Best of Boss General / Monster Hunter

Who is the best general for monster and boss hunting?

Based on the assumption that only mounted troops will be used, I have compiled a personal ranking.

Important Assumption 1 – What to focus on?

  • If you want to kill monsters with zero wounds, you should choose a general with more “attack” and “march size”. (Reason)
  • If you want to grow faster, you should choose a general with increased “double item drop rate”.

You can’t have these two things at the same time.

You need to make it clear in your mind which one you value more.

Personally, I recommend that you focus on the latter.

Important Assumption 2 – If “Attack” is most important to you

If zero wounds, in other words “attack”, is the most important factor, then it is best to add both the below skillbook to the Mounted PvP General. (These 2 buffs are stacked. (Verified))

  • Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster Lv4 (+45%)
  • Mounted Troop Attack Lv4 (+25%)

In this case, you should choose this Mounted PvP General instead of the general in this article.

It is not Aethelflaed or Caesar. These 2 have seemingly high attack but cannot use the “Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster” skill book.

If you add 45% to the attack listed in the linked article, and compare it to this article, you will see that it is far better.

(For example, Hannibal would have a +171% attack.)

On the other hand, if double-drop is your top priority, you should choose the general in this article instead of the Mounted PvP General.

Important Assumption 3 – In this article, the selection criteria for the generals

Based on the above, the ranking on this page is based on the following

– “Double item drop rate” is the most important factor. (then “Attack” is the next)
– Exclude PvP Mounted Generals.
– Only generals with skills that only work in monster hunting.

A) If you pay no money

  • Assumptions
    • General – Only generals available in the Tavern / Great General Chest / Relics.
    • Specialty – Only the 3 left are considered. (Reference: Specialty Guide)

Stats Format : Leadership / Attack / Defense / Politics

1. Baibars

  • Skill – Double Items Drop Rate +25%
  • Specialties (ONLY 3) – Mounted Attack +20%, HP+10%, Defense +20%, Enemy Troop HP -10%
  • Base Stats – 100 / 103 / 102 / 105
  • Stats Increases – 8.53 / 7.90 / 7.91 / 8.16

Example of adding a skillbook Lv4

  • Double Items Drop Rate +25% (can’t add)
  • Mounted Attack +90% (add: Mounted Attack +25% / Mounted Attack Against Monster +45%)
  • Mounted HP +10%
  • Mounted Defense +20%
  • March Size +12% (add)

2. Nathanael Greene

  • Skill – Reduce Stamina’s Cost -25%
  • Specialties (ONLY 3) – Mounted Attack +10%, Defense +10%, The death-turning-wounded rate of troops +10% (when attacking), Enemy Troop Defense -10%
  • Base Stats – 101 / 103 / 102 / 105
  • Stats Increases – 8.37 / 8.22 / 7.91 / 8.16

Example of adding a skillbook Lv4

  • Double Items Drop Rate +18% (add)
  • Mounted Attack +80% (add: Mounted Attack +25% / Mounted Attack Against Monster +45%)
  • Mounted HP +0%
  • Mounted Defense +10%
  • March Size +0%

The only general with a stamina cost reduction skill.
Stamina cost is not to be taken lightly in a rally-heavy alliance. (If you are a player who pays a lot of bills, you can pay for your stamina with money, but if you are an unpaid player, you can’t.)
The double item drop rate is not great, but it is better than running out of stamina and not being able to fight monsters.

B) If you pay a lot of money

  • Assumptions

1. Theodora

  • Skill – Mounted Attack +30% (when vs Monster), Ground Attack +30% (when vs Monster), Double Items Drop Rate +10%
  • Specialties – Ranged Attack +20% (when vs Monster), Mounted Attack +15%, Ground Attack +15%, Double Items Drop Rate +15%, Monsters Attack -15%The death-turning-wounded rate of troops +10% (when attacking)
  • Base Stats – 105 / 109 / 108 / 110
  • Stats Increases –  8.23 / 8.45 / 8.63 / 8.85

Example of adding a skillbook Lv4

  • Double Items Drop Rate +43% (add)
  • Mounted Attack +115% (add: Mounted Attack +25% / Mounted Attack Against Monster +45%)
  • Mounted HP +0%
  • Mounted Defense +0%
  • March Size +0%

As of 8/27/2021, only available as a “First Purchase” bonus on new servers. (Purchase 1 or more basic gem)
11/11/2022 Now included in the item “Epic Historic General (Premium)”. If you use it, you can get it if you are lucky.

2. Baibars

  • Skill – Double Items Drop Rate +25%
  • Specialties – Mounted Attack +20%, HP+10%, Defense +20%, Double Items Drop Rate +16%, Enemy Troop HP -10%, March Time Reduction +10%
  • Base Stats – 100 / 103 / 102 / 105
  • Stats Increases – 8.53 / 7.90 / 7.91 / 8.16

Example of adding a skillbook Lv4

  • Double Items Drop Rate +41% (can’t add)
  • Mounted Attack +90% (add: Mounted Attack +25% / Mounted Attack Against Monster +45%)
  • Mounted HP +10%
  • Mounted Defense +20%
  • March Size +12% (add)

3. Caesar

  • Skill – Mounted Attack +60% (when vs Monster / requires any Dragon), Ground Attack +15% (requires any Dragon)
  • Specialties – Mounted Attack +40% (when vs Monster), HP +10%, All Troops Attack +6%, Double Items Drop Rate +15%, Monsters Attack -20%defense-20%
  • Base Stats – 119 / 112 / 113 / 111
  • Stats Increases –  9.45 / 8.52 / 8.84 / 8.61

Example of adding a skillbook Lv4

  • Double Items Drop Rate +33% (add)
  • Mounted Attack +131% (add: Mounted Attack +25%)
  • Mounted HP +10%
  • Mounted Defense +0%
  • March Size +12% (add)

4. Aethelflaed

  • Skill – Mounted Attack +55%, Defense +55% (both when vs Monster)
  • Specialties – Mounted Attack +40%, Defense +40% (both when vs Monster), HP +10%, Ground Attack +30%, Defense +30% (both when vs Monster), Double Items Drop Rate +15%, Monsters Attack -15%
  • Base Stats – 112 / 107 / 115 / 113
  • Stats Increases –  8.94 / 8.78 / 9.12 / 8.44

Example of adding a skillbook Lv4

  • Double Items Drop Rate +33% (add)
  • Mounted Attack +120% (add: Mounted Attack +25%)
  • Mounted HP +10%
  • Mounted Defense +95%
  • March Size +12% (add)

(can’t add “Mounted Attack Against Monster” )

5. Nathanael Greene

  • Skill – Reduce Stamina’s Cost -25%
  • Specialties – Mounted Attack +36%, Defense +10%, March Speed +20%, The death-turning-wounded rate of troops +10% (when attacking), Enemy Troop Defense -10%
  • Base Stats – 101 / 103 / 102 / 105
  • Stats Increases – 8.37 / 8.22 / 7.91 / 8.16

Example of adding a skillbook Lv4

  • Double Items Drop Rate +18% (add)
  • Mounted Attack +106% (add: Mounted Attack +25% / Mounted Attack Against Monster +45%)
  • Mounted HP +0%
  • Mounted Defense +10%
  • March Size +0%

Note – If only the 3 left specialties are considered

Double Items Drop Rate / Mounted Attack

  • Theodora +43% / +100%
  • Caesar +33% / +101%
  • Aethelflaed +33% / +90%
  • Baibars +25% / +90%
  • Nathanael Greene +18% / +80%

Conditions for Caesar / Aethelflaed to have an advantage over Baibars

If the 4th specialty is not taken into account, then Caesar or Aethelflaed has an advantage over Baibars.

Reference: Specialty Guide

Baibars has a maximum double-item-drop-rate of +41%, but that’s if you max out the 4th specialty. This takes a lot of time and effort (or money). If this is not possible, the drop rate is +25%.

In contrast, Caesar and Aethelflaed can extend the double-item-drop-rate of their specialties as soon as the general is level 25.

In other words, as soon as you get a general, if you can add Luck skillbook Lv4 (+18%) and increase the double-item-drop-rate of his/her specialty to 7% or more, he/she will be as good as Baibars (when his specialty is not completed).

(In addition, Aethelflaed’s specialty double-item-drop-rate is +9% with Orange (Lv4))

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Ascend of Sanada and Spartacus has resulted in a decrease in stamina consumption.

I raised Sanada to 10 stars.
Cultivation, only attack is +524.
The others are about +450.
It is about the same strength as a cultivated golden general who has not been red-starred.


If you don’t mind me asking, please let me know.
Sanada cultivation, what percentage of attack buff (army attack) will be at attack⁺524?
Thank you in advance.

I know you are probably going to release an update now that (a few) purple generals can be ascended, but to me as a non-paying player, even before that Sanada Yukimura (under Roland) was my best assistant monster hunter. Now, despite only obtaining the sixth star, I can run him as the main general (with Mordred as assistant) and get results almost identical to my Roland+Sanada combo (which I’m keeping by using another undeveloped Sanada) despite not giving Sanada a dragon (my Roland has a level 2 Fafnir with dragon guard 62). For example I can kill a level 2 witch uninjured with 210k troops with Roland+Sanada vs 220k troops with Sanada+Mordred (and 230k with Martinus+Hannibal)


Hi there, first of all, thanks for your efforts putting it all together!! I wish i had found it when I started playing… trowed lots of RSS in rubbish generals.

Question: For Theodora
Example of adding a skillbook Lv4
March Size +0%

Doe that means that, if I put on her the “March Size Skill book” it won´t take any effect?

Thanks again mate!

Shadar Logoth

You should make a new category for “Best World Boss / Alliance Boss / Event World Boss / Rally Leader” generals. The consideration here has to do with Attack and HP buffs, but Boss -ATK debuffs are also very valuable.

Depending on the boss, using archers or ground can be more beneficial than sending Cavalry (due to innate resistances of the boss). There is much to consider and your opinions would be welcome.


As for monster generals, I think Caesar is the strongest if you prioritize attack strength. It is very hard to max specialties, but monster debuffs are very powerful.

부상없는 몬스터 사냥에서 기마병의 공격력이 몬스터에 대한 디버프(debuff) 보다 더 우선 사항입니까? 몬스터 사냥 장군들은 비록 기마공격력이 PVP 장군들보다 낮지만 훌륭한 몬스터 디버프를 가지고 있습니다. 몬스터 디버프가 기마 공격력보다 효율성이 좋지 않습니까? 정말 궁금합니다


You give the choice between attack or double-drop, but I don’t agree that the choice should be binary. This has become even more practical with the addition of Assistant Generals. It’s possible to sacrifice a little bit of attack and a little bit of double-drop. For example, pairing a top mounted PvP general with a double-drop assistant. In my case, when I want to kill a monster of a level 45 Hard Viking, or stronger, I use Roland with Aethelflaed as an assistant.

Hi. have Cesar as principal for boss hunting.
what recomend for Assistant ? Li Jing or Takeda Shingen

Camaradd (Server 658)

For double drops advantage, don’t forget to add 28% from Courageous Dragon Ring. You will be pleased from the results

Shadar Logoth

Caesar is the best long term heavy investment general out of the list.

His #4 specialization skill dramatically improves the ability for your guild to consume content as it is the equivalent of solo hunting with 4 Sanada. Caesar with maximum specialization #4 and Rurik gloves makes rallies behave like solo with 9 Sanada (20 from spec 4, 25 from rurik glove).

A heavy payer in my alliance also uses Caesar. He says he is less injured than Hannibal. I was wondering if there might be a need for a ranking that takes into account the effect of this monster debuff? Just a thought.

Kaan Ozberk

Thank you so much for this perfect guide and your efforts
I am reading these pages often
I just want to ask,
1. If I have all generals Hanibal, Aethel, Martinus etc, all max skill and stats
2. I have both monster dragons Fafnir and niddhog
3. My goal is zero wounded for B17 and all boss monsters
4. I don’t care about double drop

Which is the best of the best configuration
Kind Regards

It would be as follows.
– Hannibal (All Specialties Max)
– Skillbook: mounted troops attack Lv4 + mounted troop attack against monsters Lv4
– Neddhog (all refinements are mounted troops attack)
– Equipment: in this article “Mounted Generals: Mixed Types”

Kaan Ozberk

Thanks for explanation, You are great mentor 🙂

Since Star Level 10 has been implemented, I will change my answer.
As of today, Martinus is better. Since he is the only one of them that can be Star Level 10.
(This could change in the future.)


If you need a rally joiner general and you don’t want to spend the invaluable runestones on what’s effectively your secondary monster general, Baibars is then the best, and dominates Aethelflaed in terms of double-item drop rate. You can’t get any double-item drop rate out of Aethelflaed until unlocking the second specialty. Baibars is great in the sense that he only needs some kind of a ring and the skill books to become a very useful general.

Nathaniel Greene isn’t that great IMHO. If you seek out the stamina from the usual sources, you should always have plenty (eggs, dwarf, lucky box, King’s Path, and the consumption return).

You also need to think twice about hitting certain monsters. For example, if you’re K25+, and you have already completed the art collection, hitting Minotaurs and Griffin is almost useless.

Sir Bedevere

But do not discount the prestige necessary for rank that you can earn with B6-B10 bosses. There are benefits to be had by increasing rank (i.e. additional subcity and general), and penalties by decreasing rank (too many subcities or generals – have to delete two to add one). It all depends on the age of your server, number of rallies by your alliance, etc.

It would be nice If you devide the article by Boss Monster Hunter General (Rally Leader) vs Rally Joiner (Double Drop)

Why is Roland not Listed here? With skill bocks mounted attack and mt monstster attack he has 100% mt attack from the beginning … – I have HP on monster as 3rd skill bock – very powerful as rally leader imho ….

As you can get Roland easy via relics chamber an even more interessting choice?


Great and detailed article i refer too, occasionally.
I would like to request to add additional section to explain how to build the best monster hunting general,
sections should include :
Spiritual beast (bird of thunder increase both mounted stats, and drop rate),
Gear (e.g. Courageous Dragon ring gives the highest bonus, higher gear don’t have this, gear that buffs mounted attack).

I gave my Theodora level 4 skill books for Luck, Mounted attack against monster and Mounted HP against monster. Should I consider resetting her skill books to have both mounted attacks? or is the difference not big enough to make a difference? She is my main boss hunter, but to be honest she joins the big players’ rallies more often than running her own.


Hey there, i was looking forward to an approach where i can also get less amount of wounded. In case of Theodora, will it be better if I add Mounted HP and Defense against Monsters Books along with Luck instead of Mounted attack and Mounted attack against Monster Book? I ask so because Theodora already has decent attack buff as her skill, I got 5 Green japan Subs for increasing attack as well. ( My military research is completely max for my keep and rally spot as well)


It is currently only available in the box from billing. My Aethelflaed is finally on its second body and has just reached star level 6.

If you don’t pay money, forget Baibars, he is incredibly hard to find in the tavern. For people who refuse to spend some little change on a basic gem package to get Theodora instantly, I’d recommend to hit the relics (complete all relic related research first), send all your marches to relics when you log out. It is very easy to get Roland and Hannibal. Just give one of these generals (I prefer Hannibal) monster skills (Mounted Troop Attack, Mounted Troop Attack Against Monster, Luck), and you will be set up for hunting monsters for the rest of the game.

I disagree. I have 3 Baibars from the tavern and passed on the 4th because I have Theodora too.

Red Five

When it comes to luck, I agree, Baibars gets the job done. He won’t get the top-level monsters like Aethelflaed will, but he is capable of killing a nice range of monsters. I leveled mine up, fully starred him, & cultivated his attack to max. Then I added a maxed out Bird of Hurricane for an extra 10% luck & gave him a dragon ring for 28% luck. 63% is not too bad.


My question is why isn’t Sanada Yukimara included in this list? He’s one of the best monster hunter generals in the game, hands down


We now have an assistant general available on our server. If I give Theodora a skill of cavalry attack 4 cavalry monster attack 4 luck 4, what would be the best assistant general?


My Theo has the same skills. I’ve paired her with Custer whom i have defense, defense against monster and HP skills.. they’re my perfect pair..!!


I have a question in regards to Theodora. She can have both Mounted attack and mounted attack against monsters, plus luck skill books added. With this she would have a total of +100% attack against monsters and +28% luck.

Add a max starred king ring and this takes double drop to 28+26= 54%

Add spiritual beast on top of this and whatever level adds to the DD % also…..

Please tell me if I’m correct here or missing some important points? It seems Theodora can be much better to use for monsters than Baibars (of course you only get 1 though)

As stated in section B, I think you are right if you are a heavy spender.
In other words, it is only for those who have enough runestones to increase the double drop rate of Theodora’s specialty.
See below for more information on the preciousness of runestones.
Specialty Guide

The information here is always very helpful to me. Thank you very much.
I think you are right that increasing attack power is the best way to reduce the number of wounds when hunting bosses to zero, as shown in the article on boss hunting mechanics, but is it possible that increasing HP reduces wounds more than increasing attack?

Also, I know you are busy, but if possible, I would appreciate if you could consider the following case study.

(Example) By changing the general from Takeda Shingen to Roland, including the added skills, the cavalry attack buff increased by 55%, HP decreased by 10%, and defense increased by 15%. Everything else is the same, except that March size has been reduced by 2% with equipment. When I attacked the Kamaitachi with this, its Wounds increased by a slight 53. (2190 -> 2243)

(My observations) Although the attack and march size increased, it did not lead to a significant reduction in the number of wounds because the number of turns my army attacked did not change. Also, defense increased, but the HP reduction worked more effectively, so the number of wounded increased slightly.

Thank you very much for your time.

It’s possible. In the case of attack, it may be reduced significantly or not at all; in the case of HP, it is definitely reduced, but only slightly.
I think the considerations are correct as you described them.

John Whistler

Under Theodora, you have examples of adding level 4 skill books. I’m trying to follow your advice and I currently have the level 1 mounted attack and mounted attack against monsters skill books. I do not see one for increased double drop except luck, which does not go to 43% at level 4. Could you please clarify this for me or just simply tell me the three best skills in your opinion for the double drop route? Thanks in advance- you’re a huge help!

Hi. Thank you for the article on my favorite topic ^^. I have expected it, but not this fast 😀
Besides, when we discuss about PvP, it is always about Dragons. However, for monster hunters, I recommend everyone to consider the attribute from Bird of Hurricane because there are generals who must use dragon for the skills such as Caesar and Martinus, leading to the trade-off between Double-drop rate and Attack.


Ethelfleda ve sezara seviye 4 canavara atlı asker saldırısını kullanamazsınız dediniz ama bunu kullananları gördüm

>Ethelfleda and caesar you said you can’t use the cavalry attack to a level 4 monster, but I’ve seen people using it
I just verified it again, but I couldn’t attach it to those 2 generals.

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