How to change Server

Conditions for change

The account must have been created less than 3 days, and the keep level must be below 6. Otherwise, you will have to create a new account and start the game over from scratch.

You can only move a server twice. In order to move servers, you will need an item called “Server Migration Token”. (When you create an account, you have two tokens from the beginning.

Server Migration Token

How to change

  1. Press the “World Map” in the bottom left corner of the map screen.
World Map button
  1. Press the “Server List” in the bottom left corner.
World Map
  1. Select the server you want to move.
Server List
  1. On the map, press the location you want to move to to display the menu.
  2. Press the “Migrate” button, and then press the “Confirm” button on the confirmation screen.
Migrate button

Restrictions when changing

You can only save up to 2M in each type of your resources after the migration, including the resource items in your inventory. The unclaimed items in your mails will be removed.

If you still want to change servers

There’s something called “server merger” and you’ll just have to be patient with it. Server mergers are done at random times at the discretion of the Evony team (mainly to merge servers that are running low on active players). You won’t be able to choose which server to merge with, and you’ll continue to play with players on your current server, but at least it should be a change from what you have now.

Reference: About “Server Merger”

When is Server Merges ? & What happens?


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Complete joke. Doesn’t work. keep getting “server busy until my 3 days are up.


It seems you can’t migrate to a full server (like the one your friends are on.) I went to the server, found a spot on the map and clicked, clicked migrate. The migrate does not work. “You can’t start a new game on a full server”. Meaning I can’t join friends…

ask : is it true, rn, that we can’t create a new account on the old server?

Phillip Shumaker

There is an alliance on my server that ruthlessly attacks new players. I think it is disgusting that Evony will not allow you to leave the server without losing everything that you have.

yes we have a alliance that has adopted hitlers methods and attacks any player that is not part of their alliance.. they even got rid of some of their own players and attacked them… pure evil. they ruin the game for 40 or 50+ players

we are on 563 613

server 1112 Annoymous

We have a player @@Mike@@ from HNB that is horrible. The whole alliance is terrible. There is no piece because he is the biggest 9.1B on the server. He makes excuses as to why he will not give peace to the server. He is always the king and even attacks us during svs. The game admin does nothing but says to tell the king. Well, it’s bubble or burn. When he is mad, he sends his bots and lower players to sit in or near the other alliances. This is not good because many people have quit, and many more are going to quit. It doesn’t seem like Evony cares, since this alliance spends a lot of money. What do we do to get rid of them? We are not the only server to have problems with bullies. Please offer suggestions. Thanks


I Hope something has been resolved here. I see the same thing happening in my server.

It was just announced we will be bob after this SVS. According to Evony, I can’t switch servers because I’m a L34 and have been playing fir almost 3years. I don’t wish to go to battle and be zeroed all the time. Nor do I wanna have to worry that my own alliance will take me out if my bubble drops. This is s BS

Bhairav dada

when im lvl 6 up I don’t know server change is not possible
and now my keep level 30 my server change now


I am in love with this game 🎮 😍 ❤ ♥ 💙 💕 🎮 😍 ❤ ♥ 💙 💕 🎮 😍 ❤ ♥ 💙 💕 🎮


This game is fun and has lots to keep you interested BUT I’m a big spender myself and sad to say I about to stop playing do to sever restrictions, there are a bunch of kids on my server I have absolutely nothing in common with, I’m older so while it was fun for a moment I prefer to spend my money on a game with more options. Your customer service is unresponsive and I have gotten jipped on diamond purchases as well. Thank but No Thanks!


come to 490 no kids allowed as our jokes are not pg 13 lol Rallies run 24/7

1 Blade

Is it possible to change login so not longer hunted in server you are locked in

Server 598 also bubble or burn. Strongest alliance keeps us all from growing. I miss farming and relics. Too bad Evony can’t merge the war alliances and let the peace players have their own server.

Îți recomand să părăsești acel server! Indiferent de nivel de castel pe care îl de-ți sau prieteni pe care îi ai. Mergi în alt server, cu prietenii tăi dacă doresc și ia de la început. Vei crește imediat dacă ai noroc de o alianță mare. Am adaugat în alianța în care făceam parte 1 castel de nivel 26 si in doar 2 luni a ridicat nivelul la 32. A Colectat RSS si a participat la toate atacurile mari din alianță.

This has become all too common on servers. On 555 half the players have quit and many more are about to. There are supposed server rules which all follow except one, the largest. I world line to see Evony just move the idiots of the server, put them on another where they are a small insignificant alliance. Then this one would grow. But Evony does nothing. Even a merge would not be worse. Stay away from 555. VN1 there is a cancer and has created “farm” alliances all over the map. Maybe move everyone but VN1 to a new server and leave them to themselves.

About to quit

This will never stop because that’s how Evony make money, people get pissed after getting attacked and spend money to get stronger faster. Not happy with my server either, tyrant king and his cronies attack when they want and server chat is full of perverted shit talk

I feel the same, I was level 19 monarch with level 12 everything and wanted to switch servers to avoid “requirements” from our “king” and had to completely start over. It was such a waste of time and now I find out I can’t send anything at all to my new monarch to even make up 1% of what I spent….it’s a damned shame. I think we should get to migrate twice regardless of level since most bullies leave you alone until you’re built up past a six

Das einzige was ich allen raten kann, schreibt in Kundendienst, damit sie euch einen Token geben egal welches Level ihr seit, entweder sie sind einsichtig oder nicht, versucht euer Glück

Ich möchte trotzdem meine Konten die k25 und k28 auf einen anderen Server haben ,ich weiß das nur die neuen Spieler den Server migratIon Tokens bekommen , ich würde gerne von evony wissen ob es die Möglichkeit besteht die 2 Konto auf mein Wunsch Server zu teleportieren ,denn die aktuelle allianz ist Rally faul und es passiert nichts um genug monster Boxen zu sammeln für weitere Gebäude Upgrads

William of William

962 is also horrible, with one alliance that has taken over. Game used to be fun now it’s a nightmare with coiners. The one clan allows no growth no opportunities for thrown unless you are in their alliance. Live in a bubble or else. You should be able to move to new server with out loosing everything you have worked for and/or spent real money on.
I’m quite sure this was intentional with the devs. in order to keep making money. Everyone should be warned in the beginning, they are not and they are not given the opportunity to understand much of anything until it’s to late. Border line criminal


I left Clash of Kings (the grandfather of TKR!) many years ago because of similar problems.
The ‘problems’ are down to human nature and I suppose they will always be constant.

I suspect people are reluctant to leave because of all the ‘money’ you have invested as well as the time – but is it worth it if the game is frustrating you?

Playing CoK I was a dedicated F2P player so I was interested in spending my ‘time’ as efficiently as possible, as resources were extremely valuable.

Personally I would recommend EVERYONE plays F2p for a short while, it would improve their understanding of the game.

Ask yourself a question – is it starting o lose the fun appeal?
Then do what 2 friends are doing in my server – they bit the bullet and jumped into a new server, as lvl 1 newbies (but with all that experience)

The leader is a Miser and former R5 and her friend is a coiner and their alliance is currently establishing


There’s a player in my server who claims to be from another server. And it does show in his name that he’s from an alliance that isn’t in our server as well. And he posted in world chat asking how he got to our server and if anyone could help him get back?? He Is a keep level 20+ and we haven’t merged with another server that I am aware of.

Than how did he end up on another server if we are not allowed to migrate unless we are less than 3 days in game, and up to lvl 6?


probably trolling you. maybe he just visited and chat hhaha

So the top player on my server has gone mad! They are paranoid and keep saying they will train all the other players for the server vs Server war by… Basically beating the crap out of us all. They have spent a lot of money on the game and had been playing nice until someone else suggested a nap truce in the top alliances to build up troops.
They took the throne last night and it had been hell ever since. Bubble or burn 24/7. I am meeting my Alliance with the second biggest one and I have not been quiet in my opinion that they are mad. Most people are not. They seem to have a hate on for me. They have always targeted me every ke tonight they came while I was cleaning up inactive cities around my Alliance. I bubbled ASAP even burned advanced troop speed ups to save 40 second to get them back in faster. Then they sat outside my city for nearly 45 minutes. Doing nothing. No cities open to attack they just. Sat. Beside. My. City. For. 45. Minutes.
And we all have to stay on this server with this mad person. They have ruined the game for anyone but their lackey’s in their Alliance.
Why is this crap allowed?

Server 1032 is THE WORST. Alanyugo and Retaliator are horrible human beings. It’s funny other servers even recognize that.

This is identical on server 1113! Bubble or burn! Why spend money on a game, if everything gets burnt by someone who doesn’t like you, for calling them out on their behaviors? They get their whole team to bully someone by playing victim and now me and my kids have wasted money in this game… why can’t we just switch servers should this occur??? We do not want to stay where we fell victims to someone’s narcissistic mentality.. they literally want to rule,, and will destroy someone’s peace of mind to do so.. this has been such a negative experience!!

This appears to be a tread. 467 is doing the same thing now. I assume this strategy is supported by the game gods. This means the enforcers are getting a kickback. Think it’s time to take my business elsewhere.

Same on 1200…. Power hungry coiners destroying any fun we have by implementing BOB. Their reasoning is a handful of rogue players that hit tiles and relics during NAP… IMHO its a bunch of bullies that want thier way

You have to switch within the first week??
How is that even remotely helpful at all??


Ignorant that you have to do a switch within the first 3 days….
By that time how would you even know the server is trash??

Good culture

I am stuck in server 241 which is a hell whole of plunderers and just attack anyone, I cannot even gather as i am attacked, this rule of Evony is ridiculous, we spend money and are trapped in our castle. I am level 23 and about to quit. I have sent requests to Evony and i am ignored


Ugh I feel the same with the one I’m stuck on

Wow! This sucks! Buy this token thing and switch to server 490. There is a full nap 95% of the time. Sometimes during ke there is none, but that‘s it. Vers peaceful.

Добрый день. Извиняюсь, не совсем по теме. Не могу поставить город альянса, город 22, монарх 7М. Для улучшения пишет нужны 20/20 членов альянса, у меня пока 4 члена альянса. Но, у других игроков нет членов альянса, но знамя у них стоит. Отправляю самого сильного генерала на улучшение знамени, но через 2 дня оно удаляется. Что не так? Как поставить город альянса? Спасибо!

that rule suckks rly spending money to stay stuck in the same server forever :/

So if my keep is a level 25 and I want to move to another server, you’re saying I cannot?

Nope, by the time you could possibly realize you need to switch it is too late.

Can I change my culture at level 31 without losing progress?


Are you Noobie88 from Alliance 333
Hi Mr. noobs

If I am reading this right, once, you hit level 6 Keep, it is now too late!!


I started this game a couple weeks back and bought gems after a while because I was digging the game. Out of nowhere a clan started targeting me and I can’t do anything to stop being attacked and wiped out over and over. What’s worse is they’re the top clan with like 80 members and are in the high lvl 20s. I asked if they could please leave me alone but that made them target me more. I can’t just move/teleport around the map (I tried many times) as the biggest clan on the server follows my ID wherever I go and uses arrest warrants to find me and trashes me again and again. So I gave in and decided to move to a new server where I could be left alone from this clan and keep my progress(I spent real money early on to advance) but because you have this ridiculous 3 day rule and lvl 6 I’m stuck here. Sorry for the rant but this is hella frustrating and I just want to enjoy the game after spending money on it. Please revise this rule and let players move to a new server regardless of time and level, or at least increase the day range higher than 3 days which is nothing you don’t even have a feel for the game in 3 days. I think you should allow anyone to move at least twice per account. Due to this bullying I can’t escape nor enjoy the game I guess I have no choice but to quit

GT750 level 21

If you join an alliance bigger than them you will stand a chance to get ahead


I agree, total bs that you cannot move to another server regardless of your level.

Try server 914 part jerry springer, prison politics, and the top four alliances just pass the crown back and forth w same player playing king brigand and hit man. No other alliance growth permitted……


Just stay bubbled, use a truce agreement constantly and you will be left alone after a while. You are targeted over and over again, as you deliver easy ressources and score points for kills.

Best is to use 3 day bubbles for 2,5k gems. 1 day would cost 1000 and 8h 600 gems. You can earn enough gems while playing and no money is needed. Login regularily and offer in shrine, spin the wheel in tavern, participate in ghost event, attack the world boss, gather gem mines and or relics … just to mention some of many chances to collect gems for buying an agreement or even get it as reward. Hope this will help you out.

Romanoff II

A esos clanes les llega su hora en la Guerra de Servidores. Si no dejan crecer a otros clanes cuando llegue el evento serán ellos solos contra los clanes más poderosos de otro servidor. Si tienen nivel 20 nada más no son nada. Van a caer en el primero evento de SVS

Hope you will allow players to move to another server even for once only regardless of level.

I think we should gather like minded people to start a petition on this

You can move the server only if the keep level below 6.
Subordinate city can only have keep level 11, so you can’t have Subordinate city in the first place.

Unfortunately no, this is why the ridiculous rule that you have to change serves within the first 3 days is ignorant…
By the time you realize you got a bad roll on servers, you are probably already WAY past level 6 Keep, and then you are just stuck forever!!


I can’t find the “Server Migration Token” in my items. How can I get it?
I started yesterday and my keep level is 5.

To create an alliance, after you reach Keep Level 6 and are not in any alliance, press “Alliances” in the bottom right corner of the screen and pay 200 gems from that screen.
To become the leader of an already existing alliance, you need to join that alliance and have the current R5 leader nominate you as the new R5 leader.

Well the goes my plan! I’ve put to much effort building my keep.i just hate my server

I have an account on one server and went to set up a sub account and I cannot migrate to the server my main account is on. How do you do this?


The world map icon does not appear.
I just started today, and my keep is level 3.
How can I get the world map icon?

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