Crazy Eggs

8/17/2023 – Rewards updated to the latest.
7/20/2023 – Posted.

How many hammers are needed to activate all 4 eggs?

At least 58 hammers are needed.
If you have about 70, you can often activate them all.

Of course, it depends on luck, so it may be more or less.

To activate one egg, you need to smash it at least twice, so

(3 + 6 + 8 + 12) x 2 = 58

You will need at least 58 hammers.

How to get hammers efficiently

See the following article.

Egg type

Princess Lucy Egg

3 hammers (top left)

James Bowie Egg

6 hammers (bottom left)

Isabella I Egg

8 hammers (bottom right)

Minamoto no Yoshitsune Egg

12 hammers (upper right)

Caesar Egg

If you activate all 4 eggs, it is automatically activated.

Eggs to be smashed as a priority

If you do not have enough hammers to smash all 4, you should prioritize the following eggs.

  • If you want Gems
    • Minamoto no Yoshitsune (12 hammers)
  • If you want Stamina
    • James Bowie (6 hammers)
  • If you want Arrest Warrant
    • Isabella I (8 hammers)
  • If you want Refining Stones
    • James Bowie (6 hammers)


(Survey date: 2023/8/8)

  • When you smash the eggs, you get 4 out of 5 at random.
  • With the activate bonus and Caesar’s Egg, you get all of them.


Princess Lucy EggJames Bowie EggIsabella I EggMinamoto no Yoshitsune EggCaesar Egg
Gem800100 Stamina4Gold1.8MGem4,000Gem6,000
Monarch EXP60KRefining Stone180Arrest Warrant6Speedup for Training160hDragon Crystal24
Adv City Teleporter4Magic Artwork Chest60Lumber3MAdv Troop March Speedup4Refining Stone360
Chip3,000Speedup for Healing48hAdv 1 Hour Defense Increase4Material Lv56Material Lv520
Food3MAdv 1 Hour HP Increase6Material Lv512Adv 1 Hour Attack Increase4Runestone15
Magic Artwork Chest45
Activation BonusActivation BonusActivation BonusActivation BonusSpeedup for Training36h
Speed Up26h 40mSpeed Up11h 40mSpeed Up25hSpeed Up43h 20mSpeedup for Researching36h
Resource1M x
4 type
Resource0.9M x
4 type
Resource1.1M x
4 type
Resource1.3M x
4 type
Speedup for Healing36h
Monarch EXP60KMonarch EXP45KMonarch EXP75KMonarch EXP75KSpeedup for Construction36h
General EXP125KGeneral EXP45KGeneral EXP75KGeneral EXP75KSpeedup for Crafting36h
Magic Artwork Chest30Gold1.6MGold1.6MSpeedup for Trap Building36h
Dragon Crystal9Adv City Teleporter2Research Stone32Resource2.2M x
4 type
Monarch EXP65K
General EXP65K


Princess Lucy EggJames Bowie EggIsabella I EggMinamoto no Yoshitsune EggCaesar Egg
200 Gems4100 Stamina4100K Gold181K Gems42K Gems3
10K Monarch EXP6Refining Stone180Arrest Warrant61 Hour Speedup for Training160Dragon Crystal24
Adv City Teleporter4Magic Artwork Chest60100K Lumber Box30Adv Troop March Speedup4Refining Stone360
500 Chips68 Hour Speedup for Healing6Adv 1 Hour Defense Increase4Persia King’s Treasure6Material Bag (Silk Road)20
500K Food Box6Adv 1 Hour HP Increase6Pharaoh’s Treasure12Adv 1 Hour Attack Increase4Runestone Chest15
Magic Artwork Chest45
Activation BonusActivation BonusActivation BonusActivation Bonus1 Hour Speedup for Training36
5K General EXP25Magic Artwork Chest30100K Gold16100K Gold161 Hour Speedup for Researching36
10 Minute Speed Up40Dragon Crystal9Adv City Teleporter2Research Stone321 Hour Speedup for Healing36
30 Minute Speed Up405 Minute Speed Up605 Minute Speed Up1005 Minute Speed Up1201 Hour Speedup for Construction36
50K Food Box2010 Minute Speed Up4010 Minute Speed Up10010 Minute Speed Up501 Hour Speedup for Crafting36
50K Lumber Box2050K Food Box1850K Food Box2230 Minute Speed Up501 Hour Speedup for Trap Building36
50K Stone Box2050K Lumber Box1850K Lumber Box2250K Food Box26100K Food Box22
50K Ore Box2050K Stone Box1850K Stone Box2250K Lumber Box26100K Lumber Box22
5K Monarch EXP1250K Ore Box1850K Ore Box2250K Stone Box26100K Stone Box22
5K Monarch EXP95K Monarch EXP1550K Ore Box26100K Ore Box22
5K General EXP95K General EXP155K Monarch EXP155K Monarch EXP13
5K General EXP155K General EXP13

Total when all eggs are activated

NOTE: Each egg must be smashed at least twice, and the following is the minimum quantity excluding duplicates. Therefore, you can actually get more than the following quantity.

(It cannot be calculated simply by doubling the number of rewards, since 4 out of 5 are randomly given for each smash.)

SpeedSpeed Up106h 40m
Speedup for Training196h
Speedup for Researching36h
Speedup for Healing84h
Speedup for Construction36h
Speedup for Crafting36h
Speedup for Trap Building36h
RSSFood Box9.5M
Lumber Box9.5M
Stone Box6.5M
Ore Box6.5M
Battle100 Stamina4
Adv City Teleporter6
Arrest Warrant6
Adv Troop March Speedup4
Adv 1 Hour Attack Increase4
Adv 1 Hour Defense Increase4
Adv 1 Hour HP Increase6
MaterialMaterial Lv538
Refining Stone540
Research Stone32
Dragon Crystal33
Magic Artwork Chest135
EXPMonarch EXP380K
General EXP385K


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I don’t think I missed this point but advice should be given to try and break eggs early. If you get stuck on the four hours then regen egg… it should be obvious what the problem is. I try not to play all day but really you need a timer so as not to miss events. Like crazy eggs. I missed it by 5 minutes after 3 tries. It’s happened before. There must be something in their code. Oh well. It WAS an event I paid attention to.

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