How to get 21,000 Gems in a Week

7/11/2021 updated – Reward content for “Server War” has changed and is now reflected in the article.

The basic way to earn free gems is to collect them in the gem mines, but I personally don’t recommend it. You can increase your gathering speed with research, but even then, it’s not very efficient. It’s not hard to earn a few thousand gems by using all of your march slots, but it consumes a lot of stamina, and you won’t be able to gather resources or hunt monsters during that time.

Now to the main point, it is possible to get more than 21,000 Gems in a week if you do the following methods. Some of them are only available during the event period, so you can’t do them every week, but even if you can do them all the time, that’s more than 16,000 Gems a week.

Daily Logins and Offerings

2,500 gems per week

When you log in every day, you get Daily Rewards (the contents can be found in the Shrine). Regular Daily Rewards will also give you 1,200 Gems per week (200 Gems on the 1st day and 1,000 Gems on the 7th day), but if you make offerings at the Shrine 7 times per week, you will receive 2,500 Gems per week. (Advanced Daily Rewards; 500 gems on Day 1 and 2,000 gems on Day 7)

Offerings increase in value as you go through them (they reset the next day), so you can save gems if you only spend the first one (25 gems) each day.

You can use ” Tributes” to get free offerings, but I don’t recommend this one, as it’s more profitable to save up a large amount and spend it all at once. (See this article for more information : How to get Monarch EXP and Prestige efficiently  )

Monarch Competition – Complete all the stages

3,500 gems or more per week

This event runs all the time and is one cycle per week. There are five stages in total, and each stage has three score objectives. You’ll get gems when you achieve 3 goals in each stage. The contents of stage 1 to 4 are random.

The final stage is a kill event, so those who don’t like PvP may find it difficult, but stages 1 to 4 alone will give you 2,000 gems. (FYI : What is KE (Kill Event)? )

  • Day 1 Stage 1/5 -> 500 gems
  • Day 2 Stage 2/5 -> 500 gems
  • Day 3 Stage 3/5 -> 500 gems
  • Day 4 Stage 4/5 -> 500 gems
  • Day 5-7 Stage 5/5 Kill Enemies -> 1,500 Gems

The higher the player’s level, the more gems they will receive.

For example: Keep Level 27

  • Day 1 Stage 1/5 -> 690 gems
  • Day 2 Stage 2/5 -> 690 gems
  • Day 3 Stage 3/5 -> 690 gems
  • Day 4 Stage 4/5 -> 690 gems
  • Day 5-7 Stage 5/5 Kill Enemies -> 1,770 gems

Battle of Constantinople (BoC) – Just join in

About 8,000 gems or more per week

You will always get gems, regardless of whether you win or lose. The amount of gems you get depends on your personal score and random factors, but often you will get 8,000 gems or more. (If you’re unlucky, it could be less.)

  • MIN – 4 chests of gems (around 8,000-9,000 gems (*)) if you lose and have an individual score of less than 250.
  • MAX – 18 chests of gems (around 36,000-40,000 gems (*)) if you win and have an individual score of 1,200 or higher

(*) The amount contained in the chest is random. (Click here for an example of receipt)

In order to participate, you must first join a top 10 alliance. Then, you must ask an R4 or R5 member of the alliance to choose you as an entry member. You can also choose from several candidates for the time of battle, but you must match this time with your alliance members. Therefore, it’s best to join an alliance from the same country as you.

Battle of Gaugamela (BoG) – Just join in

About 1,000 gems or more per week

You will always get gems, regardless of whether you win or lose. The amount of gems you get depends on your personal score and random factors, but often you will get 1,000 gems or more. (If you’re unlucky, it could be less.)

  • MIN – 1 chests of gems (around 1,000-2,000 gems (*)) If you lose and have an individual score of less than 250.
  • MAX – 6 chests of gems (around 6,000-9,000 gems (*)) if you win and have an individual score of 1,200 or higher

(*) The amount contained in the chest is random. (Click here for an example of receipt)

The conditions for participation are the same as for the Battle of Constantinople.

Server War – Achieve your personal score goals

2,000-84,500 gems

The server wars are held every other week, so it’s not every week, but the amount of gem you can get is higher than others.

  • Monarch score 2,250,000 -> 2,000 gems
  • Monarch score 9,000,000 -> 4,000 gems *Total 6,000 gems
  • Monarch score 22,500,000 -> 6,000 gems *Total 12,000 gems
  • Monarch score 45,000,000 -> 8,000 gems *Total 20,000 gems
  • Monarch score 67,500,000 -> 10,000 gems *Total 30,000 gems
  • Monarch score 112,500,000 -> 12,000 gems *Total 42,000 gems
  • Monarch score 225,000,000 -> 15,000 gems *Total 57,000 gems
  • Monarch score 360,000,000 -> 17,500 gems *Total 64,500 gems
  • Monarch score 540,000,000 -> 20,000 gems * Total 84,500 gems

As a rough guideline, to reach a monarch score of 67,500,000, you’ll need a keep level of 27-30. (Based on my experience)

If you get into the top 10 of the “Monarch Ranking”, you can get another 50,000 to 300,000 gems.

  • 10th place: 50,000 gems
  • 9th place: 55,000 Gems
  • 8th place: 60,000 Gems
  • 7th place: 70,000 Gems
  • 6th place: 80,000 Gems
  • 5th place: 100,000 gems
  • 4th place: 120,000 Gems
  • 3rd place: 160,000 gems
  • 2nd place: 210,000 gems
  • 1st place: 300,000 gems

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Crazy Eggs – Smash every day

About 1,400-20,000 gems per week (during the event)

*If you smash 3 hammer eggs every day, you get 1,400 gems. If you work hard, you can get over 20,000 gems a week.

This event runs for about 2 weeks. When you smash an egg, you will receive the following gems at random. Also, if you fail to activate one egg, you can smash the same egg again on the same day, which may give you more.

  • Smash 12 Hammer Eggs (Minamoto no Yoshitsune) => 1,000 gems.
  • Smash 3 hammer Eggs (Lucy) => 200 gems.

Also, if you activate all four eggs, you’ll get 2,000 gems, so you can get a total of over 3,200 gems in one day.

World Boss Event – Fight 5 times

1,000-4,000 gems per week

You can fight World Bosses up to 5 times for free (6 times or more requires Gems), and you will receive 200-800 Gems as rewards for each battle (depending on the damage dealt).

Also, if you finish in the top 100 in the Single Time Damage Rankings, you will receive an additional 500-30,000 Gems.

  • 100-51st place 500 gems
  • 21-50th place 800 gems
  • 11-20th place 1,500 gems
  • 6-10th place 2,000 gems
  • 5th place 3,000 gems
  • 4th place 5,000 gems
  • 3rd place 10,000 gems
  • 2nd place 20,000 gems
  • 1st place 30,000 gems

Even one soldier will always get 200 gems. Also, even with 150,000 cavalry at tier 10, it is difficult to deal damage that will get you more than 200 gems. Therefore, if you are at least at Keep Level 25 or lower, it’s better to deploy your cavalry at full strength to enter the rankings only once out of five times, and attack with one soldier for the remaining four times.

King’s Path Event – Day 2: Try Your Best

100-2,800 gems.

King's Path Event - Day 2: Try Your Best

When you digest a certain amount of stamina, you get gems. If you are a frequent player, you can easily spend at least 500 stamina (1,000 gems total).

  • 50 stamina -> 100 gems.
  • 100 stamina -> 200 gems *total 300 gems
  • 200 stamina -> 300 gems *total 600 gems
  • 500 Stamina -> 400 Gems total 1,000 gems
  • 1,000 Stamina -> 500 Gems *total 1,500 gems
  • 2,000 Stamina -> 600 Gems *total 2,100 gems
  • 5,000 stamina -> 700 gems *total 2,800 gems

Activity – achieving a score of 145 every day

350 gems or more per week
*1,000 gems or more per week if you are a high-level player

It is difficult to keep at least level 20, but if you achieve a score of 145 in a tavern activity, you will receive gems. The amount you get depends on the level of the player.

For example.
– Keep Level 1 -> 50 gems/day
– Keep level 27 -> 200 gems/day

Note that achieving a score of 145 will also give you the key to the “Great General Chest”, so the more players who do not pay, the more important this should be.

Undead Invasion Event

About 500 gems or more per week

Whether or not your alliance can handle this event is largely dependent on your alliance, but if your alliance is good enough to make it into the top 10 and is willing to help its members with reinforcements, you’ll have an easy time completing this event.

The gems you receive will depend on your personal score and your alliance’s score.

Example: Total 1,690 Gems
– Personal Score 3,000,000 – 970 gems
– Alliance Score Ranking #7 – 720 Gems

Server Gifts on the Wall

About 700+ gems per week

On the walls within the city, you will receive a server gift every hour.

  • At 11:00 and 23:00 server time, you will receive 50 gems.
  • If you’re lucky enough to get a server gift at any hour, you may receive 100 Gems.

If you get 50 gems twice daily, that’s at least 700 gems per week.




I would like to know if there is a priority for using gems.
I know that it will change depending on the person’s play style and training situation, but it does not matter if it is your subjectivity.

Basically, I try to only spend gems on things that can only be bought with gems.
Bubbles, general cultivation (300-500), equipment refinement (locks), Celtic Demon unlocking costs, patrol gear purchases, siege machine repairs, and offerings (up to 6 times daily).
Then on a case by case basis, dragon refinement.
If I can afford it, I’ll feed the dragon, buy gear at the black market, refresh the tavern, etc.

My question is completely different from Gems.. i have 5.6M power… but i find out people with Lesser can easily kill my troops… ok another example, i raider Viking that has 1.1m power with troops of 1.5m power and it still defeated my troops… what could be the cause


if viking defeat 20% of your troops, you are defeated

In my case, I didn’t have that many in my gem treasure chest in Constantinople and Gaugamela.
Also, the number I get according to the daily 145 is 150 gems in my case.
Could it be that the number of gems a player gets varies from server to server?

Thanks for the information! 😃
I didn’t say enough, so I reworked the text 😭
For Constantinople and Gaugamela, the amount in the chest is random, so it varies.
As for the amount of gems you get, I’ve written an average value that would actually be high, but sometimes it’s less than that.
As for the activity 145, it depends on the level of the player. (The minimum is 50 gems😃)

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