinople are not eligible.

The “Gather Troops” event takes place about once or twice a month and is about a week in duration. The “Destructive Attack” is available to try on the fifth day.

Sometimes the timing of this event doesn’t coincide with the timing of the server war, but that makes it difficult to achieve a score, depending on the server rules. In that case, you can create a sub-account and attack it. (Related : How to make Sub-Account)

Recommendation – Get All Alliance Members at Once

  1. Send reinforcements to an alliance city.
  2. Attack the alliance city with a weak troop and make the troop lose on purpose. (Attack with a sub-account outside the alliance. Or, ask another alliance to help you attack.)

This will allow everyone who sends reinforcements to achieve the score.

When sending reinforcements, if one person is sending a strong troop, it doesn’t matter if the other person has only one troop.

When attacking an alliance city, it is best to send 500,000 level 1 troops, but if you are worried about the reinforcements getting wounded, it is better to split the attack into several attacks instead of sending all the troops in one attack. (e.g. 5 times for 100,000 troops, etc.)

Crazy Egg Event

4 or more per day (During the event period)

(Quantity increased due to specification change on 7/15/2022.)

  • Smash 3-hammers egg (Princess Lucy) -> 4 pcs. 2 pcs 1 pcs
  • Activate” 8-hammers egg (Isabel I) -> 2 pcs. 1 pcs (Smashing is not enough)

If you fail to activate, you can smash it again the same day, so if you’re lucky (or unlucky?), you can get several from the same egg.

See also: Crazy Eggs Event

Other methods (not as efficient)

Daily login + 7 weekly offerings

1 every week

You get it on the 5th day of Advanced Daily Rewards.

If you make an offering in the Shrine seven times a week, your Daily Rewards are upgraded to Advanced Daily Rewards.

Trade Products Event (Eagle of Freedom, Strong Drink, Shining Treasure, The Silk Road, Fragrance, Tea Culture, etc)

Trade Products Event (Eagle of Freedom)

2 pcs

Each one is exchanged for 40 replacement items. If you meet your quotas for resource production, Alliance Donation, stamina consumption, troop recovery, and alliance rally participation, you can get a replacement item.

Monarch Competition – Stage 5/5 “Kill Enemies”

2 pcs

Complete the second level of the score objective.
*Only if the player is at a higher level (Monarch Competition rewards change based on level).

Viking Challenge Event

If you’re lucky, you can get it (low probability).

The amount you get depends on the difficulty and the number of battles you beat.
If you’re lucky, it’s in the “Viking War Chest” you get after the trial, not per battle.

Received case: Easy 50 vikings, 10 chests -> 1 pcs

Wheel of Fortune

If you’re lucky, you’ll get.

Wheel of Fortune

Dwarf’s Lucky Apple Event

10 pcs (per session. If you are lucky.)

(Quantity increased due to specification change on 7/15/2022.)

On “Lucky Apple – Blessing” (5 wishing coins), if you’re lucky, you’ll get 10 pcs.
On “Lucky Apple – Blessing” (5 wishing coins), if you’re lucky, you’ll get 1 pcs.

See also: Dwarf’s Lucky Apple


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Recently, it looks Evony may want to cancel the Gathering Troops event permanently.
We won’t get 32 pcs every two weeks anymore.

Other methods with updated amount:
Dwarf’s Lucky Apple Event – 10 pcs per hit on 5-coin (expectation unknown)
Relics (new) – 4 pcs one time (expectation unknown)
Trade Products Event – ??
Wheel of Fortune – ?? (expectation unknown)
Daily login with 14 consecutive days – 2 pcs per week

How to build 500,000 t1 troop efficiently? our sub accounts are only k19, k20

I have 2 adv teleport gems but don’t get a use button, I thought it was because my troops were out of the city but now they are all back but still no use button? Is because I have sub cities so do I need to leave these before I can move my city? Or is it something else?

I’m having the same problem, I can’t use any advanced city teleporters, and I have 26!

Thank you for your quick reply! I am relieved to hear that it will not result in death. I always refer to this wiki. I look forward to working with you in the future. I just wanted to show my appreciation, so no need to reply. Thank you very much!

I’m still inexperienced and I assumed that soldiers die when the attacker loses in PvP, but the way the article recommends attacking allied cities with low-tier soldiers to earn teleporter pro, do they just get wounded instead of dying?

I have attacked with t1 only every time, and have only been wounded (with some desertion) and no deaths.
As you said, the basic rule is that if the attacker loses, he should die, but there may be some conditions. 🤔


Iam unable to use city teleporter to specific location ? Why is it iam at level 14 is it because of low level?

“City Teleporter” is a separate item from “Adv City Teleporter”.
Only “Adv City Teleporter” can move to the specified coordinates.
The destination of “City Teleporter” is random.


I received an email from the leader of the alliance saying that if I send a unit to an alliance city, I will receive a reward. What is an alliance city?

A building in the center of the Alliance’s territory. You can send a unit by tapping it and pressing “Reinforce” from the menu.


How and where to use wishing coin. I am currently at level 11.

Regarding attacking allied cities with a sub-account, once I join the alliance that is being attacked, will I not be able to attack it even if I leave that alliance?

The way we play to complete destructive attack is have each member of the alliance reinforce the alliance building, and then a friend from another alliance comes along with 100k T1’S and attacks 5 times. Then we do the same for his alliance.


Hi. Does this destructive attack event happens every week? Thank you.

Unfortunately not every week😭
That’s about once or twice a month.
In addition, the duration of the event is about a week per event.
(I’ve added your question to the article!)


Very helpful. Thank you. Also, I sometimes get them in Lucky of Fortune.

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