How to get Gold efficiently

Take part in the Battle of Constantinople

4M ~ 20M gold (by grades and luck)

Regardless of the victory or loss, you’ll get at least 4M gold.
-MIN – 4 boxes of Gold chest (About 4 ~ 5M gold) If you lose and your personal score is less than 250.
-MAX – 18 boxes of Gold chest (About 18 ~ 19M gold) if you win and have a personal score of 1,200 or higher.
*The contents of chest are random. (Examples of Receiving)

Take part in the Battle of Gaugamera

2M Gold or higher (by grades and luck)

Personal Scores Reward 1 : Chest
You can get at least 300K gold, whether you win or lose.
– MIN – 1 box of Gold chest (300k to 1M gold) If you lose and your personal score is less than 250.
– MAX – 6 boxes of Gold chest (1.8M to 6M gold) if you win and have a personal score of 1,200 or higher
*The contents of chest are random. (Examples of Receiving)

Personal Scores Reward 2
You can get it separately from the above.
Case Study – 86 Score -> 2.5M Gold

Levy in Keep (Research MAX)

About 1,000 gems -> 1M gold (If keep level is about 25)

Example at Keep Level 26 (+100% in research, +5% in culture America)
-5,010 gems -> 5,239,800 gold
-10,050 gems -> 9,889,200 gold
-15,010 gems -> 14,464,800 gold

*No further collection is recommended as the conversion rate will be extremely poor.
20,130 gems -> 16,605,000 gold

Hunting Goblin, with Double Drop General

1 piece 200k to 600k gold

Equip Cleopatra and Baibars with the King’s Ring -> Double Drop Rate 46% or More
Or give any Monster Hunt General luck skills and a king’s ring.
If you attach 5 stars to the King’s Ring, the double drop rate will be 26%.

In addition, a spiritual beast with Hurricane Bird will earn more than 1% (Increase at a higher level), and a VIP 14 or above will earn more than 10% (+ 40% for VIP 20).

– Lv7 Golden goblin – 100k gold x3 – > Double drop 600k gold
– Lv4 Greedy goblin – 100k gold x2 – > Double drop 400k gold
– Lv1 Greedy Goblin – 100k gold x1 – > Double drop 200k gold

Hunting Knight Bayard, with Double Drop General

About 200k to 2M gold for each monster

If you defeat Junior Knight Bayard or Senior Bayar Knight, if you’re lucky, you get one of the following:
– Pile of Gold
– Bulk of Gold
– Mass of Gold

Contents of “Pile of Gold”
You can get one of the following
-10K Gold x2
-50K Gold x1
-100K Gold x1
Receipt example: 4 boxes-> 250K gold (50K gold x3, 100K gold x1)

Contents of “Bulk of Gold”
You can get one of the following
-50k gold x1
-100k gold x1
-200k gold x1
Receipt example: 4 boxes -> 350K gold (50K gold x1, 100K gold x3)

Contents of “Mass of Gold”
You can get one of the following
-200K Gold x1
-500K Gold x1
-1M Gold x1
Receipt example: 2 boxes-> 1M gold (500K gold x2)

Hunting Viking, with Double Drop General

If you knock down all 50 Vikings at the easy level, you will get about 2.5M to 3.5M gold. (It depends on luck whether you get it or not.) (more than that, depending on the double drop)

If you have a strong alliance with several players who can clear the hard level, you can get about 100 M to 300M gold by participating in the rally.

Trade Products Event (Eagle of Freedom, Strong Drink, Shining Treasure, The Silk Road, Fragrance, Tea Culture, etc)

2M Gold (1M Gold x2)
(50 exchange items are required per 1M gold)

World Boss Event – Fight the boss more than 5 times

250k – 1.5M gold

*You get 50 to 300k gold (due to the damage done to) as a reward for each battle. You can also fight with WorldBoss up to five times for free (You need a gem to fight more than six times.).

*One soldier is enough for all.

World Boss Event – Enter the top 100 in the “Single Time Damage” ranking

250k – 5M Gold

-100-51st place 250k gold
-21-50th place 400k gold
-11-20th place 600k gold
-6-10th place 800k gold
-5th place 1M gold
-4th place 2M gold
-3rd place 3M gold
-2nd place 4M gold
-1st place 5M gold

Activity – Achieve a score

About 700K gold (for keep level 27)

Achieving a certain score in tavern activities will earn you gold. The amount you get depends on the level of the player.

Keep Level 3 – Total 224.1K gold
– 20 Score – 44.8K Gold
– 80 score – 71.7K gold
– 145 Score – 107.6K gold

Keep Level 27 – Total 727.9K Gold
– 20 score – 145.6K gold
– 80 score – 232.9K gold
– 145 Score – 349.4K gold

Login Reward Event – Log in for 17 consecutive days

6.2M gold in total

Login Reward Event

Day 1 100k x 1
Day 2 100k x 2
Day 3 100k x 3
Day 4 100k x 4
Day 5 100k x 5
Day 6 100k x 6
Day 7 100k x1
Day 8 100k x 2
Day 9 100k x 3
Day 10 100k x 4
Day 11 100k x 5
Day 12 100k x 6
Day 13 100k x 2
Day 14 100k x 3
Day 15 100k x 4
Day 16 100k x 5
Day 17 100k x 6



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Would be very handy to know March size and composition for the above and other beast .
Other articles you have posted on Bosses start at lv 5 which is great but what about Fenrirs etc ? I appreciate and information you can share though I’m aware Generals will play a part and they vary hugely at the beginning of a server.

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