How to get Stamina (8/28 update)

8/28/2021 – Add information to the Consuming Return Event section, etc.

Stamina will be restored to 100 every day when the server time resets. You can also increase the speed of stamina recovery by raising the VIP level or monarch’s talent (Lv18).

However, if you are even a little bit active in hunting monsters, exploring relics, and gathering gems from the mines, it will still not be enough.

Therefore, I have summarized the ways to get them below.

Basically, I recommend the resource consuming return event, but it may be difficult unless you are at least keep level 25.

If this is difficult, unfortunately, there is no way to get a large number of them at once except by paying for them, and the only way is to get them steadily, little by little, in various ways.

The only ones that are relatively better are crazy eggs and lucky apples.

Consuming Return Event – Resource Consumption

Consuming Return Event – Resource Consumption

For each type of resource, you will receive the following.

  • 125M consumed, 100 Stamina x2
  • 500M consumed, 100 Stamina x4 (6 total)
  • 1,250M consumed, 100 Stamina x8 (14 total)
  • 2,500M consumed, 100 Stamina x12 (26 total)
  • 5,000M consumed, 100 Stamina x20 (46 total)


For example, if you can consume 2,500M for 4 types, you can get 104 pieces of 100 stamina.

Reference – Approximate Keep Level to Complete 4 types (in my opinion)

  • 125M – Keep Lv25 or so
  • 500M – Keep Lv27 or so
  • 1,250M – Keep Lv29 or so
  • 2,500M – Keep Lv31 or so
  • 5,000M – Keep Lv33 or so

Crazy Egg Event – Smash an egg with 6 hammers

100 Stamina x2 (if you’re lucky)

This event will run for about two weeks.

Smash an egg (James Bowie’s egg) with 6 hammers, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get stamina.

Also, if you fail to activate one egg, you can smash the same egg again on the same day, so within a day, you may get more.

Dwarf’s Lucky Apple

100 Stamina x1 (if you’re lucky)

During the event period, if you spend 5 “Wishing Coins” to receive the “Lucky Apple – Blessing”, you will receive Stamina if you are lucky.

Other Methods

Arch of Triumph – Flower Rewards

50 Stamina x1 (If you are lucky)

Note – Not available on newer servers.

Flower rewards can be obtained by sending flowers to the top performing players at the Arch of Triumph in the center of the map. (E.g. Top 3 players in server wars, etc.)

Opening a flower reward will give you stamina if you are lucky.

Trade Products Event (Eagle of Freedom, Strong Drink, Shining Treasure, The Silk Road, Fragrance, Tea Culture, etc)

100 Stamina x3

10 replacement items (per item) are required to obtain them. If you meet your quotas for resource production, Alliance Donation, stamina consumption, troop recovery, and alliance rally participation, you can get a replacement item. 

King’s Path Event – Day2 Unstoppable

King’s Path Event - Day2 Unstoppable

You can get stamina by defeating a certain number of bosses of a specified power.

  • 3.3M x20 Bosses – 10 Stamina x1
  • 3.3M x50 Bosses – 10 Stamina x2
  • 9.9M x50 Bosses – 50 Stamina x1
  • 9.9M x100 Bosses – 50 Stamina x2
  • 59.5M x100 Bosses – 100 Stamina x2
  • 59.5M x200 Bosses – 100 Stamina x3

King’s Path Event – King’s Chest

10 Stamina x1

King’s Path Event - King’s Chest

You can get this after the “King’s Path” event. The number of chests you can receive is proportional to the number of quests you complete.

Each chest is always filled with 10 stamina (x1). So, for example, if you get 20 chests, you will get 200 stamina.

Reference: Contents of the King’s Chest

Login Rewards Event – Level 3 Witch’s Treasure Bag

100 Stamina x2 in each bag (If you’re lucky)

How to get a “Witch’s Treasure Bag” – it may be included in the “Candy” you get during the “Login Rewards” event. But the first thing you get is “Level 1 Witch’s Treasure Bag”. The “Witch’s Treasure Bag” is designed to give you the next level of “Witch’s Treasure Bag” at random when you open it. 

Therefore, the probability of obtaining “Level 3 Witch’s Treasure Bag” is not high.

Reference: Contents of Witch’s Treasure Bag

Garuda Trial Event

You get stamina for defeating a certain number of Junior Garuda.

  • 10 times – 10 Stamina x1
  • 30 times – 50 Stamina x1
  • 50 times – 100 Stamina x1

Lucky Composing Event – Lucky Box

50 Stamina x1, 100 Stamina x1 (if you’re lucky)

The contents of the lucky boxes vary from event to event, but often one of the boxes will contain Stamina. (There are 10 different lucky boxes for each event.)

However, even if you open the box, it depends on your luck whether you get the stamina or not.

How to get lucky boxes – During the lucky composing events, you can get composing items from resource spots and monsters. There are multiple types of composing items, and composing three of them will result in a lucky box. There are 10 types of lucky boxes in total, and they depend on the combination of composition items.


25 Stamina x1 (3 times a day)

stamina item will appear above the tavern

Every day, at the following times, one 25-stamina item will appear above the tavern.

  • 12:30 PM
  • 18:30 PM
  • 21:30 PM

*Implemented in ver 1.0.12 of the September 2016 update.

Wheel of Fortune

10 stamina x1, 50 stamina x1, 100 stamina x1 (if you’re lucky)

Wheel of Fortune

If you’re lucky, you’ll get.

*Not on the reward list (which can be found by pressing the chest to the left of the remaining chip count), but it will hit.


  • 50 Stamina x1 – 200 Gems

Can be bought in the “War” category.

Black Market

  • 50 Stamina x1 – 300 Gems
  • 50 Stamina x10 – 3,000 Gems

Related article: Black Market Item List

Alliance Shop

Alliance Shop

Note – Can only be bought when on limited discount.

  • 10 Stamina x1 – 30,000 Alliance Points
  • 50 Stamina x1 – 50,000 Alliance Points
  • 100 Stamina x1 – 100,000 Alliance Points

Buying a Package

  • 25000% Return Event Package $4.99 Pack – 100 Stamina x5
  • 15000% Return Super Value Activity Package $4.99 – 100 Stamina x7

Related Article




Lucky Box I = 12 x 10 Stamina
Lucky Box II = not included
Lucky Box III = 5 x 10 Stamina
Lucky Box IV = 1x 50 Stamina
Lucky Box V = not included
Lucky Box VI = not included
Lucky Box VII = not included
Lucky Box VIII = not included
Lucky Box IX = 1x 100 Stamina
Lucky Box X = not included


For Lucky Composing, you can get stamina from 3 and 9 as long as the reward is the same each time.


Thank you very much.
Stamina requires luck if I don’t pay for it.
I’ll do my best.


I’m always grateful for your help.
If stamina is 200, will it be 100 when server time resets?

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