How to get more March Slot

In order to advance the game efficiently, you’ll want to hunt monsters and collect resources in as many marches as possible at the same time, but once all the march slots are filled, you’ll get the message “You cannot send more troops”. and you can’t send any more troops on the march.

The number of march slots is 1 at the start of the game, but can be increased to a maximum of 6. The methods are as follows.


In the Academy, increase the level of “Military” (Formation, Adv Dispatch, Super Adv Dispatch) and “Military Advance” (Legion Expansion). The maximum number of additional slots is +4.

  • Military : Formation (requires Academy Lv6) -> +1
  • Military : Adv Dispatch (requires Academy Lv13) -> +1
  • Military : Super Adv Dispatch (requires Academy Lv25) -> +1
  • Military Advance : Legion Expansion (requires Academy Lv35) -> +1


If you earn VIP points and raise your VIP level to 5 or higher, and then spend the VIP time item, you will get +1 marching slots during your VIP time.

You can view your current VIP points and the amount of time left on your VIP time by tapping the VIP level displayed under the face symbol in the upper left corner of the screen.

Please note that the number of marching slots does not increase beyond +1, even if you reach the maximum VIP level of 20.



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