How to get Adv Troop March Speedup

The Adv Troop March Speedup is a must-have item during PvP, and it’s not uncommon for players to use more than 20 of them in battles of Gaugamela and server wars, making it one of the most heavily consumed items. You can buy them in the store for 1,000 gems a piece, but I recommend getting them in the following ways.

Gather Troops Event – Day4 Defense Force

Up to 51 pieces

Gather Troops Event – Day4 Defense Force

You can get this by building a certain amount of traps at level 6 or higher. (Requires trap factory level 26 or higher).

  • Build 1,000 traps -> 1 pcs
  • Build 2,000 traps -> 3 pcs
  • Build 3,000 traps -> 5 pcs
  • Build 4,000 traps -> 7 pcs
  • Build 5,000 traps -> 9 pcs * Total 25 pcs
  • Build 10,000 traps -> 11 pcs * Total 36 pcs
  • Build 50,000 traps -> 15 pcs * Total 51 pcs

Golden Refining Event – Cultivate Generals

Up to 40 pcs

Golden Refining Event - Cultivate Generals

You get this when you cultivate a certain number of generals.

  • 10 times -> x1 pcs
  • 30 times -> x2 pcs
  • 80 times -> x3 pcs
  • 150 times -> x4 pcs *Total 10 pcs

The event lasts 4 days, and the quests are reset daily (up to 10 pcs x 4 days).

*In the same event, you can also get them by refining equipment, but I don’t recommend this one as it’s hard work.

  • 20 times -> x1
  • 70 times -> x2
  • 150 times -> x3 *6 total

Other methods (not as efficient)

Crazy Eggs – smash 12 hammer eggs (Minamoto no Yoshitsune)

1 pcs
(If you fail to activate it, it can be smashed again, so you could get two or more per day.)

Trade Products Event (Eagle of Freedom, Strong Drink, Shining Treasure, The Silk Road, Fragrance, Tea Culture, etc)

2 pcs
(Requires 20 replacement items per item.)

Dwarf’s Lucky Apple Event – “Lucky Apple – Blessing (5 wishing coins)”

If you’re lucky, you’ll get.

Viking Challenge Event

The amount you get depends on the difficulty level and the number of battles you beat.
If you’re lucky, it’s in the “Viking War Chest” you get after the trial, not per battle.

Received case: Easy 50 vikings, 10 chests -> 2 pcs

Wheel of Fortune

If you’re lucky, you’ll get.
*Not on the reward list (which can be found by pressing the chest to the left of the remaining chip count), but it will hit.



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