Relic – How to Gain More or Explore Faster (with Verification Report)

How to increase the speed of exploration, increase the amount gathered, and get more resources and items in a single exploration.

This is a summary of the results of various tests.

How to increase the amount gatherd per hour

There are only two ways.

1. Go to High-Level Relic
2. Research

1. Go to High-Level Relic

The higher level relics are, the faster you can explore them.

Therefore, it is basically better to go only to “Mysterious Relics”.


  • Mysterious Relics – 390/5s per player
  • Lv5 Relics – 300/5s per player
  • Lv4 Relics – 270/5s per player

Note – Having many players in one relic will only shorten the time it takes to get through all of the relics, but will not increase the speed of exploration per player.

Note that a keep level 20 or higher is required to enter the “Mysterious Relics”.

Supplement: How to bring out the mysterious relics

It can be brought out by using the “Magic Treasure Map” in the “Special” category of items. (The description in the game is not worded in the same way: “Use it to open a Magic Relics” which is a mistake for “Mysterious Relics”.)

The “Magic Treasure Map” can be obtained by composing lower-level treasure maps.

The treasure maps can be composed in the following order.

Common Treasure Map
-> Uncommon Treasure Map
-> Rare Treasure Map
-> Legendary Treasure Map
-> Epic Treasure Map
-> Magic Treasure Map

2. Research

The following research will give you a boost in the amount of relics gathered. (After gathering, a percentage of the amount gathered will be added to your total.)

  • Alliance > Mysterious Relic Exploration – Max +20%
  • Alliance > Adv Mysterious Relic Exploration – Max +20%

Relics Gathering Amount Boost Specifications

The boost will be applied to everything you gather (below).

  • Resources
  • Fragments
  • Hammers
  • Items other than the above
    • The “total number” of items increases. The number of each item of all types obtained does not increase equally. For example, with a +20% boost, “10 types x 1 item” may become “12 types x 1 item”, or 10 types may remain the same and any number of items may increase to a total of 12.

This can be seen by comparing the list of “Acquired Rewards” just before leaving the relics with the gathering report after leaving the relics.

The reports after gathering are of course boosted,

but the list of “Acquired Rewards” that can be seen in the list of relics is not boosted.

Generals, Skills, & Items have No Effect

No matter which general you use, the amount gathered per hour will remain the same.

The following also have no effect.

  • General Level
  • Skill
  • Troop Type, Troop Level
  • General’s Equipment
  • Monarch Gear
  • Items
  • Power
  • etc.

In other words, improving the following will not increase the amount gathered per hour.

  • Troop load
  • Resource Gathering Speed
  • Extra Resources from gathering (Amount Boost)

Examples of ineffectiveness

  • Troop load
    • Exploring with a general who has the troop load skill (such as Amir Timur or Attila etc.)
    • Equip the general with a troop load increase buff.
    • Explore with high-level siege machines (= high troop load).
  • Resource Gathering Speed
    • Explore with a general who has the Gathering Speed skill.
    • Explore with a general who has high politics.
    • Level up, Enhance, and Cultivate generals to increase their politics.
    • Equip Monarch Gear with a gathering speed crystal.
    • Use items that increase resource gathering speed.
    • Equip a general with a resource gathering speed boost buff.
  • Extra Resources from gathering (Amount Boost)
    • Explore with a general that has a resource gathering amount boost skill (such as Queen Jindeok or Constance I etc).
    • Equip a general with a resource gathering amount boost buff.
  • etc.

Addendum – Increasing “troop load” with a skill increases the time to gather on the troop selection screen before departure, but this is a glitch.
In reality, only the time without the “troop load” skill can be gathered.
Therefore, there is no point in sending Attila or Amir Timur, who have the troop load skill, to the relics.

Reference – Verification Results

I explored the relics for the same amount of time with two generals with very different abilities.

Basic setting

Account A 

  • General
    • Level 31 / Politics 1255 / Equipment – Champion Set 4 + Transcendent Set 2
    • Resource Gathering Speed + 180.50%.
    • Resource Gathering Amount Boost +10%
    • Troop Load +15%
  • Research
    • Mysterious Relic Exploration +5.5% to +20%

Account B

  • General
    • Level 14 / Politics 309 / No Equipment / Resource Gathering Speed skill available
    • Resource Gathering Speed + 45.90%
    • Resource Gathering Amount Boost +0%
    • Troop Load +0%
  • Research
    • Mysterious Relic Exploration +0

Test 1 – Basic survey

Explored the mysterious relic for 10 hours.

Research Difference

  • Account A – Mysterious Relic Exploration +5. 5%.
  • Account B – Mysterious Relic Exploration +0

Result 1-1) List of Acquired Rewards during Exploring (after 8 hours)

Account A / Account B

Account A subtotal
  • Resources – 2261.6K total
  • Fragments – 19
  • Hammers – 19
  • Other items – 19 total
Account B Subtotal
  • Resources – 2262.8K total
  • Fragments – 19
  • Hammers – 19
  • Other Items – 19 total

Subtotals for Account A and B are almost identical.
* The difference of a few seconds in the exploration time seems to have caused a slight error in the amount of resources.

Result 1-2) Result report after exploration (After 10 hours)

Account A / Account B

Account A Subtotal
  • Resources – 2962.9K total
  • Fragments – 24
  • Hammers – 24
  • Other items – 24 total
Account B subtotal
  • Resources – 2808.5K total
  • Fragments – 23
  • Hammers – 23
  • Other items – 23 total.

Account A has 5.5% more than Account B. (Number of items is rounded down to the nearest whole number.)

Therefore, we can see the following.

  • The only difference between the results of A and B is due to research.
  • General level, politics, skills, and equipment are irrelevant.
  • No gathering amount boost has been applied to the list of “Acquired Rewards” during exploring.

Test 2 – Research differences are more significant

Explored the mysterious relic for 8 hours.

Research Difference

  • Account A – Mysterious Relic Exploration +20%
  • Account B – Mysterious Relic Exploration +0%

Result Report

Account A / Account B

Account A Subtotal
  • Resources – 2717.3K total
  • Fragments – 22
  • Hammers – 22
  • Other items – 22 total
Account B Subtotal
  • Resources – Total 2263.6K
  • Fragments – 19
  • Hammers – 19
  • Other items – 19 total

Account A’s subtotal is 20% higher than Account B’s. (The number of items is rounded down to the nearest whole number.)

Therefore, we can see the following

  • The only difference between the results of A and B is due to research.
  • General level, politics, skills, and equipment are irrelevant.

Test 3 – With gathering speed item

(Account B in Test 2 did not use the gathering speed item.)

Explored the mysterious relics for 8 hours.

Result Report

Account B

Account B Subtotal

  • Resources – 2258.5K total
  • Fragments – 19
  • Hammers – 19
  • Other items – 19 total

Almost identical to the subtotal value in Test 2.
* The difference of a few seconds in the exploration time is probably causing a slight error in the amount of resources.

Therefore, we know the following.

  • Gathering speed-up items have no effect.

Test 4 – Different levels of relics

Explored Lv4 relic for 8 hours.

Result Report

Account B

Account B Subtotal

  • Resources – 1570.3K total
  • Fragments – 10
  • Hammers – 10
  • Other items – 16 total

For resources, it is about 70% compared to the value in test 3.
This is roughly in line with the ratio of exploration speed shown on the game screen.
– Mysterious Relics – 390/5s per player
– Lv4 Relics – 270/5s per player

For fragments and hammers, the value is about 52% of the Test 3 value.

For other items, it is about 84% of the Test 3 value.

Therefore, we can see the following.

  • The gathering speed is faster in high-level relics.


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Is the amount of reward the same if I go into the relics for 4 hours, come back once and go in again for another 4 hours, or if I go in for 8 hours in a row?

I need your help about the rewards with the relics. They never appear while breaking the slate stones.. They seem to be very advanced but they never appear inside.

Am I right to say that although troop load doesnt increase garthering speed but it increases amount of time to stay in relic which means more amount of resources garthered per one trip.

No.Increasing “troop load” increases the time to gather on the troop selection screen before departure, but this is a glitch.
In reality, only the time without the “troop load” skill can be gathered.


I was wondering if there’s a method to having a mysterious relic spawn as near as possible to the alliance’s home base. I’ve tried teleporting far away in some direction opposite my base, and it has worked at times, but not always. Is there a way to making them appear close? Thank you!

Only one relic per person can be opened, but you can destroy them, so keep opening and destroying them until you find the one at the distance you prefer.

Nikki Two Toes

Yes you can check how far your relic is if it’s to far abandoned do this until its where you want it 😁😁

In Relic Chamber, after smashing slabs, ONLY the resources food, ore, lumber & stone, are NOT getting added to the inventory..
Other items like gold, gems, etc .. are adding fine.
What might be the reason ?


They get added to your live RSS counts, they don’t go into your inventory to open later. Look at your live RSS values before opening relic tiles and then after.


Sorry for the rudimentary question, but…
What is the item called “Pharaoh’s ~” that I can get after exploring the pyramid, and what is it used for?
I couldn’t find it in the item list, nor could I find it in the event list.


The pyramids are during an event called Treasure Hunt. The more points you get the better the prizes and prizes can be exceptional at higher levels completed in the event

Dr gallifrey

What would be a cause for me to not get exploration points when I explore a relic?


If you get attacked while exploring you might lose what you’re explored cause your troops would be killed and so will your general

Camp Aide

The general’s load increase technique does not actually apply
Does the above loyalty horn apply normally?

If it is applied, I wonder if there is a 50% difference between the above two results.
(If the horn is applied, of course it’s been collected for about 50% longer.)

Because the experiments in the text were all based on the results of the same time collection.

Questions like mine can be found in the comments of other players above.

I get a lot of help from your homepage.
I hope you will have an answer to this part when you have time.


Loyalty horns are effective.
There are several ways to increase troop load, but only the Loyalty Horns have an effect when sent to the relics.
I have verified that if you increase the troop load with a divine beast, equipment, or skill, it will be reduced to ” the amount of gathering with no increase in troop load” after arriving at the relics.
(In the case of normal relics, if you decide on a general with no such equipment or skills and always dispatch that general to the relics, there is no problem.
However, in the case of pyramid events, sometimes I send troops to several pyramids at the same time, so I sometimes dispatch them with exactly the right load. Then, because of those things, I could not collect all of them. I have experienced this several times.)

Camp Aide

Is the bug that does not apply ‘Troop’s load’ mentioned in the text still not applied at this time after a year?

I don’t have a lot of troops until K31 at the beginning of the game, so even if I send all the soldiers to “mysterious relics,” I can only collect them for three to four hours.
It’s a lot of work, and it wastes stamina.

(So I produce some inexpensive siege machines to replenish the troop load.)

Or, even if you collect a lot of soldiers later, you’ll have to send them all to a bunch of “mysterious relics” and “RSS tiles” and send them into a couple of chunks, about six hours long, when you’re working or going to bed.

So what I chose was to use a general like Attila, who wanted a load effect that was nearly twice as much as the soldier I had.
Of course, they’re equipped with horns of loyalty until they reach the mysterious artifact.

It’s to allow me to work longer hours on relics than other generals, and the bug that doesn’t apply is shocking to me.

So I wonder if this bug is still there.


I don’t know now, but when I verified it about a month ago, the bug was still not fixed.
When I requested it to customer support, they said, “I will tell the development team”.

Nice to meet you.
I have been playing Evony for a little over a month now.
I am always looking up things here that I don’t understand.
So here is my question.
Which item will make the “Mysterious Relics” appear?
Or do ” Mysterious Relics” appear randomly and spontaneously?
Also, what is the level at which one can enter the ” Magic Relics”?
Thank you in advance.

Thank you for your reply!
I have read it and appreciate your time.
I look forward to working with you again in the future!

I’ve read on World Chat someone said he can open as much relics as he want at the same time but I couldn’t find any way to do it. Is that even possible ?


You can with different accounts on the same server/alliance😁

I know that, but what i mean is opening multiple relics using the same account 😀

Kaiden Break

Its a game glitch, whenever you reopen the game it gives you the open relic option on the relic menu, you need to be quick and open the relic menu as soon as you reopen the game and then clicken open.

So is there going to be difference if an alliance mate sends reinforcements to The relic. And does their should stay on the relic after your March ends

It is marked as a Pharaoh’s Treasure Map is one way to get the pyramid, but I don’t know how to get it.
I would appreciate it if someone could give me some advice.


Package $99. There are some when you get to the final stage, but only 2 for $99. Not much value. Sometimes you get lvl 3 because it’s random 😭It’s expensive for the $99+ it costs. Better to search hard. At least it’s better than looking for Ares.


quick question that hasnt been answered & that is march size. if i send 2 sets of troops @ differant march sizes, the larger march size stays longer to collect more items & Rss correct?

I’ve seen an Egyptian relic with treasures in it on another server, how do you get of these?

It looks like an alternative event to the barbarians. On my server (748), there is no barbarian event, but a Treasure Hunt event. 1 to 5 pyramids appear randomly, the same as the barbarians, but there is no limit to the number of times, and the mechanism is the same as the relics. This is an event where you send troops to collect treasure items. As with the relics, resources can be obtained, but other than resources, only score items called Egyptian treasures are available, so please assume that no practical items can be obtained.
Compared to the barbarians, this event has a very low hurdle for participation because there is no need to defeat the enemy and a troop load of at least 1.2M is all that is needed. It can be said that k20 or k35 is the same if you don’t take into account the movement speed of the army.
In addition to the fact that there is no limit to the number of times, the level 5 pyramid takes 25 minutes and, if you are lucky, you can get up to 60 million, so the difficulty of getting all the score rewards is very low compared to the barbarians.
The disadvantage is that, as with the relics, the collection ends when the prescribed amount is collected, so the more people gathered, the shorter the collection time. It can be said to be suitable for solo.

How can I tell on my list of relics which ones actually belong to my alliance? There have been disputes about which relics belong to which alliances. Please let me know what to look for

Only the person who used map and opened a relic will have the abandon button in relic menu. Otherwise I’ve tested relics and had them in 2 different alliances menu at the same time. Leads to arguments. Best practice is to just move on if someone took over your relic on a peaceful server. Eventually you will have many extra maps.

Hi. So is it true that what’s gathered in the first few hours of opening relic is significantly better than the last few? If so, how does one tell when the “good stuff” has run out? Also I heard that’s it’s best to use shards/hammers immediately. Is this true?


Please clarify for me. TRUE when a relic is empty it disappears.

IF a person who opened the ric and cannot finish farming it and has to leave, is the relic still designated as that alliances or is it unowned, unmarked, and open for grabs??? Please answer asap as this is a big disagreement.

Is it still worth to continue exploring relics after you get all of the best generals out of them?


If you find tribute x10 or Lev.4 skill books attractive, I think it’s worth it.

Tim Tomm

Each general can be sold for 15M – 30M gold so yes, it is worth it.


Can you tell me why I’m not able to say in a relic for more than 2 days despite sending troops worth 4 days of exploring. I opened a new mysterious relic of my own and I still can only stay in there for 2 days. There is no one else in the relic. Good day.

The relics have a duration they last for as well as the player having a time they can gather for (determined by factors such as their troop number and type sent, generals and such as the level and gear used).

Check the time that’s left for the relic by clicking on the details of it. The timer you will see in your march list in the top left of the screen will show you what’s your troops are expected to be out for (which changes will other players joining and leaving, that may require you to restart the game to update the timer).

Once the relics own time duration ends, it will close even if not explored completely and any players troops in it would be able to carry on gathering for longer


Thanks Lex. But what I can’t understand is that I opened a new relic and there was no one else in the relic when i checked the time i.e i just opened the relic. If i send 4 days worth March it stays there for 2 days and if i send 2 days worth March, it stays there for 1 day. The time is getting cut in half. I checked this multiple times.

Titus Pullus

For Load, When i use Atilla, the timer (before march) says 17 hours but when he gets there, the timer says 10 hours of exploring.

I THINK troop load doesn’t do anything at all. (Atilla, Amir Timur). Did you find the same thing?

This is the case when the remaining amount of relics is low.
The search time displayed before the march does not take into account the remaining amount of relics.

It is not the case. I think general does not effect at all. Attila’s troop load does not effect in relics.

I also find the same with Attila and Timur. The load increase is not taken into account when sending, so you have to consider they need extra time… for example to explore for 10hrs send Atilla for 17 and Timur for 20. They also seem to gather more due to this, however the troop load skill (from books) does not have this effect.

Is there any way to get max fragmement ig desired general like elektra? Like opening 200/300 slate fragments all at once.?


When a relic is empty does it still stay with the alliance who opened it


Thanks for doing this. Some great information here. However there is no mention of march size and the effect of being able to send more troops to a relic.

Does sending generals with higher ‘double-drop’ percentage increase the chances of getting double drops in relics too?


How about does it make different when more members in one relic vs. just you?


Thank you for verifying this.
So I have a question about the stay time and the amount of gathering.
Is there a significant difference in the amount of items gathered when comparing one 24 hour stay, three 8 hour stays, and 24 1 hour stays?
Also, if I stay longer, is there a limit to the number of items I can gather at one time?

What about troops and no general? Only troop load would be effected then. But same speed.Your opinion?

Is the relic chamber event will be permanent or when it will ends?

Thank you for the article. I think despite not changing the exploring speed, troop load would help us to stay longer in the relics, which means reducing the amount of stamina spent, so it is important.

I learned that research increases not only resources but also items.
I was hesitant to do research because it takes so many days at higher levels, but I found some value in it.
But I already got all the general’s fragments I wanted.

I have found that there is a difference if using a general with a different gathering speed boost.
In your results you only go on gathering time. Have you tried sending the same amount of troops? This highlights the difference in the overall gathering time.

That must be overlooking something.
It has been proven in test result 1-1 that different gathering speeds do not change the results.
The reason why the gathering time differs when you send the same number, level, and type of troops is because the general’s troop load (equipment and skills) is different.
If only the troop load increases with the same troops, the gathering time will also increase.
It is not because of differences in gathering speed (skill, equipment, politics).
You can check these things in the troop selection screen before sending your troops out.


Thank you very much. All the points I was wondering about have been cleared up. I’ll send the extra general to the relics.

Thank you for your valuable report.
Does it not matter what type of troops I send?

Yes. It is the troop load that changes depending on the type of troop, not the amount gathered per hour.
(I added a supplement to the article.)

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