Dawn of Civilization / Monarch Sciences – How to complete all quests

The cheapest way to get the march effect and golden historic general.

Event Summary

You can earn rewards by completing various quests and accumulating points.

Rewards are given for every 100 points. (There are 50 levels in total.)

In order to get all 50 levels of rewards, you need to

  • Pay a fee
  • Complete all the quests (40 items)

All rewards are unlocked when you pay for them. There are two plans available: $4.99 or $19.99. Both plans offer the same rewards.

However, the $19.99 plan will give you 1.5 times more points, making it less challenging. (You don’t have to complete all 40 quests to get the final reward.)

This article summarizes how to complete all 40 quests without being charged $19.99. (See below)

Also, it is possible to receive 50 levels of rewards by paying gems without completing the quests. (10,400 gems per level. If you pay for all 50 levels with gems, you need 520,000 gems.)

The event period is 10 days. The event is held about twice a month.

Reward Features

The main features of the reward are “march effect”, “avatar frame”, and a “golden historic general”. (NOTE – May not be included depending on the timing)

March effect & Avatar frame

The march effect is especially advantageous in PvP, as the general icon is not displayed when marching, and it is difficult to distinguish it from scouting. You must have at least one.

In addition, the march effect and avatar frame are quotas to own a certain number in the monarch’s fame (prosperity), but they are difficult to collect outside of this event.

Golden historic general

As for the golden historic general, only some of them are available in this event, but you will have a chance to get Aethelflaed, a popular monster hunting general, Harald, a popular debuff mayor, and Napoleon, a necessary general for the General’s Hall of Fame, relatively easily and at low cost.

(Available generals: Aethelflaed, Robert the Bruce, Harald, El Cid, Napoleon, Matthias I, Arminius, Margaret I)

Note: The game says “Europe Epic Historic General”, but not all of Europe can be obtained. Only the above generals are available.

Quest List

Total of 3 categories, 16 types, 40 items.

A) Gathering

Resource Gathering
10M -> 40 points
30M -> 100 points
60M -> 230 points

General Cultivate
30 times -> 40 points
100 times -> 100 points
230 times -> 230 points

Equipment Refine
30 times -> 40 points
100 times -> 100 points
230 times -> 230 points

Resource Production
6M -> 40 points
20M -> 100 points
50M -> 230 points

Offer in Shrine
100 times -> 140 points

Total 1,620 points

B) Alliance

Rally Participation
20 times -> 40 points
60 times -> 100 points
160 times -> 230 points

Donate to the Alliance
10 times -> 40 points
20 times -> 100 points
50 times -> 230 points

Help speedup Alliance Member’s timer
10 times -> 40 points
30 times -> 100 points
100 times -> 230 points

Buy items at the black market
20 items -> 40 points
80 items -> 100 points
200 items -> 230 points

Stamina Consumption
2,400 stamina -> 140 points

Total 1,620 points

C) Ambition

Troop Training
70,000 troops -> 40 points
150,000 troops -> 100 points
300,000 troops -> 230 points

Troop Healing
15,000 people -> 40 points
30,000 people -> 100 points
80,000 people -> 230 points

Revive Troop soul in Holy Palace
15,000 people -> 40 points
30,000 people -> 100 points
80,000 people -> 230 points

Recall deserters in Holy Palace
20,000 people -> 40 points
50,000 people -> 100 points
100,000 people -> 230 points

Increase Power
70M -> 140 points

Resource Plundering
18M -> 140 points

1,760 points total

5,000 points total for 3 categories

How to complete all quests

Minimum Requirements

To complete all 40 quests, you need to have a minimum keep level of 25. This is because holy Palace Lv25 is required to complete the “Revive Troop Soul” quest.

Once you reach keep level 30, it becomes easier to complete. (The main hurdles are “Increase power”, “Recall deserters”, and “Revive troop souls”.)

A) Gathering

Resource Gathering

You only need to gather 60M within 10 days, so we only need to gather at least 6M every day.

If you send all of your troops out to gather resources every day before you go to bed, you will be able to complete the task easily.

Reference – How to get Resources Efficiently (Items, Gathering, Production)

General Cultivate

You only need to do 230 times within 10 days, so you only need to train 23 times or more every day. This will not be particularly difficult either.

Cultivating with gems is more expensive than gold, so if you don’t have gems to spare, gold cultivation is recommended.

Reference – General Cultivate Guide

Equipment Refine

It is recommended to refine the lowest-ranked blue equipment 230 times.

For blue equipment, it costs 1 stone and 10K gold per refinement.

Therefore, the total cost is only 230 Refining Stones and 2.3M Gold.

Refining stones are quite valuable, so it is not recommended to refine purple to gold or dragon equipment.

It is recommended to save them for refining Ares, Achaemenidae, and Civilization equipment. (200-300 stones are required for each enhancement)

Resource Production

50M should be produced within 10 days, so you should produce at least 5M every day.

The number of resource areas in front of the city walls should be 28-29 regardless of this event. There is no problem with 1-2 Army Camp.

If all the resource areas are Lv20, then
Each one produces 11,500/hour
276,000 in 24 hours
7,728,000 for 28 pieces

Even if you had no research or monarch gear at all, you could easily clear 5M per day.

For other ways to increase production, see the following article.

Reference – How to get Resources Efficiently (Items, Gathering, Production)

Offer in Shrine

You only need to do this 100 times within 10 days, so you can do it at least 10 times a day.

However, if you try to do this 10 times a day with gems, you will need 2,675 gems. If you are not a high-level player, you may hesitate to do this.

The recommendation is to save up a lot of tribute and use it.

However, if you start saving them after this event starts, you may not be able to get enough unless you are a high-level player.
It is recommended that you start saving your tributes before this event starts.

See the following article for how to save.

Reference – How to raise Monarch Level quickly (How to get Monarch EXP)

B) Alliance

Rally Participation

You only need to participate in 160 rallies within 10 days, so you should participate in at least 16 rallies every day. It’s not particularly difficult.

Donate to the Alliance

You only need to donate 50 times within 10 days, so donate at least 5 times every day to “Alliance Science”. It’s not particularly difficult.

Help speedup Alliance Member’s timer

You need to do this 100 times within 10 days, so you can do it 10 times or more every day. It’s not particularly difficult.

Buy items at the black market

You only need to buy 200 items within 10 days, so you should buy at least 20 items every day.

When the market level is low, there are many items that can be bought with resources and gold, so it may not be too difficult.

However, as the market level increases, the number of items that can only be bought with gems increases, and the number of times you can refresh with gems increases as well, making it tougher if you don’t have enough gems beforehand. If you don’t spend any money, it is recommended that you save up your Gems for this event.

Reference – How to get 21,000 Gems in a Week

Reference – Black Market Item List

Stamina Consumption

You only need to consume 2,400 stamina within 10 days, so you should consume 240 or more every day.

For example, Lv5 werewolf to Lv10 griffin requires 20 stamina, so you only need to kill 12 of them per day. It’s not particularly difficult.

If you are in need of stamina, please refer to the following

Reference – How to get Stamina

C) Ambition

Troop Training

The recommendation is to create a large number of troop level 1 (T1). This is related to another quest strategy described below. See there for the reason.

If you can create t10 or above, it’s not a bad idea to create high level troops, but if you can’t create t10 or above yet, don’t do it. t9 and below can’t be upgraded and will quickly become a hindrance in PvP.

Troop Healing

You need to heal 80,000 troops.

It’s easy to fight a dead castle or a strong boss with t1 troops and lose on purpose. It is also cheaper to heal.

If you lose to a monster, your wound count will be 10% or 5%.
See this article for details.
TIPS for Intentionally Creating Wounded Troops (make as many as you need)

Therefore, if you lose to a monster, you need to fight with at least 800,000 troops, but you don’t need to create so many because you can just fight many times with much fewer.

Revive Troop soul in Holy Palace

You need to revive 80,000 people.

Advance Preparation

First of all, in order to complete this, the Holy Palace needs to be at least level 25. Otherwise, you cannot revive souls.

Also, since the mechanism is that a certain percentage of the dead become souls, you have to let a large number of them die. In addition, the dead cannot be revived and will disappear.

Therefore, it is best to create a large number of t1 troops through the aforementioned “Troop Training” quest and use those troops.

However, since we want to keep the number of deaths to a minimum, it is best to increase the “deaths to soul rate” in the following ways.

  • Raise the level of the Holy Palace.
  • Raise the “Death into Troop Soul (Junior, Medium, Senior)” in Research > Recovery section.
  • Raise the VIP level.
Creating the Dead

Find the city of a retired player, attack it, and lose on purpose. If you attack and lose, your troops will basically die.

TIPS – Use the Blacklist

There is a problem if you have bookmarked a city after finding a good one beforehand. The problem is that if the city is repeatedly burned by other players, it will move.

Therefore, it is better to block it instead of bookmarking it. If you blacklist a city, you can easily track it with an Arrest Warrant from the blacklist, even if its location changes. (Reference – How to get Arrest Warrant)

When attacking, it’s a good idea to consider the number of troops needed at the time of attack based on the soulification rate to limit unnecessary deaths. Also, it is safer to attack multiple times with a small number of troops to see what happens, rather than trying to do it once.

Recall deserters in Holy Palace

You need to create and recall 100,000 deserters.

Advance preparation

First of all, it would be easier if you produce the horn in advance.

If the horn is not produced, you will not be able to recall the deserters, but if there are no deserters in the Holy Palace, the horn will not be produced. Also, it takes about a day for the production to be completed (depending on research, etc.).

Therefore, it is a good idea to intentionally create deserters before this event starts (just attack the dead city with a few soldiers). If you have more than one, they will be produced.

(You can also use the horn item, but I don’t recommend using it for this event since you should save it just in case.)

Secondly, if possible, you want to make sure that the capacity of the deserters in the Holy Palace is over 100,000. Otherwise, after recalling the deserters, you will have to create them again, wait for the horns to be produced, and then recall them. This is very tedious.

The capacity of the Holy Palace exceeds 100,000 when it reaches level 31, but it can be exceeded at a lower level by increasing the “Holy Palace Capacity (Junior, Medium, Senior)” in Research > Recovery section.

Creating deserters

It is recommended to attack the dead player’s city and lose on purpose. This is because it will be a series of tasks to complete the soulification quest. (At first deserters will be created, and when the capacity of deserters is full, the dead will be created.)

Increase Power

You need to increase 70M power.

It would be practical to heal a large number of troops at the battles of Gaugamela and Constantinople. Since no healing resources are needed, only speed-up items are needed.

However, it is assumed that you will be heavily wounded (about 870,000 troops in the case of t13). Therefore, be careful of the battle situation.

In addition, if you create a new troop and try to increase the 70M power
Troop level 13 (t13) is about 870,000 people.
7.8B + 2.6B + 2.6B = 13B resources are needed.
This method would be impractical for many people.

Resource Plundering

You need to plunder 18M resources.

It is recommended to attack some retired players’ cities and plunder them. Plunder the resources being produced in front of the city walls.

If the city is at keep level 25-30, you can plunder a few M. If the city is highly productive, you can plunder 18 M in one shot.

As mentioned in the tips above, it is a good idea to blacklist some of the cities you are interested in.


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Do I need gems to recover siege machines that were hit in the server wars?


I am a K33, but I have never had a single soulized soldier and had no idea how to even make a soulized soldier.

Thanks to reading this, I know that I will be able to complete the mission. Thank you very much.


I am looking at you again today😌.
I managed to complete the Dawn of Civilization event every time, but this time, I could not complete the deserter quest and onward.

When I was defeated with the hospital full, the soldiers used to go to the holy palace, but now all of them were sent to the hospital and had to be revived.
Are there any restrictions during the server war (after 9:00 am Japan time on Saturday morning), such as not going to the holy palace (deserters and souls)?


it would be very nice to have an article on the workings of Holy Palace and Hospital.
And about wounded, deserters etc.

To create a deserter, do I need to fill up the hospital with patients first?


I always refer to them. Thank you very much. Regarding the revival of souls, the souls are not going to Holy Palace. After doing this several times, I found out that when the deserted soldiers are full, they become souls. The soulization rate is 21%. When 500,000 soldiers were attacked, the deserted army was full (about 88,000) and about 18,000 souls went to Holy Palace. After that, the deserters remained full and were not converted to souls when attacked. The soldiers were only wounded. Why is this? Is it not possible to do this in defense?

I think the capacity of the soul is full.
Once they are revived (not reviving deserters), they should become souls again.

I made 300,000 troops in t1, but the tally on the dawn of civilization side only shows 150,000. Does anyone else have a similar problem? I’ve tried rebooting and so on, but it doesn’t fix it.

This is an amazing guide. I never hoped to complete the whole challenge, but after reading this, I realized that this is doable. My keep is lv25, all I have to do is upgrade the Holy Place, which was originally at lv21, and get to work. I was able to complete all the way to lv48, and learned a great deal about this game. However, completing the final two points related to increasing monarch power by 70M is too unrealistic for K25. Considering the amazing rewards, I unlocked them and paid about 15000 gems to forward two levels. The rewards were great, a ton of lv4 skill books, runestones, and, a European general! (Matthias) I think I will continue competing this event in future until I fish out every general and lv4 skill book out of there.

I want to complete “Revive 80,000 Troops’ Souls”.
If the holy palace level is 25, is the following formula correct?

Fill up the deserters 54,000
Calculate backwards from the soulization rate 80,000 / 10% = 800,000
If you attack a castle with a total of 85,400 people and lose, you will have 80,000 souls.

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