How to get Hammer efficiently

A hammer needed to smash a crazy egg. If possible, you’d like to activate all four eggs every few days, but that would require about 60 ~ 70 hammers (If you’re unlucky, you need about 100.). So, I’d like to get 20 ~ 30 hammers a day, but I’m not dropping from a normal monster, so this method alone is pretty tough. Here’s what I do.

Hunt the Boss with a Double Drop General

Drop about 50% of the time.
Even if the level of the boss is low, the drop rate does not seem to get worse, so it is faster to go to the edge of the map and focus on the lower level bosses.

Survey Results – > 44 drops for 85 (51% availability)
Lv1 Zombie x10 -> 7 hammers
Lv2 Redcap x10 -> 2 hammers
Lv3 Centaur x9 -> 5 hammers
Lv4 Skeleton Dragon x14 -> 4 hammers
Lv5 Werewolf x12 -> 7 hammers
Lv6 Manticore x10 -> 6 hammers
Lv7 Yasha x10 -> 7 hammers
Lv8 Peryton x10 -> 6 hammers

*Viking did not drop as well as boss.
Survey Results: Level Easy 50 vikings – > 14 hammers (28% availability)
(General Bivals + King’s Ring + Hurricane Bird (55% double drop rate))

Always gather resources in Resource Tiles of about level 6

Hammers may be available when gathered from resource tiles. In my experience, the availability is proportional to the resource tile level. If you have a high level of resource tiles, you can get a hammer with high probability if you gather all the resources. The problem is that it takes a lot of time (It depends on the level and skill of the general, but it takes about 5 ~ 12 hours.). It is possible to get them even if you return during the collection, but it is relatively difficult to find other high level resource tiles, so I don’t recommend it.

If it is a resource tile per level 6, you can get it in about 1 ~ 2 hours, and you can get it about 70% of the time. It is better to gather them in several units in a short period of time.

– General : with high Political stat.
– General : with resource gathering speed skills such as Lucy.
– Monarch Gear : Equipped with appropriate Crystals (It needs to be attached before it reaches the resource tile. You can remove it after you arrive at the resource tile. You don’t have to put it on when you leave the city.)
– City Buff : Use item “Increases all resources gathering speed”.





Thank you for all the wonderful information. I’m learning a lot.
I have not tried it yet, but I heard from an alliance member that there is a law that 58 hammers will release all of them.


Try the following as well:
While Hammer collection is still active, each day hunt each enemy one time, from Lvl1 Robber, Lvl2 Robber, up toLvl# Whatever.
Check your results and see if each one drops a Hammer the first time, but not afterwards.

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