How to raise Rank quickly (how to get Prestige efficiently)

4/13/2022 – To make the information clearer, the section about monarch EXP has been separated into a different article. (This article was originally published in a previous article, “How to get Monarch EXP & Prestige efficiently”)
2/1/2022 – Respond to Hydra drop item changes.
11/4/2021 – New elements added by ver4 major update (resource tile Lv15, normal monster Lv36-40)
7/24/2021 – Hard Viking’s Prestige added
2/15/2021 – a note about the prestige added.

How to Raise Rank (basic)

To raise your rank, one must earn “Prestige” and be within a certain rank in the “Rank Ranking”. (See here for details on requirements).

(You can also raise your rank by raising your VIP level, but since this is for heavy payers, I won’t go into that here.)

This article explains how to earn prestige.

Offer & Normal Boss Hunting are Important

When the server is young, it is easy to rise in rank just by working hard on offers.

However, as time goes by and other players’ levels rise, it becomes more difficult to rise in rank, and how many “normal” bosses you can hunt becomes more important.

A) Daily Offering and bulk use of Tribute

Offers can be made at the shrine.

If you do all of the following, in a week you will have a Prestige of about 15,000.

  1. Daily Offering at Gem (Recommended: 6 times or more per day)
  2. In the first line of the Monarch Talent, select “Offering”.
  3. Save up a lot of tributes and spend them all together once a week (recommended: 20 or more)

A-1. Daily Offering at Gem (Recommended: 6 times/day)

The Gem cost of an offer increases with the number of times it is made. (Resets every day)

The most cost-effective is 6 times a day. If you have gems to spare, 8 or 10 times is recommended.

(more details to follow)

A-2. Monarch Talent – Choose “Offering” for 20% increase

If you choose “offering” in the first step, you can get up to 20% more prestige. (Max at monarch level 5)

Addendum – Another way to increase the buff of the offering is to chose the culture Arabian (+5%), but there’s no need to force a change, as you should choose Korea, Europe, America, and China if you’re focused on construction and research, and Japan and Russia if you’re focused on PvP.

A-3. Save up a lot of Tributes and spend them all together once a week (recommended: 20 or more)

The Prestige you earn increases with the number of offerings (Reset in 1 day).

So, if you collect a lot of tributes and use them all together (20 or more recommended) just before the deadline to renew “Rank Ranking” (Sunday Reset Time), you can maximize the prestige you get.

For example, if the first 6 times are spent in gems and then a batch of 20 tributes, the prestige will be about 8,400.

Prestige & Cost of each Offer

Prestige and cost are maximized on the 16th time.
Therefore, the key is how much tribute you can spend after the 16th time.

  • 1 time +100 25 Gems
  • 2 times +120 50 gems
  • 3 times +150 100 gems
  • 4 times+ 150 100 gems
  • 5 times +190 200 gems
  • 6 times +190 200 Gems, total 675 Gems
  • 7 times +240 400 gems
  • 8 times +240 400 Gems, total 1,475 Gems
  • 9 times +300 600 Gems
  • 10 times +300 600 Gems, total 2,875 Gems
  • 11 times +370 1,000 Gems
  • 12 times +370 1,000 Gems
  • 13 times +370 1,000 Gems
  • 14 times +370 1,000 Gems
  • 15 times +370 1,000 Gems, total 7,875 Gems
  • after 16th +500 1,500 Gems

How to get Tributes

Alliance shop, Black market, and Relics, these 3 are quite important.

I get about 60-80 pieces every week this way.

  • Alliance shop
    • 10,000 points per piece
    • It is recommended to buy only tributes at the Alliance Shop.
    • Related: Alliance Shop Item List
  • Black Market
    • x5 (300 gems)
    • x10 (500 gems)
    • Considering the amount of EXP you can get, it is unbeatable, so I would definitely recommend buying it.
    • Related: Black Market Item List
  • Relics
    • Collect 25 fragments and break the tiles with a hammer. If you’re lucky, you can get 10 of them.
    • During the main event period of about 10 days, the amount that can be gathered at resource tiles is doubled, but at other periods, the amount that can be gathered is small, and it is quickly exhausted. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the relics actively during this period.
    • Related: Relic – How to Gain More or Explore Faster (with Verification Report)
  • Other
    • LV2 Candy, Wheel of Fortune (available if you are lucky)

B) Kill Many “Normal” Bosses

It is recommended to kill a lot of normal bosses of Lv4 or higher.

Most of the monsters other than normal bosses have little prestige, and are not much different from Lv1 zombies (50 prestige). Therefore, it is not recommended.

“Normal” Boss Prestige

  • Lv1 Zombie 50
  • Lv2 Redcap 70
  • Lv3 Centaur 90
  • Lv4 Skeleton Dragon 120
  • Lv5 Werewolf 150
  • Lv6 Manticore 180
  • Lv7 Yasha 220
  • Lv8 Peryton 260
  • Lv9 Minotaur 300
  • Lv10 Griffin 350
  • Lv11 Ifrit 350
  • Lv12 Kamaitachi 400
  • Lv13 Fafnir 450
  • Lv14 Behemoth 450
  • Lv15 Phoenix 500

“Event” Boss Prestige

In most cases, you get only 50. (No different from a normal boss Lv1 zombie)

NOTE – In rare cases, event bosses with high prestige may appear temporarily. (Example: Lv1 Junior Nian (400 prestige), Lv5 Pumpkin Monster (250 prestige))

  • Lv3 Golem 50
  • Lv3 Witch 50
  • Lv2 Warlord 50
  • Lv1 Junior Hydra 50
  • Lv1 Junior Knight Bayard 50

Normal Monster Prestige

The maximum you can get is only 65.

  • Lv1 Robber 10
  • Lv20 Renegade 29
  • Lv30 Evil Knight 45
  • Lv35 Wraith Hunter 55
  • Lv 40 Scythian Knight 65

Viking Prestige

Easy: Defeat 50 Vikings, total of 2,260
(Comparison: Defeat 10 Lv7 Yasha for 2,200)

Normal: Defeat 50 Vikings, total of 2,996
(Comparison: Defeat 10 Lv9 Minotaurs for 3,000)

Hard: Defeat 50 Vikings, total of 3,730
(Comparison: Defeat 10 Lv10 Griffin for 3,500)

  • Lv1-9 Viking 30
  • Lv10-19 Viking 36
  • Lv20-29 Viking 44
  • Lv30-39 Viking 52
  • Lv40-49 Viking 60
  • Lv50 Viking 70
  • Lv1-9 Viking 44
  • Lv10-19 Viking 52
  • Lv20-29 Viking 60
  • Lv30-39 Viking 70
  • Lv40-49 Viking 70
  • Lv50 Viking 80
  • Lv1-9 Viking 60
  • Lv10-19 Viking 70
  • Lv20-29 Viking 70
  • Lv30-39 Viking 80
  • Lv40-49 Viking 90
  • Lv50 Viking 90

Rank Type, Buff, Requirement List

Please see below.

Rank Type, Buff, Requirement List


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I can’t for the life of me figure out how to check my current prestige (rank)😭
I want to check how many ranks I am currently in because I want to move up in rank next week, but is there somewhere I can see that kind of display (like my results for this week, up to today)?
All I know is that Rank ranking = Last week’s results = This week’s rank 💦.

Unfortunately, we cannot see real-time rankings based on current prestige.
We can only guess based on the current value of prestige that can be seen at the Shrine.

If you have prisoners, every 6 hours you can let 1000 of them free to get 50 Prestige. Maybe you can add this to your (as usual) good and informatie article. Thx.


Where specifically in the shrine can you see your current prestige, not last weeks? Thanks.


If I reset my talent points, what happens to the points I earned? I want to start over, but I am hesitant because I don’t want to lose my points.


You will get all the points back, and you can spend it again in which ever talent you want.


Hi, sorry to post it here which is not relevant. Do you happen to have an article tells how to get materials efficiently? Viking is the one I know of, wondering if there is a better way. Thank you.


In old evony you lost 10% of prestige when you leave an alliance. Is this still the case in TKR?


3 günde 20 seviye ye çıkabilirsin. Sadece güçlü bir birliğe üye olman yeterli.

If we join a leader in alliance war against monster, will we (the participants) also get general exp?

why my prestige drops from Viscount to Baron …i am a regular player … already half way there for Earl but i saw my rank has suddenly drops


Rank is a combination of your points and your order of points accumulated across your server. You must have achieved both the required points level AND be in the top 90 players on your server to achieve the rank of Earl.

I am always learning from you. Thank you very much for your valuable information.
By the way, when you say that you recommend offering gems at least 6 times a day, is it enough to offer 6 gems at a time, once a day? or do I have to divide the dedication into 6 times a day?
I’m sorry for the silly question. I’m looking forward to your answer.

It means that you have 6 pieces to dedicate in a day.
It’s the same whether you dedicate 1 time x 6 pieces or 6 times x 1 piece.

I’ve been trying to raise my rank, so I’ve been using 10 gems every day plus the tributes I get from the alliance store on the weekends, but I haven’t been able to get higher than baron.
But I think it’s hard to get higher if you don’t work at it every day.

Hi, how do we rank up efficiently. I mean from knight to Baron and so on?


Thank you for your articles, always easy to understand. Can the daily gem offering (recommended 6 times) be 6 tributes exchanged in the alliance shop?

The effect is the same, but as explained in A-4, it is more profitable to store a large amount of tribute and use it all at once, so it is not recommended.

In the “ Beat many normal monsters with a level of 31 or higher” section, could you add the prestige numbers please?

Why im always promoted to “Baron”? Normally its should be “Earl”. My prestige is 170k.

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