Color of General and difference (Rarity, Quality)

You may have some idea that “the rarer the better,” but you may be wondering what exactly makes them different. This article explains those points.

Types of Color (Rarity, Quality)

In the tavern, the rarity level is shown below the general's illustration
In the tavern, the rarity level is shown below the general’s illustration

There are five qualities of Evony’s generals.

  • White (common)
  • Green (uncommon)
  • Blue (Rare)
  • Purple (Legendary)
  • Gold (Epic) *”Orange” in the Tavern notation

The differences by quality are as follows

  • Initial status values (Leadership, Attack, Defense, Politics)
  • Status increase value when you level up (lower quality at the same level means lower status)
  • Presence and number of Speciality (gold x4, purple x3, other colors x0)

Nevertheless, even if the color (rarity) is different, the EXP required to get to the next level does not change. Therefore, it is not advisable to recruit and train non-golden generals with little reward.

Left - Gold General / Right - Blue General
Left – Gold General / Right – Blue General

Color & Historic General

There are two main types of generals: historic general and non-historic general.

  • Historic General – Exist only in Blue, Purple, Gold.
  • Non-Historic General – exist in All colors. (This applies to generals that have the same appearance, even if they are of a different color.)

Non-Historic General have a smaller and weaker growth range than Historic General, so it is not recommended to buy or train Non-Historic General, even if they are gold.

In addition, if you don’t know what a historical general is, you can refer to the following article, which explains it.

Color & Original Skill

Only purple and gold historical generals have one original skill unique to each general (blue historical generals do not).

General's Original Skill

The decision on whether a general is the right general to buy depends largely on what original skills they have, so white, green, and blue generals who do not have this are not candidates.

As for the purple general, there is no need to buy a new purple general because Lucy, Attila, and Cleopatra, which are available for free early in the game, have competent skills.





My blue/rare Buffalo Bill General has an “original skill” box on his profile (Lv1 ground troop load 15%). However he doesn’t have the golden historic general icon.

To confirm, after receiving your comment, I recruited Buffalo Bill again in the tavern, but he did not have the original skill.
Isn’t that what you granted using the skill book? 🤔
The “original skill” I am referring to is the skill that the general has from the beginning, without the use of a skill book.

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