Civilization Equipment – Recommended Combinations

7/2/2023 – Added all Sasanian sets to “A) Ranged general” and updated the contents of mixed sets.
5/23/2023 – Added the Sasanian set to “A) Ranged general”. (Partially under investigation)
3/28/2023 – Added all Aztec sets to “C) Ground general” and updated the contents of mixed sets.
3/22/2023 – Added the Antonine set to “C) Ground general”. (Partially under investigation)
3/13/2023 – Added the Thebes set to “A) Ranged general”.
1/3/2023 – Added the Antonine set to “C) Ground general”.
1/1/2023 – Added the Heian set to “D) Siege general”.
9/26/2022 – Added the Bourbon set to “B) Mounted general”.
8/7/2022 – Added “D) Siege general”, “E) Defense general”.
8/7/2022 – Helmet for a mixed set of ranged generals was changed to Abbas.
7/27/2022 – Leg armor & ring for a mixed set of mounted generals was changed to Rurik.
6/19/2022 – Leg armor for a mixed set of ground generals was changed from Furinkazan to Rurik.

Mixed vs Unified – which is better?

Is it better to have a mix of different civilizations or a full set unified by one civilization?

This depends on the type of troops.

For Ranged Generals, a mixture is recommended.

For Mounted Generals, it is difficult to say which is better, as both have advantages and disadvantages.
In the case of mixed, the buffs are excellent.
In the case of united, the debuff is excellent.

For Ground Generals, a mixture is recommended.

For Siege Generals, the only recommendation is to unify with Heian equipment.

For Defenders, the only recommendation is to unify with Koryo equipment.


  • The buff values listed below are for the “marching buff” and with dragons. (related: Buff / Debuff – Basic Guide)
  • “Own Full Set” buffs are not included. The reason for this is that it is assumed that the full set is owned even when mixed.
  • The buff values below are for 5 stars.
  • In the case of a mixed selection, the selection criteria are basically those that have many buff items (attack, defense, HP) of the relevant troop type and have the highest total buff value. After that, I select them so that as many set buffs as possible can be applied.

A) Ranged General

Mixed vs Unified – Comparative Overview

* Unified – Sasanian Set / Plantagenet Set / Thebes Set

Ranged Buff & Total Debuff

TotalAtkDefHPMarch SizeTotalTarget
Mixed (Buff oriented)463%275%90%85%13%320%All type
Mixed (Debuff oriented)373%285%75%0%13%445%All type
Unified (Sasanian)431%167%117%112%35%310%Ranged & Siege
Unified (Thebes)430%220%105%90%15%245%Ground
Unified (Plantagenet)288%220%15%40%13%320%All type

Mixed (buff oriented) is recommended.

Next, unification in Sassane or Thebes.
I do not recommend unification in Plantagenet. I don’t see any advantages over the others.

Mixed (buff oriented) has high attack strength and has debuffs for all types of soldiers.
It is versatile and easy to use.

Sasanian Unification has high ranged troops and siege machines debuff, but low attack strength.
In other words, it is suitable for the first wave of a castle attack.
In a castle attack, the main objective is to eliminate enemy mounted troops while being attacked by the enemy’s siege machines and ranged troops.
Although their attack strength is low, ranged troops are strong against mounted troops, so it is possible to eliminate mounted troops to some extent. However, eliminating even ground troops is more difficult than other combinations.
In other words, it is suitable for those who are willing to give up to some extent on annihilating the enemy with a single blow and send a second wave. (This has been the case since K35)

Thebes Unified has a high ground-troops debuff. Attack strength is fair.
Challenging performance.
The order of attack for ranged troops is enemy mounted troops > ranged > ground, basically the first troop type must be annihilated before it can attack the next one. (Exception: countering an enemy ground troop’s attack may inflict damage).
In other words, the ground troops debuff is not useful unless the first wave of attacks is strong enough to annihilate the enemy mounted troops and ranged troops and then attack the ground troops.
However, it is a romantic performance.

In addition, Sassan and Thebes Unification has higher defense and HP, so it is better suited for player’s city attack than for building attack.
In the case of a player’s city attack, you will be attacking while being attacked by siege machines. Therefore, it is preferable to have durable ranged troops.
In the case of attacking buildings, since you will often attack mounted troops only, defense and HP are not so necessary, and attack is important.

A-1) Mixed

Buff-oriented: Thebes + Plantagenet + Sassane

AtkDefHPMarch SizeTotalAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHP
BootsThebes40%35%0%March Speed +35%
SetPlantagenet 2/615%0%
SetThebes 2/615%0%
SetSasanian 2/615%15%0%

* If Armor is Plantaginet.
Total Buffs are 50% worse. Total Debuffs are 5% better.
Buffs: Ranged Attack +10%, Defense -45%, HP -15%.
Debuff: Ranged Attack +25%, Defense -30%, Siege Attack +10%.

* If Helmet is Abbas.
Total Buffs are 50% worse. Total Debuffs are same.
Buffs: Ranged Attack +10%, Defense -45%, HP -15%.
Debuff: Ranged Defense -30%, HP+10%, Mounted Attack +50%, Siege Defense -30%.

* If Helmet is Han Dynasty.
Total Buffs are 45% worse. Total Debuffs are 50% worse.
Buffs: Ranged Attack -5%, Defense -45%, HP +5%.
Debuff: Ranged Defense -30%, HP+10%, Siege Defense -30%.

* If Ring is Thebes.
March size is 2% better and the Ground HP Debuff is 25% better.
But Mounted HP Debuff is 45% worse.
Since the main role of ranged troops is to eliminate mounted troops, it is not recommended to make the ring Thebes.

Debuff-oriented: Freedom Hero + Plantagenet + Sassane

LegFreedom Hero15%45%40%40%
BootsFreedom Hero35%120%60%20%20%20%March Speed +35%
SetPlantagenet 2/615%0%
Freedom Hero 2/625%0%

* Armor can be Sassane.
Total Buffs are 50% better. Total Debuffs are 5% worse.
Buffs: Ranged Attack -10%, Defense +45%, HP +15%.
Debuff: Ranged Attack -25%, Defense +30%, Siege Attack -10%.

* Leg Armor can be Plantagenet.
Though it will worsen Ranged attack by 15% / Ranged defense by 45% from the above,
but will improve the Ranged HP by 25% / Siege attack debuff by 5% / Rally capacity by 15%.

* If Helmet is Abbas.
Total Buffs are 20% worse. Total Debuffs are same.
Buffs: Ranged Attack +10%, Defense -30%.
Debuff: Ranged Defense -30%, HP+10%, Mounted Attack +50%, Siege Defense -30%.

* If Helmet is Han Dynasty.
Total Buffs are 15% worse. Total Debuffs are 50% worse.
Buffs: Ranged Attack -5%, Defense -30%, HP +20%.
Debuff: Ranged Defense -30%, HP+10%, Siege Defense -30%.

* If Ring is Thebes.
March size is 2% better and the Ground HP Debuff is 25% better.
But Mounted HP Debuff is 45% worse.
Since the main role of ranged troops is to eliminate mounted troops, it is not recommended to make the ring Thebes.

A-2) Unified

Sasanian Set

SetSasanian 2/615%15%0%
Sasanian 4/620%0%
Sasanian 6/612%12%12%00%

Thebes Set

AtkDefHPMarch SizeTotalAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHP
BootsThebes40%35%0%March Speed +35%
SetThebes 2/615%0%
Thebes 4/60%Rally Capacity +15%
Thebes 6/620%20%20%0%

Plantagenet Set

BootsPlantagenet15%35%35%March Speed +35%
SetPlantagenet 2/615%0%
Plantagenet 4/60%Rally Capacity +15%
Plantagenet 6/615%15%0%

B) Mounted General

Mixed vs Unified – Comparative Overview

* Unified – Bourbon set & Han Dynasty Set

Mounted Buff & Total Debuff

Buff: MountedDebuff
AtkDefHPMarch SizeTotal
Unified (Bourbon)222%125%135%15%325%
Unified (Han Dynasty)160%35%65%13%470%

It is difficult to say which is better, as both have advantages and disadvantages.
In the case of mixed, the buffs are excellent.
In the case of united, the debuff is excellent.

Also, in the case of unification,
The Bourbon set has better buffs.
The Han Dynasty set has better debuffs.

B-1) Mixed

EquipmentBuff: MountedDebuffGroundRangedMountedSiege
AtkDefHPMarch SizeTotalAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHP
WeaponHan Dynasty60%60%30%30%
ArmorHan Dynasty30%45%35%35%
SetHan Dynasty 2/630%0%
Plantagenet 2/615%0%
SetBourbon 2/612%0%

* When the weapon is changed to Bourbon,
the mounted troops attack remains the same. (because the Han Dynasty set buff is eliminated).
Also, the ground defense debuff and ranged attack debuff are 30% worse,
while the ranged defense debuff is 40% better and the ranged HP debuff is 35% better.
Although the total value is better in this way, the former debuff is more important for mounted troops.
Therefore, the Han Dynasty is recommended.

* If the ring is set to Freedom Star (45% attack, 15% march size, debuff all troops defense -20%).
Bourbon set buff attack +12% is lost.
Total value,
Attack 275% / Defense 60% / HP 155% / March Size 15% / Debuff Total 290%.
The total buffs are lower and the total debuffs are higher than in the case of Bourbon Bracer.
(2% worse attack, 30% worse defense, 55% better debuff total)

B-2) Unified

Bourbon set

EquipmentBuff: MountedDebuffGroundRangedMountedSiege
AtkDefHPMarch SizeTotalAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHP
SetBourbon 2/612%0%
Bourbon 4/60%
Bourbon 6/620%20%20%0%

Han Dynasty set

AtkDefHPMarch SizeTotalAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHP
WeaponHan Dynasty60%60%30%30%
HelmetHan Dynasty20%40%40%
ArmorHan Dynasty30%45%35%35%
LegHan Dynasty25%15%45%45%
BootsHan Dynasty20%70%35%35%
RingHan Dynasty15%13%20%20%
SetHan Dynasty 2/630%0%
Han Dynasty 4/6100%25%25%25%25%
Han Dynasty 6/6100%25%25%25%25%

C) Ground General

Mixed vs Unified – Comparative Overview

* Unified – Furinkazan set, Antonine set, Aztec set

Ground Buff & Debuff

TotalAtkDefHPMarch SizeTotalTarget
Mixed (Buff oriented)640%215%195%215%15%285%Mainly Ranged
Mixed (Debuff oriented)609%275%137%182%15%410%All type
Unified (Furinkazan)500%150%160%175%15%285%All type
Unified (Antonine)435%162%129%109%35%365%Ground & Mounted
Unified (Aztec)545%220%135%175%15%380%Ranged & Siege

For ground generals, a mixture is recommended.
Among them, the debuff-oriented type is recommended.

The buff-oriented type has debuffs almost exclusively for ranged, though,
In the debuff-oriented type, there are also ground and mounted troops debuffs.

Although the main role of ground is to eliminate ranged, in actual battles, it is not uncommon to fight against all types of troops.

– When dealing with a castle of a lower rank: Aiming to eliminate the enemy with a one-shot attack, the ground will fight against all types of troops.

– When dealing with a castle of the same or higher rank: Aiming for destruction by a few shots, the player plays the role of a finishing blow after clearing mounted troops, or a finishing blow after clearing mounted and ground troops. In other words, it is not uncommon to fight the remnants of mounted and ground troops, the all of ranged troops and siege machines.

For this reason, I also consider debuffing ground and mounted troops to be important.

C-1) Mixed

Buff-oriented: Aztec + Furinkazan + Freedom Hero

AtkDefHPMarch SizeTotalAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHP
ArmorFreedom Hero30%30%35%40%40%
BootsFurinkazan30%20%30%30%March Speed +35%
SetFurinkazan 2/630%30%0%
Aztec 2/615%0%

Debuff-oriented: Aztec + Furinkazan + Antonine

AtkDefHPMarch Size合計AtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHP
BootsFurinkazan30%20%30%30%March Speed +35%
SetFurinkazan 2/630%30%0%
Antonine 2/612%12%0%
Aztec 2/615%0%

C-2) Unified

Furinkazan Set

AtkDefHPMarch SizeTotalAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHP
BootsFurinkazan30%20%30%30%March Speed +35%
SetFurinkazan 2/630%30%0%
Furinkazan 4/615%15%0%
Furinkazan 6/6100%25%25%25%25%

Antonine Set

AtkDefHPMarch SizeTotalAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHP
BootsAntonine20%50%25%25%March Speed +35%
SetAntonine 2/612%12%0%
Antonine 4/620%0%
Antonine 6/612%12%12%0%

Aztec Set

AtkDefHPMarch SizeTotalAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHP
BootsAztec40%35%35%March Speed +35%
SetAztec 2/615%0%
Aztec 4/60%Rally Capacity +15%
Aztec 6/620%20%20%0%

D) Siege General

For Siege General, the only recommendation is to unify.
When mixed, the figures were not good.

Heian vs Abbas – Comparative Overview

Siege Buff & Total Debuff

AtkDefHPMarch SizeTotal
Unified (Heian)220%135%135%0%480%
Unified (Abbas)130%65%60%0%625%

In terms of overall value,
Heian set is superior in buffs.
Abbas set is superior in debuffing.

However, the main use of siege machines is to clear enemy castle siege machines (followed by clearing ranged troops), and these 2 types of troops have a higher priority when it comes to debuffs.
From this perspective, there is no significant difference between the debuffing of Heian and Abbas.

Hence, it is recommended to unify with the Heian set, which has a larger buff.

D-1) Unified

Heian Set

AtkDefHPMarch SizeTotalAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHP
BootsHeian35%40%50%25%25%March Speed +35%
RingHeian35%50%25%25%Range +15%
SetHeian 2/640%10%10%10%10%
Heian 4/60%Rally Capacity +15%
Heian 6/620%20%20%0%

Abbas Set

AtkDefHPMarch SizeTotalAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHPAtkDefHP
BootsAbbas30%80%50%30%March Speed +40%
RingAbbas150%35%40%35%40%Range +15%
SetAbbas 2/615%0%
Abbas 4/60%Rally Capacity +15%
Abbas 6/660%15%15%15%15%

E) Defense General

For defenders, the only recommendation is to unify with Koryo equipment.


RingKoryo90%15%15%15%45%Siege Machine Attack Range +15%
SetKoryo 2/6120%30%30%30%30%
Koryo 4/640%20%20%
Koryo 6/6200%25%25%25%25%25%25%25%25%


SetKoryo 2/60%
Koryo 4/60%
Koryo 6/60%

Imperial / Parthian Equipment Guide

Ares, Achaemenidae Equipment Guide


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It will encourage me to update the site.




Wouldn’t it be useful to create a calculation tool here as well?
Include not only civilization equipment but also Ares and Achaemenedae.


I see a lot of players in the higher ranks using “t1 defense but with Koryo weapon and bracer and allocating the percentage buffs of range and attack to siege machines”, but frankly speaking, how does this compare to “Achaemenidae x6 with extreme debuffing”…?

I will answer your question based on the assumption that the Achaemenidae weapon and ring for comparison is an all cavarly flat refinement.
( I believe that gaining cavalry attack flat refine is more important than extreme debuffing as a reason to use Achaemenidae for weapon and ring).

I think that in situations where there are a lot of high level siege machines in the castle, such as early in the match, you should equip the siege-refined Koryo, and then switch to cavalry-flat-refined Achaemenidae in situations where there are fewer high level siege machines. (That’s what I do).

Depending on the strength and literacy of the attackers, the theory is that when taking down a t1 castle, the first thing to do is to attack with siege weapons to cut down the rear guard.

So if you don’t use siege-refined equipment, the siege machines in the castle will die easily.


Is there any way to quickly change equipment, for example, if you are attacked in a row?

Unfortunately, I think the only way to do this is to open the general equipment screen as usual.
If I may say so, if you know the type of troops and buff values of the first wave of enemy attacks, you can use them to predict the damage to us. If the upper-level siege machines are going to be wiped out, you can open the equipment screen in advance and change it immediately after the attack.


Thinking from the enemy’s point of view, I feel that if they hit the siege bombs first, they will attack you continuously to give you no chance to change your equipment… 🤔

i want to know, it is good or how it’s effective of mixed civilizations equipment on wall generals? should we use mixed debuff equipments on wall general?

Do you think that the assessment about the best Archer set should change best on amplification? Thebes is one of only 2 civilization sets that gives increased march size for all marches after amplification. To me that means that if the performance of a unified Thebes is not significantly worse than the mixed set, it should be preferred.

This is a fantastic list. Thank you for putting it together. I did have a question on the mixed mounted gear. I’m currently using the Freedom Star just because I had it available and needed mounted buffs. You have bourbon bracers listed. I’m curious if there is a reason that you picked the bracers over the star. Was it the mounted defense over attack? Thanks in advance.

it’s for the 12% attack buff with the Bourbon set.

Yes, not only that, but the total value of the buffs will be lower for the Freedom Star. I have added a supplement to the text to show exactly what the values will be. Please take a look.

Thanks for all the Details. It would be very nice if you could add the best set (or combination) for Monster Hunt.(is it pure Rurik?) Thank you


היי, תודה על המידע.
איזה קסדה אתה ממליץ עבור אלקטרה?

I always appreciate your help and reference. (⋆ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)”
I apologize if this question has already been asked.m(_ _)m

I have a question.
I know it is recommended to unify defender’s equipment with Koryo.
Is it better to refine this by percentage?

I am considering switching to t1 defense because I currently have a number of soldiers that I can’t fully ghost: ……
If I switch, would Achaemenes be a better choice?
I’m not sure if it makes sense to go full flat on civilized equipment 💦💦.
Thank you for your help m(_ _)m

It depends on how much emphasis you place on t1 defense, what kind of enemies you are likely to encounter, and what kind of countermeasures you are likely to use against them.

However, even if you emphasize t1 defense, flattening all civilization equipment is probably overkill.

If you are emphasizing t1 defense, at the very least, flat refine mounted troops HP. Furthermore, if you place more emphasis on t1 defense, flat refine mounted troops’ attack as well.
If you are focusing on withstanding enemy attacks with your high level mounted troops and t1 defense is just insurance, then a percentage (or some flat mounted HP if you prefer) would be appropriate.

The flat refine limits for civilization equipment and Achaemenidae are the same, but the basic buffs are of course superior to those of civilization equipment, so it makes sense to flat refine civilization equipment.
However, civilization equipment refine is more costly, so for most people, it takes courage to flat refine civilization equipment.

In my case, because of the cost and the question of how long t1 defense will work (effectiveness, when t15 buffed 3000% archer rally become the norm),
I have civilization equipment as a % refine and apart from that I have a full set of achaemenidae (all mounted troops flat refine).
Now that I often face enemies for whom t1 defense is effective, my helmet and legs are always achaemenidae (= mounted troops HP flat).
If I get attacked a few times or my higher tier troops are reduced, I replace bracers and other civilization equipment with achaemenidae (= mounted troops flat) in real time to strengthen my t1 mounted troop.


If I were to equip Boudica with either a Bourbon helmet or a Koryo helmet, which would be better?

(Bourbon makes it harder to apply the Koryo’s set buffs and one of the buffs is a march buff, so it is invalid.)

Bourbon helmet has high %-buff for cavalry HP & defense, so when defending, if you have few non-cavalry troops and leave a large number of high level mounted troops in place without ghosting them, Bourbon is the way to go. However, this type of defense is not recommended as it is difficult to achieve good results.

Thank you for your prompt response. I have 130M T1 mounted troops at the moment, so I am specializing in cavalry strengthening. I have a Koryo helmet only, but I would like to get the bracers you suggested, since it seems that two sets of Koryo will give 30% ground & mounted troops defense and HP. Thank you very much.

Evony Masochist

Any analysis with the Sasanian Civ Gear? Seems like that’s finally the last civ gear set and would like to know your thoughts 🙂

My apologies. In my previous comment, I wrote Han Dynasty, but it was an error for Koryo.

It depends on what type of troops you are focusing on, so it is hard to say.
However, if you are also focusing on siege machines, you should equip at least Koryo Bracers.
The range of siege machines will be longer than that of Achaemenidae.
This cannot be substituted by other than civilization equipment.

Thank you very much for all your help. If a defender only takes in one or two pieces of civilization equipment (Han Dynasty), would it be advantageous to unify all of them with Achaemenidae to have a set function? I am using T1 defense and would like to strengthen my defenders.

Turk Ferguson

Can we see what is optimal if one only uses conquest Civ gear? What are the best combinations of combined Ach/Ares/Civ

Pink Gem Killah

Would be nice if we could see the old recommended setup stats for a general when you change ‘em. So we can see how things changed and if the changes are worth moving forward or if we should focus elsewhere. For instance previously it was recommended for the ground gem to do mixed setup Fuz (weapon, bracers, boots, helmet) Freedom (chest armor) and Rurik (leg armor). I don’t have the stats for that previously recommended setup and would love to see it vs the new recommendations.


I have always referred to this site. Thanks to the beginner’s guide, I managed to grow. I have a rudimentary question about civilized equipment, but is it possible to craft civilization equipment without achieving a keep lvl 33 or higher and getting top 5 in SvS (Server War Ares) and unlocking the wonder?

Could you please add a section for boss monsters vs pvp cavs?
Amd if possible also as others mentioned a version for low-mid coiners, who only got to the smaller gear


Great stuff as always! Suggestion for new post or adding to this post or the “Red Gear” post…combos for the light or mid-coiner that mixes Civ and Ares/Ach gear.

With King’s Party Event you can get a choice of helmet, leg armor, or ring/bracer scroll for most sets at cake level 4 (around $200 USD). That is a lot more affordable than what you need in King’s Party for the other scrolls.

So what combos would you recommend as a mix of Civ gear, Ach, or Ares Gear? Most likely 2 civ gear pieces and 4 Ach/Ares to get set buffs. Special note that it might need to include armor (chest piece) ideas for those who have not unlocked Wonder and can’t upgrade to Ares for that piece.

I use Antonine for ring on my ground general as it provides a lot more attack. What’s your thoughts on this.

Since the advantage of ground is durability, especially ground defense, which is hard to be debuffed and valuable, I prefer the Furinkazan Bracers with 90% defense.

Happy Dip

To better understand things. This is a question that needs to be answered. What is stronger as a attacking ground attack. A 20% march size increase or 20% attack, hp, and ground buffs. I wouldn’t test this against the world boss since it’s mechanics are different from other mechanics.

Thank you for your informative articles.

I have a question: I have the against-monster equipment Rurik’s bracers, leg armor, and helmet, and I would like to know how I can optimize my equipment composition.

The equipment I am wearing now is
Weapon: Bourbon
Head: Rurik
Armor: Fearless Achaemenidae
Leg armor: Bourbon
Boots: Plantagenet
Ring: Rurik

I would be glad to get your opinion.


I was wondering if you have looked into civ gear for sub gens or reining marches (like a Dimitry)?

Happy Dip

Would you be willing to update the ground and siege equipment? I see some major changes…

Happy Dip

I know it’s a bit of a challenge but would you be willing to mention alternative combinations of civilization equipment for reinforcing other players?

Hope to see a update to this its a good guide but some new stuff came out and might be some changes especially to the ground set up I think there’s more choices now and new siege civ is almost fully released

You recommend mixed for range, which requires some Abbas gear, but complete for Siege – which requires the same Abbas gear… So how do you make up the lost pieces of Abbas? What helmet goes on your siege general if your Abbas helmet is used on your range general?

If the emphasis is on ground troops’ attack strength, would a Rurik helm also be more appropriate than a Furinkazan?


For mounted troop mixed, why choose Han weapon when bourbon weapon is superior with both buff and debuff?

He already answered. You lose the 30% buff for 2/6 Han gear which equalizes the 30% gained for the Bourbon gear. But, other benefits lean towards having Han over Bourbon.

Happy Dip

Would you be willing to create a Boss monster hunting category?


Maybe the best solution is to unify in Rurik.


I guess 4 Rurik + 2 Ares is the best mix for hunting

Happy Dip

Your both thinking the world boss has the same mechanics as a regular boss. The mechanics are different.

Would love to see that – many can not afford to go beyond conquest civ gear.


If you could obtain only one piece of higher level equipment (weapon, armor, etc.), which one would you recommend?


A kind request for an appendix to this article (as new sets are added and thinks get more complicated) :
– a table with all pieces per set with the attributes’ values at 5-star

It would be helpful for everybody in calculating alternative combos (as the optimal combo is not always possible for everybody).

Can you do siege gen mixed combo not using koroyo assuming we’re using that for the wall gen, bc as it stands there’s nothing to compare it to if we follow the other mixed sets and we’re not breaking up the wall gen set. Ie what would you use in a mixed set for the siege gen with the pieces left?

Please weigh in, would love to know your thoughts

😭 please do a siege setup that doesn’t take away from your wall general full koroyo set. I’m dying to know your thoughts here

I guess this worked itself out with the new Heian set so looking forward to hearing your thoughts now with a mixed set using abbas and Heian set leaving the koroyo gear intact on your wall gen.


I’ve been following the cav gear. Have you looked into the combo of bourbon ring and weapon. Han leg and armor, and plant helmet and boots being a better set up than the ones you listed recently?

Its combination is also very good. However, the sum of attack, defense, and HP is 512% (297%, 105%, 110%).
This is slightly less than the sum of the combinations I listed. (522% (277%, 90%, 155%))
In PvP, mounted HP is valuable. It is hard to be debuffed.
Also, my combination is 30% better at debuffing ground defense.

Thank you. Makes sense, just hard not to use the bourbon weapon somehow.

Have you thought of, or plan to look into gear for a reining gen? Like a dimitry? I’ve put together some left over on one of mine as well as a mix of achem gear but also the new gear maybe a good option. I use mine for what it specs. Range attack and ground mix for reining.

Dart Heilen

Tal vez sea una pregunta tonta pero: ¿Dónde consigo los fragmentos para hacer equipo de civilización?


New equipment has been released.
At a glance, I guess it is for debuffers (subordinate city generals).


Hello, this is amazing source of information, really well done. Now that the Abbas full set has been released, would consider it for your wall general range/siege?


I always find it helpful. 🙏
I made k33 and civilization equipment but I can’t do star upgrades or refinements. Does the level of the forge have anything to do with it?


Perhaps you are looking for equipment in the forge?
For civilized equipment, you should be able to do star upgrades and refinements from Wonder.

I recently swapped out fearless ares leg to rubrics for mounted. Adjusted the refines for high percentage HP but the wounded on level for warlock went up threefold. So I switched back. Trying figure out why. Ling was max 34 with 5 stars

Furinkazan chest and rurik boots is an alternative to the freedom chest and furinkazan boots for mixed ground.

Agree with L… So if Weapon, Armor (Chest), Boots & Ring are Furinkazan while Helmet and Leg Armor are Rurik you get tot attack of 205%, tot def 210 & tot hp of 155. Particularly attractive to me as ground Def is much harder to debut vs ground HP.


Any idea when would you post about siege and defence? They all are launched now. Please take some for the same


Ok, it’s all out now. I’m dying to see what the consensus is on what the best combinations are. I don’t want to invest in refines, only to find out I should have put pieces on different generals, lol.

Happy Dip

Now that the final civilization pieces have arrived… This will be a fun puzzle to figure everything out… Respect 👊✌🤣


It doesn’t come with a set buff, but wouldn’t it be a good idea to put Rurik Leg armor and boots on the defender? 🤔


As everyone has said – this is super useful. My question is:

For Ground, do you think the extra 35% bonuses (attack +30, def -5 hp +10) are worth the loss of the 90% on debufs?


How do you feel about the Rurik legs in the mixed set for ground?

Gregg L.

Hi. Thank you for all your awesome information. I have a question about the Freedom set. So many people refer to it as the siege general set, but I don’t see why. To me, it looks like an all around set. I’m thinking about putting 4/6 on Gnarr. Thoughts?

I don’t believe it is a set for siege machines too. I believe it is a set for all-arounder. It is very half-baked.
If it is a set for siege, it must have a siege range bonus on the bracers. Otherwise, it can’t compete with Koryo bracers for defenders.

Regarding Freedom Set 4/6.
I don’t know what you think about the use of Gnarr, but I think it’s not bad if you want to use him as an all-arounder. (However, I would not recommend an all-arounder in the first place. The buffs are half-assed and weak)
If you are going to use it as a ranged general, I don’t recommend it because I think the combination of articles is better.

Apparently the Abbas set shall be for range-siege, with a mace of siege and ranged attack, and bracers of 3 debuff and siege range bonus 😀


Hi. I appreciate your blogs and yoi taking the time to break this down. I been suggesting a bit how to setup the wall general with civil gear. What are your thoughts?


Thanks for your post
It helps a lot!
However, I found something wrong between Mounted general Unified and MIxed.
It looks switched now and Mixed should be powerful than unified.


Would these be the optimal setups for the respective general, or would combining 2/2/2 or 4/2 with ares and achaemenidae achieve better results? I’m asking because I currently have 2/2/2 with my simeon and I want to ensure I have the best set up.

I would not recommend this.
If the leg armor is plantaginet, the freedom set buff is lost, so one idea is to make the helmet freedom instead and add the set buff, but in the end, the helmet has no ranged troops buff and is negative, so I don’t see much benefit.


Hi, thank you very much for your comments.
The reason I am asking about freedom helmet is because freedom helmet and boots are relatively easier to get, and 2 of them would give the set buff for ranged attack. That might be some low hanging fruits for small coiners.

Hello, nice to meet you. I always learn from your site.
I was looking forward to reading your article on civilization equipment.
Thank you very much.

If you know about the red equipment siege specialized equipment, I would like to do the same as you described. I know you are busy, but please do so even when you have time.

Dear site owner.
Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to respond.
I would like to create the same equipment for siege machine specialization.

I look forward to your site updates. Please keep up the good work.


I am always referring to your site.
If you don’t mind, could you please tell me your selection criteria when mixed?
For example, to maximize the attack buff, etc.

Basically, I choose the one that has many buff items (attack, defense, HP) of the relevant troop type and has the largest total buff value.
I also try to choose the ones that have as many set buffs as possible.
(I added this to the Assumptions section.)

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