How to get Spiritual Beast EXP efficiently

8/14/2023 – Garuda rewards updated to the latest.
1/27/2022 – Added Nian
12/15/2021 – Added Warlord 5
12/3/2021 – Added Ymir, Lava Turtle 5
11/19/2021 – Added Cerberus, Witch 5
11/13/2021 – Added Golem 5

Resource Tile 11 & 12

Available if you are lucky.

  • tile 11, 12 -> 5,000EXP
  • tile 8, 9, 10 -> 1,000EXP
  • tile 4, 5, 6, 7 -> 500EXP

* Not available for tile 1, 2, 3, 13, 14, 15.

World Boss Event

You can get it if you are in the top 100 in “Single Time Damage” ranking.

  • 100 – 99th -> 5,000 EXP
  • 98 – 50 -> 10,000 EXP
  • 49 – 21 -> 20,000 EXP
  • 20 – 10 -> 30,000 EXP
  • 9-6 -> 40,000 EXP
  • 5-2 -> 50,000 EXP
  • 1 -> 100,000 EXP

Kill Boss monster

Available if you are lucky.

Normal Boss

  • Lv5 Werewolf -> 1,000EXP
  • Lv6 Manticore -> 1,000EXP
  • Lv7 Yasha -> 2,000EXP
  • Lv8 Peryton -> 2,000EXP
  • Lv9 Minotaur -> 5,000EXP
  • Lv10 Griffin -> 5,000EXP
  • Lv11 Ifrit -> 5,000EXP
  • Lv12 Kamaitachi -> 5,000EXP
  • Lv13 Fafnir -> 5,000EXP

* Not available from the following bosses.

  • Lv1 Zombie
  • Lv2 Redcap
  • Lv3 Centaur
  • Lv4 Skeleton Dragon
  • Lv14 Behemoth
  • Lv15 Phoenix
  • Lv16 Jormungandr
  • Lv17 Typhon

Event Boss

  • Royal Thief -> 2,000EXP
  • Lv1-5 Lava Turtle -> 5,000EXP
  • Lv1-5 Golem -> 5,000EXP
  • Lv1-5 Witch -> 5,000EXP
  • Lv1-5 Warlord -> 5,000EXP
  • Lv1-4 Hydra -> 5,000EXP
  • Lv1-3 Cerberus -> 5,000EXP
  • Lv1-5 Ymir -> 5,000EXP
  • Lv1-5 Nian -> 5,000EXP
  • Lv1 Garuda 15,000 EXP
  • Lv2 Garuda 30,000 EXP
  • Lv3 Garuda 40,000 EXP

* N/A – Fenrir, Bayard, Viking, Pumpkin Monster

Relics Chamber

Available if you are lucky.

  • 100,000EXP

Black Market

  • 1,000EXP x5 -> 1,000Gem
  • 1,000EXP x10 -> 2,000Gem



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Another great way to get spiritual Beast. Points is to attack the smaller bosses during the spiritual Beast event period you will get be scales. And those you convert to spiritual Beast points. You can get up to 42 scales per day just by hunting monsters period It is best to hunt in an area. Maybe about 20 beasts and then move to another area of the server. Do another 20 base etc et cetera. Until you get your forty 24 the day and then do it again tomorrow


I think it’s from the last update, but now EXP drops from Garuda.
Level 1: 5,000*3
Level 2: 5,000*6
Level 3: 40,000 (no report was left)


How can I get the Pegasus spirit or the Soul of Kong, which is necessary to acquire a spiritual beast?


I equipped a beast but it doesn’t appear on the world map. I can see the fox equipped people’s stuff but not my own?

Tim Tomm

THE BEST way to get Spiritual Beast point effectively and consistently is to Gather from Resource tiles L10 – L13. I would gather from L12 to get 1000 Spiritual beast points. I would get 3000 – 5000 points per day by gathering overnight.

You can also gain 10.000 Spiritual Beast EXP from exploring Mysterious Relics by using brick hammers afterwards. (not sure if and how much you can get from Relics Lv 1-5)

Zachariah A Lloyd

I have a large amount of Spiritual Beast exp tomes in my possession, but there is no way that i can find to use them, plus I do not know where I can see how much of the exp I have already, nor how much is needed to activate the beasts at the Pasture….
Are these books already used, when you get them, and if so how can I see how much of the exp I have please??
Thanks in advance!!


I’ve noticed that you don’t have to complete the timer to get the spiritual beast exp etc but is there a minimum % of the timer you have to stay for before you get rewards?

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