Fastest way to earn General EXP & level up

You can earn General EXP by hunting monsters, but this method is too inefficient. You should only hunt monsters for the purpose of earning item drops and prestige, and earn General EXP through other methods.

The following is an example of the General EXP you can get from boss monsters
(*without the EXP boost from research, rings, etc.)

  • Lv4 Skeleton Dragon 1,200EXP
  • Lv8 Peryton 2,600EXP
  • Lv12 Kamaitachi 4,500EXP

To defeat Kamaitachi, you need more than 30 keep level 30 and more than 450,000 tier 12 cavalry, but you’ll get 4,500 EXP after you get that far. But with the following methods, even if you’re below Keep Level 20, you can easily earn 10 times more than that.

There are two main methods.

1.PvP (Player vs Player)

For example, if the enemy is at about keep level 23, it is possible to earn nearly 2M EXP in just one battle.

There are many different types of PvP, such as attacking, defending, attacking player cities, attacking temples, etc., but the most efficient ones are listed below.

Attack the enemy player city with a Sub-Mayor

If you attack with a subordinate city, the mayor of the subordinate city will also get General EXP (half of the EXP that goes into the main general). Therefore, you should set the generals you want to level up for your mayors.

However, you can not take a subordinate city with you in the following cases. Therefore, it is mainly a solo attack on the player city.

  • Rally
  • Attack on the Temple
  • Attack on Buildings in the Battlefield
  • Attacks on NPC Subordinate Cities

You get EXP in proportion to ‘Power You Reduce’ and ‘Tier Level of enemy army’

The EXP you receive is roughly as follows

  • Main General EXP – about 1/4 to 1/2 of the reduced power
  • Sub-Mayor EXP – about 1/8 to 1/4 of the reduced power

Therefore, if you attack, you won’t get EXP if the enemy’s troop count was zero to begin with.

Example 1

  • Enemy keep level 21, power 7.4M, monarch level 22
  • Reduced Power 659.2K
  • Number of troops defeated 90,314 (tiers 1-6)
  • Main General 194,437 EXP
  • Sub-Mayor 97,218 EXP

Example 2

  • Enemy keep level 23, power 9.7M, monarch level 20
  • Reduced power 5M
  • Number of troops defeated 369,489 (tiers 1-8)
  • Main General 1,908,102 EXP
  • Sub-Mayor 954,051 EXP

2. Attacking NPC Subordinate Cities Multiple times

*NPC – Non Player Character

If you attack an NPC subordinate city while your subordinate city slot is full, you can attack it repeatedly because it cannot be occupied.

If you take advantage of this, for example, by attacking a green NPC subordinate city multiple times, you can earn 50,000 EXP in less than 10 seconds, or about 1M EXP in less than 5 minutes.

In case of the blue NPC subordinate city, you can earn nearly 3M EXP in less than 5 minutes.

Note: As mentioned above, you cannot take your own subordinate cities (mayors) with you when attacking “NPC” subordinate city. Only the main general can earn EXP this way.

The EXP you can get per attack is as follows.

White (Common) NPC Subordinate City (Power 21.6K)
5,456 EXP

Green (Uncommon) NPC Subordinate City (Power 175.4K)
48,765 EXP

Blue (Excellent) NPC Subordinate City (Power 478.6K)
143,390 EXP

Purple (Legendary) NPC Subordinate City (Power 1.4M)
462,763 EXP

Gold (Epic) NPC Subordinate City (Power 9.1M)
3,129,406 EXP

*Power and EXP vary slightly between cultures.

If you already have a subordinate city, it’s quicker to let it go once. (Though you need to be careful not to get sidetracked.)


  1. Teleport next to your subordinate city that is the target of the attack.
  2. Abandon that subordinate city.
  3. Occupy the nearest white NPC city to fill its empty slot.
  4. Attack until you feel like it.

How to Reduce Deaths to Zero

Attacking NPC subordinate cities will result in deaths rather than wounds, but the best way to reduce the death toll to zero is to attack with siege machines only.

In fact, I tested “Mounted only”, “Ranged only”, “Ranged + Siege”, and “Siege only”, and of these, only “Siege only” resulted in zero deaths.

Also, it is better to include siege machines of each tier instead of only siege machines of the highest tier.

Reference: Test Results with Different Troop Composition Only
(*Attack a Purple (Legendary) NPC Subordinate City)

  • t11 siege machine only 140,000 units -> 3,980 deaths
  • t1 ~ t11 siege machines 10,000 units each (110,000 units total) -> 0 deaths

If there are still deaths, it is because the tier or number of siege is insufficient, or the buffs are weak due to insufficient general growth and research, etc.

Supplemental: Why you should mix the lower tiers ( Battle Mechanics )

This is probably because mixing in the lower tiers allows us to attack more times per turn. ( In addition, this formation tactic is called “layering.”)

– Combat in Evony is turn-based.
– NPC subordinate cities’ troop formation consists of multiple troop types and troop tiers.
– Our attacks are made per single troop type and single tier.
– The target of each attack is also of a single type and tier.

Therefore, if you have only a single type of troops and a single tier, you get the following.

– In your turn, you can only attack a single type and tier of troops, so you cannot annihilate them in a single turn.
– After you attack, the enemy can attack multiple times.

Hence, in this case, deaths are likely to occur.





What is the minimum number of troops required to attack a green sub ? i have catapults lvl 9, It’s enough?


How many Siege Machines are necessary to defeat an uncommon subordinate city?

Add the best five star axe you cam craft on your general as well. In some cases it helps to eliminate dead as well with less or lower tier siege machines.

Has the zero deaths battle mechanic changed recently? I keep loosing all my siege machines even when I outpower the enemy city, have more than 1 tier and a near 50% buff on attack and defence

How you build range of siege machines? If your workshop L11 then can build only 4 different types of machines.

Dan moet je eerst nog verder groeien! Lvl up dan heb je ook meer verschillende mogelijkheden 🍀🤗

Abhijeet N

HELLO, thank you once again for a very nice and detailed article. I am a normal Player so can’t do much trial with making troops.
Can you please tell the siege tier and amount needed to hit Blue Subcity for zero death?

Abhijeet N

I did trial and found the number of sieges needed for killing Blue without loss.
T1-T8 10k each
T9- 11K

hice muchas pruebas en sub azul y lo minimo que mando es 5k de t1 al t9 cada uno y de t10 180k y 0 heridos ……… pero mi investigación de asedio es todo a 10/10 y 15/20………………….. AHORA si alguien me puede decir cual seria lo minimo de asedio para sub morada y oro porfavor


Доя подчинённого золотого города осадные машины каких уровней нужны и сколько?
И души умерших солдат не попадают в священный дворец?

Buenas como siempre aprendiendo
Muchas gracias por la ayuda
“Cómo reducir las muertes a cero”,
Te cuento que quise subir nivel a mis generales atacando una sub azul con asedio nivel 4 ,5, 6 unos 190k y se murieron la mitad 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

Con que asedio es recomendable atacar una sub azul y con cuantos si aún no soy k25 se puede o no
Espero su respuesta gracias


Me parece una táctica muy inteligente la de soltar una sub y volver a conquistar. Tengo una pregunta. Que pasa con los soldados y el poder de la ciudad cuando vuelves a conquistarla? Se pierden? Ya se que el nivel de la ciudad es el mismo. Pero creo que los ejércitos no. Entonces merece la pena?

When you reacquire a subordinate city, the remaining time for facilities and troops in training will be reset, but the number of facilities and troops already upgraded and trained will be carried over.

> Hello.
> I find it a very smart tactic to drop a sub and conquer again. I have a question. What happens to the soldiers and power of the city when you conquer it again? Are they lost? I know the level of the city is the same. But I think the armies are not. So is it worth it?

On the “How to Reduce Deaths to Zero” section, the 10,000 of tier 1-11 of siege machines getting no deaths, what sub city ranks does this apply to (white only or green, blue, purple and yellow also?) as it’s not clear to which it applies to?

That was the result in purple (Legendary). 😃 (Added to the article)
In addition, that is not enough strength to attack the gold (Epic). There will be many deaths.

I am a newbie to this game, having been playing for about 6 months.
I found this site and I’m excited to read it.
When you say “Attack the enemy player city with a Sub-Mayor”, do you mean to turn on “Automatic fight for other Cities” in the settings?
Also, when attacking subordinate cities to gain EXP, can’t I just attack other cities without giving up my own subordinate cities?

As for earning EXP, that’s fine. I just meant that if you want to save yourself the hassle of finding subordinate cities, it’s quicker to release your own subordinate cities. 😃
As for attacking with subordinate city mayors, see the “Settings” section of the following article.
Subordinate City Complete Guide


If I use only the same level of siege machine, there will be deaths, but if I mix multiple levels of siege machine only, there will be zero deaths. What is the reason for this? There is a mysterious parameter.

What about purple and gold subs at k33? Is it possible for 0 deaths with siege only?

Unfortunately, with the update, it is no longer possible to attack a subordinate city with a mayor.😭

When attacking NPC subordinate city, you cannot take your own subordinate cities with you, as before.
Only generals in the main city can earn EXP for attacking NPC subordinate city.

I always find it very helpful. Thank you!
I would like to ask another rudimentary question about the efficient way of earning general exp, which is to liberate my subordinate cities and then attack them.
If I occupy a subordinate city again after earning exp, will the level of the subordinate city be set to 1?

Thank you for a great site. I can always rely on it. I’m not sure if I should write a question in the comments section, but if you’d like to let me know.

Attacking a subordinate city will result in quite a few battle deaths. I’ve tried changing the composition of my soldiers to include weak soldiers, etc., but I can’t find the right combination.

If you have any advice, I’d appreciate it if you could tell me.

Thank you as well 🙂

In this game, if you don’t have enough base strength, adding more troops will only result in more injuries “only”.
Base strength is not power. There are many factors, but the big one is generals. (See here for more information.)

If you’re throwing all type of troops into that battle, try reducing them as much as you can. I think it’s better to specialize in one of the troop types instead of reducing all troop types equally.Cavalry and Ground are more likely to die, so if you have a lot of Ranged, Ranged-Specific is a good idea. (Plus buffs such as monarch gear should be Ranged-Specific as well.)

Probably the only thing that might suddenly and dramatically reduce the number of deaths in that situation would be the above, or lowering the ranks of the subordinate cities you attack (if they’re green, make them white). 🙂

I have heard of people doing the general xp trick with sub cities using only siege to attack? Do you know anything about this?

Thanks for the information.😃 After writing this article, I tested it with various troop formations and found that the best results came from troop formations with only siege machines. (I added it to the article.)


I’ve been playing this game for about a month now. When I first started, I couldn’t find any useful strategy sites, so I was hitting the ground running.
So I remember how impressed I was when I found this site.
This, how to level up the generals is great information too! I’ll be using it right away!

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