Auction House – Product lists, Winning bid prices, etc

List of items appearing in the auction and examples of winning bid prices, etc.

Note: Winning bid prices are examples from my server and are for reference only.

Some of them are under investigation. Updated as needed.

Mysterious Goods

GoodsHammer Price
Lowest Price
Initial Bid
Freedom Star Scroll Fragment x304,200,000
Gentleman’s Rapier Sword Scroll Fragment x3015,000,000
Furinkazan Katana Scroll Fragment x3016,900,000
Furinkazan Leg Armor Scroll Fragment x307,300,000550,00050,000500,000
Han Dynasty Bracers Scroll Fragment x306,700,000
Han Dynasty Halberd Scroll Fragment x3019,050,000550,00050,000500,000
Han Dynasty Armor Scroll Fragment x3020,050,000550,00050,000500,000
Koryo Bracers Scroll Fragment x305,200,000550,00050,000500,000
Saint Michael Castle20,400,000
to 22,000,000
Light Knight (March Effect)4,300,000350,00050,000300,000
Famous City Key (Germany)35,100,000
to 45,050,000

Rare Goods

GoodsHammer Price
Lowest Price
Initial Bid
Epic Historic General (Premium) x1150,000 to
200,000 approx
5K VIP Points x550,0005,00045,000
Source of Life x10055,0005,00050,000
Senior March Size Increase x155,0005,00050,000
Lv4 Skill Book Chest x350,0005,00045,000
Soul Crystal x3052,0005,00047,000
Dragon Source Fragment x10065,0005,00060,000
Runestone Chest x50055,000 to
65,000 approx
Dragon Scroll Chest x260,0005,00055,000
Achaemenidae Scroll Chest x260,0005,00055,000
Lv7 Military Gear Chest x155,000 to
75,000 approx
Tactic Scroll x5035,0005,00030,000
Material Bag (Silk Road) x5056,0005,00051,000
Treasure Box x2030,0005,00025,000
3 Day Speed Up x2053,0005,00048,000

Common Goods

Lowest Price
Initial BidBuyout Price
5M Food Box x49,0001,0008,00016,000
5M Lumber Box x49,0001,0008,00016,000
5M Stone Box x49,0001,0008,00016,000
5M Ore Box x49,0001,0008,00016,000
Super Resource Chest (RED) x510,0001,0009,00018,000
8 Hour Speed Up x3011,0001,00010,00051,000
3 Day Speed Up x511,2001,20010,00048,000
7 Day Speed Up x314,6001,60013,00066,000
20K Monarch EXP x2014,6001,60013,00064,000
20K General EXP x4014,6001,60013,00064,000
Research Stone x30013,5001,50012,00060,000
Super Attack Increase (10 min) x513,5001,50012,00060,000
Super Defense Increase (10 min) x513,5001,50012,00060,000
Super HP Increase (10 min) x513,5001,50012,00060,000
100 Stamina x1016,5001,50015,00060,000
1M Gold x814,6001,60013,00064,000

Other Basic Information

Setting Bidding Prices

  • For Rare and Mysterious Goods, the bidding price can be freely set by the player. (You can set the price by pressing the price shown above the “Bid” button.) However, the price must be above the “Lowest Increment” price.
  • For common goods, the bidding price cannot be set by the player. It is determined automatically.

“Buy It Now” Price

  • Only common goods have a Buy It Now price.
  • Rare and Mysterious Goods cannot be sold at the Buy It Now price.


  • For Common Goods and Rare Goods, only a few servers will be in competition.
  • For Mysterious Goods, all servers will be competitors.

Bidding Deadline

  • If a bid is placed within 5 minutes before the bidding ends, the bidding deadline will be reset to 5 minutes.

Payment and Returns

  • Gems are paid at the time of bidding.
  • If the bid is unsuccessful, the Gems paid at the time of bidding will be refunded, but you must receive them manually. (Press the “Claim” button at the bottom right of the screen.)

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How do I unsold an item from the auction. If I do not want it and I want my gems back?


I’m unable to find the claim button and lost a lot of gems. Please help

Link (S-715)

In the auction house

At the bottom of screen you will see a black bar.

Gems returned:….. Gem 0
Tab at right hand corner say
-Claim- click it.


Where is the auction house. I know it’s in the market and I had it but now it’s gone. Has it disappeared or changed at what level you get acess to it. Not sure if it was a new update. But the auction house is no where to be found.


I always refer to it 😊
I have a question,
I have an item that I would like to buy at an auction, but I do not know when it will be put up for sale. Is there a set timing for when the product will be put up for sale?

There is also 5×5000 VIP points available in the auction. First bid price is 50K and it seems like it the average sell price is 60K

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If you found this article useful, I would appreciate a donation.

It will encourage me to update the site.

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