Cleopatra’s Treasure

6/26/2022 – Added maximum acquisition limit for disassembly rewards (resources)

Overview of the event, costs, and contents of the chest, etc.

Event Overview

During the event, collect key fragments, repair the key, and pay gems to open “Cleopatra’s Treasure Chest” to get a reward. 1 key is needed to open one time. The number of times you can open it is limited to 150 times a day. The highlight of the reward is a “Golden Historic General (Premium)” and 2,500 rune stones. (Premium generals are not available at the tavern.)

Key fragments and repaired keys can be disassembled to receive rewards. They will disappear automatically after the event, so it is a good idea to disassemble any leftover pieces.

If you rank high in the ranking, you will receive a ranking reward. Scores are accumulated by getting key fragments or repairing keys. The highlight of the reward is the “Sunken Palace” (as of 6/17/2022).

How to get key fragments

Hunting monsters

Key fragments (upper, middle, lower), repair tools: up to 80 total per day

Gathering resources

Key fragments (upper, middle, lower), repair tools: up to 20 total per day

There seems to be no upper limit to the number of them you can get per day.
(6/25/2022 Specifications were changed and a daily limit was set.)


Cost per 1 time

The price increases every 10 times.

  • 1-10: 1,600 Gems
  • 11-20: 1,900 Gems
  • 21-30: 2,400 Gems
  • 31-40: 3,200 Gems
  • 41-50: 4,800 Gems
  • 51-60: 5,300 gems
  • 61-70: 6,000 Gems
  • 71-80: 6,800 Gems
  • 81-90: 8,000 Gems
  • 91-150: 9,500 Gems

Total Cost

  • 10 times: 16,000 Gems
  • 20 times: 35,000 Gems
  • 30 times: 59,000 Gems
  • 40 times: 91,000 Gems
  • 50 times: 139,000 Gems
  • 150 times: 970,000 Gems


Open one time and you will receive one of the following.

High Chance items

  • Uncommon Cleopatra’s Treasure x1
  • Common Cleopatra’s Treasure x1
  • Rare Cleopatra’s Treasure x1
  • Super Cleopatra’s Treasure x1

Low Chance Items

  • 5K Gems x1
  • Runestone Chest x2,500
  • Epic Historic General (Premium) x1

Note that in my case, I did not win the general even after spending 120,000 gems, but my alliance members won it for 12,000 gems.

Chest Contents

Uncommon Cleopatra’s Treasure

You can get one of the following

  • 10K General EXP x20
  • 20K General EXP x10
  • Medal x30
  • Research Stone x25

Common Cleopatra’s Treasure

You can get one of the following

  • Food 5M x1
  • Lumber 5M x1
  • Stone 5M x1
  • Ore 5M x1

Rare Cleopatra’s Treasure

You can get one of the following

  • Dragon Crystal x20
  • Runestone Chest x50

Super Cleopatra’s Treasure

You can get one of the following

  • 50 Stamina x10
  • Treasure Box x10

Rewards obtained by disassembling the key

  • Cleopatra’s Chest Key
  • Upper Part of Key
  • Middle Part of Key
  • Lower Part of Key
  • Key Repair Tool

If you disassemble one of these, you will receive two “Super Resources Chest (Gold)”.

If you disassemble a key that has been repaired, you will receive only 2 keys, so it is better not to repair the key if you are going to disassemble it.

However, if you are aiming for a high score in the ranking, it is better to repair them, so you should consider which is more important.

In case of no payment, if you disassemble all the fragments without repairing the key at all, you will get 120M for each resource.

(The following is after July 2022)

In the case of no payment, the maximum number of key fragments you can obtain is 100 per day, so if the event period is 10 days, the maximum number of key fragments you can obtain is 1000.

If you disassemble 1000 key fragments, you will get 2000 “Super Resources Chest (Gold)”.

Contents of Super Resources Chest (Gold)

You can get at least one of the following

  • 100K Food Box x1
  • 100K Lumber Box x1
  • 100K Stone Box x1
  • 100K Ore Box x1

Expected value is about 60%+. (as of 6/26/2022)

For example, if you open 100 chests, you will get a little over 60 of each resource chest.

In other words.

If you disassemble 1,000 fragments of keys, you will get about 120M x 4 types of resources.


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It is terrible to do so after this time. Even if I tried to do my best in the rankings, I am almost certain I would be in the same position I am now…


Sorry again, but it seems that the daily limit was suddenly set. After the reset, key pieces started dropping again.

There was a phenomenon (around 3:00 AM on 6/25 JST) where only one shard could be obtained for some reason while the double drop rate was in effect. After that, no more pieces could be obtained at all. Therefore, there seems to be an upper limit to the number of pieces obtained per day.


Sorry, it seems to have stopped dropping about an hour before the server war. Sorry for the trouble.


After hunting bosses all day, the key pieces stopped dropping at all. Maybe there is an upper limit.

Enemy Tears

I have not opened many chests, but have stopped receiving key parts after approximately 100k for the day. Is there a daily max for this challenge???

Thanks for the info.
I too have not been able to get it since this morning. (After 8:36 a.m. on 2022/6/25 (Japan time) = about 20 minutes before the start of SvS)
Also, since I suddenly started to receive a lot of information that “I can no longer get it” today, I am thinking that perhaps it is not possible to get it during SvS, or that the specifications have changed and a limit has been set.
I will give it a while and update the information.

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If you found this article useful, I would appreciate a donation.

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