Debuff Simulator (ver 1.20)

The results are automatically saved and will be reproduced even after the browser is closed. (The data is saved in the viewer’s device. Per browser.)

2023-3-14 ver1.20 – Added Civilization Equipment “Thebes Set”.
2023-2-17 ver1.19 – Added Gilgamesh.
2023-1-3 ver1.18 – Added Civilization Equipment “Augustus (Weapon, Armor)”, “Antonine (Boots)”.
2023-1-2 ver1.17 – Added Civilization Equipment “Heian Set”.
2022-12-16 ver1.16 – Added Champion Skill “Elisabeth”.
2022-12-7 ver1.15 – Added Blazon, Yeon Gaesomun.
2022-11-15 ver1.14 – Added Civilization Equipment “Augustus Set (6)”.
2022-11-15 ver1.13 – Added Civilization Equipment “Augustus (Bracers, Crown, Leg, Boots)”, “Antonine (Weapon, Shield, Helmet, Armor)”.
2022-09-26 ver1.12 – Added “Spiritual Beast”, “Champion Skill: Helen”, and “Duty Officer: Maurice of Nassau”. Added Lv2 to “Art Treasure: Golden Eagle Flag”.
2022-09-08 ver1.11 – added Mark Antony, Bourbon Helmet & Armor & Leg Armor & Boots.
2022-08-10 ver1.10 – added Civilization Treasure Lv4 & 5.
2022-08-06 ver1.09 – added Abbas Set, Bourbon Partisan & Bracers.
2022-04-29 ver1.08 – added Koryo Set.
2022-04-14 ver1.07 – added Specialty, Otto the Great.
2022-03-31 ver1.06 – added Civilization Treasure Lv2, Han Dynasty Leg Armor & Boots.
2022-03-01 ver1.05 – added Military Academy, Ladon, Ashoka.
2022-02-28 ver1.04 – added Han Dynasty Armor & Helmet.
2022-02-28 ver1.03 – added Civilization Treasure Lv1&3.
2022-02-24 ver1.02 – added David Farragut, Constantine the Great, Flavius Aetius, Jester, Furinkazan Set, Han Dynasty Set.
2022-02-23 ver1.01 – added Norway Ridge, Art Treasure, Nero, Ban chao, Mansa Musa, Margaret I.
2022-02-23 ver1.00 – release.

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Thanks very much for all the info.
I was very curious, does the subordinate city officer’s specialty debuff works? I am not sure if I should raise their specialty.


I always have no idea what the equipment level is.
I always have no idea what makes the value 0-9.
Is it a 5 star or is it a gold letter with a refinement? I don’t know what to base the decision on.


Also, adding debuffs for defense Blazon sets into the calculator would be a great addition. I know it would be hard to calculate individual buffs, but adding in the -25% buffs for the full sets would be good.


Hello! Can Yeon Gaesomun be used as a sub city mayor? His main skill and a couple specialties are debuffs. I did not see him in the list of generals for the calculator.

Are the set bonuses for Ach and Augustus gear meant to be input into the free input area? Also, the debuff skill books as well? Makes sense if so. Thank you for your incredible work on this site. First time messager but been on hear many times per week since I found the game a year ago. I can’t think of a more important site for those looking for guidance. Always well written guidance as well! Thank you for all you do for the community!

Thank you very much. 😃
The achaemenidae set is already implemented. (It is under the Fearless Ares Ring.)
Augustus set was implemented just a few minutes ago.
As for the debuff skill book, please enter it from the free input area.

Thank you very much. Now i can plan how i want to develop my sub city debuffs.
Saving the previous chosen stuff is awesome, but can you maybe also insert a Reset button? I like to try options and deselecting everything one by one by myself is somewhat tedious.

This is Sai. I wanted to know does the military academy debuffs work during defense? I am guessing its no, since wording says “debuff during attacking”, but since I see them being calculated in the debuff calculator, so thought of clarifying once.


D4RK Paulo


Great job here. Congratulations!

I noticed that Maurice of Nassau is not in the list.

And thank you for all information we can find here.

If you have Ban Chao as an Archer Tower Officer, that debuff does not work.

I have tested and confirmed. You can clearly see this by comparing the battle report with no specialty and with a specialty raised.

Note that the debuff does work if you have Ban Chao as mayor.
If so, please set it in the “SPECIALTY: SABOTAGE” section. (already implemented before).

See also: Duty Officer Guide


Not all Koryo gear is implemented; Abbas gear could be added as well; armor, spear and bracers provide debuffs that could be added to sub general or wall general.

Fantastic work! Would it be possible to enhance the calculator where you put in all of the arche gear, civ gear, sub generals and generals you have and optimized suggestions occur?

Boss Kobi

I want to calculated the resources I need ,to train my troops where can I find it

Great calculator thanks for making – what about the sub mayors runestones specials sabotage, snipe and surpress?


One more note: Military academy debuff (at least the HP debuff of MA-1) is only active when attacking (see wording in MA). I reconciled with battle reports. Fun things: scout reports are including the military academy debuff. Doesnt really make sense as they are also including main defense general debuffs. You can’t have both active as you are either attacking or defending.


Hi, cool page. Could you add Civ Treasuer Lvl2? There is some -12.5% debuff on some of them.
For 2nd specialty of the debuff gens I use the free fields.


Thanks, it’s great that I can check the debuffs without bothering to try in BoC,BoG.
I tried it, but it seems that there are almost no debuffs that need to be listed in the free field.

thank you very much.
missing Ban Chao debuff skill, Art treasure debuff (Golden Eagle Flag) and some debuff gen like Nero, Mansa Musa, Magaret I

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