Holy Palace

At the Holy Palace, you can

  • Recalling Deserters
  • Revival of dead soldiers who have become Souls

Raising the level of the Holy Palace increases the number of deserters and souls that can be accommodated, the speed of horn production, and the rate at which dead become souls.

Construction becomes possible at Keep level 11.

To raise the level of the Keep to 38 or the Victory Column, the Holy Palace must be raised first.

Menu (Availability during upgrade, Unlock conditions)

All menus are available during the upgrade. Nothing will be disabled.

  • Holy Palace
    • It can recall deserters and revive souls.
  • Duty
    • Unlocked at Holy Palace level 35.


Below are the main milestones.

  • Lv25: It will be possible to Revive Souls
  • Lv35: Duty Officer

Upgrade requirements (resources, etc.)

Note: “Construction Time” depends on the “ConstructionSpeed”. The following construction times and speeds are examples, most of which are based on my own play. Note that construction speed can be checked in the “Administration” section of the monarch’s detail screen.

* Blanks are under investigation

* Requires horizontal scrolling

161,336,8001,336,8001,523,000997,0001d 01:16134%Keep16
171,791,6001,791,6002,048,3001,453,0001d 06:37134%Keep17
182,387,4002,387,4002,736,4002,050,0001d 14:10134%Keep18
193,167,9003,167,9003,637,8002,832,0002d 00:47134%Keep19
204,190,4004,190,4004,818,6003,856,0002d 15:42134%Keep20
215,529,9005,529,9006,365,4005,197,0003d 12:43134%Keep21
227,284,6007,284,6008,391,7006,954,0004d 18:16134%Keep22
239,583,3009,583,30011,046,2009,256,0006d 11:51134%Keep23
2412,950,90012,950,90014,935,00012,628,0008d 23:54134%Keep24
2518,510,80018,510,80021,355,40018,195,00012d 18:46141%Keep25Troop Soul Revival
2629,413,80029,413,80033,945,80029,112,00017d 15:24179%Keep26
2750,794,60050,794,60058,635,60050,520,00022d 21:25252%Keep27
2889,408,30089,408,300103,225,40089,183,00035d 09:52262%Keep28
29147,174,400147,174,400169,931,700147,023,00057d 18:27247%Keep29
32417,533,400417,533,400482,132,800417,729,000148d 01:49277%Keep32
33588,776,900588,776,900679,878,900589,193,000211d 10:38277%Keep33
34912,769,600912,769,6001,054,014,500913,603,000312d 12:12311%Keep34
351,776,858,1001,776,858,1002,051,834,1001,778,804,000662d 17:04311%Keep35Duty Officer
362,640,946,6002,640,946,6003,049,653,7002,644,005,0001,003d 03:36315%Keep36
373,829,068,2883,829,068,2884,421,655,6503,833,656,3751,456d 21:37329%Keep37
385,997,390,3675,997,390,3676,925,559,2096,004,770,1342,482d 21:17319%Keep38

Duty Officer

Unlocked at Holy Palace Lv35.

Assigning a duty officer to a Holy Palace increases the Maximum capacity of the deserters and the Rate of conversion of the war dead into souls, and decreases the Amount of resources required when reviving the souls.

You can put any general to duty officer if you just want to get this duty officer buff.

There are no specific generals dedicated to the Holy Palace, so you can use any general as your duty officer. (However, I do not recommend any generals other than the golden historic generals.)

For other details, see the following articles.

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