Consuming Return Event

3/27/2023 – Updated “Schedule” section.
11/28/2022 – Added consuming return of Lv7 Material (Crafting Master)
9/27/2022 – Replaced the image because the quota and reward for the speed-up consuming return event has changed.
6/29/2022 – Added consuming return of Blood of Ares (Trial of Knights)

Tips for strategies, types, schedule, and rewards for the Consuming Return Event.

What is a Consuming Return Event?

An event where you can get rewards for spending a certain amount of resources or speedups, etc.

You can get a large amount of speedups and resources

There are several types of Consuming Return Events (described later), but among them, the “resource” consuming return event is super important.

Since a huge amount of speedups and resources are rewarded, the degree of difficulty of construction changes dramatically depending on how many of these you can complete.

It is no exaggeration to say that this will determine whether or not you can reach the keep level 35 or above without paying.

Specific examples of returns

For example, if you consume 2.5B of each resource in a “resource” consuming return event, you will get a total of more than 640 days of speed-up.

The time when 2.5B can be consumed without difficulty is when the keep is about level 31. The number of days required for construction at this time is about 280 at most (example at keep 31->32), so you can see how massive this reduction is.

Once this is accomplished, there will be an abundance of speed-up items, and you will almost never be in trouble again.

Also, if you spend 2.5B of each resource in the “resource” consuming return event, you will also get about 500M or more of each resource. Therefore, it will be easier to spend 2.5B next time.

Tips for Strategy

Maintain a cycle of “resource” & “speed-up” consumption

The basic idea is

  • To start the construction upgrade at the “resource” consuming return event.
  • To wait until the “speedup” consuming return event starts, and then complete it.

This creates a cycle of getting a lot of speedups at the “resource” consuming return event and then using them at the “speedup” consuming return event to get more resources.

Once this cycle can be maintained, the amount of resources and speedups that can be consumed gradually increases, and so do the rewards that are given back.

Thanks to this, when I was at the keep level of 30-35, I had a surplus of speedups.

Store resources without using for half a month or more

To get into this cycle, the first step is to consume a large amount of resources in a consuming return event. To do this, do not do the following until the event begins

  • Creating troops
  • Creating traps
  • Construction
  • etc.

Strictly speaking, to complete the daily activity, the minimum number of troops and traps should be created only at level 1.

Keep level at which a resource consuming return event can be completed

The following is a rough guide based on my experience. Achievable without paying.

  • 125M – Keep level 25 approx.
  • 500M – Keep level 27 approx.
  • 1.25B – Keep level 29 approx.
  • 2.5B – Keep level 31 approx.
  • 5B – Keep level 33 approx.
  • 10B – Keep level 35 approx.

How to gather resources efficiently

See this article for more details, but at the very least, the alliance should be active in rallying. A few people must rally Ymir, Witch, and Warlord frequently.

The most efficient way to get RSS is
boss hunting > gathering > production.

Anyway, hunt a lot of the above bosses with double-drop generals. (Bibars, Theodora, Cleopatra, and other generals with luck skillbooks equipped with the king’s ring)

Not using resources during a speed-up consuming return event

The reward for “resource” consuming return event is better and more important than the “speed-up” consuming return event. Therefore, do not overspend resources during “speed-up” consuming return event.

As much as possible, try not to start construction.

If you are at a loss for how to spend speed-up, you can proceed with the following.

  • Research
  • Construction upgrades of subordinate cities

Types of Consuming Return Events

  • Resource Consuming Return Event
  • Speed-up Consuming Return Event
  • Speed-up (trap & research) Consuming Return Event
  • Speed-up (trap & craft) Consuming Return Event
  • Tactical Scroll Consuming Return Event (Tactics Researching)
  • Refining Stone Consuming Return Event (Super Refining)
  • Blood of Ares Consuming Return Event (Trial of Knights)
  • Dragon feed Consuming Return Event (Super Feeding)
  • Lv7 Material Consuming Return Event (Crafting Master)


There are 2 major rotations. Each rotation proceeds simultaneously.

Note – The order and number of days may vary depending on the time of year.

Schedule of Consuming Return Event

Rotation 1

  • 11 days
    • Resource Consuming Return Event
    • Tactical Scroll Consuming Return Event (Tactics Researching)
  • 3 days
    • Speed-up (trap & craft) Consuming Return Event
  • 11 days
    • Speed-up Consuming Return Event
    • Blood of Ares Consuming Return Event (Trial of Knights)
  • 3 days
    • Speed-up (trap & research) Consuming Return Event

Rotation 2

  • 6 days – Refining Stone Consuming Return Event (Super Refining)
  • 6 days – Dragon feed Consuming Return Event (Super Feeding)
  • 6 days – Lv7 Material Consuming Return Event (Crafting Master)

Quotas and rewards for each event

Resource Consuming Return Event

Consumption targets: Gems, Food, Lumber, Stone, Ore

– Amount of speed-up you can get – Click here for a summary
– Amount of resources you can get – Click here for a summary

(same quota and reward for Food, Lumber, Stone, Ore)

Speed-up Consuming Return Event

Consumption targets: Gems, Speedups, Construction speedups, Healing speedups

– Amount of resources you can get – Click here for a summary

(same quota and reward for construction and healing)

Speed-up (trap & research) Consuming Return Event

Consumption targets: Gold, Trap speed-up, Research speed-up

(same quota and reward for trap and research)

Speed-up (trap & craft) Consuming Return Event

Consumption target: Gold, Crafting speed-up, Trap speed-up

(same quota and reward for Traps and Crafting)

Tactical Scroll Consuming Return Event (Tactics Researching)

  • Consumption target: Tactics scroll
  • Return: Tactics scroll, etc.

Refining Stone Consuming Return Event (Super Refining)

  • Consumption target: Refining Stone
  • Return: Refining Stone, etc.

Blood of Ares Consuming Return Event (Trial of Knights)

  • Consumption target: Blood of Ares
  • Return: Blood of Ares, Generals, etc.

(Images below are as of 8/18/2023)

Related: General’s Star Level (Enhance / Ascending Guide)

Dragon feed Consuming Return Event (Super Feeding)

You can get 1 Score for every 10,000 EXP gained by feeding Dragons.

Related: Dragon Complete Guide – Type, Buff, Enhance

Lv7 Material Consuming Return Event (Crafting Master)

  • Consumption target: Lv7 Material
  • Return: Lv7 Material, Lv5 Material, etc.
  • You get 1 score for consuming 1 Lv7 material in equipment crafting. (Forge equipment and Civilization equipment ).
  • You do not receive a score for feeding dragons or disassembling materials.


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Does upgrading equipments/gears will count for consuming lvl 7 materials?

Trial of Knights – if i don’t spend all the points i acquire from ascending generals, do the points carry over to the next event? Or is it spend it or lose it? Thanks


thanks for the information…🙏
i want to ask, what would be more beneficial to do…hitting 10B mark 2 times(10B of each type 2 times )or hitting 20 B mark 1 time….
thank you…

If you only look at the resources you get, it is almost the same either way.

2 times 10B: total 800M x 4 types x2
1 time 20B: total 1,600M x 4 types

The amount of resources you can get when you open the “Special Resource Chest” is random, but the expected value was 62.5% of each type of resource, so the values calculated based on this assumption are listed.
In fact, I actually opened 120 chests at the same time and got such a result.

Reference:How to get Resources Efficiently (Items, Gathering, Production)

20B is slightly better for speed, materials, and soul crystals,
10Bx2 is slightly better for stamina.
but it is not a big difference, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Reference:How to get Speedup items efficiently

And now they’re running both speedup and resource consumption events at the same time. I wonder if it’s a one-time thing or are they permanently changing how CR works


Thank you for your detailed guide. Can you please give a recommendation for gold spending during gold consuming return? Best I know is research, but it doesn’t line up with research or common speedup consuming return events. What do you do?

I accumulated 180 days of speedups (general and construction combined) during the resource consuming event by bringing every single building up to level 24 (and I have neglected many buildings up to this point) and then starting k26. Yet, based on your charts that gives me 27.5M of each resource. For reference, k27, which I plan to start during the next round of the resource consuming event requires between 116M and 152M depending on the resource. Even the level 26 wall requires 55M to 72M resources. So I ask, how is this cycle possibly sustainable?

Now, I happen to already have enough resources to start k27 when the time comes. But at some point those will run out, and I’ll have the situation of being awash in speedups, but not nearly enough resources, or alternatively, doing only a couple buildings next time, and then completely stuck after that. Unless it levels out at higher levels, I haven’t done the math.

So how do you replenish research speedups? I don’t see them in any of the screenshots. Was able to reach the 25,000 level before running out.


Should we also refrain from building troops in the “Gather Troops” and “King’s Path” during the speed-consuming return event?

Please calculate the amount of resources you have now and make a decision based on whether you think you can achieve the resource consuming return event. Basically, it is better to give priority to achieving the resource consuming return event.


Thanks, i am k32 with no pay, my limit still 2.5B, trying to complete the food part i start having more ground troops than any other troop, any advice there? you recommend upgrade all the production buildings (31-35) or the result is not so great caompared to the invest in contruction in each one? best evony page!

I think upgrading production facilities to 30 or more is not good. This is because the return on investment is inefficient.
Please refer to the following guide for more information.
How to get Resources Efficiently (Items, Gathering, Production)

If you cannot increase your boss hunting and resource gathering any further, you can create a new sub-account (=alt) to participate in rallies and gather resources. However, this is not an officially approved method and is at your own risk.
See also: How to make Sub-Account


I have always referred to you. Please tell me about the blood of Ares for the consuming return. There is no general I want right now, can I carry it over to the next time? If not, which do you recommend, Elise or Simeon I? I am a F2P player.

By carry over, do you mean the blood of Ares? It can be carried over. Or rather, it is not an event item and will not disappear.
In addition, if you are F2P, I do not recommend Simeon (should be Elektra due to the difficulty of the red star).
If you can do your best, I think Elise is a possibility. (But only if you can get SvS top 10 and get Norwegian Ridge.)


Thank you for your reply. I apologize for the lack of clarity. By carry over, I mean the score that I earned from using Blood of Ares. I was thinking that if I can carry over my score, I should forgo it this time. I have only raised mounted troops, so if I can carry over my score until the mounted general arrives, I would like to do so.

F2p Enjoyer

Halo aku f2p player
Dan aku sangat menyukai “trial of knight” event karena memberimu gratis jenderal premium
Aku sekarang kesulitan untuk memilih antara baldwin atau nordik king
Menurut siapa yang lebih bagus untuk aku pilih?

>Hello I’m f2p player
And I really like the “trial of knights” event because it gives you free premium generals
I’m now having a hard time choosing between baldwin or nordic king
Who do you think is better for me to choose?
Barbarian King. With -30% archer attack and -10% all troops defense, it is worth a total of 70%.
Baldwin is a hassle for me. The mayor’s siege attack debuff is worth so little that it is really only worth -30% archer attack.
Reference: List of Best Generals


In the RSS return event, how can I achieve the 20B consumption for each of them? I have a main account that I pay for and two alt accounts, but no matter how hard I try, 15B is the limit 😩.


Hello, you have a great guide, and I refer to it frequently. Question – does Evony really have 2 Trap CRs and none for Training?

Yes. There is no consuming return event for training speedups.
However, there is a different event, the 2nd day of the “Gather Troops” event, where you can receive a reward for training speed-up digestion.


The rewards for the Super Refining and Golden refining events are so good that I stopped refining equipment or dragons outside these events.


can you redeem super refining rewards later than the end of the event? I would like to build them up for a better prize.


Since you have mentioned using construction in subordinate city for sinking in speedups during the consumption return event for speedups, it might be a good idea to use good buffs for construction in subordinate city so that those speedups don’t get wasted.

First, complete all of the research related to construction in subordinate city that’s available to you at the level of your academy. Next, you need to have one mayor that you can shift between subordinate cities for maximum construction speed. Just take any subordinate city general you like the most (Arminius, Harald, etc), cultivate him to +500, level up and add five stars. Make sure that this general has a level 4 Construction skill book attached.

Finally, attach equipment that improves construction speed in subordinate city. For example, Dragon Axe with five stars gives +25%, and Fearless dragon ring +35%.

I am at K31, and using these techniques, I get 400% construction speed buff for subordinate city. More buffs can be accomplished with refining. Don’t worry if you don’t own any premium subs yet. Just speed up the construction in your internal sub city. Very soon you will have a sub that’s training the same level of troops as your main city.

Bangali babu

You can use Wu instead of debuff generals for this.

Great article. Could you go a little more in depth with resource consuming event. Do you have any tricks or tipps on how to handle the construction of buildings because of the limited builder-slots and the dependencies of buildings. For example: wall 29 can’t be constructed together with keep 30 in one resource consuming event because without using speed-ups they cant be build parallel. Are ther e some ‘groups’ of buildings which can be reasonably constructed in parallel with the 3 slots in one event?

It is impossible to avoid all dependencies and there is no need to be too rigid about it.
There is no problem to use speedups to finish some construction during a resource consumption event.
Otherwise, only three constructions will progress per month.
If you do a number of cycles, you will have a large surplus of speedups.

Basically, in the early stages of a resource consumption event, you can start on buildings with a small number of days, use the speedups to finish them.
And then finally, it is better to fill the 3 slots with buildings with a large number of days.
(For events after the completion of the Keep, the Wall / Rally Spot / Academy, etc.)


Thank you for your valuable information.
I am finally able to spend 1.25B, but I am short about 300M in only food.
I have trained infantry and overspent on other resources.
Is there a good way to do this? Please let me know.

If the ratio of construction to troop creation is about 50-50, it is easier to make adjustments through troop creation. Create more ground troops and fine-tune with the other three types.
If the ratio of construction is more, only rice will be extremely low, so there will be more of one or the other no matter how you do it.


Only if you need to, train more ground troops. Donate food to alliance warehouse. Only if you need to, upgrade all types of production tiles, except farms (farms don’t need food to upgrade). If you need to, build certain kind of traps that use more food. In the end don’t lose sleep not being able to collect the CR rewards for food 3 out of 4 is still good.


The way I would do it is finish the wall immediately, and then launch the Keep for the next level, also unlock another builder and launch the construction of another building. Try to find the one that needs the most resources after the wall. The Holy Place is a big one.

What do you think about the barbarian event? It is a hot topic in my alliance to gather a lot of resources in combination with wounds.


For example, in a research speedup event, do I have to use a research speedup to count it?
Can I not use a common speed-up to speed up my research?

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