How to change Server

Conditions for change

The account must have been created less than 3 days, and the keep level must be below 6. Otherwise, you will have to create a new account and start the game over from scratch.

You can only move a server twice. In order to move servers, you will need an item called “Server Migration Token”. (When you create an account, you have two tokens from the beginning.

Server Migration Token

How to change

  1. Press the “World Map” in the bottom left corner of the map screen.
World Map button
  1. Press the “Server List” in the bottom left corner.
World Map
  1. Select the server you want to move.
Server List
  1. On the map, press the location you want to move to to display the menu.
  2. Press the “Migrate” button, and then press the “Confirm” button on the confirmation screen.
Migrate button

Restrictions when changing

You can only save up to 2M in each type of your resources after the migration, including the resource items in your inventory. The unclaimed items in your mails will be removed.

If you still want to change servers

There’s something called “server merger” and you’ll just have to be patient with it. Server mergers are done at random times at the discretion of the Evony team (mainly to merge servers that are running low on active players). You won’t be able to choose which server to merge with, and you’ll continue to play with players on your current server, but at least it should be a change from what you have now.

Reference: About “Server Merger”

When is Server Merges ? & What happens?




that rule suckks rly spending money to stay stuck in the same server forever :/

So if my keep is a level 25 and I want to move to another server, you’re saying I cannot?


I started this game a couple weeks back and bought gems after a while because I was digging the game. Out of nowhere a clan started targeting me and I can’t do anything to stop being attacked and wiped out over and over. What’s worse is they’re the top clan with like 80 members and are in the high lvl 20s. I asked if they could please leave me alone but that made them target me more. I can’t just move/teleport around the map (I tried many times) as the biggest clan on the server follows my ID wherever I go and uses arrest warrants to find me and trashes me again and again. So I gave in and decided to move to a new server where I could be left alone from this clan and keep my progress(I spent real money early on to advance) but because you have this ridiculous 3 day rule and lvl 6 I’m stuck here. Sorry for the rant but this is hella frustrating and I just want to enjoy the game after spending money on it. Please revise this rule and let players move to a new server regardless of time and level, or at least increase the day range higher than 3 days which is nothing you don’t even have a feel for the game in 3 days. I think you should allow anyone to move at least twice per account. Due to this bullying I can’t escape nor enjoy the game I guess I have no choice but to quit

Hope you will allow players to move to another server even for once only regardless of level.

You can move the server only if the keep level below 6.
Subordinate city can only have keep level 11, so you can’t have Subordinate city in the first place.


I can’t find the “Server Migration Token” in my items. How can I get it?
I started yesterday and my keep level is 5.

To create an alliance, after you reach Keep Level 6 and are not in any alliance, press “Alliances” in the bottom right corner of the screen and pay 200 gems from that screen.
To become the leader of an already existing alliance, you need to join that alliance and have the current R5 leader nominate you as the new R5 leader.

Well the goes my plan! I’ve put to much effort building my keep.i just hate my server

I have an account on one server and went to set up a sub account and I cannot migrate to the server my main account is on. How do you do this?


The world map icon does not appear.
I just started today, and my keep is level 3.
How can I get the world map icon?

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