Generals Guide

Generals are very important elements that increase the strength of troops in monster battles and PvP. I have compiled a list, ranking, how to obtain them, and tips on how to strengthen and raise them.

Recommended Generals List & Ranking
Best Generals (& Combinations)

Recommended generals are summarized by role, such as battle-oriented and development-oriented.

For a detailed look at each type of troops, click here.

Main Generals
Assistant Generals
List of All Generals
List of Generals by Role (+ How to Get)

A comprehensive list of all golden historic generals, over 100 in total, by role.

How to obtain the General
Drop Rate of Historic General at Tavern (Test Results)

How many taverns do we have to refresh to get the golden historic general? I actually conducted a mass refresh of the taverns and investigated the number of times they appeared.

Assistant General

Assistant Generals Guide

Explanation of basic specifications and results of a competitive survey of basic skills, etc.

Duty Officer
Duty Officer Guide

Basic guide mainly for beginners. Includes buff contents, common mistakes beginners make, skills, equipment, etc.

Strengthening & Leveling up Generals
Fastest way to earn General EXP & level up

General EXP can be earned by hunting monsters, but it is too inefficient. I will explain how to earn it in other ways.

General Basics
Color of General and difference (Rarity, Quality)

Which color general is better? The guide explains the specific differences between different levels of rarity and such points.

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If you found this article useful, I would appreciate a donation.

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