General’s Power Reaching Recipe (What does it take to reach ~M?)

Update 8/19/2021 – Updated information about the maximum General Power

Many of you may be wondering, “What exactly do I need to do to reach that power?”

So, I’ve put together some concrete examples and information that you might want to know.

Power Reaching Recipe

Premise: All equipment is 5 stars and refined.


  • 3 Ares equipment (total power: about 1,340,000)
  • 3 Achaemenidae equipment (total power: about 1,310,000)
  • Red dragon level 10 (Celtic Demon)
  • General level 35, Star 5, Cultivate +500, Stats around 1450 (100 of which is dragon)
  • 4 Specialties Gold (Level 5)


  • 3 Ares equipment (total power: about 1,290,000)
  • 3 Achaemenidae equipment (total power: about 1,220,000)
  • Red Dragon Level 6 (Celtic Demon)
  • General level 33, Star 5, Cultivate +500, Status around 1350 (50 of which are dragons)
  • 3 Specialties Orange (Level 4)


  • 6 Dragon equipment (total power: about 1,320,000)
  • Red Dragon Level 10 (Celtic Demon)
  • General level 30, Star 5, Cultivate +400, Stats around 1250 (100 of which is dragon)
  • 3 Specialties Purple (Level 3)


  • 3 Ares equipment (power total: about 1,220,000)
  • 3 Dragon equipment (Power total: about 640,000)
  • Red Dragon Level 4 (Celtic Demon: power 380,548 (*280,000 in the dragon screen in the pasture))
  • General level 29, Star 5, Cultivate +500, Stats around 1250 (29 of which are dragons)
  • 3 Specialties Purple (Level 3)


  • 6 Dragon equipment (power total: about 1,280,000)
  • Red Dragon Level 7 (Celtic Demon)
  • General level 28, Star 5, Cultivate +400, Stats around 1150 (64 of which are dragons)
  • 3 Specialties Blue (Level 2)


  • 6 King’s equipment (total power: about 900,000)
  • General level 29, Star 5, Cultivate +500, Stats around 1200
  • No Dragon or Beast
  • No Specialties

1M (1)

  • 4 Champion equipment (Power total: about 140,000)
  • 1 King equipment (Power about 140,000)
  • 1 Fighter equipment (Power about 36,000)
  • General level 27, Star 5, Cultivate +300, Stats around 920
  • No Dragon or Beast
  • No Specialties

1M (2)

  • General Level 29, Star 5, Cultivate +500, Stats around 1200
  • No Equipment
  • No Dragon or Beast
  • No Specialties


  • General Level 29, Star 5, Cultivate +300, Stats around 950
  • No Equipment
  • No Dragon or Beast
  • No Specialties

Reference 1: Maximum value of General Power

At the moment, it seems that the maximum is about 5.7M.

If more powerful dragons and equipment are added in the future, or if the general level limit is raised, it will be possible to exceed it. (I’m not sure if this will happen.)

Added on 8/19/2021 – A new equipment, the Plantagenet Ring, has been implemented on some servers. When equipped with this, it is possible to reach 5.9M. (Ring’s power can be over 700K (5 stars, Refined))

Reference 2: Important points if you want to increase your general power to 3.5M or more.

The number 3.5M is one of the milestones in the game, as it is the standard for achieving Wonder’s Glory, “King of Generals”. (Technically, you need to have 6 epic historic generals of 3.5M or more.)

The following are some of the most impactful factors to consider when aiming for this class of power.

  • Put on Ares equipment or Achaemenidae equipment. (5 stars and a lot of refinement)
  • Attach a high-level dragon.
  • Make your general level 29 or higher, star 5, and cultivate +500.

To be more specific, here is a summary of the power of each element alone

  • With 6 Ares or Achaemenidae equipment, the total is around 2.4M (depending on the degree of refinement)
  • With 6 Dragon equipment, the total is around 1.3M (depending on the degree of refinement).
  • Celtic Demon level 10: about 1.3M
  • Celtic Demon level 4: about 380K
  • Celtic Demon level 1: about 160K
  • General level 29, 5 stars, cultivate +500: 1.1M+


  • If you can have 6 refined Ares or Achaemenidae equipment, you can get over 3.5M without a dragon.
  • On the other hand, if you can add a level 10 dragon, you can exceed 3.5M even if your equipment is Dragon equipment.

Reference 3: Equipment Power Variation

The power of an equipment is proportional to its star level and refinement buff value. (The more high buffs you get through refinement, the more power you get.)

For example, the power of Ares and Achaemenidae equipment can vary by about 100,000 per piece of equipment, depending on how much refinement you do. (About 350,000-450,000)

Reference 4: Common misconceptions about dragon power

The dragon’s power is displayed on the dragon’s detail screen that can be seen in Pasture and Wonder.

When a dragon is assigned to a general, the general’s power increases by a “slightly higher” value than this power.

It’s unclear how this difference is calculated in detail, but at least it increases slightly without dragon refinement, proportionally to the higher dragon refinement buff value, and is not related to how much EXP the dragon has. (I tested)

There is also a display bug as follows.

Immediately after assigning a dragon to a general, the general’s power will only increase by the amount of power shown in the dragon’s detail screen. However, when you log in again, the power increases a little more. (There is also a similar display bug for Spiritual Beasts.)

Reference article: How to increase general’s power (and the danger)

Please see also the following article.

How to increase the General’s Power (and the Danger)




Qter Screen Printing

How could there are 4 gold Book Skill (lvl 5)
I have not found 1 yet…

How to get them??

How is King of Generals Glory count 6 Gen over 3.5M power?
if i have 1 set of equipment that can set general power over 3.5M, can i swap it to another general to make them over 3.5M power. and do it until it’s reach 6 general.

There must be six generals with power 3.5M or more at the “same time”.
Therefore, we need to craft a set of Ares or Achaemenes equipment for a number of people.
It is very hard. 😓

Triple Crown

Hi. I’m always thankful for the great information and sincerity.

I have a question.

It’s about Dmitry.

If he reinforces the troops of alliance,
Ground troop’s defenses / HP, and Archers’ attack will be increased.

In this case, is it my troops that increases power due to reinforcement? Or troop of my alliance`s member?

Have a good day!

If your fellow alliance members send troops to your reinforcement WITHOUT a general, I believe those troops with fight WITH your general and also his buffs.

How much is the approximate general level required for me to reach 3.5M power without paying?

(Example 1)
Equipment 2.4M
No Dragon
No Specialty
Star level 5, Cultivate +300

(Example 2)
Equipment 2.1M
Same as example 1 below

Thank you for your cooperation. 🙇‍♂️


We missed you and your wonderful information. Please stay here always🙏🏻🙏🏻

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