25,000% Event Package 1-5 All Contents (total: $185)

“I’ve bought the $4.99 ones before, but what do I get if I buy all the way to the last pack?”

I’m sure many players are wondering about this.

In this article, I’ ll give you an overview of what you can get if you buy all the packs from level 1 to 5. and the details of the pack contents.

What is the 25000% Event Package?

25,000% Return package that is sold periodically during a special event period of about two weeks. (Commonly known as “Event Package”)

Most players have probably seen it before, as it is automatically displayed when they log in to the game.

It’s also one of the most affordable packages out there, so many players may buy the $4.99 pack often.

5-Step Grade & Cost

This package has a total of five grades, and each time you buy one, you can buy the next grade of the pack (increasing in price and content).

$4.99 -> $9.99 -> $19.99 -> $49.99 -> $99.99

If you want the 5th level package, you need to buy all the way to the 5th level within a day (before 8:00 Server Time (UTC)).

*Total: about $185

Reference : Server Time vs Country Time Table (US, UK, RU, JP)

Packages 1-5 – Total Items

Note – Package contents vary slightly by event. The ones in this article were sold in January 2021.


  • 45,500 VIP points
  • 440,500 Gems
  • 565M Resources x4 types
  • Speed Up about 158 days
  • 119M Gold


  • Epic Historic General (Premium) x1

Equipment & Enhance

  • Dragon Scroll Chest x3
  • Achaemenidae Scroll Chest x2
  • Badge x100
  • Dragon Crystal x100
  • Research Stone x1,030
  • Lv5 Material x175
  • Refining Stone x3,300
  • Runestone x740


  • Source of Life x540
  • 100 Stamina x85
  • Adv City Teleporter x23
  • Senior March Size Increase x4
  • Super Attack Increase (10 min) x3
  • Super Defense Increase (10 min) x3
  • Super HP increase (10 min) x3
  • Adv 1 Hour Attack Increase x5
  • Adv 1 Hour Defense Increase x5
  • Adv 1 Hour HP Increase x5


  • Adv Royal Waybill x10
  • 5K Chips
  • Monarch EXP 3,860,000
  • General EXP 3,110,000

IMPORTANT – in addition to the above, what you GET for FREE

If you buy up to the 5th 25000% package in one day, you will get the limited time promotion packs (1 and 2) for FREE.

Reference: Limited Time Promotion – All Package Contents

If you choose the same type of pack for 1 and 2, you will get the following

If you choose “Speed Up”
Speed-up for about 105 days

If you choose “Resources”
30M Resources x 4 types / 220K Monarch EXP / 70K General EXP / Free Tax x60

If you choose “Materials & Skills”
Lv5 Materials x42 / Lv4 Dragon Scales x30 / Lv4 Skill Books x7 / Refining Stone x450 / 480K Monarch EXP / 340K General EXP

If you choose “Research”
24 days Research Speed Up / 20M Gold / Research Stone x200 / 11.5M Resources x 4 types

Summary (Comparison Table)

BasicVIP Point25,00012,0005,0002,5001,000


Resource295M x4Type160M x4Type65M x4Type30M x4Type15M x4Type

Speed Upabout 88daysabout 42daysabout 19daysabout 6daysabout 3days


GeneralEpic Historic General (Premium) 1

Equipment & EnhanceResearch Stone 5002501508050

Lv5 Material 1004020105

Refining Stone 1,500900450300150


Dragon Scroll Chest3

Achaemenidae Scroll Chest 2


Dragon Crystal 100

BattleSource of Life250150804020

100 Stamina 302515105

Adv City Teleporter86432

Senior March Size Increase 31

Super Attack Increase (10 min) 3

Super Defense Increase (10 min) 3

Super HP increase (10 min) 3

Adv 1 Hour Attack Increase 221

Adv 1 Hour Defense Increase 221

Adv 1 Hour HP Increase 221

OtherAdv Royal Waybill 33211


Monarch EXP 2,000,0001,250,000400,000150,00060,000

General EXP1,250,0001,250,000400,000150,00060,000


1st Pack: $4.99

25000% Return Event Package 1st Pack $4.99
  • 1,000 Gems
  • 1,000 VIP Points
  • 5K Gems x4
  • Super Resource Chest (Red) x10
  • Research Stone x50
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x5
  • Refining Stone x150
  • Source of Life x20
  • Runestone Chest x20
  • 100K Food Box x50
  • 100K Lumber Box x50
  • 100K Stone box x50
  • 100K Ore Box x50
  • 60 Minute Speed Up x30
  • 3 Hour Speed Up x15
  • 100 Stamina x5
  • 1M Gold x3
  • Adv City Teleporter x2
  • Adv Royal Waybill x1
  • 1K Chips x1
  • 2K Monarch EXP x30
  • 2K General EXP x30

2nd Pack: $9.99

25000% Return Event Package 2nd Pack $9.99
  • 2,500 Gems
  • 2,500 VIP points
  • 5K Gems x8
  • Super Resource Chest (Red) x20
  • Research Stone x80
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x10
  • Refining Stone x300
  • Source of Life x40
  • Runestone Chest x40
  • 100K Food Box x100
  • 100K Lumber Box x100
  • 100K Stone box x100
  • 100K Ore Box x100
  • 60 Minute Speed Up x60
  • 3 Hour Speed Up x30
  • 100 Stamina x10
  • 1M Gold x6
  • Adv City Teleporter x3
  • Adv Royal Waybill x1
  • Adv 1 Hour Attack Increase x1
  • Adv 1 Hour Defense Increase x1
  • Adv 1 Hour HP Increase x1
  • 1K Chips x1
  • 2K Monarch EXP x75
  • 2K General EXP x75

3rd Pack: $19.99

25000% Return Event Package 3rd Pack $19.99
  • 5,000 Gems
  • 5,000 VIP points
  • 5K Gems x12
  • Super Resource Chest (Red) x40
  • Research Stone x150
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x20
  • Refining Stone x450
  • Source of Life x80
  • Runestone Chest x80
  • 500K Food Box x50
  • 500K Lumber Box x50
  • 500K Stone Box x50
  • 500K Ore Box x50
  • 60 Minute Speed Up x150
  • 3 Hour Speed Up x100
  • 100 Stamina x15
  • 1M Gold x15
  • Adv City Teleporter x4
  • Adv Royal Waybill x2
  • Adv 1 Hour Attack Increase x2
  • Adv 1 Hour Defense Increase x2
  • Adv 1 Hour HP Increase x2
  • 1K Chips x1
  • 2K Monarch EXP x200
  • 2K General EXP x200

4th Pack: $49.99

25000% Return Event Package 4th Pack $49.99
  • 12,000 Gems
  • 12,000 VIP points
  • 5K Gems x20
  • Super Resource Chest (Red) x60
  • Research Stone x250
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x40
  • Refining Stone x900
  • Source of Life x150
  • Runestone Chest x200
  • 500K Food Box x200
  • 500K Lumber Box x200
  • 500K Stone Box x200
  • 500K Ore Box x200
  • 60 Minute Speed Up x400
  • 3 Hour Speed Up x200
  • 100 Stamina x25
  • 1M Gold x35
  • Adv City Teleporter x6
  • Adv Royal Waybill x3
  • Senior March Size Increase x1
  • Adv 1 Hour Attack Increase x2
  • Adv 1 Hour Defense Increase x2
  • Adv 1 Hour HP Increase x2
  • 1K Chips x1
  • 5K Monarch EXP x250
  • 5K General EXP x250

5th Pack: $99.99

25000% Return Event Package 5th Pack $99.99
  • 25,000 Gems
  • 25,000 VIP points
  • Epic Historic General (Premium) x1
  • 5K Gems x35
  • Super Resource Chest (Red) x120
  • Research Stone x500
  • Material Bag (Silk Road) x100
  • Refining Stone x1,500
  • Source of Life x250
  • Runestone Box x400
  • 1M Food x175
  • 1M Lumber x175
  • 1M Stone x175
  • 1M Ore x175
  • Badge x100
  • Dragon Crystal x100
  • 3 Hour Speed Up x300
  • 8 Hour Speed Up x150
  • Super Attack Increase (10 minutes) x3
  • Super Defense Increase (10 minutes) x3
  • Super HP Increase (10 min) x3
  • 100 Stamina x30
  • 1M Gold x60
  • Adv City Teleporter x8
  • Dragon Scroll Chest x3
  • Achaemenidae Scroll Chest x2
  • Adv Royal Waybill x3
  • Senior March Size Increase x3
  • 1K Chip x1
  • 5K Monarch EXP x400
  • 5K General EXP x250






One thing to note – if you are a heavy PvP player, wait until during All Star and once a day you can get a $99 pack that has an incredible deal (IMO). The big benefits are:

500 Training SU Days
89 Common SU Days
1,250 Healing SU Days
720M total RSS (180M x 4)
1x Epic Historical General

It’s available each of the 4 days during Momento week before All Stars. I bought 1x each day to build up a reserve for All Stars, got a couple really great Generals out of it (which I considered a bonus).


Can you please update the pack analysis? They’ve changed it and I’m curious to see if they have given a higher or a lower value. My thoughts are that they’ve reduced the value but…


I read this article after I bought up to 5 once. I want to switch to a strategy of buying cheap packs every day, but the only 30000% $99 packs I can find are on sale. Is there any way to get the cheapest $5 pack again?

I think we need to wait a few more days.
Normally, 25,000% event packages are sold for about two weeks, and there is an interval of a few days before the next 25,000% package is sold.
As of today, we are in that interval. (April 26-29, 2021)

Shah Amaan

What is The 1st big pkg of 15000 K gem. How we get general alexandr. What’s price how buy?

What if I buy it on the weekend, how many weekend packs do I open with one 99$ offer?

umberto sammicheli

se acquisto tutti e 5 pacchetti ottengo quanto sopra descritto ma se dopo continuo ad acquistare fino a completare la barra degli acquisti spendendo altri 99+99€ cosa ottengo?

هل يوجد فرق بين الجواهر و الأحجار الكريمة عند شراء التنين

Hi. May I know whether we can choose the epic historic general we want if there is more than one available? Thanks

You can’t choose.
But it’s usually a good one which you can’t get through the tavern

Thanks for the info. One thing I am not very sure is the $4.99 in android device will become $6.99 during payment. not sure is it because I’ve linked the account with apple device before, while in apple device, the purchase is always $6.98 to begin with, no $4.99 when login using iphone.


Whats the difference between this packages and the one containing SubCityClueChests? How many chests do you get with the full package?

Is it possible the same detail but for this sub city event?


Thank you very much for your informative articles.

Please excuse me for talking about a topic completely unrelated to the article.
I’ve finally started a server war on my server, and I would really appreciate a summary of server war techniques.

One technique I know of is to fill a hospital with tier 1 troops so that the higher tier troops can be revived with only the source of life, saving resources and time.
It would be very helpful to have a summary of such know-how.

Thank you very much for your time, but I would really appreciate it.

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