1/31/2023 – Added list of EXP and number of pieces needed for upgrades.
11/29/2022 – updated “Basic Attributes Lv1-20(%) List”.
10/13/2022 – added “Basic Attributes Lv1-20(%) List”.

Basic Specifications

When each training facility in the castle (stable, archer camp, barracks, and workshop) reaches lvl 8, blazon can be equipped.

Equipping any blazon at each training facility provides buffs and debuffs.

As the level of each training facility is increased, more and more blazon equipment slots are unlocked (up to 6 slots); all 6 are unlocked at lvl 29.

The blazon can be obtained by hunting monsters or buying event packages during specific events.

There are a total of 48 blazons, consisting of 8 sets and 6 elemental combinations.

Set Type

  • For Ground troops
    • Justice
    • Sacrifice
  • for Ranged troops
    • Valor
    • Compassion
  • for Mounted troops
    • Honor
    • Soul
  • for Siege machines
    • Honesty
    • Humility

Elemental Types

  • Light
  • Shadow
  • Wind
  • Fire
  • Ocean
  • Earth

There are two types of buffs: a buff that is unique to each blazon and a set buff that becomes effective when a specified number of blazons of the same type set are equipped.

The buff that each blazon has unique is different, even for the same blazon. The following is an example. The same “Justice Shadow Blazon” has different buffs.

It is recommended to save presets and switch between them depending on the situation

Basically, it is a good idea to save each set as a preset.

You can save them in the upper left corner of the screen. (maximum 3 presets for each type of troops)

For example, if the set is for mounted troops, you can save the Honor set (6) and the Soul set (6) in their presets, and switch to the Honor set for PvP and the Soul set for monster hunting.

Upgrading blazon

A blazon can be leveled up by consuming other blazons.

When you level up, your buffs go up.

The higher the level of blazon you digest, the higher the EXP you gain.

New buffs are gained when the blazon reaches Lv10 or 15. (What you get is random.)

Locking the blazon will prevent it from being consumed on level up.

EXP & Number of pieces Required for Upgrade

To go from Lv1 to 10, 119 Lv1 are needed.
To go from Lv1 to 15, 349 Lv1 are needed.
To go from Lv1 to 20, 874 Lv1 are needed.

Lvfrom Prev. Lvaccumulation
EXPLv1 pcsEXPLv1 pcs
1 -> 220022002
2 -> 350057007
3 -> 470071,40014
4 -> 51,000102,40024
5 -> 61,300133,70037
6 -> 71,500155,20052
7 -> 81,800187,00070
8 -> 92,200229,20092
9 -> 102,7002711,900119
10 -> 113,3003315,200152
11 -> 123,9003919,100191
12 -> 134,6004623,700237
13 -> 145,2005228,900289
14 -> 156,0006034,900349
15 -> 167,0007041,900419
16 -> 178,5008550,400504
17 -> 1810,00010060,400604
18 -> 1912,00012072,400724
19 -> 2015,00015087,400874

Lv2 or higher blazon can be used as material

It is also possible to use an upgraded Blazon as a material, although at a slight loss.

80% EXP will be returned.

Note that if it is locked or included in a saved preset, it cannot be selected as a material.

It must be unlocked and excluded from the preset.

EXP gained & Loss when using Lv2 or higher as material

If Lv10 is used as material, 9,620EXP is obtained, a loss of about 24 pcs of Lv1.
If Lv15 is used as material, 28,020EXP is obtained, a loss of about 70 pcs of Lv1.
If Lv20 is used as material, 70,020EXP is obtained, a loss of about 175 pcs of Lv1.

Lv1 pcs
(Lv1 pcs)
(Lv1 pcs)

Basic Attributes Types

  • (troop type) Load
  • (troop type) Training Capacity
  • Basic
    • (troop type) Attack
    • (troop type) Defense
    • (troop type) HP
  • Marching
    • Marching (troop type) Attack
    • Marching (troop type) Defense
    • Marching (troop type) HP
  • In-Rally
    • In-Rally (troop type) Attack
    • In-Rally (troop type) Defense
    • In-Rally (troop type) HP
  • on Monsters
    • (troop type) Attack on Monsters
    • (troop type) Defense on Monsters
    • (troop type) HP on Monsters
  • Defending
    • Defending (troop type) Attack
    • Defending (troop type) Defense
    • Defending (troop type) HP
  • Reinforcing
    • Reinforcing (troop type) Attack
    • Reinforcing (troop type) Defense
    • Reinforcing (troop type) HP

Basic Attributes Lv1-20 Buff List (%)

The Basic Attributes buffs start out as 2, but increase to 3 at Blazon Lv 10 and four at Blazon Lv 15.

For example, if you are lucky enough to have all 4 as “Marching (type of troop) Attack”, then
10.5 x 2 + 14.4 x 2 = 49.8% buff from one Blazon.

And each type of troop can equip 2 Blazon each of Attack, Defense, and HP.

Therefore, if you can upgrade well,
you can get nearly 100% buffs for attack, defense, and HP at Lv15.

* The 3rd and 4th buffs added at lvl 10 and above are slightly higher than the 1st and 2nd.

SlotBasic Attributes (%)Lv1234567891011121314151617181920
1, 2Attack, Defense, HP0.611.
Attack, Defense, HP (Marching)0.71.3?
Attack, Defense, HP (on Monsters)
Attack, Defense, HP (Defending)
Attack, Defense, HP (In-Rally)0.8???????????????????
Attack, Defense, HP (Reinforcing)
Training Capacity0.6???????????????????
3, 4Attack, Defense, HP5.16.4???9.911.3??13.715.5
Attack, Defense, HP (Marching)???10.1?14.4?????
Attack, Defense, HP (on Monsters)9.1??14.1???????
Attack, Defense, HP (Defending)7.69.41112.113.214.4?????
Attack, Defense, HP (In-Rally)7.1????????19.120.7
Attack, Defense, HP (Reinforcing)?????15.4?????
Training Capacity5.1??????????

Set Buff List

Ground troops

Justice Set
(2/6)When attacking, Enemy Mounted Troop Attack-20%
(4/6)When attacking, Enemy Ranged Troop Defense-20%
(6/6)Attacking Ground Troop Attack, Defense and HP+10%
Sacrifice Set
(2/6)When defending, Enemy Mounted Troop Attack-25%
(4/6)When defending, Enemy Ranged Troop Defense-25%
(6/6)Defending Ground Troop Attack, Defense and HP+15%

Ranged troops

Valor Set
(2/6)When attacking, Enemy Ground Troop Attack-20%
(4/6)When attacking, Enemy Mounted Troop Defense-20%
(6/6)Attacking Ranged Troop Attack, Defense and HP+10%
Compassion Set
(2/6)When defending, Enemy Ground Troop Attack-25%
(4/6)When defending, Enemy Mounted Troop Defense-25%
(6/6)Defending Ranged Troop Attack, Defense and HP+15%

Mounted troops

Honor Set
(2/6)When attacking, Enemy Ranged Troop Attack-20%
(4/6)When attacking, Enemy Ground Troop Defense-20%
(6/6)Attacking Mounted Troop Attack, Defense and HP+10%
Soul Set
(2/6)Mounted Troop HP on Monsters+30%
(4/6)Mounted Troop Defense on Monsters+30%
(6/6)Mounted Troop Attack on Monsters+30%

Siege machines

Honesty Set
(2/6)When attacking, Enemy Troop Attack-5%
(4/6)When attacking, Enemy Troop Defense-5%
(6/6)Attacking Siege Machine Attack, Defense and HP+10%
Humility Set
(2/6)When defending, Enemy Troop Attack-10%
(4/6)When defending, Enemy Troop Defense-10%
(6/6)Defending Siege Machine Attack, Defense and HP+10%

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Not sure if this matters but an interesting tid-bit: Evony will not let you have more that 468 unequipped blazons. You will not be able to open more blazon chests past that number.

Does the In-Rally mounted troop atk blazon buff get applied when I start a rally , or is it only when I join a rally?

Dart Heilen

Veo que cada vez que elevas el nivel del blazón, aumenta el poder, esto es por tropa individual o el ataque en general del tipo de tropa?

Bilgiler için teşekkürler. Bir sorum olacaktı. Örnek. Zemin hp. Lvl20 kadar yükselttik. Her yeni yükseltme geldiğinde. Rasgele mi geliyor? Hepsi ni zemin HP yapma şannsımız var mı?

> Thanks for the information. I have a question. Example. Ground hp. We upgraded it to lvl20. Every time a new upgrade comes. Does it come randomly? Do we have a chance to make them all ground HP?
Random. It is possible that they will all be the same, but it is very unlikely.

Simon Willison

Hi,will in-Rally Mounted Attack buff take effect when I start a monster rally?


Hi, thanks for the wiki !
I have a question about when defending and marching take effect.
1, Does defending blazon take effect when I do reinforcing?
2, Does marching blazon take effect when I do rally?

lvl20 is max level

Attack on Monsters lvl.20 – 19.9%
In-Rally Attack lvl.20 – 20.7% (added on 10)
Attack lvl.20 – 15.5% (added on 15)

Attack on Monsters lvl.19 – 18.9%
In-Rally Attack lvl.19 – 19.1% (added on 10)
Attack lvl.19 – 13.7% (added on 15)

Attack, Defense, HP (Defending) lvl.6 – 4.4%
Attack, Defense, HP (Defending) lvl.7 – 5.2%
Attack, Defense, HP (Defending) lvl.8 – 6.0%
Attack, Defense, HP (Defending) lvl.9 – 6.8%

Attack, Defense, HP (Defending) lvl.3 – 2.2%
Attack, Defense, HP (Defending) lvl.4 – 2.9%
Attack, Defense, HP (Defending) lvl.5 – 3.6%


I would like to know if I would be taking a loss if I use a higher level when upgrading.
I was upgrading a Blazon without knowing that each Blazon has a different “unique buff”. Therefore, I would like to replace them when I acquire a Blazon with better inherent buffs.
I would keep the upgraded one if I would take a significant loss when I use it as a material for leveling up.


That is a loss.
80% of the material used will be EXP.

For example.
If level 2 is used as material: 260 EXP  
Base 100 + (material 200 x 0.8) = 260
If level 10 is used as material: 9,620 EXP 
Base 100 + (Material 11,900 x 0.8) = 9,620

If you raise to level 10 and do not get a good buff, you may use it as a material. It will be a loss of about 24 pieces.

I by mistakenly upgraded wrong blazon, how to dissmantle it and get back lower level blazons

When attacking a world boss with mounted troops, I’ve found that the blazon of mounted troops works better to buff against monsters with a soul set than to debuff them with a glory set.
I guess the reason is that debuffs don’t work much against world bosses, but I hadn’t really thought about the fact that against-monsters buff works.

Thank you for all your help.
Against Monster Attack Level 13 -> 12.4% (1st and 2nd) and 14.1% (3rd) I have confirmed.☺️

As I promised:
Attack on Monsters lvl.18 – 17.8%
In-Rally Attack lvl.18 – 18.1% (added on 10)
Attack lvl.18 – 12.9% (added on 15)

Attack on Monsters lvl.11 – 10.2%
In-Rally Attack lvl.11 – 8.2% (added on 10)

Attack on Monsters lvl.12 – 11.3%
In-Rally Attack lvl.12 – 9.7% (added on 10)

Attack on Monsters lvl.14 – 13.5%
In-Rally Attack lvl.14 – 12.5% (added on 10)

Attack on Monsters lvl.16 – 15.6%
In-Rally Attack lvl.16 – 14.7% (added on 10)
Attack lvl.16 – 10.9% (added on 15)

Attack on Monsters lvl.17 – 16.7%
In-Rally Attack lvl.17 – 16.0% (added on 10)
Attack lvl.17 – 12.0% (added on 15)

Tomorrow lvl.18 🙂

I am not clear on how the buffs work when joining a rally in the first place (does the rally setter’s buff apply or my own?), but does Blazon’s “In-Rally (troop type) Attack” have any effect when joining an alliance’s top player’s rally and attacking another city?


Probably, the expected indivindual buffs from every Blazon are distributed similarly to general’s equipment.
Shadow (~Weapon) > Attack
Ocean (~Armor) > Defense
Earth (~Boots) > Defense
Fire (~Helmet) > HP
Wind (~Leg Armor) > HP
Light (~Ring) > Attack
Which means that (as an example) you cannot expect to find indivindual buffs for attack from Ocean, Earth, Fire, Wind,,,,but only from Shadow and Light.

Can you please confirm this if you concur ?

Does anyone have an idea what the confirm option does for Blazon? I have upgraded gear but don’t know what happens if I confirm.

I have 500 blazons and I’m still not sure which one to lock and how to upgrade them.


Confirmed at the Soul Shadow Blazon (top left of mounted troops).
At lv.15, mounted troop attack on monsters is +15.6%.
The 3rd mounted troop load is +9.7%, and
the 4th mounted troop attack on monsters is +17.5%.


It will be helpful.

If you don’t mind, could you tell me how many emblems are needed for the upgrade, or as many as you remember?


This thing shows up in the waybill but cannot be attached. Is it really possible to waybill or not?


Thank you for all your help.

I have been doing my own research and have been able to confirm 7 types of mounted troops alone.

It seems a bit difficult to find out the number of types compared to the number I can get without paying.

Mounted troops, Honor Ocean.
All % are lvl 1

Mounted Troop Defense 0.6%
Mounted Troop Defense on Monsters 1.0%
Defending Mounted Troop Defense 0.9%
In-Rally Mounted Troop Defense 0.8%
Mounted Troop Load 0.6%
Mounted Troop Training Capacity 0.6%
Marching Mounted Troop Defense 0.7%

Evony Kitten

doesn’t work at all for me yet ( on iOS last version, and last Evony patch applied )
Everytime I just click on a Blazon, not only there’s no description of any sort ( attributes description is empty) , but the game freeze, and I have to restart. If i try to equip it in a barrack (if i equip two) , some chinese characters appears and then the game freeze, again


I suggest you uninstall and reinstall your game program. A small bit of corrupted data could be your issue.

Thanks again for your articles.
I have posted as much as I know.
Please check the information as there may be some mistakes or omissions.

Blazon Lv1 -> Lv2 -> Lv3

(troop type) Load
+0.6% -> ? -> 1.9%

(troop type) Training Capacity

In-Rally (troop type) HP
In-Rally (troop type) Attack
In-Rally (troop type) Defense

(troop type) HP
(troop type) Attack
(troop type) Defense
+0.6% -> 1.5%

Reinforcing (troop type) HP
Reinforcing (troop type) Attack
Reinforcing (troop type) Defense
+0.9% -> 2.4% -> 3.1%

(troop type) HP on Monsters
(troop type) Attack on Monsters
(troop type) Defense on Monsters
+1% -> ? -> 3.5%

Defending (troop type) HP
Defending (troop type) Attack
Defending (troop type) Defense
+0.9% -> 2.2%

Marching (troop type) HP
Marching (troop type) Attack
Marching (troop type) Defense

Which blazon is good when killing monster with other alliances members. Reinforcing blazon ore in rally blazon ?


Hi, thanks for all the helpful information.
I have a question about the blazon set buffs.
For example, the Justice Set of ground troops.
(2/6)When attacking, Enemy Mounted Troop Attack -20%
(4/6)When attacking, Enemy Ranged Troop Defense -20%
(6/6)Attacking Ground Troop Attack, Defense and HP +10%

Would this be effective only for ground troops? If you know if other types of troops benefit from the debuff when layered, please let me know.

It seems to be effective no matter which type of troops you attack with.
Test result: turn on/off the set buff for ground troops emblems and attack NPC subordinate city with siege machines only -> value in debuff column in battle report changes.

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