Event Package – Should you buy “5th” or “a lot of 1st”?

2/11/2022 – The entire article has been updated with the contents of the latest package.

*What is an event package? -> See this article.

Comparison Overview

It depends on what you consider to be a good deal, but here’s the gist of it

  • If you want the Golden Historic General, Dragon Scroll, and Achaemenidae Scroll, you have to buy the fifth one.
  • If you want to get lots of gems, stamina, refining stones, you should buy lots of the first one.
  • As for the “limited time promotions” you get as bonuses, you’ll get “a lot” more if you buy lots of the first one.
  • If you are in a hurry, you have to buy the fifth one. If you want to buy many of the first ones for the same price, it will take more than a month. (Because you can only buy one per day.)

Comparison Details


In order to buy the 5th level, you need to buy 1 to 4 first. Therefore, the following is a comparison.

  • If you buy 1st to 5th ($185 total)
  • If you buy the 1st for $185 (37 purchases of the 1st pack ($4.99))

Comparison of Event Packages

The following is a comparison of the pack contents as they were sold in February 2022. See this article for details on the pack contents.

ItemBuy 5th
(Pack 1-5)
a lot of 1st
(Pack 1 x37)
BasicVIP Point45,50037,000


x 4 type
x 4 type

Speed Up344d 7h158d 19h


Historic General

& Enhance
Lv5 Material193185

Refining Stone6,90011,100


Treasure Box120148

Dragon Source


Dragon Crystal100

Dragon Scroll Chest2

Scroll Chest

ResearchResearch Stone535370

Tactic Scroll435370

BattleSource of Life775925

Soul Crystal10274

100 Stamina102259

Adv Troop March

Senior March Size

Super Attack
Increase (10 min)

Super Defense
Increase (10 min)

Super HP
increase (10 min)

Adv 1 Hour
Attack Increase

Adv 1 Hour
Defense Increase

Adv 1 Hour
HP Increase

OtherSubordinate City
Clue Chest

Adv Royal Waybill1037


Monarch EXP2,190,0001,480,000

General EXP2,190,0001,480,000

Comparison of “Limited Time Promotions” that you can get at the same time

Buying a lot of the 1st pack is definitely more profitable.

*What is a limited time promotion? -> See this article.

*For details on the contents of the limited time promotion packs, click here.

ItemBuy 5th
(Limited Time
Promotion 1&2)
Buy a lot of 1st
(Limited Time
Promotion 1 x37)
Speed UpSpeed Upabout 105 daysabout 592 days

ResourceResources30M x 4 type185M x 4 type

Monarch EXP220K740K

General EXP70K740K

Free Tax60370

Material & SkillLv5 Material42259

Lv4 Dragon Scales30

Lv4 Skillbook774

Refining Stone4503,700

Monarch EXP480K2,960K

General EXP340K1,480K

ResearchResearch Speed Upabout 24 daysabout 166.5 days


Research Stone200

Resources11.5M x 4 type55.5M x 4 type


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Bella Dona

I’m not sure if this was an update or when it became available, but you can bypass 1-4 and buy the 99.99 promo package when you tap on your resources on the top of the screen. There’s a “Super Promotion” and you’re allowed 12 chances a day. I’ve noticed that it updates every promo to match the intro $4.99 package.

Do you have an up to date level 1-5 package contents? Included how many blood of ares etc?

No latest available, but as of 6/1/2022 it was as follows
1st level ($4.99): 2 pcs
2nd level ($9.99): 5 pcs
3rd level ($19.99): 10 pcs
4th level ($49.99): 25 pcs
5th level ($99.99): 50 pcs

So, there is no way to immediately jump to the higher level packages without having to buy the lower ones first??
That is kinna lame!!

If the event gives you 5 “double down” coupon things, it changes the situation considerably.

You could get double the listed rewards for buying packs 1-5 in one day by using 5 coupons, but if you buy one $5 pack a day, you only get double rewards for 5 individual days.

Without the double coupons, the “limited promotion” bonus makes buying lots of small packs a better overall value for the most part because of the sheer amount of speed ups (unless you specifically need the general or armor scrolls).

But with the the double coupons, you get more of pretty much everything (except speed ups and maybe one or two minor things) if you buy the 5 packs at once (and in since cases you would get WAY more). Even the speed ups are reasonably close to what you’d get from 30+ days of the “limited time promotion” bonus.

Everyone’s situation is different, but the double coupons definitely make saving up to buy all 5 packs once a legitimate option.

Just to clarify :
the double coupon won’t change a thing because you have to use double coupon on the 1 packages as well to really compare.
also the double coupon will just double your totals. maths basics

thing is the rewards of first package you will get in 4 differents king party events which gonna take more than a months. its 11 days event and you only get 11 times the 1st package by event. tho the table showing 37 times 1st package.
The 5 packages rewards you will get in one day

There is Weekend Purchase Event not include in this article, if you buy package while Friday to Sunday.

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