How to get Arrest Warrant

An Arrest Warrant which can retrieve coordinates of a specific player and is useful in PvP. There are various ways to get one, but I recommend the following “Gather Troops Event”. However, if the level of the “Trap Factory” is less than 26, I recommend “Crazy Eggs Event”.

Gather Troops Event – Day4 Defense Force

1 ~ 28 pcs

Gather Troops Event - Day4 Defense Force

You can get it if you build a certain amount of traps above level 6. (Trap Factory Level 26 or higher is required)

  • Build 1,000 Traps -> 1 pcs
  • Build 2,000 Traps -> 2 pcs *total 3 pcs
  • Build 3,000 Traps -> 3 pcs *total 6 pcs
  • Build 4,000 Traps-> 4 pcs *total 10 pcs
  • Build 5,000 Traps -> 5 pcs *total 15 pcs
  • Build 10,000 Traps -> 6 pcs *total 21 pcs
  • Build 50,000 Traps -> 7 pcs *total 28 pcs

Crazy Eggs Event – smash 8 hammers Egg

1 or more per day (During the event period)

If you smash an egg once, you get one if you’re lucky. (Isabella I Egg Rewards)
You can smash multiple times as long as the eggs are not activated. Therefore, there is a possibility to receive more than two within the same day.

Buy at an Alliance Shop

On sale – > 35,000 points/piece
Normal – > 50,000 points/piece

In order to buy it, you need to accumulate “Alliance Points” through “Alliance Science” and monster hunting. An active player will be able to accumulate 35,000 points in a few days.

Other methods (not recommended)

Viking Challenge Event

It’s available if you’re lucky. (inefficient)

The amount you get depends on how difficult it is and how many you beat.
If you are lucky, you can get in the “Viking War Chest” which you can get after the trial, not every battle.

Received case: Easy 50 vikings, 10 chests -> 2 pcs

Level 3 Witch’s Treasure Bag

If you’re lucky, there’s one in each bag. (inefficient)

How to get a “Witch’s Treasure Bag” – it may be included in the “Candy” you get during the “Login Rewards” event. But the first thing you get is “Level 1 Witch’s Treasure Bag”. The “Witch’s Treasure Bag” is designed to give you the next level of “Witch’s Treasure Bag” at random when you open it. Therefore, the probability of obtaining “Level 3 Witch’s Treasure Bag” is not high.

Buy at the Store

2,000 Gems/piece



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