Boss Monster Power List

*1/23 add – Nian (Limited : Spring Festival)
*12/17 add – Viking Hard (Thanks to Server 134 player )
*12/9 add – Viking Icebreaker

Normal Boss

  • Lv1 Zombie 36.5K
  • Lv2 Redcap 219K
  • Lv3 Centaur 328.5K
  • Lv4 Skeleton Dragon 787.2K
  • Lv5 Werewolf 1.3M
  • Lv6 Manticore 2.2M
  • Lv7 Yasha 3.4M
  • Lv8 Peryton 6.5M
  • Lv9 Minotaur 9.9M
  • Lv10 Griffin 17.9M
  • Lv11 Ifrit 59.6M
  • Lv12 Kamaitachi 89.4M
  • Lv13 Fafnir 134.1M
  • Lv14 Behemoth 187.7M
  • Lv15 Phoenix 262.7M

Event Boss

  • Lv1 Weak Fenrir 27.4K
  • Lv2 Common Fenrir 186.1K
  • Lv3 Furious Fenrir 492.7K
  • Lv1 Junior Garuda 1.3M
  • Lv2 Senior Garuda 1.7M
  • Lv1 Royal Thief I – III 13.6M
  • Lv1 Lava Turtle 12.4M
  • Lv2 Lava Turtle 22.3M
  • Lv3 Lava Turtle 74.5M
  • Lv4 Lava Turtle 147.5M
  • Lv1 Golem 12.4M
  • Lv2 Golem 22.3M
  • Lv3 Golem 74.5M
  • Lv4 Golem 147.5M
  • Lv1 Witch 13M
  • Lv2 Witch 24.6M
  • Lv3 Witch 85.6M
  • Lv4 Witch 154.8M
  • Lv1 Warlord 13M
  • Lv2 Warlord 24.6M
  • Lv3 Warlord 85.6M
  • Lv4 Warlord 154.8M
  • Lv1 Junior Hydra 84.9M
  • Lv2 Medium Hydra 120.6M
  • Lv3 Senior Hydra 198.9M
  • Lv1 Junior Knight Bayard 65.5M
  • Lv2 Senior Bayar Knight 147.5M
  • Lv1 Pumpkin Monster 708.5K (Limited : Halloween Event)
  • Lv2 Pumpkin Monster 1.9M
  • Lv3 Pumpkin Monster 5.9M
  • Lv4 Pumpkin Monster 16.1M
  • Lv5 Pumpkin Monster 53.6M
  • Lv6 Pumpkin Monster 80.4M
  • Lv1 Junior Nian 59.6M (Limited : Spring Festival)
  • Lv2 Medium Nian 71.5M
  • Lv3 Senior Nian 89.4M



  • Lv1 Viking 1.1M
  • Lv10 Viking 1.7M
  • Lv20 Viking 2.9M
  • Lv30 Viking 4.9M
  • Lv40 Viking 8.3M
  • Lv50 Viking 14.1M


  • Lv1 Viking 3.2M
  • Lv10 Viking 5.9M
  • Lv20 Viking 11.8M
  • Lv30 Viking 23.4M
  • Lv50 Viking 91.7M


  • Lv1 Viking 10.6M
  • Lv10 Viking 18.1M
  • Lv20 Viking 32.9M
  • Lv30 Viking 59.8M
  • Lv40 Viking 108.5M
  • Lv50 Viking 196.9M

Alliance Challenge

  • Lv1 Viking Icebreaker 89.4M
  • Lv2 Viking Berserker 134.1M
  • Lv3 Viking Chief 262.7M






Hi, I can’t seem to find information on the world bosses and what troops are best to use against which. So for the Bird of Hurricane for instance would the best line up be using Ranged troops?


I always refer to this as my Ebony textbook.
If you have any data like “Viking easy level 50 rewards are equivalent to normal level 25”, please let me know.


Administrator, I am always indebted to you.
I too would like more information on the world boss.
I’ve been trying to find out more about the world boss as I’ve been getting more and more T13 troops lately, but there’s so much I don’t know. 😓
I’d like to know more about which bosses are weak against which types of troops, or if they resist.
By the way, somehow, Hurricane Bird feels a little vulnerable to cavalry.
At first I thought it was strong against cavalry because of the low damage score and the high number of cavalry wounds, but it was simply that the hurricane bird was strong and cavalry got the highest damage score!
But this is also not accurate data due to various uncertainties, so please be patient. 🙇
I’d like to thank you for your help.

Basically, regardless of the type of WB, cavalry will score the most.
It is a good idea to appoint a general with an effective debuff for each WB as the mayor of a subordinate city and have him/her participate in the attack.


Thank you for your reply, RYO ❗
I also verified and confirmed it with the last Lord of Lava.
It’s true that the main cavalry seems to be fine.
I didn’t take into account the debuff of the subordinate city general at all.
Thank you for your valuable information 🙇


I appreciate your article. Thank you.
I was hoping to find information regarding world boss fighting. How to get the most damage. Is it possible that you can effectively counter say a mounted beast such as the Bird of Hurricane with ranged troops or should you use mounted troops since it is a mounted beast?

Larry Askew

Wall Generals are their buffs strictly as Wall Generals or can it be applied to Towers

I have a question on boss monster rallies. Do my troops receive attack increases based on the general that I bring to the rally, or based on the general of the player who starts the rally?


Server 134 player

Hard Lv50 Viking 196.9M

Didn’t think I was going to get the power level for that one this week, but luckily someone summoned one just before reset!

Server 134 player

Hard Vikings
Lv1 Viking 10.6M
Lv10 Viking 18.1M
Lv20 Viking 32.9M
Lv30 Viking 59.8M
Lv40 Viking 108.5M

Alliance Challenge
Lv2 Viking Berserker 134.1M

what no of troops to kill boss monster for monster above lvl10 and what troops like for witch, ifrit, warlord and many

For example
– Lv10 Griffin – t10 Cavalry 130,000
– Lv11 Ifrit – t11 Cavalry 280,000
– Lv1 Warlord – t10 Cavalry 150,000
– Lv1 Witch – t11 Cavalry 100,000
– Lv2 Witch – t12 Cavalry 500,000

I’ve written about a few others in the following posts, if you’d like to read them! 🙂
How Many Troops need to Defeat Boss?

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