Dragon Complete Guide – Type, Buff, Enhance

Added on 2/10 – Feed, EXP required for leveling up

What is a dragon?

A support gear that can be assigned to a general to enhance that general’s abilities.

Advantages of dragons

  • Increases the general’s attributes.
  • Each dragon has its own buffs.
  • You can add buffs of your choice through refinement.

By training your dragon, you can receive these benefits.

A well-developed dragon will add approximately +100 or more to each of the general’s attributes, and will have greater buffs than a spiritual beast.

For example, a Spiritual Beast can buff a ranged troop’s attack by up to +30%. For dragons, theoretically, a maximum of +60% to +125% is possible. (The maximum value depends on the dragon)

Reference : Spiritual Beast – Type, Buff, Enhance

Types of Dragons

There are a total of 7 types of dragons, but they can be roughly divided into the following two categories.

  • Pasture’s dragons
  • Wonder’s dragons

And there are 3 or 4 types of dragons in each of them.

Pasture’s Dragon
  • Celtic Demon *red
  • Fafnir *purple
  • Ladon *emerald green
  • Amaterasu Dragon
Wonder’s Dragon
  • Norway Ridge *light blue
  • The dragon of Thebes *gold
  • Nidhogg * black

NOTE – Some generals have skills that only work if you assign a dragon to them, but be careful, because the type of dragon may be specified. For example, Elektra is a Pasture’s Dragon, Isabella I is a Norway Ridge, and so on.

Primary Usage and Unique Buffs of each dragon

Each dragon has a different skill set (buffs) and is roughly categorized into different areas of strength.

Therefore, you should decide which dragon to assign depending on what your general is good at.
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The number of buff items and percentages increases with the dragon’s level.

To see the unique buffs, press on the emblem at the bottom right of each dragon’s detail screen. (Each dragon has a different design.)

the emblem at the bottom right of each dragon's detail screen
Norway Ridge's unique skill buffs
Norway Ridge’s unique skill buffs

Note: The buff items and percentages shown below are based on the dragon’s level at maximum (Lv10).

Pasture’s Dragon

Celtic Demon – Ranged, Ground (Attacker)

  • Marching Ranged Troop Attack +25%
  • Marching Ground Troop Defense +25%
  • March Size Capacity +15%
  • General Survival Rate +100%

Fafnir – Mounted, Siege (Attacker)

  • Marching Mounted Troop Attack +25%
  • Marching Siege Machine Attack +25%
  • March Speed +30%
  • General Survival Rate +100%

Ladon – Ranged

  • Ranged Troop Attack +25%
  • Enemy Mounted Troop HP -25%
  • Enemy Troop Defense -15%
  • General Survival Rate +100%

Amaterasu Dragon – Ground

  • (under investigation)

Wonder’s Dragon

Norway Ridge – Debuff (vs Ground, Mounted)

  • Enemy Ground Troop HP -30%
  • Enemy Mounted Troop HP -30%
  • Allows you to heal a proportion of dead troops in PvP +8%
  • General Survival Rate +100%

The dragon of Thebes – Defense Gen (vs Ranged)

  • in City Siege Machine Attack +40%
  • in City Ground Troop Defense +40%
  • Hospital Capacity +25%
  • General Survival Rate +100%

Nidhogg – Mounted, Ranged

  • Mounted Troop Attack +25%
  • Ranged Troop Attack +25%
  • Enemy Wounded into Death when attacking +15%
  • General Survival Rate +100%

How to Get them?

For many people, it will seem quite difficult to get anything other than Celtic Demon and Fafnir.

Requirements for obtaining a dragon

Pasture’s Dragon
  • Celtic Demon – Pasture Lv26, 300,000 Gems
  • Fafnir – Pasture Lv.30, 1,400 Dragon Crystals
  • Ladon – Pasture Lv35, Dragon Egg (= top 50 in All-Star Battlefield (Availability will change with future updates.))
  • Amaterasu Dragon – Pasture Lv35, Dragon Egg (= top 100 in All-Star Battlefield)
Wonder’s Dragon
  • Norway Ridge – Wonder Lv1 (= Top 5 in the Server War personal rankings, etc.)
  • The dragon of Thebes – Wonder Lv2 (= Become king twice, etc.)
  • Nidhogg – Wonder Lv3 (= Top 100 in the Battle of Constantinople rankings in one season, etc.)

How to Assign and unassign a dragon to a general

To assign a dragon to a general, open the general’s details screen and press the dragon symbol in the upper left corner. The same goes for unassigning.

general's details screen and the dragon symbol in the upper left corner

Dragons are “WEAK” if you don’t train them

Immediately after obtaining, no buffs. General Attribute Boost is less than +10. You need to train it in the following ways.

There are two main ways to grow dragons.

  • Leveling Up (Feeding)
  • Refining

IMPORTANT – Plan for Dragon Growth

First, you should concentrate on “Refining” your dragon.
Until the equipment of the general is well developed, refrain from “Leveling Up” the dragons.

You will need a lot of Lv6 and Lv7 materials and refining stones etc. to level up your dragon, but you can get more buffs sooner if you spend them on crafting and refining your general’s equipment first. Therefore, it is better to refrain from upgrading dragons until the general’s equipment is sufficient.

As for refining dragons, you will have to be careful about how many gems, refinement stones, and badges you have left to use for equipment, but you can easily get a big buff (relatively speaking, compared to dragon leveling up). For example, even a level 1 Celtic Demon can get a buff of nearly +60% attack.

How to raise the dragon’s Level (Feeding)

By feeding your dragon, you can increase its EXP.

Feed Screen

What can be given as feed changes randomly every 24 hours.

Examples of feeds – Refining stone, Resources, Gold, Lv6 Materials, Lv7 Materials, Source of Life, Badges, Medals, etc.

Cost of Feeding and EXP Gained (Example)

  • Resource 2M -> EXP+1,382
  • Resource 5M -> EXP+3,456
  • Resource 10M -> EXP+6,912
  • Gem 2000 -> EXP+6,400
  • Gem 5000 -> EXP+16,000
  • Gem 10000 -> EXP+32,000
  • Gold 2M -> EXP+7,680
  • Gold 3M -> EXP+11,520
  • Gold 5M -> EXP+19,200
  • Gold 8M -> EXP+30,720
  • Gold 10M -> EXP+38,400
  • Gold 15M -> EXP+57,600
  • Refining Stone x50 -> EXP+9,600
  • Refining Stone x100 -> EXP+19,200
  • Research Stone x20 -> EXP+3,840
  • Research Stone x50 -> EXP+9,600
  • Research Stone x100 -> EXP+19,200
  • Source of Life x8 -> EXP+15,360
  • Source of Life x10 -> EXP+19,200
  • Source of Life x15 -> EXP+28,800
  • Revival Stone x4 -> EXP+7,680
  • Revival Stone x10 -> EXP+19,200
  • Revival Stone x20 -> EXP+38,400
  • Medal x100 -> EXP+3,840
  • Medal x300 -> EXP+11,520
  • Medal x600 -> EXP+23,040
  • Badge x10 -> EXP+17,995
  • Badge x25 -> EXP+44,989
  • Badge x50 -> EXP+89,979
  • Lv6 Material x1 -> EXP+11,664
  • Lv6 Material x3 -> EXP+34,992
  • Lv6 Material x5 -> EXP+58,320
  • Lv7 Material x1 -> EXP+34,992
  • Lv7 Material x2 -> EXP+69,984
  • Lv7 Material x3 -> EXP+104,976
  • etc

EXP Required for Leveling Up (example)

  • Celtic Demon Lv1 -> 2 : 300,000
  • Celtic Demon Lv2 -> 3 : 600,000
  • Celtic Demon Lv3 -> 4 : 1,300,000
  • Celtic Demon Lv4 -> 5 : 2,400,000
  • Celtic Demon Lv5 -> 6 : 5,000,000
  • Celtic Demon Lv9 -> 10 (MAX) : 17,500,000
  • Fafnir Lv1 -> 2 : 360,000
  • Fafnir Lv2 -> 3 : 720,000
  • Fafnir Lv6 -> 7 : 9,600,000
  • Fafnir Lv9 -> 10 (MAX) : 21,000,000
  • Ladon Lv1 -> 2 : 720,000
  • Norway Ridge Lv1 -> 2 : 390,000
  • Norway Ridge Lv2 -> 3 : 780,000
  • Norway Ridge Lv3 -> 4 : 1,700,000
  • Norway Ridge Lv4 -> 5 : 3,100,000
  • The dragon of Thebes Lv1 -> 2 : 300,000

Additional Buffs by Refine

Additional Buffs by Refine

By refining your dragon, you can add four buffs of your choice.

Of all the benefits provided by dragons, I would say this is the one that provides the most benefit. For example, if you make all four the same item (such as ranged attack), you can get a +60% (~100%) buff just by refining. (Note: Theoretical maximum value. The actual value will be lower than that.)

NOTE – Refine Limits Vary by Dragon
There is a difference of up to 40%, as follows

Pasture’s Dragon
– Celtic Demon – 60% (15% x 4)
– Fafnir – 60% (15% x 4)
– Ladon – 100% (25% x 4)
– Amaterasu Dragon –

Wonder’s Dragon
– Norway Ridge – 80% (20% x 4)
– The dragon of Thebes – 80% (20% x 4)
– Nidhogg –

Types of Buffs that can be granted by Refine


  • Attack (Ground, Ranged, Mounted, Siege)
  • HP (Ground, Ranged, Mounted, Siege)
  • Defense (Ground, Ranged, Mounted, Siege)
  • March Speed
  • March Speed to Monsters


  • Resource Gathering Speed (Food, Lumber, Stone, Ore)
  • Troop Load (Ground, Ranged, Mounted, Siege)

Subordinate City

  • Increases Gold Production Speed in Subordinate City
  • Increases Construction Speed in Subordinate City
  • Increases Training Speed in Subordinate City
  • Increases Troop Capacity in Subordinate City

How to Refine

To refine a dragon, you need Gems, Refining Stones, Badges, and Dragon Crystals.

Dragon Refine Screen

The basic process is the same as refining equipment: each time you refine, four items and their buff values are randomly selected.

If there are any items you don’t want to change, you can lock them by paying the Dragon Crystal.

Refinement Cost (Example)

The following is for Fafnir. (It varies depending on the dragon)

  • Refine with Gems (1 time) – 400 Gems + 50 Refining Stones
  • Refine with Badges (1 time) – 5 Badges + 50 Refining Stones
  • Lock (1 item) – 5 Dragon Crystals

General Attribute Boost

General Attribute Boost

The maximum improvement depends on the type and level of the dragon.

Note: The values shown below are based on the maximum dragon level (Lv10).

Pasture’s Dragon

*Leadership / Attack / Defense / Politics

  • Celtic Demon – 100 / 100 / 100 / 100
  • Fafnir – 100 / 110 / 110 / 100
  • Ladon – 118 / 118 / 102 / 102
  • Amaterasu Dragon – ///
Wonder’s Dragon
  • Norway Ridge – 100 / 100 / 140 / 80
  • The dragon of Thebes – 85 / 115 / 115 / 115
  • Nidhogg – 80 / 140 / 140 / 100

Dragon Selection and Training Recipes

For a small to medium charge

  • Ranged General – Celtic Demon (Refine: All ranged attacks. Max +85%)
  • Ground General – Celtic Demon (Refine: Ground Attack, Defense, or HP)
  • Mounted General – Fafnir (Refine: All mounted attacks. Max +85%)
  • Siege General – Fafnir (Refine: All siege attacks. Max +85%)
  • Defense General – Any of the above, same as the troops you want to focus on.

For heavy charges

  • Ranged General – Lardon (Refine: All ranged attacks. Max +125%)
  • Ground General – Amaterasu Dragon (Refine: Ground Attack, Defense, or HP.)
  • Mounted General – Nidhogg (Refine: All mounted attacks. Max +125%)
  • Siege General – Anything you want. (Refine: All siege attack)
  • Defense General – The dragon of Thebes (Refine: The type of troops you want to focus on.)






I’m playing on server 444.
I would really appreciate it if you could write an article about the “decorations” in the castle. m(_ _)m

For example, it says that “Apollo” is unlocked when you reach a certain ranking in the Season 4 All-Star Battlefield, but specifically, how many rankings does it take to unlock it?

It is always very helpful to me. Thank you very much.
In the case of refine, there are two types of buffs: those that are added (“+ xxx”) and those that are multiplied (“+ xx.x%”). Do you think there is any advantage or disadvantage depending on which one?

Thank you for your reply.
If you don’t mind, I would like to go a little further and ask.

I think that the superiority or inferiority of addition and multiplication is due to the “calculation formula in the first place” or the “difference in the value that increases due to addition or multiplication”. With that in mind, please let me know what kind of grounds your idea is based on.

Hi I have a question so if I have enough gems to unlock the wonder can it unlock my keep is at level 22 and it requires level 30 keep

My Pasture is now Lv 26 and I have 300,000 gems, but I don’t know if I can train a dragon of decent strength since I have no money, so I haven’t released it yet.
How many resources, etc. do I need to level up or refine?
If you can give me an example, that would be great.
(For example, x amount of refining stones are needed.)

Thank you for all your help.
Are the unique buffs for dragons only available when the dragon is level 10?
My Celtic Demon (Lv6) and others don’t have that, so I’m wondering if I can find it at …….

The fourth unique buff, “General Survival Rate”, requires Lv10. 😭
If you mean you can’t find it at all, you can see it by pressing the emblem in the bottom right corner of the dragon details screen. (I added the same information to the article😃)

I always refer to this site.
Does the General Attribute buff from the Dragon reflect the Attribute condition of the Duty Officer?

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