How to get Skill Book (9/10 update)

9/10/2021 – Relics were added because it is now also available at the relics.


If you collect 25 fragments in the relics, you will receive the following if you are lucky.

  • Lv4 Skill Book
  • Lv3 Skill Book
  • Skill Book Page

This is the best way to get a Lv4 Skillbook without paying.

Gather Troops event

If you complete the various quotas for the event, you will receive a Luxury Treasure Chest after the event.

For every chest, you’ll always get 1 “Skill Book Page”. Combine 10 Skill Book Pages to get 1 Lv4 Skill Book.

The number of chests you get is proportional to your quota. Players who play every day will get at least 10 chests.

Viking Challenge Event

The level and amount of skill book you get depends on the difficulty of the trial and the number of Vikings you defeated. (You’ll get it after the end of the trial, not per battle)


  • Easy 30-39 Vikings => Lv2 Skill Book x1
  • Easy 40-49 Vikings => Lv2 Skill Book x2
  • Easy 50 Vikings=> Lv3 Skill Book x1
  • Normal 50 Vikings=> Lv3 Skill Book x2
  • Hard 50 Vikings=> Lv4 Skill Book x1

*As a rough guide, it takes at least 100,000 tier 10 cavalry to defeat 50 Vikings in Easy. (Reference Articles – How Many Troops need to Defeat Boss? )

Disassemble Unnecessary Skill Books

Disassembling the skillbook will give you a skillbook page.

  • Disassemble Lv1 skillbook => 1 skillbook page
  • Disassemble Lv2 skillbook => 2 skillbook pages
  • Disassemble Lv3 skillbook => 3 skillbook pages
  • Disassemble Lv4 skillbook => 4 skillbook pages

If you compose 10 skillbook pages, you get one lv4 skillbook.

Get the Free Gift for a pack purchase

If you buy a $4.99 pack when you see the skill packs in the “Limited Time Promotion” section, you’ll get 2 Lv4 skill books as an added bonus.

For more information on the “Limited Time Promotion”, see the article below.

Wheel of Fortune in Tavern

If you’re lucky, you’ll win the Lv1 Skill Book or the Skill Book Chest.

Skill Books Shop in Academy

  • Lv1 Skillbook => 3,000 gems
  • Lv2 Skillbook => 5,000 gems
  • Lv3 Skillbook => 8,000 gems






What level is the Fighter Sword from the black market? Is it worth spending the Gems?


Do not waste your gems buying that. If it’s possible for you to the craft the Kings gear then you should do that.

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