How to translate correctly without using Evony’s translation feature

Evony’s translation feature is not very accurate. If you want to understand the language of foreign players correctly, you’ll have to use another translation app.

If it’s a chat text, you can just copy and paste it into a translation app, but the problem is an email text.

For the text of the email, take a screenshot and load it into the translation app 

The text of in-game emails cannot be copied on the iPhone/iPad. Therefore, you need to take a screenshot of the email and load it into the app. (Most modern translation apps can do this.) For example, if you use Google Translate, you can go to “Camera” and press “Import” to import the image.

Which translation app is best for you?

Google Translate is sufficient. Evony’s proprietary terminology is more of a problem than which app to use.

Addendum – Evony’s translation feature is not the same as Google Translate. “Evony: The King’s Return” was released in 2016, and the on-board translation technology predates it. Different translation apps and sites, such as Google and DeepL, introduced translation technology in 2017 that utilizes neutral networks and deep learning to dramatically improve accuracy.

Evony terms are not translatable in any app. You need to remember at least some of the terms.

For example, if the following is written in Japanese

  • 資源地
  • 属州都市
  • レイド

If you translate it into English with a translation app, you will get the following

  • Source
  • Provincial cities
  • Raid

But here’s what it means in Evony.

  • Tile
  • Subordinate City
  • Rally

Related : Term List

Please refer to the following article for a list of translations (Japanese/English) of the terms.




I use the Ichitaro App to write down emails once from a screenshot and translate them into English.
If it’s too much trouble, I use the LINE translator to translate from the screenshot!

my problem was that it disconnected me from this game. he didn’t want to sign me in. I had to uninstall and reinstall the game. when I installed this game, it allowed me to play it from the beginning. he didn’t want to link me to my facebook account. I bothered to connect me to my fb account for several hours. after a few hours I managed to link to my fb account and finally I was able to be with my alliance family and all my friends. this problem happened to me a second time. I no longer want this problem to happen to me. Thanks for your help. I appreciate that. and I apologize for the bad English, but I come from Slovakia. It’s a pity that you have installed a Slovak language, a Slovak translator, in this game, so that I can fully communicate with my friends and understand everything they are talking about. I also wrote you emails but it didn’t help. yes, you communicated with me, but I’m sorry you didn’t install the Slovak language there. I don’t know English well and my English is very weak. your loyal player


What does “tile” mean? It seems to be used for things that shouldn’t be done.


Đó là các ô tài nguyên trên bản đồ, có thể bao gồm các di tích.

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