Dead City Power List

When attacking enemy cities, the first thing you want to know is “Is it a dead account?” or “Isn’t it a city that has been burnt and no soldiers?”.

Here, we introduce the results of an actual survey on the power value of a city that has already died and that of a city that is still alive.

Monarch Power of the Dead City (Rough)

Keep LvPowerGray Zone
k28 16M or lessaround 16M-22M
k26 10M or lessaround 10M-14M
k24 5M or less around 5M-10M
k20 1.5M or lessaround 1.5M-2.5M
k16 500K or lessaround 500K-2M
k12 100K or lessaround 100K-200K

Note:- About gray zones
Power values tend to be proportional not only to the keep level but also to the monarch level. Therefore, there are gray zones that cannot be determined only by the keep level. For example, even if the keep level is low, if the monarch level is high, the power value may be high even though the city is dead. (It can be said that the monarch level equals playing time. If the playing time is long, the basic power value is high because the research and construction in the city is often satisfactory.)

Reference: Details of survey results 

k -> keep Level
m -> monarch level

Monarch Power & Level
Monarch Power & Level
k35N/A338M m33
483M m35
1.3B m35
2.6B m35
6.9B m35
k34N/A64M m32
164M m32
249M m34
k33N/A87M m32
317M m32
497M m34
k3240.8M m34
31.6M m32
29M m30
93M m32
158M m31
327M m32
k31N/A62M m30
98M m31
173M m31
285M m33
334M m32
k3016.2M m30
15.8M m27
69M m28
123M m28
184M m30
k2923.5M m2748M m30
90M m28
135M m28
k2819.8M m26
12.5M m26
22M m24
47M m25
67M m26
77M m28
k2718.7M m26
18.2 m25
10.3M m24
8.5M m24
6.7M m23
23M m26
49M m26
97M m27
k267.7M m23
4M m21
3.3M m22
17.8M m23
38M m25
k258M m22
5.6M m24
4.6M m22
12.9M m20
19.9M m23
28M m23
k2410.4M m24
2.6M m21
13.8M m23
17.6M m23
25.8M m23
k233.7M m21
3M m20
5.2M m20
8.7M m20
11.5M m20
k225.6M m21
2.9M m19
2.5M m19
2.3M m20
1.9M m19
5.4M m19
8.5M m21
11.3M m21
14M m21
15.6M m21
k211.9M m18
1.7M m17
1M m18
3.5M m18
3.8M m20
4.2M m20
6.3M m18
9.3M m21
k202.2M m19
1.8M m17
1.2M m16
1M m18
915K m16
2.4M m17
4M m20
4.1M m19
k194.5M m21
2.6M m21
2.1M m18
1.2M m17
1.1M m16
721K m15
2.1M m18
2.2M m17
3.1M m18
4.3M m18
5.9M m21
k181.5M m17
1.1M m17
959K m16
610K m15
448K m14
340K m7
2.4M m17
3M m19
4.4M m16
k171.4M m17
1.3M m17
882K m15
675K m16
547K m17
2.5M m16
2.6M m17
2.9M m17
k162.1M m18
1.5M m17
968K m17
358K m13
222K m15
2.1M m17
3.8M m18
6.6M m17
k15758K m15
271K m14
668K m14
1.6M m15
k14828K m16
516K m13
251K m14
127K m13
752K m16
k13751K m16
354K m16
176K m11
386K m12
k1294K m42.8M m15
3.2M m12
k11178K m6
98K m10
234K m13
k10114K m8110K m8



Because the rules vary greatly from server to server. The Purge is the cleanup before the war.

Purge events original intent was to rid your server of dead account resources, not just a reason to attack competitive alliances. Why has the purge event become a free for all instead to weaken active accounts?

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