How Many Troops need to Defeat Boss?

Note – The following troop counts and wounded numbers are dependent on buffs (research, general, equipment, gear, etc.). Related: Buff / Debuff – Basic Guide

6/26/2023 – added Viking Hell.
6/20/2023 – added Ammit & Stymphalian Bird.
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t – Tier (Example: t10 = Tier10)
k – Keep Level (Example: k30 = Keep Lv30)


The following is a rough estimate of the number of troops that can be defeated with almost no wounds, according to the power of the boss.
(Note: Jormungandr and above are wounded)

Troops Needed
Boss Example
~1.5Mk21 t8 cavalry 30,000Lv5 Werewolf
~4Mk23 t9 cavalry 30,000Lv7 Yasha, Lv6 Manticore
~18Mk25 t10 cavalry 150,000Lv10 Griffin, Lv9 Minotaur, Lv8 Peryton, Royal Thief, Witch 1, Warlord 1, Golem 1, Lava Turtle 1, Viking Easy Lv50
~65Mk27 t11 cavalry 500,000Lv11 Ifrit, Witch 2, Warlord 2, Golem 2, LavaTurtle 2, Ymir 1, Pan(Ground)1, Cerberus 1, Bayard 1, Nian 1
~90Mk30 t12 cavalry 1,000,000Lv12 Kamaitachi, Witch 3, Warlord 3, Golem 3, LavaTurtle 3, Ymir 2, Pan(Ground)2, Hydra 1, Viking Normal Lv50, Viking Hard Lv38, Viking Icebreaker, Nian 3, Nian 2
~160Mk32 t13 cavalry 1,600,000Lv13 Fafnir, Witch 4, Warlord 4, Golem 4, LavaTurtle 4, Ymir 3, Pan(Ground)3, Cerberus 2, Bayard 2, Hydra 2, Viking Hard Lv46, Viking Berserker, Nian 4
~200Mk35 t13 cavalry 2,200,000
k35 t14 cavalry 1,600,000
Lv14 Behemoth, Hydra 3, Viking Hard Lv50
~270Mk38 t14 cavalry 2,200,000Lv15 Phoenix, Witch 5, Warlord 5, Golem 5, LavaTurtle 5, Ymir 4, Pan(Ground)4, Cerberus 3, Bayard 3, Viking Chief, Nian 5
~400Mk39 t14 cavalry 2,800,000Lv16 Jormungandr, Ymir 5, Pan(Ground)5, Hydra 4
~550Mk40 t14 cavalry 3,500,000Lv17 Typhon

Detail A – Normal Boss

Lv5 Werewolf 1.3M

t8 Cavalry 30,000 => Wounded 180

Lv6 Manticore 2.2M

t9 Cavalry 26,000 -> Wounded 159

Lv7 Yasha 3.4M

t9 Cavalry 27,000 => Wounded 417
t10 Cavalry 30,000 => Wounded 0

Lv8 Peryton 6.5M

t10 Cavalry 28,000 => Wounded 983
t10 Cavalry 50,000 => Wounded 308
t10 Cavalry 78,000 => Wounded 0
t10 Ranged 200,000 => Wounded 0
t11 Cavalry 45,000 => Wounded 0

Lv9 Minotaur 9.9M

t10 Cavalry 50,771 => Wounded 1,860
t10 Cavalry 78,000 => Wounded 388
t10 Cavalry 150,000 => Wounded 0
t11 Cavalry 80,000 => Wounded 0

Lv10 Griffin 17.9M

t9 Cavalry 130,000 => Wounded 9,000
t10 Cavalry 75,594 => Wounded 3,484
t10 Cavalry 128,452 => Wounded 1,400
t11 Cavalry 110,000 => Wounded 516
t11 Cavalry 150,000 => Wounded 0

Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv11 Ifrit 59.6M

t10 Cavalry 219,900 -> Wounded 3,550
t11 Cavalry 223,000 -> Wounded 3,500
t11 Cavalry 399,800 -> Wounded 0
t12 Cavalry 200,000 -> Wounded 0

Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv12 Kamaitachi 89.4M

t11 Cavalry 736,000 -> Wounded 17,126
t12 Cavalry 456,000 => Wounded 13,500
t12 Cavalry 750,000 => Wounded 5,000
t12 Cavalry 940,000 => Wounded 2,500
t12 Cavalry 990,000 => Wounded 0
t13 Cavalry 610,000 => Wounded 4,600
t13 Cavalry 940,000 => Wounded 2,200
t13 Cavalry 1,100,000 => Wounded 0

Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv13 Fafnir 134.1M

t12 Cavalry 1,200,000 => Wounded 35,000 
t13 Cavalry 856,000 => Wounded 22,000
t13 Cavalry 1,023,490 => Wounded 11,579
t13 Cavalry 1,600,000 => Wounded 0
t14 Cavalry 1,600,000 => Wounded 0

Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv14 Behemoth 187.7M

t12 Cavalry 1,250,000 -> Wounded 51,000
t13 Cavalry 952,153 -> Wounded 23,922
t13 Cavalry 1,502,500 -> Wounded 8,150
t13 Cavalry 2,250,000 -> Wounded 0
t14 Cavalry 1,595,000 -> Wounded 0

Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv15 Phoenix 262.7M

t13 Cavalry 1,600,000 => Wounded 53,000
t13 Cavalry 2,300,000 => Wounded 25,000
t14 Cavalry 1,664,000 -> wounded 9,754
t14 Cavalry 1,931,300 -> wounded 7,740 (Atk buff 1,384%)
t14 Cavalry 2,161,100 -> wounded 7,379 (Atk Buff 1,526%)
t14 Cavalry 2,270,000 -> wounded 0 (Atk Buff 1,526%)

Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv16 Jormungandr 394.1M

t14 Cavalry 1,931,300 -> wounded 46,436 (Atk buff 1,384%)
t14 Cavalry 2,161,100 -> wounded 33,204 (Atk buff 1,546%)
t14 Cavalry 2,270,000 -> wounded 22,136 (Atk buff 1,546%)

Lv17 Typhon 551.8M

t14 Cavalry 3,100,000 -> wounded 72,000
t14 Cavalry 3,300,000 -> wounded 29,000

Lv18 Ammit 800.1M

t14 Cavalry 3,746,500 -> wounded 31,750 (Atk buff 1,736%)

Lv19 Stymphalian Bird 1.1B

t14 Cavalry 3,646,500 -> wounded 79,009 (Atk buff 1,920%)

Detail B – Event Boss

Royal Thief

Lv1 Royal Thief I-III 13.6M

t9 Cavalry 110,000 => Wounded 4,000
t10 Cavalry 60,000 => Wounded 2,662
t10 Cavalry 150,000 -> Wounded 534
t10 Cavalry 280,000 -> Wounded 0
t11 Cavalry 100,000 -> Wounded 300
t11 Cavalry 150,000 -> Wounded 0

Details : How to defeat Royal Thief

Lava Turtle

Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv1 Lava Turtle 12.4M

t10 Cavalry 144,855 -> Wounded 2,168

Lv2 Lava Turtle 22.3M

t11 Cavalry 380,000 => Wounded 0
t12 Cavalry 340,000 => Wounded 0

Lv3 Lava Turtle 74.5M

t12 Cavalry 708,200 => Wounded 7,002

Lv4 Lava Turtle 147.5M

t13 Cavalry 1,126,550 -> Wounded 15,276
t13 Cavalry 1,507,500 -> Wounded 7,174

Lv5 Lava Turtle 225.2M

t14 Cavalry 1,653,250 -> Wounded 7,839
t14 Cavalry 1,931,300 -> Wounded 0 (Atk Buff 1,384%)

Lv6 Lava Turtle 668.1M

(under investigation)


Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv1 Golem 12.4M

t10 Cavalry 98,834 -> Wounded 2,713
t10 Cavalry 160,000 -> Wounded 700
t11 Cavalry 110,000 -> Wounded 522
t11 Cavalry 120,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv2 Golem 22.3M

t11 Cavalry 300,000 -> Wounded 1,196
t11 Cavalry 400,000 -> Wounded 0
t12 Cavalry 350,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv3 Golem 74.5M

t12 Cavalry 590,000 -> Wounded 8,900
t12 Cavalry 820,000 -> Wounded 0
t13 Cavalry 950,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv4 Golem 147.5M

t13 Cavalry 1,081,700 -> Wounded 17,665
t14 Cavalry 1,083,210 -> Wounded 12,688
t14 Cavalry 1,595,000 -> Wounded 6,600

Lv5 Golem 225.2M

t14 Cavalry 1,759,500 -> Wounded 19,237
t14 Cavalry 2,260,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv6 Golem 668.1M

(under investigation)


Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv1 Witch 13M

t10 Cavalry 148,977 -> Wounded 3,972
t11 Cavalry 100,000 -> Wounded 2,300
t11 Cavalry 220,000 -> Wounded 800
t11 Cavalry 270,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv2 Witch 24.6M

t11 Cavalry 294,000 -> Wounded 5,400
t12 Cavalry 500,000 -> Wounded 0
t12 Ranged 650,000 -> Wounded 800

Lv3 Witch 85.6M

t12 Cavalry 600,000 -> Wounded 9,000
t12 Cavalry 900,000 -> Wounded 2,024 (Atk Buff 896%)
t12 Cavalry 900,000 -> Wounded 0 (Atk Buff 1026%)

Lv4 Witch 154.8M

t13 Cavalry 1,550,800 -> Wounded 12,200
t13 Cavalry 1,900,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv5 Witch 225.2M

t14 Cavalry 1,664,000 -> wounded 12,236

Lv6 Witch 668.1M

(under investigation)


Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv1 Warlord 13M

*The in-game description says “The Warlord deals more damage to mounted troops but less damage to ground troops.” but they are less likely to be wounded if they fight only with cavalry.
t11 Ground 96,000 => Wounded 6,367
t11 Cavalry 96,000 => Wounded 3,372

t10 Cavalry 152,241 -> Wounded 3,912
t11 Cavalry 150,000 -> Wounded 646
t11 Cavalry 270,000 -> Wounded 0
t12 Cavalry 100,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv2 Warlord 24.6M

t11 Cavalry 410,013 -> Wounded 1,601
t12 Cavalry 300,000 -> Wounded 2,000
t12 Cavalry 400,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv3 Warlord 85.6M

t12 Cavalry 718,989 -> Wounded 6,322
t13 Cavalry 900,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv4 Warlord 154.8M

t13 Cavalry 1,498,095 -> Wounded 12,322
t14 Cavalry 1,600,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv5 Warlord 225.2M

t14 Cavalry 1,590,750 -> Wounded 24,981

Lv6 Warlord 668.1M

(under investigation)


Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv1 Sphinx 12.4M

t10 Cavalry 153,000 -> Wounded 2,350
t10 Cavalry 252,000 -> Wounded 1,300
t11 Cavalry 100,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv2 Sphinx 22.3M

t12 Cavalry 300,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv3 Sphinx 74.5M

t12 Cavalry 808,122 -> Wounded 2,015
t12 Cavalry 900,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv4 Sphinx 147.5M

t13 Cavalry 1,578,911 -> Wounded 5,978 (Atk Buff +1,066%)

Lv5 Sphinx 225.2M

t14 Cavalry 2,161,100 -> Wounded 0 (Atk Buff +1,546%)

Lv6 Sphinx 472.9M

(under investigation)

Lv7 Sphinx 914.4M

(under investigation)


Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv1 Ymir 23.4M

t10 Cavalry 230,000 -> Wounded 1,373
t11 Cavalry 290,000 -> Wounded 0

* Specifications changed, stronger than before.

Old Spec 22.3M (before 7/2/2022)
t11 Cavalry 327,500 -> Wounded 0

Old Spec 13M (before 1/27/2022)
t10 Cavalry 258,748 -> Wounded 1,170
t11 Cavalry 428,750 -> Wounded 0

Lv2 Ymir 70.8M

t12 Cavalry 500,643 -> Wounded 3,820
t12 Cavalry 559,350 -> Wounded 1,920

Old Spec 42.8M (before 7/2/2022)
t12 Cavalry 750,000 -> Wounded 0
t13 Cavalry 500,000 -> Wounded 2,100

Old Spec 24.6M (before 1/27/2022)
t12 Cavalry 400,000 -> Wounded 1,439
t12 Cavalry 450,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv3 Ymir 120.2M

t13 Cavalry 1,064,699 -> Wounded 12,321 (Atk Buff 1006% / Debuff 0%)
t13 Cavalry 1,064,699 -> Wounded 0 (Atk Buff 1006% / Debuff Def-25%)

Old Spec 107.2M (before 7/2/2022)
t13 Cavalry 1,011,133 -> Wounded 13,868
t13 Cavalry 1,471,900 -> Wounded 0
t14 Cavalry 1,200,000 -> Wounded 0

Old Spec 85.6M (before 1/27/2022)
t12 Cavalry 595,243 -> Wounded 9,574
t13 Cavalry 850,000 -> Wounded 4,673
t13 Cavalry 1,134,400 -> Wounded 0

Lv4 Ymir 206.4M

t14 Cavalry 1,931,300 -> Wounded 0 (Atk Buff 1,384%)

Old Spec 202.7M (before 7/2/2022)
t14 Cavalry 1,858,900 -> Wounded 10,225
t14 Cavalry 2,037,800 -> Wounded 0

Old Spec 154.8M (before 1/27/2022)
t13 Cavalry 1,268,350 -> Wounded 36,547
t14 Cavalry 1,595,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv5 Ymir 361.3M

t14 Cavalry 1,931,300 -> Wounded 47,017 (Atk Buff 1,384%)

Old Spec 354.7M (before 7/2/2022)
t14 Cavalry 2,698,900 -> Wounded 51,974
t14 Cavalry 2,630,000 -> Wounded 29,000
t14 Cavalry 3,500,000 -> Wounded 14,000

Old Spec 225.5M (before 1/27/2022)
t14 Cavalry 1,595,000 -> Wounded 24,732

Lv6 Ymir 722.6M

(under investigation)

Pan (Ranged Troop)

It is far less wounding to attack with ground troops than with mounted troops.

Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv1 Pan (Ranged Troop) 22.3M

Attack by Ground
t10, 423,001 (Attack +374%) -> wounded 0

Attack by Mounted
t11, 400,000 (attack +503%) -> wounded 0

Lv2 Pan (Ranged Troop) 42.8M

Attack by Ground
t12, 800,000 -> wounded 730

Attack by Mounted
t13, 700,000 -> wounded 0

Lv3 Pan (Ranged Troop) 122.9M

Attack by Ground
t14, 1,908,700 (attack +1,000%) -> wounded 1,668

Attack by Mounted
t14, 1,938,100 (attack +1,300%) -> wounded 0

Lv4 Pan (Ranged Troop) 206.4M

Attack by Ground
t14, 1,509,757 (attack +1,180%) -> wounded 4,135
t14, 2,153,476 (attack +1,000%) -> wounded 3,128
t14, 2,000,000 (attack +1,220%) -> wounded 0

Attack by Mounted
t14, 1,500,000 (attack +1,400%) -> wounded 32,410
t14, 1,938,100 (attack +1,300%) -> wounded 18,252
t14, 2,607,500 (attack +1,400%) -> wounded 0

Lv5 Pan (Ranged Troop) 361.3M

Attack by Ground
t14, 2,697,500 (attack +1,450%) -> wounded 4,467

Lv6 Pan (Ranged Troop) 711.7M

(under investigation)

Pan (Ground Troop)

The ground troops type looks almost the same as Ymir.

Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv1 Pan (Ground Troop) 22.3M

Attack by Mounted
t10, 110,000 (attack 302%) -> wounded 500
t11, 371,918 (attack 503%) -> wounded 0
t13, 80,000 (attack 593%) -> wounded 0

Lv2 Pan (Ground Troop) 42.8M

Attack by Mounted
t11 Mounted 490,000 -> wounded 17,768
t12 Mounted 162,002 -> wounded 8,101 (attack buff 677%)
t12 Mounted 172,400 -> wounded 4,231 (attack buff 817%)
t13 Mounted 310,000 -> wounded 3,000
t13 Mounted 478,000-> wounded 1,770 (attack buff 593%)

Lv3 Pan (Ground Troop) 122.9M

Attack by Mounted
t13, 1,500,000 (attack 1,000%) -> wounded 0

Lv4 Pan (Ground Troop) 206.4M

Attack by Mounted
t14 1,746,400 (attack 1,300%) -> wounded 0
t14 1,938,100 (attack 1,300%) -> wounded 0

Lv5 Pan (Ground Troop) 361.3M

Attack by Mounted
t14, 1,938,100 (attack 1,300%) -> wounded 32,962
t14, 2,161,100 (attack 1,546%) -> wounded 14,204
t14, 3,091,500 (attack 1,400%) -> wounded 0

Lv6 Pan (Ground Troop) 711.7M

(under investigation)

Pan (Mounted Troop)

It is far less wounding to attack with ranged troops than with mounted troops.

Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv1 Pan (Mounted Troop) 22.3M

Attack by Ranged
t10, 388,116 -> wounded 861

Lv2 Pan (Mounted Troop) 42.8M

Attack by Ranged
t12, 620,000 (attack 970%) -> wounded 0

Lv3 Pan (Mounted Troop) 122.9M

Attack by Ranged
t13, 1,500,000 (attack 1,418%) -> wounded 0

Attack by Mounted
t13, 1,500,000 (attack 1,000%) -> wounded 9,626
t14, 1,495,000 (attack 1,100%) -> wounded 0

Lv4 Pan (Mounted Troop) 206.4M

Attack by Ranged
t14, 1,799,999 (attack 1,230%) -> wounded 4,904
t14, 1,500,000 (attack 1,418%) -> wounded 0

Attack by Mounted
t14, 1,938,100 (attack 1,300%) -> wounded 13,037
t14, 2,147,500 (attack 1,400%) -> wounded 0

Lv5 Pan (Mounted Troop) 361.3M

Attack by Ranged
t14, 2,000,000 (attack 1,453%) -> wounded 16,345
t14, 2,757,500 (attack 1,550%) -> wounded 0

Attack by Mounted
t14, 3,091,500 (attack 1,400%) -> wounded 74,693

Lv6 Pan (Mounted Troop) 711.7M

(under investigation)


Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv1 Junior Hydra 84.9M

t11 Cavalry 620,000 -> Wounded 21,564(attack 452%)
t12 Cavalry 464,500 -> Wounded 10,900
t12 Cavalry 600,000 -> Wounded 8,100
t12 Cavalry 999,999 -> Wounded 3,676 (attack 644%)
t12 Cavalry 1,027,500 -> Wounded 0 (attack 832%)
t13 Cavalry 610,000 -> Wounded 4,300
t13 Cavalry 950,000 -> Wounded 0 (attack 790%)

Lv2 Medium Hydra 120.6M

t13 Cavalry 1,024,454 => Wounded 9,302 (attack 932%)
t13 Cavalry 1,600,000 -> Wounded 0 (attack 1,000%)

Lv3 Senior Hydra 198.9M

t13 Cavalry 1,546,000 -> Wounded 16,602 (attack 800%)
t14 Cavalry 1,664,000 -> wounded 0 (attack 1,300%)

Lv4 Legendary Hydra 328.4M

t14 Cavalry 2,685,402 -> wounded 21,275 (attack 1,150%)

Lv5 Epic Hydra 678.8M

(under investigation)


Details on generals, equipment, etc.

Lv1 Junior Knight Bayard 65.5M

t11 Cavalry 400,000 -> Wounded 0
t12 Cavalry 250,000 -> Wounded 650

Lv2 Senior Bayar Knight 147.5M

t13 Cavalry 1,045,978 -> Wounded 13,894
t13 Cavalry 1,502,500 -> Wounded 6,745
t14 Cavalry 1,595,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv3 Exellent Bayar Knight 225.2M

t14 Cavalry 1,759,500 -> Wounded 19,237
t14 Cavalry 1,931,300 -> Wounded 7,232 (Atk Buff 1,384%)
t14 Cavalry 2,260,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv4 Legendary Bayar Knight 668.1M

(under investigation)


Lv1 Junior Cerberus 68.2M

t11 Cavalry 443,000 -> Wounded 0
t12 Cavalry 220,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv2 Medium Cerberus 153.4M

t13 Cavalry 1,150,800 -> Wounded 30,419
t13 Cavalry 1,550,800 -> Wounded 8,300
t14 Cavalry 1,595,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv3 Senior Cerberus 234.2M

t13 Cavalry 1,550,800 -> Wounded 51,000
t14 Cavalry 1,575,000 -> Wounded 20,205
t14 Cavalry 1,664,000 -> wounded 9,023
t14 Cavalry 1,931,300 -> Wounded 0 (Atk Buff 1,384%)

Lv4 Legendary Cerberus 694.9M

t14 Cavalry 2,664,000 -> Wounded 59,818


(Limited : Spring Festival Event)

Lv1 Junior Nian 59.6M

t12 Cavalry 300,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv2 Medium Nian 71.5M

t12 Cavalry 600,000 -> Wounded 0
t13 Cavalry 550,000 -> Wounded 0

Lv3 Senior Nian 89.4M

t13 Cavalry 1,075,700 -> wounded 0

Lv4 Grand Nian 134.1M

t13 Cavalry 1,075,700 -> wounded 5,718

Lv5 Epic Nian 236.5M

t14 Cavalry 1,858,900 -> wounded 8,106

Lv6 Mythical Nian 472.9M

(under investigation)


Easy – Lv1-50 (1.1M – 14.1M)

t10 Cavalry 116,946
Wounded => 0 until Lv37 / 320 at Lv38

t10 Cavalry 150,000
Wounded => 0 until Lv 41 / 384 at Lv 42 / 1,172 at Lv 50

Normal – Lv1-50 (3.2M – 91.7M)

t12 Cavalry 645,000
Wounded => 0 until Lv41 / 1,014 at Lv42 / 6,538 at Lv50

t13 Cavalry 610,000
Wounded => 3,500 at Lv50

  • Guideline
    • Lv2: B7 Yasha
    • Lv11: B8 Peryton
    • Lv17: B9 Minotaur
    • Lv26: B10 Griffin
    • Lv44: B11 Ifrit
    • Lv50: B12 Kamaitachi

Hard – Lv1-50 (10.6M – 196.9M)

t13 Cavalry 1,100,000
Wounded => 35,527 at Lv50

t13 Cavalry 2,320,000
Wounded => 0

  • Guideline
    • Lv1: B9 Minotaur
    • Lv10: B10 Griffin
    • Lv30: B11 Ifrit
    • Lv37: B12 Kamaitachi
    • Lv44: B13 Fafnir
    • Lv49: B14 Behemoth

Hell – Lv1-50 (17.9M – 760.1M)

t14 Cavalry 2,162,600 (Atk Buff 1,164%)
(= Troops that can kill Viking Hard 50 & B14 Behemoth with 0 wounds)
Wounded => 0 until Lv27 / 2,738 at Lv28

t14 Cavalry 2,301,600 (Atk Buff 1,578%)
(= Troops that can kill B15 Phoenix with 0 wounds)
Wounded => 0 until Lv30 / 3,748 at Lv31

t14 Cavalry 3,200,000 (Atk Buff 1,578%)
Wounded => 5,829 at Lv34 / 132,337 at Lv42 / Lost at Lv43

t14 Cavalry 3,632,500
Wounded => 79,212 at Lv50

  • Guideline
    • Lv19: B12 Kamaitachi
    • Lv24: B13 Fafnir
    • Lv27: Viking Hard 50 / B14 Behemoth
    • Lv30: B15 Phoenix
    • Lv36: B16 Jormungandr
    • Lv40: B17 Typhon
    • Lv50: B18 Amemit

Lv1 Viking Icebreaker 89.4M

t13 Cavalry 940,000 => Wounded 2,200

Lv2 Viking Berserker 134.1M

t13 Cavalry 1,070,000 -> wounded 12,000

Lv3 Viking Chief 262.7M

t14 Cavalry 1,664,000 -> wounded 19,508

Lv4 King of the Vikings 1B

(under investigation)



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I killed an Junior Hydra with 620k T11 including 21564 wounded with the monarch talent that halves the wounded from monsters

Like Nomasa lvl 26
All specialty’ at green
Full dragon Set
Power 2.3 Million
Has the dragon Celtic demon

power 600k
No gear


Event Boss:

Lv1 Basilisk 130M

T14 Mounted Troops – 1,344,200 > Wounded – 0


Lvl 28 Poligenus 4.3m

Lvl 23 Mordred 2.2m

Enemies father s1004

u can even kill it with t14 820k troops with zero wounded


assistant general


can you kill it with t12 even with injuries

My generals

Main:Li Nomasa
Power:2.3 Million
All dragon gear
Has dragon Celtic demon

Power 700k
No gear

Lvl 1 Ymir,

T10 Cavalry , 230,000 / Wounded , 1373

General: Lvl 21 Theodora 700k, / Lvl 20 Rage King 300k

Wearing 5-Star General Set, with Elite Helm and Armor ( non starred or refined )

Refine stats : Mount troop atk / hp percentages (orange / yellow )

Troop Buffs – ATK – 185% / DEF – 133% / HP – 103%


150k t13
lv2 Golem
lv2 Sphinx,
lv1 Cerb
lv1 Knight Bayard
0 wounded
1.7m Theodora + 400k Aethelflaed

Hello, for Y2, you can kill it with 300k T13.
Roland 3.7M/Barbarossa 1.2 M

Zero injuries on level 1 Pan Ground with 276k t11 troops, though only after bringing both of my best generals (Martinus and Sanada Yukimura)

Lv3 Ymir 120.2M
t13 Cavalry 1,064,699 -> Wounded 0 (rally, attack 1006% = buff 931% (pvp) + 75% (against monster), probably no debuff)

update: there was debuff: Rurik Bracer (Ring) Reduce Monster Defense -25% from my ally.

Without his joining, I got wounded 12,321

How many troops did your ally (with rurik bracer) send to your Ymir 3 rally ?
Is there any effect if the rurik bracer was the first one or the last participant who joined the rally ?

PAN Ranged Troop LV1
T10 423.001 Ground with Attack + 374% no wounded

Hey thanks for that, very helpful !!!
I have just one question; what about the sphinx, how many troops we need to defeat it ?
Thank you again for your very helpful list !

sphinx Lv1 : 100.000 T11 – 0 wounded
sphinx Lv2 : 300.000 T12 – 0 wounded
sphinx Lv3 : 808.122 T12 – 2.015 wonded

Martinus with Ares equipement and achaeminidea helmet, Power : 3.8


– Pan (mounted) lv2
– t12 ranged, 620000
– 0 wounded
– around 970% attack bonus

How does the type of troops you send affect when joining a rally with a single soldier?

Mær Ríoghain

Sending 1 soldier has pretty much no affect on the monster. The goal is to limit any wounded. Send the same type as the person leading the rally or send 1 ranged to get 0 wounded. It really doesn’t matter if you send the wrong type. For the events that require healing I often send 15k-30k t1 ground troops as long as the monster causes 0 wounded for the person leading.

Did you notice that something changed in the last week or two? I noticed that last week I could kill Medium Cerberus and Senior knight with no wounded and this week I get wounded with same troops and generals! Vikings seems to have become more difficult too. I used to kill V47 with no wounded, and this week I get wounds with 15% more troops. On the the other hand, there seems no change with B13 or Lava Turtles.

Yes. According to customer support, there used to be unintended duplication of buffs and debuffs, but they have eliminated that.
It’s a silent change with no notice. It is very annoying.
My sense is that enemies that we used to be able to defeat just in time will now cause a few injuries, and enemies that we used to be able to defeat with a little time to spare will remain at zero injuries.

PS: I don’t think it’s a change related to generals. It seems like the monste strength is being adjusted one a lt a time. Remeber how I said that Lava Turtles were not affected? Well now I see that I can’t kill a Lava 4 cleanly either.I used to kill one cleanly with 1.45 m troops. Now even 1.55 is not enough with the same generals.

The customer support is not telling truth. They just want to post a whatever reply to close the ticket.

Level 1 pan (mounted) 388,116 T10 archers, 861 wounded General Tomyris level 20 with the thunder Scorpion spiritual beast 2% attack buff.

Buenas tardes,
Tengo una consulta. Por que antes mataba a un b12 sin heridos y ahora envio los mismo generales y la misma cantidad de tropas y si tengo heridos? Alguien puede explicarme? Gracias

>Good afternoon, I have a query. Why before I killed a b12 without injuries and now I send the same generals and the same number of troops and if I have injuries? Can someone explain to me? Thank you

I have received similar comments from several people. The power values displayed in the game have not changed, so it may be a temporary glitch. I will wait and see a little more.


LVL1 Pan ground troop : T11 371918 CAV / 503% buff Hannibal lvl 27 5 stars / Spiritual beast Hurricane lvl5 / Monarch LVL6 / K28 / 0 wounded

LVL4 Pan ground troop: T14 1746400 cav 0 wounded / 1300% buff / Hannibal lvl37 power 6.7mill 2 red stars max specialties / Monarch gear 8 / Fafnir LVL 9


Pan 1 (ranged) : t11 mounted 400k wounded 0, attack buff 503% Hannibal lvl 27 5 stars / Spiritual beast Hurricane lvl5 / Monarch LVL6 / K28 / 0 wounded

Pan 2 Ranged : T13 700k cav / 0 wounded / Ethefelda lvl37 power 3.5mill 0 red star 1 specialty (first one lvl4) / Monarch gear 8 / hurricane beast LVL 8

Pan 3ranged : T14 1746400 cav 0 wounded / 1300% buff / Hannibal lvl37 power 6.7mill 2 red stars max specialties / Monarch gear 8 / Fafnir LVL 9

Pan1 (ground) / t10 110,000 mounted / 500 wounded / 302% mounted attack buff (+200% attacking Pan so 500% in total)

Mær Ríoghain

Any idea how many t13s would work for Lv Sphinx?

Someone gave me their account with no resources for healing. I need to kill all the monsters with 0 wounded so I can save resources to train more troops.

Depending on your research, general, and equipment growth, I think you can beat the monster if you have about 3/4 of the power of the monster.

I think it is safe to adjust the situation as you see fit.

Mær Ríoghain

That was supposed to be lv4 Sphinx. 1M t13s was not enough. Comparing it to the Golem and Lava Turtle that are both weaker than the power suggests, I think I need 500k more.


Thank you for all your valuable information.
Regarding the Kamaitachi, I was able to defeat it with exactly 600,000 T11 mounted troops. The number of troops wounded is 14,745.
The mounted troops had 568% attack buff, main general Roland (2.79M power, 1205 attack, dragon equipment) and his assistant was Yukimura Sanada (1.35M power).
No subordinate cities participated and no buff items were used.

T13 Caballeria 850k con 782% ataque de caballeria más 45% ataque contra monstruos Total (827%) B12, Bruja 3, Hydra 1, todos sin heridos.

Lt. Atlantis

Hola, dónde puedo ver esos porcentajes de poder de caballería? Eso es de un informe de batalla o en el perfil? Si es en el perfil, no lo encuentro. 🙁

> Hello, where can I see those cavalry power percentages? Is that from a battle report or profile? If it’s in the profile, I can’t find it.
You can check this information from the PvP battle report. However, against-monster buffs are not included and must be added manually.

T13 caballeria 840k, General con 774% Buff Ataque +45 Ataque contra monstruo, Total : 819%

B13 Fafnir: 21,498 Heridos
Hydra 2: 16,395 Heridos

Cerbero 1, 190kT12 caballeria Buff gen 600% + 45% ataque contra monstruo.



Hannibal Lv30 Power 3.6M
5 stars cultivation +500
Cavalry attack buff in pvp 714%.
Monarch gear various Lv7
Cav t12 930,000
No additional buffs
subordinate cities available

My find zero wounded on a Lv13 boss was using all T14 cavs 4,313,900.

General was a 6,5M Aethelflaed



T13 1.288.700 wounds 64 435
T13 1.316.000 wounds 46.433
T13 1.700.000 wounds 23.217

Generale Cesare lv.33 5M power
– Ares Spear
– Rurik Helmet
– Courageous Ares Armor
– Fearless Ares Leg Armor
– Fearless Ares Boots
– Rurik armlet
Monarch gear Thunder lv7

Mờ èo (913) :3

Ymir 1 – 2m3 Martinus lv25 ~1000 + full dragon + 200k t11 – 0 wounded


8 Yukimura Sanada

One has Dragon set (4) and General set (2)
One has Dragon set (4)
The remaining 6 have General set (2)

5 have attack minus 1% depending on the hunter.

By removing dragon equipment, I verified attack minus 40%, 50%, and 60%.

40% -> Wounded 11071
50% – Wounded 9226
60% -> Wounded 9226

RC - Server 875

b16 – 3.2m T14 with Hannibal lvl 38, 7.4m power and about 1500% buffs –> 0 Wounded
Ymir 5 – 3.2m T14 with Hannibal lvl 38, 7.4m power and about 1500% buffs –> 0 Wounded
Hydra 4 – 2.7m T14 with Hannibal lvl 38, 7.4m power and about 1500% buffs –> 0 Wounded

Ymir 3
855k t12s
Keep 31
Roland 3.6M 4 ares 2 dragon gear
Mounted attack about 720%

Ymir 3 – Theodora, 3.2M power, t13 Cavalry 1,150,000. No wounded.


Selam . Nasılsın . Hangi sunucuda oynuyorsun . Nick yszarmisin seni le konusmaliyim. Teşekkürler 🙏

Es s595

(Full mounted research)
Gears all 7 (hp, defense, attack)
2.6m power level 29 Roland with bird 8
1200 attack and defence stats)
Books: (45% attack against monster & 45% Hp against monster)

550k t12 cavalry

7450 wounded against hydra
9789 wounded against Kamaitachi
4020 wounded against golem 3
160500 wounded against Viking 39 hard
2320 wounded against ymir 2

Es s595

Edit :16k wounded against Viking 39 not 160k it was a typo

Lvl 1 Cerberus and Bayar can be killed with 340k t11’s 0 wounded, Theodora with 252% mounted buff + max mounted research keep lvl 27, I only miss the dragon armor for the full dragon set, with this setup royal thieves can be killed with 68k t11’s 0 wounded. Thank you for all the articles they are very useful.

King singh

I Had Killed Typhoon T15 cavarly 6000000 and genaral Gengis Khan Power 9.6 m


T9 44.000 vs Manticora = 89 feriti
Generale Honda potere 523,432
Pensavo di ottenere zero feriti. Potrebbe dipendere dal potere del generale?


First time getting killed troops from a monster. I didn’t realize this could happen. My hospital is not ful, the monster was killed, however so were my troops. Any feedback would be great, TIA


Ymir 1 : Roland (k29); 140k cav T11 ; no wounds

Ymir 1 – Roland, 3.6M power, 350k T12 mounted. No wounded.
Ymir 2 – Roland, 3.6M power, 750k T12 mounted. No wounded.

BCNU (server 656)

Ymir 3 data:
Theodora lvl 36 level (3.8M power), 1.2M t14 cav = 0 wounded

lv2 warlord: 390k T12 mounted 0 wounded
Lv 27 Martinus with Lv 5 Fafnir + 4 dragon gears

Not open

Warlord 2 750k t11 cav 2.7m martinus + lvl4 dragon

Warlord 2 330k t12 cavalry with 6-star lvl 29 Roland with lvl 4 Fafnir and 5-star lvl 28 Sanada Yukimura as assistant. All king gear

Ymir Level 1
268,800 CAV T11
0 Wounded
Theodora Lvl 24 1.4M power
All Kings Gear

Lv 1 Lava Turtle is a clean kill for me with 200K t11 cav
General is Martinus but he’s only at 725K power at this stage

I use around 380K T11 againts Nian lv.1 works just fine while I’m on K27 with 0 wound. I can do Medium Nian too, but with heavy wounded. My academy already maxed while lv.27 and I use all monarch gear for cav. No buff. I did it with Lava turtle lv.2. My culture is Japan.


Ymir Level 1
327,500 T11
0 Wounded
Theodora Lvl 25 2M power
All Kings Gear 5 stars
Attack cultivated to +500

Lv 1 Nian: 300k t12 0 wounded
All kings gear, 1.9m martinus with lv4 fafnir

I can do an Ymir with same number of t11 cav and a much weaker general – Martinus with only 725k power

600k T-12 can kill the lvl2 Nian with no wounded. 400k, 500k, and 550k gets you 1717 wounded


I have turtle 5 data.

1653250 T14 Cavalry = 7839 wounded

Martinus level 36 (with Fafnir level 10)

ich habe Aethelflaed LV 33 4,4 mio Drache Fafnir LV8 und 1072mio 13 Reiter und wenn ich B12 angreiffe habe ich 2t verluste warum Skill Reitert. angriff Maschgr. und Glück und habe ausrüstung Ares bis auf Drachenrüstung un Ring

Lan Snow (Server 852)

30k t10 152 wounded
35k t10 152 wounded
38k t10 Zero wounded

General: Belisarius with King’s Ring, helmet, Armor, boots and general’s spear and leg Armor. 1.4 mil Power.


These are some good benchmarks. Is there a chart / spreadsheet that can show us more?


375k T 11 mit baibars lvl 28 2.5 Mio Macht mit orkanvogel lvl 8 Orange und Drachenset für den nian 1 und keine verwundetet.

Albino Elric

Witch 3
lead rally with 613000 t12 cav got my a$$ handed to us

I was able to kill the junior Hydra with 927500 T12 cavalry and 0 woundeds. No item buffs.

PVP report cavalry attack buffs – 1404%
Debuff – perhaps with dragon equipment debuff in rally?
General – Martinus (Skill: Against Monster Attack Lv4)
Buff item – Attack +50%, Defense +50%, HP +50%
T14 cavalry, 2700000 troops = 2.7M

Phoenix = 0

Love the guide. I refer to it all the time to get a feel where I’m at before trying the next level. There’s some things I think would make it better. On the details page, general level and the generals attack stats and dragon brought level would be incredibly helpful along with Monarch gear level. I have around 1.5 mil t13s and I tried to take a b15 (first down I was ok with the amount of wounded) because this guide says I should beat it with a ton of wounded. I lost because I believe my dragon and Monarch may be underleveled. I have lvl 7 Monarch gear and lvl 30 general. Damn phoenix waxed my ass 😅. Thanks and keep up the good work!

I tested quite a bit bosses with different amounts of t11, same general, and the most interesting part I noticed that same amount of same troops and same general (maybe with 1 gen level up) with same gear can beat same boss if there are additional research and stronger dragon. I specifically reproduced it with Knight 1 and 300K t11 troops. After General went 1 lvl up, dragon went 1 lvl up and I added more cavs research, my injured went down from 700+ to 0.
Amount of injured depends on monster mortality talent (was it used in this case? it halves down the injured), general skills (e.g. hp against monster gives less wounded than defense against monster) and gear refinement.
It also would be nice to have a very simple comparison of bosses, like Witches are stronger than Golems, Ymirs are stronger than Turtles, and so on (so, Golem > Turtle >Witch > Ymir? not sure about turtle vs witch, as I was too low lvl then). Then it would give a general idea.

Please update to new patch. Thank you for this guide

this needs an update ve have 2 generals now a can kill Kamaitachi whit t11 512000. Wounded4698

Quais esses generais, que pode matar b12, com t11?

We killed “Lv3 Viking Chief 262.7M” with a t13 rally. I made screenshots if of interest. If numbers are enough:

Player1 = Roland (Lvl33 3,7M) + 1.808.190@t13 + 135.512@t12 + 214.198@t12soldiers
Player2 = Roland (Lvl33, 3,1M) + 1.261.150@t13
Player3 = Aethelflaed (Lvl32, 4,3M) + 1.403.450@t13
Player4 = Barbarossa (Lvl30, 3M) + 881.830@t13

P1 = 63.551
P2 = 99.076
P3 = 111.381
P4 = 44.092

total wounded = 318.100
about 300M rss for healing. :-/

Can you please help me. How to reach the developers. I think my game is glitched.
I am attacking B9 monster with 162K T10
And I am getting 561 troops Injured. A Week back with just 110K T10 I was getting just over 200+ Injury and Now I have given many Stars to my general equipment, I upgraded adv. cavalry armour. And my general power has increased from just 520k to more than 630K. (Theodora) and still I am getting 561 damage.

I Like this game as I can play it casually even in office. But If there is no way to fix this Issue. I am afraid I don’t want to play it anymore.
I feel all my money and my Time on this game wasted. It sucks

the latest update buffed monsters, which is likely the reason for your trouble. 561 troops is nothing in the big scheme of things, though – there is research that decreases healing resource cost and healing time also that can help.

Mr. Nobody

Cerberus junior: t11 443k, heridos: 0 (Martinus 3m, equipo dragon, monarch gear lvl 5)

Kombo, server 512

We killed Cerberus junior in rally with like 800.000 t11 cav combined

A week back. With 98K T10 Cav. I was getting just over 200+ troops injured when killing Lvl 39 easy Viking and B9 monster. But now with 150K T10 I am getting 500+ injured troops.
This is very strange.
My general power increased from lvl 20 to lvl 21.
Troops Cav research increased(Adv Cav HP and also Armour). Still I get more injury. this is completely beyond my comprehension.

Is this an on-going glitch, or this game just gives random results . Because this data doesn’t match at all.

I killed a B8 with T9 troops and some T8 troops, 50k T9 and 90k T8

I am k24.

Wolf dad

Witch lvl 1. 300,4k t10 => 992 wounded. 2m theodora monster general


Viking berserker:
1,07m T13 cav
Roland 780% cav attack 12,000 wounded.


L37 Hannibal, 5.6 mil power, All specialities maxed. 4 Ares gear and 2 Rurik gear with solid mounted refines. Mounted research maxed at K35 level, Level 8 Thunder monarch gear, L8 Fafnir. 2,282,250 T14 Cav.
No sub cities:
B16 52,903 wounded
B15 9,797 wounded
L4 Hydra 22,043 wounded
L5 Ymir 57,530 wounded


Will the “Undead Invasion” be treated as a monster battle, and will the cavalry be stronger?


Thanks for the reply.
Apart from the battle specs, is there a page or something that specifically mentions the “Undead Invasion” strategy?

Hey, B16 with 5.5M T14 in 3 marches with full k35 Research and 5.3-5.5M Generals did splat. Rally with 7.7M t14, similar Tech won, but with Lots Off wounded.

Can try to get some actual Numbers, but would need to reach all in the Rally. Not Sure whether that will Work.

OK, 4 Marches about 1.8M t14 each, all heaving pretty exactly 30k wounded


Hello there
Was wondering if i needed to upgrade my forge in order to get dragon chests drop from monsters?

No, Dragon scrolls have terrible drop rates. I kill tons of B12, 13, 14 and i might get one a week. Our alliance in total might get like 4

Hola, soy muy nuevo y agradezco su total comprensión.
En medio de tanto por leer sobre este tema tengo una pregunta rápida que podría ayudarme a orientar a los compañeros de Alianza cuando he convocado ataques:
•¿Cuantas tropas inferiores a t9 se pueden usar para atacar monstruos superiores a Hombres lobo o Manticoras?

In BF, with 1220 cavalry buffs (all Martinus specialties activated, dragon refinement, monarch gear, latest research, skills, item attack buffs 20%, alliance research cavalry one level before highest).

Viking 50, T14 cavalry 16,500,000, confirmed unharmed.

Not sure about the dragon gear in the rally.


Hi…. Can I ask something it can possible to defeat peryton by tier8? And how many troops needed?


i didn’t recommended to try this article , This wrong math
i tried i lost 12K wounded when i tried
you should see your power compared the monsters and the rate ” medium, or high .. “

That is a mistake that many beginners make.

The probability of victory and the comparison of your troop’s power to the boss’s power are completely useless.

You can win even if your victory probability is “very low”,
and even if your troops’ power is less than half of the boss’s power.

Because they have almost no buffs taken into account.
If you get more wounds than this article, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, please strengthen your buffs through research and other ways.

I killed a Lv 3 Lava Turtle using 708,200 t12 cavs. I got 7,986 wounded. Gen was Lv 30 Baibars with King’s gear.


I made some change is my gen, and sent 578k t12 cavs. And got 3k wound.


I replied 4 pieces of King’s gear with Dragon gear and tried again with same march size. This time the wounded count dropped from 7,986 to 7,002.

Vishnu Sharma

Lava 3 can be kill with 570k t12 getting 7k wound. With the lady monster general an dragon gear set

General optimized for monster hunting
Lv1 Witch
t12 Cavalry 150,000 => Wounded 0

Lv2 Witch
t12 Cavalry 350,000 => Wounded 1393
t12 Cavalry 400,000 => Wounded 0

it all depends with your general type, gear and buffs

Hi. I got another question 😅 Today I read a statement on the debuff of Dragon’s set. Particularly, it said that the debuff of 10% attack and defend of monster by the set DOES NOT stack in a rally (no matter how many generals wear Dragon’s set, the debuff shall be only 10%). However, in a solo attack and the set are worn by sub general, the debuff may stack up to 50%. Is it true that we can’t stack debuff in a rally???

I am not sure to post this question on this article or the one on Red equipment or any other, so pardon me on that. My gratitude, for all the answers and patience to my questions.

Thank you so much

Scotty s568

I kill Golem 3’s comfortably with 900k T14 cavs, or 1,100,000 T13s. I will do some testing on moving down. General is Caesar at 3.8m power. Equiment well refined for mounted attack.


I do that with T12 730K zero wounded.
Add me for more information, copy below name and add.

Server 536

Golem Lvl 3 with 1083,210 T14 Cav and Aethelflaed LVL 35 4.8M power Aries Gear all Specialtys No wounded. Golen LVL4 12,688 wounded

Эвонианец первый

Чем убить Hydra lvl 2? Сколько нужно войск T12?
Сколько нужно войск T12 для Fafnir 13 lvl?

Для гидры 2 уровня нужны T13. T12 слабы

For the B12 I’m getting 2.1k wounded. Using 849,500 t12 troops. Aethelflaed is my monster killer with 4 pieces Ares armor, the other two pieces are dragon armor. She has blue specialty circles. Her 3 skillbooks are lv4 march size, lv4 mounted def against monster, lv4 mounted hp against monster.

Server 134 player

Obviously gen has a lot to do with it. I tried a b12 with 450k t12 cavs: according to the list above that should be sufficient, but I was defeated with 45k wounded.

War turtle

Yes about the gen just trayd a B10 acourding to the thing and got a asss whopping

Don’t do it, use Mounted for bosses, the distance which protects the Archers in the pvp doesn’t exist against Monsters. Best read the Battleguide which explains it

I am hunting monsters with ranged troops and need about 2.5 times the cavalry mentioned here.
I am currently working on upgrading the tavern to upgrade the stable.
Once I meet the requirements for the tavern, I plan to raise it to 32 at once.


Hey there, i have been following up with the guide, but i’m not getting the results so far. i’m having too many casualties.
it is possible that is the general difference; so, if possible, would you be able to share the general stats or preferences so we could use as reference?

Thank you very much for all the information. I have played the game for 2 months now, and thanks to you and these articles, I avoid lots of mistakes and develop much faster.
Just one small question, I am now the main boss fighter of my alliance, and I am wondering about the monarch talent at level 6 – Mortality. It grants Troop Death Rate Capacity when attacking Monsters to protect the troop. I don’t really get it. Can you please help me on this?

Thank you very much for this website

At the moment, I can defeat Griffin (boss lv10) with 110.000 t10 cavalry (Maximum research on Cavalry at Academy lv25, General is Aethelflaed with Mounted attack skill lv3, +500 attributes, using King’s set 5 stars, at 1.9m power), wounded is about 220.
Do you think Event bosses (Viking, Lava turtle, etc) are stronger than Normal bosses? Because with the same troop, the number of wounded is not different when I defeat Viking easy lv50 (power 14.1m to 17.9 m of Griffin). I thought when I defeat Kamaitachi, I may also defeat Junior Hydra or Viking Icebreaker, but it seems to be not that easy (~_ _)

hello loved your work here. I have a Question as you mentioned that to defeat Lv1 Junior Knight Bayard 65.5M
t11 Cavalry 700,000 => Wounded 0
if you do rally with total 700,000 troops but 2 members are doing it half/half troops. why you getting wounded? its first wave attack and second wave attack or something else wrong. thanks


With all the buffs most people will unlock at K29, it’s possible to defeat Junior Knight and Cerberus only with about 320,000 troops T11 and no wounded with a fully cultivated Theodora or Hannibal, with spiritual beast, and dragon equipment with no refines.

A partially related question: does the reduction buff against monsters apply when the general who has it participates in a rally? I mean, am I helping my alliance members kill monsters if I send a general with such buffs to their rally, even if I only send 1 troop?


Also would like to confirm if this is true.

When the dragon equipment set debuff was just implemented, there was a period of time when it did and did not cause damage (In particular, there were cases where the damage from witch 4 went from about 25,000 to about 12,500.), so I think it might be possible. I have not been able to confirm this.

As an example, there was a time when I was unharmed in a rally attack, but wounded in an individual attack.

Yes, it would only apply to your general and your men. But I have a bigger question that I have been asking myself…what if you sent no general & 50k troops…would they fight with the rally leader’s army?

I like this table very much as it guides me a lot. I seem to have better stats though than what is shown in the table. Like lv27 Barbarossa 1604k getting no wounded with 266833 T10 can. And I have more examples. If I give these stats will they be added in these tables?

Mordechai Peller

I find the numbers very inconsistent. Without information on the general, the general’s gear, and the monarch gear, the numbers can be misleading. This is compounded by the obvious fact that the missing information varies greatly from example to example. For example, with all other factors remaining the same, I can kill a Royal Thief with 135k t11s (maybe less), but took 2207 wounded using 353k against an Ifrit.

B12 was General lvl 31, t12 1,000,000, used advanced buffs, 0 wounds.
B13 was 1,200,000 and 34,000 wounded.
I have done a fair amount of cultivation and research.

For reference.

PVP and BF reports on a general with about 1000% cavalry buffs, with monarch talent mortality, all T13 cavalry.

Fafnir -> 1,600,000 unwounded (no attack buffs, solo)
Witch 4 -> Between 1,300,000 and 1,780,000, -> 12,000 wounds
Witch 4 -> 1,900,000 unwounded (with 20% attack buff)
Behemoth -> 1,300,000 -> 9,000 wounds
Behemoth -> 2,250,000 unwounded (with 20% attack buff, with dragon equipment debuff in the raid)
Phoenix -> 2,300,000 -> 25,000 wounds (with 20% attack buff)
Phoenix -> 1,600,000 -> 53,000 wounds (with 20% attack buff, dragon equipment debuff in raid)
Viking Hard LV50 -> 2,320,000 unwounded (with 20% attack buff, dragon equipment debuff in raid)

To be exact, the cavalry attack buff was 1067%. For attack research, cavalry is maxed out and I have the monster attack with cavalry skill lvl 4 on my general.

T13 Cavalry
Hydra 2 -> 1.6 million, with 20% attack buff, and dragon equipment debuff in rally -> unharmed

Which general you use, that you have 0 wounded at B13?

I use Martinus. However, if you want to use it in PVP or BF, I think Hannibal might be a better choice to train.

someone from 514

k30 close to max out k30 military research almost on military advance
send 532k t12 cavs with 5star gen yue fei w/ 900 leadership 883 atk 888 def 858 pol along with lvl 3 best quality hurricane and got 1409 t12 cavs casualties on a lvl 2 witch
need to know why


Dear administrator, thank you for all your help.
I’d like to share a small story.
The description of the “Mortality” of the monarch’s talent seems to be horseshit.
The true effect of this talent seems to be a dramatic reduction in the number of wounded troops.
Our members have killed Fafnir with just over a million T13 cavalry without being wounded.
Recently, we’ve also won a Behemoth with about 18,000 wounded.
I highly recommend this talent!
However, you will not be able to use useful talents such as “Research Speed”, so please use it after careful consideration. 👍

Hi what do you mean, which server and alliance?

I think it’s about Talent – Mortality. It significantly reduces your wounded against monsters.


In an alliance rally, if the participants have enough cavalry of the same level, can they defeat the monsters?
And if so, will there be no wounded as long as there are enough troops?


Yes I rallied b14 Behemoth with 1,057,000 t13 cav, supported by 1,492,000 t13 cav and got the kill

Buenas : para matar un B12 ya tengo tropas nivel 11 caballos 800k
pero aun no me vence el jefe he sido derrotado grrrrr

que mas necesito requisitos minimos para poder matarlo tengo equipo del rey, mi investigacion esta casi todo lo de caballos al 19 % , equipo monarca nivel 6 , poder de general takeda shigen en 2456 , dragon rojo nivel 5 , habilidades nivel 4 y creo es todo
que me falta ………. espero sus respuestas

tengo 470k T12, mi general en 3.2M de poder, equipo de monarca nivel 6, mi investigacion esta casi completa y aún así el kama me dio una paliza 🙁 …


Мой альянс, убил B12 только в ралли..
Т11 войска, 3 человека, общая сумма кавалерии т11 = 1.5М

I was able to defeat the kamaitachi with 800k t11 cavalry.🤔 I only do it with bog because I get over 60000 wounded. This game is difficult because it affects so many things.😱

Thanks for the info you provided, but it’s only a small piece of the overall puzzle. Whoever came up with these numbers, please provide more data. Which General, Which skillbooks, Which Monarch Gear?, Which Armor? What kind of refinements? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered in order to crack the monster code.


Здравствуйте, я столкнулся с проблемой, вернее даже не могу понять, почему так.
Объясняю проблему:
У меня 28 замок, кавалерия т11 = 474к, генерал – Барбаросса, сила генерала 2,6М , на данном уровне, в исследовании на кавалерию, улучшено все до максимум.
Теперь сама суть, я бью юного рыцаря баярд, в 430к т11 кавалерии, раненых 0. По таблице вашей нужно 700к т11. Я справился с меньшим числом.
Пробую бить B12 в 474к т11, а убить не могу. Хотя для его убийства, по вашей таблице нужно 780к т11. По факту, должен убить тогда. Но он не поддаётся. Подскажите, каким образом можно убить его, на моем уровне.

Установи ралли и попроси добавить ещё 300-400 т11 кавалерии. Данная таблица ооооочень приблизительная

Don Dolmio k30 #402

Генерал слаб,т 11 с маршем порчдка 700+ убивал Камаитачи с потерями тысяч 20-26

Эвонианец первый

Мне удалось это сделать, в 626к т11 и ранеными 23к

julien laugier

hi Thank you very much for all this explaination, but what about alliance’s rally ? How it is working please?


I was able to defeat it with 1,700,000 cavalry. I had 18,000 wounded.


I was able to defeat at t12, 600,000, but wounded at 9,000.


Hi, I always find this site helpful. It’s very helpful to know not only the number of troops needed, but also the general difference in strength between bosses. Please keep up the good work.


I think what a lot of people forget is how much research and gear refining plays a part. These figures are just estimates and vary from person to person depending on their general and research. For example, I can kill a Fafnir with 1,500,000 T13’s and only have 5,800 wounded. others in my alliance vary from me due to the variables mentioned above.

LVL 7 Yasha 3.4M
Heb deze aangevallen zoals jullie vermelde.
– met tier 9 ,aantal: 27000

toch deze battle verloren , dus hang wel dergelijk af van je generaan, buf enz…
Misschien hiervan ook een beschrijving wat het beste is?


Cavalry T11 ~ 185k and 1 million general power will wound zero on B10 as latest finding on server 62.


Cav T11~155k and 1.5 m general, B10 with Zero wounded


b9 i defeated with 45k t12 b10 with 85k t12
gen 1.9 mio and full king’s general equipments

B10 with T10 195k Zero loss , General power 1.8M.. Server 446 ..

Thief 100000 T11


boss 11 to get zeroed by t12 cav = 250k, general 1.9 power + gear 33% added.


Lava Turtle Level 2 ~ T12 = 340,000, mounted general 1.9 mio power for zero wounded.

avec 3 joueurs avec 500K T11 on peut tuer un B12 🙂 guerre alliance

In monster battles such as b12, I am rallying with the minimum number of troops that will not get wounded (all participants are one soldier), but sometimes I suddenly start getting wounded even though I have not changed anything.
Somehow, it seems that the strength of the bosses sometimes changes without our knowledge, have you experienced this?


There are two cases.
– If everyone is purely cavalry.
– If the people who participated in the rally had at least one non-cavalry, such as an archer or infantry.

In these two cases, there will be a big difference in wounds.

make sure people aren’t sending more than 1 troop to your rallies

Dear サーバー 一桁台
Thank you for your valuable information.
I now understand that different types of troops, even one with the same number of troops, can make a difference in wounds!
If I can’t attack with a safe margin, I will try to ensure that I ask the participants to be careful about that😊.

I have a question regarding attack power increases. If I have 2 generals spears with 5 stars, each one comes with roughly a 25% mounted troop attack increase. If I give one of the spears to my main attacking general, and the other to one of my sub city mayors, will that give me a 50% attack increase if I send the sub city out with my general, or does the second one not count because the sub city mayor is not leading the army? The equipment does not state that the equipped general has to be leading the army to get the boost, that’s why i’m not sure whether or not both general’s would get the boost in this situation.


Larry Askew

Witch2 t12 744K Cav 2145 wounded, how many more for 0 wounded?

I can’t give you a specific number because it depends on the strength of your general and the progress of your research, etc. However, the “t12 cavalry 500,000, 0 wounded” mentioned in the article is the result with martinus (power 3M).
I believe the cavalry attack buff was around 600-700%. 🤔

Hi! I recently defeated Level 9 Minotaur with about 1,000 wounded troops. I took the exact same troops up against a royal thief and lost with 7,500 wounded troops. Everything I have read has said the royal thieves have similar power to Minotaur’s. Any clue why I would be getting such different results when I attack the Royal Thief? In case it matters, I am using about 100K level 9 cavalry, 50 K level 9 ranged troops, research cavalry is all almost maxed out, monarch cavalry gear all level 5, Using Li Jing as general (increases cavalry attack 35%), also used 20% HP, attack, and defense boosts.


The power values in this game are only a rough guide.
For example, a level 10 mounted and a level 10 siege have the same power, although the mounted has a much higher attack.
A Thief’s power should be close to a Minotaur’s, but with higher attack or HP (or both).
I don’t think your research and gear is a problem, so making the general’s enhancements, cultivate, and equipment more strong should be a good idea.
In particular, you should prioritize boosting attack. 😃.


b9 i defeated with 45k t12
b10 with 85k t12
gen 1.9 mio and full king’s general equipments


I killed hydra with 700k t12 but got 4800 woumded your info need to be corrected with buffs on and max cav reseaech

Hi can you tell me how much power needs for junior hydra troops and gernal power i have t12 500k and gernal power 2.3 mil but not working

>t12 Cavalry 464,500 -> Wounded 10,900
This data was beaten with Martinus lv30 power 3.1M.
(5 stars, Cultivate +500, +dragon, 4 red equipment)
If this doesn’t work, you need to raise the level of research and gear too🤔

Hi your information are not correct because you non mentioned gernal power i am attacked lvl 2 witch gernal power 2.4 mil and t12 550 troops but wounded 1950 why?

Hi 😃 If you want to reduce your wounds to 0, you should concentrate on raising your attack buffs, since you don’t have enough attack. 🤔 (Note that buffs here do not mean temporary buffs from items. I’m talking about permanent buffs from research, equipment refinement, gear, etc.)
As mentioned at the beginning of this page, the number of troops and wounds listed are dependent on the general and buffs.
In particular, the power of the general does not take buffs into account, so you can’t just worry about power. See also the following article.
How to increase the General’s Power (and the Danger)

Larry Askew

This was/is great!!! Any chance for updaye for Lv2 Event monsters??

Larry Askew

I noticed focus on calvary/range..what’s the uses for ground/seige?

In monster hunting, it is fundamental to use only cavalry.
Ranged, Ground, and Siege are basically for PvP (player vs player).
However, ranged and ground troops can also be useful in monster hunting, as long as you have a large number of troops available. (Roughly, you need at least twice as many cavalry.)
Detailed logic can be found in this article, if you are interested in taking a look 😃
Battle Mechanics (Monster, Boss)

The Warlord description states that “The Warlord deals more damage to mounted troops but less damage to ground troops.” Have you ever tried defeating the Warlord with ground troops?

Yes. I tested it with mounted only and with ground only.
(Same number of troops. The buffs for each are about the same.)
However, the results showed that the mounted only had fewer wounds, so I think it is better to attack with mounted.🤔


I always find it helpful.

Would it be possible for you to provide a rough figure for the strength of the general used in this article?

It depends on the case.
For those attacking with about 80,000-150,000 t10 cavalry, here are the strengths

General Power – about 1.4M
General Status – 1000-1100 or so (5 stars, Cultivate +500)
General equipment – lowest rank of gold is the main (5 stars)
General Skill – 15% attack buff
Research – Cavalry almost maxed out (military category)
Monarch Gear – Cavalry gear Lv6

In the days before Yasha, less than 500K of general power, and
Kamaitachi is about 2.8M general power 🙂

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