Civilization Treasure

7/6/2024 – Added information up to Lv11.
8/30/2023 – Added information up to Lv8.
8/10/2022 – Added Lv 4 and 5 to the list of buffs & debuffs.

Basics, benefits, how to upgrade, how to obtain fragments, etc.

What is the Civilization Treasure?

Items that can be used to gain various buffs and debuffs.

It can be seen from the Wonder menu. (It is not in the item inventory.)
Note that it is not necessary to unlock the wonder.

Unlocking & Upgrading

There are seven types in total, each of which can be unlocked by collecting 300 fragments.

Once unlocked, they can be upgraded to a maximum of Lv8.
(The cap level was raised from Lv5 to Lv8 with the update on 3/17/2023.)

The effects of buffs and debuffs increase with level.

Owning & Using Buffs

Each treasure has a possession buff and a use buff.

  • Owning buffs
    • From the time it is unlocked, Just owning it is effective.
  • Using Buffs
    • When used from the Wonder screen, the treasure can be equipped and will only be effective for the duration of its use.
    • There is no time limit for the effect.
    • Only one treasure can be used at a time.

Upgrade Requirements


List of Effects by Level (buffs and debuffs)

Globus Cruciger

Own: In City Troop Attack+2%+5%+10%+15%+20%+25%+30%+35%+40%+45%+50%
Own: In City Troop Defense+4%+10%+20%+30%+40%+50%+60%+70%+80%+90%+100%
Own: In City Troop HP+4%+10%+20%+30%+40%+50%+60%+70%+80%+90%+100%
Own: Enemy Siege Machine Attack-5%-12.5%-25%-37.5%-50%-62.5%-75%-87.5%-100%-112.5%-125%
Use: Healing Speed+3%+7.5%+15%+22.5%+30%+37.5%+45%+52.5%+60%+68%+75%

Imperial Seal

Own: Attacking Mounted Troop
and Ground Troop Defense
Own: Attacking Siege Machine
and Ranged Troop Defense
Own: March Size Capacity+3%+7.5%+15%+22.5%+30%+37.5%+45%+52.5%+57%+60%+63%
Own: Enemy Ground Troop Attack-5%-12.5%-25%-37.5%-50%-62.5%-75%-87.5%-100%-112.5%-125%
Use: Subordinate City Training Speed+1.4%+3.5%+7%+10.5%+14%+17.5%+21%+24.5%+28%+32%+35%

Seven-Branched Sword

Own: Attacking Troop’s Attack+2%+5%+10%+15%+20%+25%+30%+35%+40%+45%+50%
Own: Marching Troops Defense+3%+7.5%+15%+22.5%+30%+37.5%+45%+52.5%+60%+68%+75%
Own: Marching Troops HP+3%+7.5%+15%+22.5%+30%+37.5%+45%+52.5%+60%+68%+75%
Own: Training Capacity+2%+5%+10%+15%+20%+25%+30%+35%+40%+45%+50%
Use: Training Speed+2%+5%+10%+15%+20%+25%+30%+35%+40%+45%+50%

Faberge Egg

Own: All Troops Load+12%+30%+60%+95%+135%+175%+215%+255%+295%+335%+375%
Own: Attacking Mounted Troop
and Ground Troop Attack
Own: Attacking Siege Machine
and Ranged Troop Attack
Use: Gathering Speed+4%+10%+20%+35%+50%+65%+80%+95%+110%+125%+140%
  • Lv1: Gathering Lv5 or above Resource Spots gains you a chance to get Pansy Egg.
  • Lv2: Gathering Lv10 or above Resource Spots gains you a chance to get Tsarevich Egg.
  • Lv3,4,5,6,7,8: Gathering Lv15 or above Resource Spots gains you a chance to get Maria Egg.

Code of Hammurabi

Own: Hospital Capacity+4%+10%+20%+30%+40%+50%+60%+70%+80%+90%+100%
Own: Attacking Mounted Troop
and Ground Troop HP
Own: Attacking Ranged Troop
and Siege Machine HP
Own: Enemy Mounted Troop Attack-5%-12.5%-25%-37.5%-50%-62.5%-75%-87.5%-100%-112.5%-125%
Use: Research Speed+2.4%+6%+12%+18%+24%+30%+36%+42%+48%+54%+60%

Tutankhamun’s Dagger

Own: Troops Attack on Monsters+3%+7.5%+15%+22.5%+30%+37.5%+45%+52.5%+60%+68%+75%
Own: Troops Defense on Monsters+6%+15%+30%+45%+60%+75%+90%+105%+120%+135%+150%
Own: Troops HP on Monsters+5%+12.5%+25%+37.5%+50%+62.5%+75%+87.5%+100%+112.5%+125%
Own: Enemy Ranged Troop Attack-5%-12.5%-25%-37.5%-50%-62.5%-75%-87.5%-100%-112.5%-125%
Use: March Speed to Monsters+10%+25%+50%+75%+100%+125%+150%+175%+200%+225%+250%

Mask of Agamemnon

Own: Enemy Troop Attack-2%-5%-10%-16%-24%-32%-40%-48%-56%-64%-72%
Own: Enemy Troop Defense-2%-5%-10%-16%-24%-32%-40%-48%-56%-64%-72%
Own: Enemy Troop HP-2%-5%-10%-16%-24%-32%-40%-48%-56%-64%-72%
Own: The death-turning-wounded rate
of troops when they are attacking.
Use: Construction Speed+2.4%+6%+12%+18%+24%+30%+36%+42%+48%+54%+60%

Eggs available by Faberge Egg

Pansy Egg

As the level of Faberge Eggs increases, various eggs are randomly obtained from the resource tiles.
Each type of egg can only be obtained once per day.

  • Lv1: Resource tile Lv5 or higher – Pansy Egg
  • Lv2: Resource tile Lv10 or higher – Tsarevich egg
  • Lv3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Resource tile Lv15 or higher – Maria egg

Pansy Egg

You will receive at least one of the following at random.

  • 500K Food Box x10
  • 500K Lumber Box x10
  • 500K Stone Box x10
  • 500K Ore Box x10
  • 3 Hour Speedup for Researching x25
  • 3 Hour Speedup for Construction x25
  • Pharaoh’s Treasure x5
  • Horns of Recalling (10) x1

Tsarevich Egg

You will receive at least one of the following at random.

  • Soul Crystal x15
  • Source of Life x15
  • 1M Gold x25
  • 3 Day Speedup for Healing x25
  • Super Attack Increase (10 min) x2
  • Super Defense Increase (10 min) x2
  • Super HP Increase (10 min) x2
  • Adv Troop March Speedup x10
  • Dragon Scroll Chest x1
  • Medium March Size Increase x1
  • Persia King’s Treasure x10
  • Adv City Teleporter x10

Maria Egg

You will receive at least one of the following at random.

  • 2K Gems x4
  • 5M Food Box x5
  • 5M Lumber Box x5
  • 5M Stone Box x5
  • 5M Ore Box x5
  • 3 Day Speedup for Healing x5
  • 3 Day Speedup for Construction x5
  • 3 Day Speedup for Researching x5
  • Refining Stone x100
  • Lv4 Skill Book Chest x1
  • Senior March Size Increase x1
  • Achaemenidae Scroll Chest x1

How to get Fragments & Treasure Box

Fragments of Treasures

When you open the “Treasure Box,” you will get one of the fragments of a treasure.

Treasure Box

The treasure box can be obtained by the following methods.
(The number of treasure boxes available per day is limited.)

Gathering Resources

If you are lucky, you can get it.

Resources Gathering Report


If you are lucky, you can get it.

I am not sure if there is a cap on the number of items you can get per day, but I have gotten a maximum of 42.


It can be obtained by achieving a score of 145 in the bar’s activity.
Example: 3 for Keep Level 35.

Treasure Hunt Event (Pyramid)

Depending on the score you earn, you will receive a treasure box.

Personal Score Rewards

Bronze Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest I5,000,0007
Bronze Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest II40,000,0007
Bronze Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest III85,000,0008
Silver Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest I125,000,0008
Silver Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest II165,000,0008
Silver Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest III200,000,0008
Gold Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest I300,000,00010
Gold Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest II400,000,00012
Gold Treasure Hunt Monarch Score Chest III500,000,00015

Monarch Ranking Rewards

Treasure Box100908070605040353025

Consuming Return Event (Refine)

When you refine your equipment and others using refining stones, you will receive exchange items.
For every 450 exchange items, you will receive 1 treasure box. (Up to 50 boxes).

In addition, this is not included in the ranking rewards.

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Consuming Return Event (Tactic Scroll)

Note: Requires fort level 36 or higher.

Research at the Military Academy using the Tactics Scroll will give you an exchange item.
For every 25 exchange items, you will receive 1 treasure box. (Up to 50 boxes).

In addition, if you get a high ranking, you can get it as a reward for that.
30 for first place, etc.

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Defeat the Boss

The following bosses are randomly dropped when defeated.

  • Lv16 Jormungandr
  • Lv17 Typhon
  • Lv5 Lava Turtle
  • Lv5 Golem
  • Lv5 Witch
  • Lv5 Warlord
  • Lv4 Legendary Hydra
  • Lv3 Excellent Bayar Knight
  • Lv4 Legendary Nian
  • Lv5 Epic Nian

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20 pieces – 30000 gems or above.

Related Auction House – Product lists, Winning bid prices, etc

Black Market

  • 1 piece – 2,300 gems
  • 5 pieces – 11,300 gems
  • 10 pieces – 22,500 Gems
  • 20 pieces – 45,000 gems

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Event Packages (Paid)

  • Example: For February 2022 sales package
  • $4.99 – 4 pcs.
  • $9.99 – 8 pcs.
  • $19.99 – 18 pcs.
  • $49.99 – 30 pcs.
  • $99.99 – 60 pcs.

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Shrine Rewards

When you reach a certain number of prestige, you can get it from the chest at the top of the screen.

  • 80,000 prestige -> ?
  • 180,000 prestige -> ?
  • 400,000 prestige -> ?
  • 1,200,000 prestige -> 90 pcs

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Description of Each Treasure

Globus Cruciger

The Globus Cruciger is an orb surmounted by a cross. It has been a symbol of authority since the Middle Ages. When the rulers of ancient European countries were crowned, they were usually granted the Globus Cruciger. It represents the world. Holding the orb means holding the power of the world and possessing the creativity and dominance of life.

Imperial Seal

Imperial Seal of the Chinese emperors is the symbol of supreme power. The words, “Having received the Mandate from Heaven, may the emperor lead a long and prosperous life.” were carved onto the seal. Emperors of all dynasties regarded the seal as a token representing the imperial power and legitimacy. A corner damaged in an accident has been repaired with gold.

Seven-Branched Sword

The Seven-Branched Sword is a present from the king of Baekje that was granted upon a Yamato ruler. The sword has been conserved since antiquity in the Isonokami Shrine in Nara Prefecture. It’s a sword with six branch-like protrusions along the central blade. Seven-Branched Sword is not a military weapon, but a valuable ceremonial weapon. It has become one of the Japan’s most precious national treasures.

Faberge Egg

Faberge Egg is a jewelled egg created by the jeweller Peter Carl Faberge for the Russian Tsars. The egg is decorated with precious metals, enamel and gemstones. This exquisite and elegant egg represents fashion and nobility. It’s the masterpiece of jewelry art.

Code of Hammurabi

At the top of the stele of the code of Hammurabi features an image in relief of Hammurabi with Shamash, the Babylonian sun god and god of justice. Below the relief are about 4,130 lines of code text written in the Old Babylonian dialect of Akkadian. The Code of Hammurabi is the first true legal code in the world.

Tutankhamun’s Dagger

The iron dagger of the legendary Pharaoh Tutankhamun of ancient Egypt. The dagger sheath is made of gold, with lilies carved on one side and feather patterns on the other. The dagger is made of iron meteorites. The rare materials make this dagger even more mysterious. The Pharaoh Tutankhamun put it beside him to bless himself in the afterlife.

Mask of Agamemnon

The Mask of Agamemnon is a gold funeral mask discovered at the ancient Greek site of Mycenae. The mask is the best proof of Mycenaean civilization. The gold mask has ingenious conception and exquisite shape, and has high aesthetic and craft value. It reflects the rich wealth and developed metal technology of Mycenaean civilization, and is an evidence of the prosperity of civilizations around the ancient Aegean Sea.

(Currently Disabled) Extremely Powerful Debuffs

Note: Around 7/16/2022, without any announcement, the specifications were changed and this advantage was lost.

(In the Battle of Chalons on 7/14/2022, the debuff was added to the number of subordinate cities, but in the BoC on 7/16/2022, the debuff was no longer added.)

This is not explained in the game at all.
Also, as far as I know, many people may not be aware of this information, as I have not seen this information on other sites or Youtube at the time of this article’s publication.

The debuff of the Civilization Treasure is multiplied by the number of subordinate cities that are participating in the battle.

Note – If a subordinate city cannot participate in a battle due to reasons such as fighting in a stronghold like a temple or portal, or having zero troops in the subordinate city, debuff will not be added on.

For example, if the “Imperial Seal” and “Mask of Agamemnon” are unlocked and set to Lv1, the ground attack debuff is listed as -5% and -2%, respectively.

Thus, the total seems to be


But in fact
(if the number of subordinate cities joined into the battle was 8)

-7% x 9 = -63%.

(main city also counts as one)

You may find this hard to believe since there is no explanation at all in the game.
However, after comparing several battle reports and adding up the sum of each debuff factor, I am certain of this.

Test Data

Below are two battle reports when a series of battles reduced the number of subordinate cities from 6 to 3.

Both are as follows.

  • Mayors – all equipped with full set of Achaemenidae (-15% attack). No other ground attack debuff.
  • Main General – no ground attack debuff
  • Research – ground attack debuff -130%.
  • Civilization Treasure – Imperial Seal Lv1 (-5%) / Mask of Agamemnon Lv1 (-2%)

Battle 1

Ground attack debuff -269%.

Debuff Factor

  • 6 subordinate cities
  • Achaemenidae set (-15% x 6 = -90%)
  • Research -130%
  • Civilization Treasure – Imperial Seal Lv1 (-5%) / Mask of Agamemnon Lv1 (-2%)

If there was no add-on due to subordinate cities, the total should be -227%, but it is not.

Battle 2

Ground attack debuff -203%.

Debuff Factor

  • 3 subordinate cities
  • Achaemenidae set (-15% x 3 = -45%)
  • Research -130%
  • Civilization Treasure – Imperial Seal Lv1 (-5%) / Mask of Agamemnon Lv1 (-2%)

From the previous battle, -66% less. If there was no add-on due to subordinate cities, it should be a -45% reduction due to the Achaemenes set, but this is not the case.

If you are interested in the truth, please compare the results of the calculations in the debuff simulator here with your own battle report.
Note that the debuff is capped at 50% of the opponent’s buff.

I don’t know if this is an intended specification or an implementation error that is not.
Frankly, I personally have an evil suspicion that it is an implementation error.
Thus, I fear that the specification will eventually be changed by the developer (i.e., no longer add up to the number of subordinate cities), but I hope it doesn’t happen…

As for the buffs, they are not multiplied by the number of subordinate cities.
(This can also be confirmed by the battle report comparison above.)


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I always refer to this site… ♪

It can be seen from the Wonder menu. (It is not in the item inventory.)

but I didn’t know that you can see it from Wonder, I always changed it by going to Item -> Special -> Treasure 😅.


Can disassemmbling 1 treasure , give a chance for another treasure?

Many thanks for useful information 👍
Attached please find buffs of lv6&7 Tutankamun’s Dagger. Hope it’s helpful. 😊

No, you should not use it.
There are some scores that can be obtained by using the treasure box in events such as the 6th anniversary event.
It may be a small amount, but if you don’t have any treasure that can be leveled up right now, you should use it during the relevant event.

Robert Shallow

You might want to add, that when you reach prestige 1.2M, you can claim the chest in the shrine. It contains don’t remember how much, but quite a few treasure boxes. 30 maybe?

When you use an item, does it work like the monarch gear? Meaning if you equip the mask one before construction, it will increase your construction speed and then you can equip another item and the increased construction speed will still remain

You are right.
“The debuff of the Civilization Treasure is multiplied by the number of subordinate cities that are participating in the battle.” was suddenly gone. I thought it was strange for the past two weeks, but it finally made sense. Thank you very much!

Der Lord

Du schreibst der Zivilisationsschatz kann auch ohne offenes Wunder genutzt werden wie z.B. das Faberge Ei.
Was muss ich machen damit es funktioniert?
Danke im voraus für die Hilfe und bitte machen Sie weiter mit dieser Website. Sie ist eine sehr große Unterstützung im Spiel.

Olá, como utilizar os pergaminhos táticos?, fale um pouco sobre eles, agradeço.


Once you have the treasure, is it yours for good? If you use 1 item, and then use another item, does the prior just stops being used, but remains in inventory for upgrades? is there a limit to the amount of times an item can be used? can you constantly switch from one to another. Thanks

Hello. I have a question

‘Treasure boxes available per day is limited’ means we can get only fixed number of treasure box from gathering, boss hunting etc?

I saw sometimes I got 9, 15 quantities from one relic

Can you let me know how many boxes we can get from all these things daily?

Thanks for your information. It’s awesome🙂
I’m always looking forward to read new article.

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