How to get Badge (& Useage)


The Battlefield Shop seems to be the main use of badges, but if you want to make Ares equipment or train dragons in earnest, you will need a huge number of badges. Therefore, I recommend that you shop carefully at the Battlefield Shop.

Shopping at Battlefield Shop

Example: Historic General – 2,040 badges, etc.
Other: Battlefield Shop Item List

Unlock Wonder Lv1

1,700 badges

Upgrade from Dragon Equipment to Ares Equipment

Requires 800 badges per piece of equipment.

Reference: Comparison of red equipment costs, performance, etc. (Dragon, Ares, Achaemenidae)

Raising a Dragon (Feeding, Refine)

Example (depending on the dragon)

  • 50 badges per feeding.
  • 5 badges per refine (+ 50 refining stones)

Reference: Dragon – Type, Buff, Enhance

How to Get

Basically, the main way to get a badge is through the Battle of Constantinople.

Battle of Constantinople

*Supplement – Not available at the Battle of Gaugamela.

If you participate, you can get at least 110 badges.
The amount you get depends on your personal score and alliance score.

The number of badges you can get is doubled during special battlefield periods, which occur once every few months.

Personal score and the amount of badges you can receive

If you win

  • Personal score 249 or lower -> 160 badges
  • Personal score 250 – 499 -> 200 badges
  • Personal score 500 – 799 -> 250 badges
  • Personal score 800 – 1,199 -> 320 badges
  • Personal score over 1,200 -> 400 badges

If you lose

  • Personal score 249 or less -> 110 badges
  • Personal score 250 – 499 -> 140 badges
  • Personal score 500 – 799 -> 170 badges
  • Personal score 800 – 1,199 -> 220 badges
  • Personal score over 1,200 -> 270 badges
Alliance score and the amount of badges you can receive

For an alliance score, you will receive the following totals

  • Alliance score 100 -> 10 badges
  • Alliance score 250 -> 16 badges (26 total)
  • Alliance score 500 -> 24 badges (50 total)
  • Alliance score 1200 -> 40 badges (90 total)
  • Alliance score 2500 -> 60 badges (150 total)

Pay Money & Buy Pack

During the sales period of the event package (25000% return), buy its 5th level pack ($99.99)(100 badges include).
(You need to buy all five levels in one day. Total: about $185)

Royal Chest

Defeating all three “Royal Thief” will give you a “Royal Chest”.
The contents of the chest are random.
If you’re lucky, you’ll get 5 or 10 badges.

Reference: Details of the contents of the Royal Chest

Reference: How to defeat Royal Thief



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