List of Generals by Role (+ How to Get) (9/23 update)

9/23/2021 add – Gaius Octavius, Ashoka
9/8/2021 add – Added markings to generals that are now available in relics.
8/26/2021 add – Alexander the Great
8/19/2021 add – Theodora
8/5/2021 add – Ramessess II
7/23/2021 add – Cyrus the Great
6/25/2021 add – Leonidas I, Caesar
5/27/2021 add – Baldwin IV
4/30/2021 add – Amr ibn al-As, Tomyris
4/28/2021 updated – Responded to the name change of generals by ver3.87.11 update (formerly known as Caesar and Alexander the Great)
4/10/2021 add – Zhuhe Liang
3/25/2021 add – Carus
2/26/2021 add – Aethelflaed
1/21/2021 add – Zachary Taylor
12/12/2020 add – Simeon the Great
11/24/2020 add – Add information on whether the object of the collection in the Art Hall
11/20/2020 add – Robert the Bruce

The following is my personal classification of all the “Gold (=Epic) Historic Generals”.

The most recommended generals are listed in a separate article.
List of Best Generals

Assumption :

  • Basically, the classification is based on each general’s original skills. (For example, a general with a Ranged Troops Buff is a Ranged Type.)
  • The ” Feature” column is used to show the differences within each category, so if something is obvious beforehand, it is omitted. (e.g. All generals in the Mounted Type Table have the Mounted Troop Buff as an original skill.)
  • I’ m only marking the cheapest way to get it.

Legend :

  • G : Gold
  • Tav : You can get them from the Tavern -> Recruit
  • Ch : You can get them from the “Great General Chest” in the tavern or store.
  • Rel : You can get them by collecting fragments in the relics.
  • Shp : You can get them by
    • Buying a Paid Pack
    • Battlefield Shop (2,040 badges or 6,000 dragon crystals) in front of the wall
  • Art : Generals who need to be recruited in order to receive art hall rewards.

Examples of Paid Pack :

  • If the 30000% return event package is on sale, buy it in one day up to the fifth level. (There is a redemption item in the package, and you can use it to get a random general.)
  • During the “King’s Scheme” Super Value Event, buy and collect packs that contain “General Memento”. If you collect a certain number, you can exchange them for generals. (The general you get is determined by the event.)

Other Notes

  • In the Battlefield Shop, you can buy the item “Epic Historic General”, and from this item you may get generals that you can not buy in the tavern, as well as generals that you can buy in the tavern.
  •  The “Epic Historic General (Premium)” item in the Paid Pack will only give you generals that cannot be bought at the tavern. ( This includes generals that can be obtained from the “Great General Chest” and “Relics”.)

Ranged General

Minamoto no YoshitsuneArch (Extremely)45M
TomyrisArch (Extremely)
Increase Rally Capacity
ElektraArch, Cav90M

Alfred the GreatArch, Siege60M

Simeon the GreatArch, Siege60Mx
Gwanggaeto the GreatArch, Siege45M
Gustavus Adolphus– Arch, Siege
– Debuff : Arch, Siege

Winfield ScottArch, All types60M

Li ShiminMarch Size32Mx

Vladimir the GreatDebuff : All types60M

Mehmed IIDebuff : Cav, Ground
– Available at Royal Thief Reward
– Available at King’s Path Reward

HimikoDebuff : Cav40M
Edward the Black PrinceDebuff : Cav38Mx

DmitryReinforcements Buff : Ground, Arch36Mx

JumongDeath to Soul28.5Mx

SaladinWounds to Death30Mx


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Mounted General

MartinusCav (Extremely)80M
RolandCav (Extremely)60M

Li JingCav (Extremely)45M
WashingtonCav (Extremely)27Mx

Gaius OctaviusCav, Archx
Cyrus the GreatCav, Arch, Siege60Mx
Yue FeiCav, Ground60M

HannibalCav, Ground55M

Takeda ShingenCav, Ground32Mx

BarbarossaMarch Size40M
Genghis Khan– March Size
– Death to Soul

Robert GuiscardDebuff : Ground, Cav60M

Wei QingDebuff : Ground, Cav50M
Honda TadakatsuDebuff : Ground, Cav45M
Vlad al IIIWounds to Death50M

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Ground General

Alexander the GreatRally Capacity60Mx
CarusGround, All Types60Mx
Scipio AfricanusGround (Extremely)60M

TrajanGround (Extremely)35Mx

Oda NobunagaGround, All types30Mx

Alexander Nevsky– Ground, Cav
– Debuff : Arch, Siege

Peter the GreatDeath to Soul30Mx

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Siege General

Ramesses IISiege, Ground60Mx
Matthias I– Siege, Arch
– March Size
Suleiman the MagnificentSiege, Arch60M

Ulysses S. GrantSiege, Cav40M
Isabella I– Siege, Cav
– March Size
KhalidSiege, Cav38Mx

William WallaceDebuff : Ground32Mx

Emperor Qin ShihuangDeath to Soul28.5Mx

ShermanWounds to Death45M

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NapoleonSiege (Slightly)60M

El CidCav, Ground (Slightly)60M

Prince RhaegarCav (Slightly)50M
King ArthurMarch Size28.5Mx

Robert LeeDeath to Wounds28Mx


Monster Hunter

BaibarsDouble item drop30Mx

Caesar– Cav Attack
– Double item drop (Specialty)
Aethelflaed– Cav Attack & Defense
– Double item drop (Specialty)
Theodora– Cav & Ground Attack
– Double item drop
Available as a “First Purchase”
bonus on new servers.
(Purchase 1 basic gem)
Seleucus I
(formerly known as
Alexander the Great)
Fast marching speed30Mx

Huo QubingFast marching speed35Mx

Nathanael GreeneReduce Stamina’s cost32Mxx

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Defense General (PvP)

Zachary TaylorArch60Mx
Joseph E. JohnstonArch, Siege, Cav45M
Kusunoki MasashigeArch, Cav60M

Ly Thuong KietArch, Trap32Mx
Trần Hưng ĐạoSiege, Ground38Mxx
Richard the LionheartSiege, Hospital Capacity35Mxx
Leonidas IGround, Arch60Mx
Robert the BruceGround, Mounted60Mx
James Bowie– Ground, Cav
– Debuff : Cav
JadwigaCav, Siege50M

Queen BoudicaCav, Ground40Mx
Yi Sun-sinAll types, Ground, Cav50M

Queen Victoria– All types, Ground
– Death to Soul

Raged King– Trap, Arch, Siege
– Available at Wheel of Fortune

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Defense General (Production)

Shajar al-Durr– Production speed
– Food protection

Resource Gathering

Amir Timur– Troop Load +100%
– Death to Soul

Queen Jindeok– Bring back extra rss
– Death to Soul


Subordinate City Mayor (Debuff)

HaraldDebuff : All type Attack, HP60M

Margaret IDebuff : All type attack, Cav attack60M

Mansa Musa– Debuff : All type Attack
– Mayor Buff : Sub City Troops’ Death to Survival
JesterDebuff : All type Attack28M

NeroDebuff : All type HP24Mx

Constantine the Great– Debuff : Ground attack, Cav attack
– Mayor Buff : Sub City Troops’ Death to Survival

Baldwin IVDebuff : Arch attack, Siege attack60Mx
Amr ibn al-AsDebuff : Arch attack, Siege attack, Ground attack60Mx
ArminiusDebuff : Arch attack, Siege attack, Ground HP, Cav HP60M
Cnut the GreatDebuff : Arch attack, Ground HP, Cav HP50M

Andrew JacksonDebuff : Arch attack, Cav HP32Mx

Flavius AetiusDebuff : Ground HP, Siege attack50Mx
Empress Dowager CixiDebuff : Ground defense, All types defense26Mx


Subordinate City Mayor (Production)

Charles the GreatGold production30Mx

LincolnGold production30Mx

(formerly known as
Gold production30Mx

Tokugawa IeyasuGold production28.5Mx

King SejongGold production27Mx

Charles MartelConstruction, Training30Mx

Empress WuConstruction27Mx

Catherine IITraining27Mx

Duty Officer

KeepAshoka– Arch attack
– Debuff : Ground HP
KeepMenshikovConstruction speed42M

KeepZhuhe LiangConstruction speed42Mx
BarracksAbd al-Rahman IGround (Attack, Defense, HP, Training)45M

Archer CampJohn I of PortugalArch (Attack, Defense, HP, Training)50M
StablesOleg of NovgorodCav (Attack, Defense, HP, Training)40M
WorkshopGwon RyulSiege (Attack, Defense, HP, Training)40M

Archer TowerBan Chao– Arch attack
– Debuff : Cav attack
Trap FactoryAskia Muhammad ISiege (Attack, Repair cost)40M
HospitalSkanderbegHospital Capacity60M

Rally SpotToyotomi Hideyoshi– March size
– All types Attack, HP

AcademyEulji MundeokResearch speed45M


Tip – At the moment, there are no generals optimized for the following, so you can appoint anyone you want.

  • Warehouse
  • Embassy
  • Holy Palace
  • Market
  • Forge
  • Research Factory

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Demon at Tavern

Hi bro, what’s your view of recent update to put some high value generals in relic? It seems Hannibal, Roland is no longer that expensive and is it a sign that game wanted people spent less money in paid packages 🙂 or they may introduce new mega skill generals (I hope NOT!!!!) 🙁

What I am sure is the update of relic really convinced most of ppl not to pay those general anymore right?

I think this was a good update to revitalize the game. If users have to pay heavily to get good generals, I think users will keep leaving.
Hannibal and Roland were a surprise, but since Simeon the ranged and Scipio the ground still require a fee, I guess TOP games decided that it is not a big problem for the revenue of the operation.
If the revenue goes down, we may see even more powerful mounted generals.😅


That claim becomes true. So quick lol.
It is the release of Gaius Octavius with 40% mounted troop’s attack and 15% ranged troop’s attack. With maxed specialties, his mounted troop’s attack goes up to 96%. Literally another Hannibal

I’m always referring to this site.
I’d like to get Elektra the Archer General, but she doesn’t seem to be in the tavern lineup at the moment. Will it be available in the tavern again?

Also, about cultivation.
I’ve been trying to get to ALL500, but I’ve ended up with 501,499,502,504, which is a bit of a compromise. Is it not important to get to ALL500?
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Elektra has never been available in the tavern before. It has recently become available in relics, so it probably will not continue to be available in the tavern.

As for cultivation, the difference between 499 and 500 has almost no impact on the game. See below for more details.
General Cultivate Guide

thank you!
relics or a billing ticket…
Is it okay to recognize that I will dive into the relics and collect fragments 💦

I’m sorry for all the questions💦
When do I use the fragments and block hammer?
I’ve been holed up in the relics, but I don’t know where to use them…

When you have accumulated 25 pieces, you can use them in the relics list screen.
After that, a block will appear, and you can use the hammer there.

I think Zhuhe Liang went from a purple general to a golden general in an update a long time ago, but does anyone remember what his skills were when he was purple?
Also, if anyone owned Zhuge Liang before the update, did he get upgraded from purple to gold?
I regret not adopting Zhuge Liang when he appeared in the tavern when he was purple.

You guys are amazing!
I feel so much better!
Thank you so much!

Bishop with Dragon

Dear author, thanks for your efforts! I have a doubt here, I purchased two level 5 paid packages in the autumn activity and I just got James Bowie and Shajar. After checking your table I figure out both of them should be acquired from Chest or Art right? Why I cannot get those generals for paid pack only? Is the table here has some incorrect info? Sorry to ask, but this is important to me as I do not want to waste my money on two low tier generals. Thanks in advance!!

As I wrote in the “Other Notes” at the beginning, the paid pack also includes the chest generals.
This table only marks the cheapest way to get.
Also, the “Art” marking means the general you need to recruit in order to receive Art Hall rewards.

Hello, between Caesar and Aethelflaed, which one is better? Should I choose or settle with either one I could get?


Thank you for all your help.
Do the debuff generals on your list work on defense as well?

Can I use Cleopatra as my main gernal forever or i have to look for another

jean pierre HUAMAN

Hi, What do you think about Isabel and what skills i can put her?

Hallo sorry, want to ask regarding general how to get, according the check list Shp should be the general from Shop Packages or Battlefied Shop. But why i got Lincoln from battlefield shop, which this is available from Traven ?? and in your list, Lincoln is not from Shp. thanks

In the Battlefield Shop, you can buy the item “Epic Historic General”, and from this item you may get generals that you can not buy in the tavern, as well as generals that you can buy in the tavern.

In addition, the “Epic Historic General (Premium)” item in the billing package will only give you generals that cannot be bought at the tavern. For now, the “Great General Chest” will only give you generals that cannot be bought at the tavern. Therefore, this item also includes generals that can be obtained from the “Great General Chest”.

I also got Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Prince Rhaegar yesterday from what I got from the billing package.😅

Hi, thanks alot for your reply. well im very disappointed to get linclon, which not worth anything for me. i sold it at the same time. i dont understand why those attack general are very very difficult to get. or maybe im keep get the bad luck on the purchase. i bough 3-4 times 99USD package, what i got also very disappointed. i got Yi Sun Sin, which i had already tran and josep. again i got toyotomi hideyoshi, this is also a joke, i can only use him as duty office when im reach k35. again so hard wanted for alfred, siemon, hanibal, or zachary, so i bought again 99 pack today, again so much a waste, got joseph e jonsthon in pay package. which i had him already free from general chest. so i sold him for gold directly. this is so frustrated.. i think i will not buy anymore such packages. same like lv.4 skill books, evony always give monster skills, gathering skills, troop load skills lv.4. i feel all these purchase are only bunch of waste, unless you buy premium 5x pacakages packs, which the name of general is mentioned. My question, do you think alfred, simeon, zachary, scipo will appear in King Scheme /Memento pack ? thanks

Himiko seems to have a debuffing skill, but can’t the mayor get the debuffing effect?

Creo dice equipo dragón osea equipo del rey el siguiente equipo dragón casco pantalones pecho botas armas…..

I don’t know how to use the shaman. If I make him the mayor of a subordinate city, does the increased deaths buff work? I’m wondering if I should cash him in.

I am raising Vladimir I as the pvp main shooting general. I know that Simeon and Alfred are good, but is there a difference?

Can someone explain why Yermak doesn’t appear listed? He is a purpple general with a pre-set skill for 20% attack of mounted troops and 15% increase of gathering

Какой дежурный генерал предназначен для склада?

How do you increase the number of generals you can have? I can’t see a section related to this. I’m maxed at 25/25 and all worthwhile generals so need to add more capacity but don’t know how, if you could help please?


If I have 5 Andrew Jacksons, can I assign all of them to the mayor of a subordinate city, so that the ranged troops attack will be -100%? Or would it be -67%?

Hi, is there a general that good to put in Warehouse??? My food always used up after gathering

Thank you, Vishal. 😃

To add to that, Shajar has a good effect on the warehouse when she is a defense general, but she is not a duty officer.

For more information about the duty officer, see Madfox’s question and answer at the bottom.

I have a question I realy want to know which general I best for attacking mosters and the best for pvp

I am not sure which skills are best for the below generals. Could you please provide some input?
– Isabella I
– Ban Chao
– King Arthur
– Emperor Qin Shihuang
– Attila
– Belisarius

I have reached my max number of Generals, and I’m having a hard time deciding who to sell.

Bonus Drop
– Baibars
– Cleopatra

Gathering Bonus
– Queen Jindeok (2 of these)
– Constance I

Wall Generals:
– Shajar al-Durr

– Zachary Taylor

Mounted / Monster Killers
– Hannibal
– Roland
– Martinus

Monster Killers only
– Aethelflaed
– Alexander the Great

– Alfred the Great
– Elektra

– Napoleon

– Scipio
– Trajan

Duty Officers:
– Skanderbeg
– Oleg of Novgorod
– Eulji Mundeok
– Menshikov
– Ban Chao
– Abd al-Rahman
– Gwon Ryul
– Askia Muhammad

Sub City Mayors


Is Robert Guiscard a worthwhile general to train? It has buffs and debuffs and looks good, but I’m not sure.

Robert Guiscard is a general for Mounted PvP.
If you don’t take specialty into account, he’s one of the better ones.
If you’re serious about raising general’s specialty, you’ll be better off with another general.
For more details, please refer to the following.
Best of Mounted PvP General

I have a question: Can I remove a skill badge after I have placed it on a general?

general Oda Nobunaga, is he worth upgrading? what is his pro’s and con’s?

Although Wei Qing is suitable for cavalry PvP, I don’t think it’s very good. However, since he has a debuff, I think it is better to make him a temporary mayor until you can get a better debuff general. 🤔
If you want to know why Debuff General is a good choice for mayor, see below.
Important Usage of Subordinate City

Appreciate all your info on these links. Also I was wondering on sub generals and duty officers do I need to put any gear on them? Please lmk thanks so much

It is not a great general and I don’t think you should put any effort or cost into training it.
If you only have a few generals, then using them as temporary generals until you can get a better one is not a bad idea. 🤔


Thank you very much for your support.
I just found out the other day that a member of our alliance had posted the status of a general in the chat.
It was a general that was not listed in the portraits in the tavern, and I didn’t know him at all.
I don’t think it was a blue general, but I was so busy that I didn’t know the details and forgot the name.
Are you aware of any such generals?


Thanks for your reply!
Unfortunately, I really didn’t recognize him, he was a general I didn’t know at all.
I thought it was probably Russian based on my impression of the illustration, but…
Anyway, it was a solid drawing, so I’m assuming it’s not a blue general or non-epic.
I’m already bothered about this general, and it’s bothering me.

In the recent update, about 10 purple historic generals were added, so it might be that, or it might be because the illustrations of the generals are sometimes changed to new ones at random times.🤔
(Recently, the illustration of Edward the Black Prince was changed.)


I see.
I’ve been checking the emails from Top Games before the event, and I’ve used the tavern many times, so I thought it was unlikely that I missed something.

A postscript. When I told this story to an alliance member, he told me that he saw Donald Trump in the Tavern a long time ago.
I was surprised when he showed me the screenshot.
He didn’t get it, probably because it was 50M gold, which is expensive for a tavern general.
I’m going to try to investigate this information with more accuracy.

I was disappointed 😓 There are several purple historical generals that are not listed in the tavern portraits, so maybe that’s it. (Belisarius, Tariq ibn Ziyad, Tachibana Muneshige)
Reference: What is Historic General

Also, when you take over a brand new NPC subordinate city, you may get a green general, which you can’t get in the tavern. (Berserker Brut, etc.)

That’s interesting about Trump.🤔
If you find out anything new, it would be great if you could let me know. ☺️

Thanks for the great info. What is your opinion on Robert de Bruce. is he useful? If Yes, in what role? Defence general or pvp?

Posso usare Wei Qing per il pvp se uso soprattutto arcieri? Il Debuff che ha vale sia in attacco che in difesa?

Hi….How do I use James Bowie as? Also, is it imp to enhance stars and cultivate queen Jindeok?

Hi Pankaj.😃
As for James Bowie, I don’t think he’s a good defender, but since he has debuffs, I think it’s better to make him a temporary mayor until you can get a better debuff general.
You should grow Jindeok. This is to increase the speed of resource gathering and marching. Therefore, you only need to raise her leadership and politics.

Hi. What is your thoughts on using Alexander Nevsky as sub city mayor?

Thanks for the info.

Hi sparks.😃
It’s not bad to use him as a temporary mayor until you get a better debuff general.
Nevsky’s debuff is only -10% attack for ranged troops and siege machine, but for example, Mansa Musa is -10% attack for all troops.

Same as the answer above.
It’s not bad because it has -20% ground defense, but Cixi is better (-30% ground defense, -15% defense for other troops).

Alexander Suvorov is a purple general.
As with my reply to the following comment, I don’t think you should hire anyone other than golden historic generals, unless you are in dire need of personnel.
The purple generals will eventually go unused and I don’t think they are worth the cost.
Please also refer to the following article.
Color of General and difference (Rarity, Quality)

Thanks for this impressive and useful list. How do you rate Jefferson and for what use is he best? He is available in the tavern for 16.000.000 and I cannot find him in your list.

Thank you too. 😃
I don’t think Jefferson should be hired unless you are in dire need of personnel.
At the very least, he is not suitable for combat at all.
This is because his skill is to increase the construction speed of subordinate city and his attack is very low.
Also, even if he has the skill to speed up the construction of subordinate city, it is useless unless you raise the his level and increase his politics.
However, since purple generals will eventually be unused, I don’t think it’s worth the cost. 🤔


Thank you for making such a useful site. I am constantly using it as a reference!
Are the subordinate city debuff generals who you want to use when reinforcing a city during svs throne war? Or is there a different set of generals to use for that?

If you are sending reinforcements, I think it is probably better to use your main attacker general instead of your debuff general.
The Buffs and Debuffs section of the Battle Report only shows the values for one general.
Therefore, I am thinking that, perhaps, each general’s buffs and debuffs are only triggered for each general’s army.
This is difficult to verify, so it’s not beyond the realm of imagination, but I hope it gives you some ideas. 😃


I had asked Evony support more than a month ago and just got a reply an hour ago. They said that if the defbuff says leading the army the effect works when reinforcing. But if it says leading to attack it doesn’t. Hopefully them taking that long means it’s the whole answer.

Thank you very much for your valuable information. I am grateful. 😃
So it means that it continues to be a mystery as to whether the debuff effect only occurs when “the army sent as reinforcements is fighting”, or whether it also occurs when “the other player’s army that received the reinforcements is fighting”. 🤔

I always refer to this site.
I have a question about the general’s skills. I have El Cid equipped with a dragon (Fafnir), but his unique skill doesn’t shine.
I have Electra equipped with Dragon (Celtic Demon) and her unique skills are shining.
Is it wrong to put Fafnir on El Cid?

This game is so lax, you shouldn’t care if your unique skills shine or not😭.
I don’t remember which general it was, but there used to be one that wouldn’t shine even if the buff was active. (It was fixed to shine in a later update.)
I don’t have an El Cid, so I can’t confirm.
Please try attacking dead cities both with and without dragon and check the buffs listed in the battle report.

I refer to this site all the time.
When the article says “available in a purchase package”, is it correct to say that I have to buy all 5 levels of the pack? (about $200 total?).
Does it mean that what I get there depends on my luck (I randomly get one of the generals marked in the “Pck” column in the table above)?

Yes. However, there are other ways besides 5 levels packs.
You can buy the packs from the “King’s Scheme” event, or you can get them from the “Battlefield Shop”, in which case you don’t need to pay.
(I’ve added the details to the first part of the article)

Olá. Eu tenho muitas dúvidas com Generais. Eu tenho Timur, o coxo. Onde ele deve ser usado? Alguns me disseram que ele é ótimo em pvp, mas como equipa-lo se esse é o caso?

>Hello. I have many questions with Generals. I have Amir Timur. Where should he be used? Some have told me he’s great at pvp, but how do you equip him if that’s the case?
Hi Agnes. His strong point is resource gathering, so he is not suited for PvP or combat.
However, if you still have a few golden historic generals, I think it would be a good idea to use him as a temporary combat general until you can get a stronger one.
As for equipment, if your main focus is monster hunting, you should choose one with cavalry buffs.
If you are using it for PvP, you should focus on one of the troop types. If you are in the early to mid-game, cavalry or ranged troops are good choices.

Hi, so If a general has a debuff, they should be a sub city mayor? Like I have both himiko and Edward the black, but have hua Mulan as my mayor… should I switch out?

In order to take advantage of debuffs, you need to know the enemy’s troop type.
In the case of monster battles, debuffs will also work if you have the mayor participate in the battle, but since the enemy’s troop type is unknown in many cases, you will only be able to utilize them in limited cases. (World boss, etc.)
So basically, I think it would be better to have a general who is good at increasing construction speed or training speed as the mayor when not in PvP. 🤔

Note that I do not recommend that you enter the mayor into battles to raise the mayor’s level when hunting monsters.
Please refer to the following article for the reason. 😃
Fastest way to earn General EXP & level up

Hi bro… Why The Cid is slightly on cav.. He has 10% atack when the general leads the army and another 15 % when he has a dragon. That makes 25% atack on cavs… Or am i wrong? Thanks.

Hi 😃.
The classification in this table is based on the perspective of “how does it compare to other generals, RELATIVELY speaking?” (This is not an ABSOLUTE classification.)
So generals whose basic skill is “buff all troop types” are classified as all-rounders.
I think you’re right, El Cid would make a competent cavalry general with dragons and all the specialties active.
However, for those who can’t get their hands on dragons or even specialties, I think Roland or Li Jing would be more suitable as a cavalry general.

However… He can be used to rally monsters? And thank you very much for the reply. 🙏

El Cid’s base attribute is not low, so if you can attach a dragon to him, he can be useful.
If you can’t attach a dragon, Hannibal, Roland, or Li Jing are better, so you might want to make him a temporary rally general until you can get them. 🤔

I have a dragon on him. Soni can use him as a monster general right? And i want to thank you for your reply bro. You are doing a great job. I know he is not martinus but on martinus you can’t add atack sadly as i saw.and i do not have martinus. The Cid specialties are lower tha Martinus but so far i can say i am happy with the cid till i get a better monster gen.


Thank you for all your help. I am using this as a reference.
I think Barbarossa is march size + mounted soldier attack +15%.

Thank you😃.
The “Features” section is meant to show the differences within each classification, so things that are obvious beforehand are omitted from the list.
(All generals in the mounted type table have the mounted troop buff in their original skills.)

Which generals do you think are best duty officers for: Warehouse, embassy, forge, research factory, and holy palace?

At the moment, there are no generals optimized for them, so it doesn’t matter who they are.
I am hopeful that in future updates, new generals will be added that are suitable for them. 😃

Ideally anyone that has those needed stats high, for example, Leadership + Politics for Keep, so you can easily have him sooner as junior, medium, senior or special duty officer

I heard that I need to get a legendary general for a TAPjoy ad project. What level does it start appearing at in Tavern Lvl?

I found a character named Zacs (with gold letters and a recruitment cost of 10M) at Tavern Lvl 11, is he a historic general? I’m sorry for asking such a stupid question. I’m a beginner, so…


Thank you for good page.
Today my friend told he got alfred and margaret from tavern.

I know tavern give me them anyway.

What is true?

Hmm, when I look at them in the tavern portraits, it says “The General is temporarily unavailable in the Tavern”. So they should not be available. But my tavern is not lvl 35, so I don’t know what happens in that case. 🤔

6stringAxe from server 186

It would be nice to have these generals, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to KEEP them. You are only allotted a certain amount. Maybe once you have a level 35 keep, you can hold most of these guys. Depending on your server’s current situation, you can swap and move your generals around. Recently I upgraded bao chao archer tower general to 120% so I put him in the main keep duty for training capacity. As long as you keep a bubble on your city, nothing else matters!

I always refer to it as a reference. Thank you very much for the information.
If you know, please let me know.
Martinus, who specializes in cavalry, cannot add the cavalry attack skill, but Roland, who also specializes in cavalry, can.
If you can tell me what makes this difference, please let me know.
One more thing, about the generals that are available by paying for them, the article says “Pck : Only available in a purchase package”, which package does it mean?
Thank you for your time.

Skills – The trend seems to be as follows, but I can’t verify it 100%, so there may be exceptions. 🤔
– If there is only one buff item (cavalry attack only), it cannot be added.
– If you have multiple buffs (cavalry attack, HP, and defense), you can add them.
This game is a bit lax, so I think you have to try and see if you can add skills 😅.
(I just wrote a related article about it, if you’re interested 😃 Best Skills Guide – what skills should you add? )

Charges – I know there are various ways to get specific things, for example: 😃
– If a 22500% package or 25000% return package is on sale, buy up to the 5th level of that pack in one day.
– If it’s during the “King’s Scheme” Super Value Event, buy lots of packs and collect “General Memento”.

Thank you very much for your kind attention. 🙇
Thank you for your help.😄

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