Art Hall General – List of Ways to Get

Collecting generals listed in the “General Hall” of the Art Hall will give you various rewards and buffs. The following is a summary of where to get these generals.

List of Ways to Get

GeneralTavern(G)ChestPayOther Destinations
TyrantAmir Timur28M

Empress Dowager Cixi26M


Raged King

– Available at Wheel of Fortune
Victorious MasterTrần Hưng Đạo38M

Robert Lee28M

Charles Martel30M

William Wallace32M

Aura of EmpressQueen Jindeok21M

Empress Wu27M

Queen Victoria28.5M

Shajar al-Durr

Strategy MasterGustavus Adolphus40M

Li Jing

Nathanael Greene32M

Takeda Shingen32M

Genius LeaderAlexander Nevsky30M

Richard the Lionheart35M



King’s ConquestGwanggaeto the Great


Li Shimin32M

Mehmed II

x– Available at Royal Thief Reward
– Available at King’s Path Reward
Legendary GeneralArminius

Ulysses S. Grant

Gwon Ryul




Ban Chao


Askia Muhammad I

Legendary HeroKing Arthur28.5M


Minamoto no Yoshitsune

James Bowie

Invincible AresHuo Qubing35M



Genghis Khan30M

Prince Rhaegar

Reference 1

Categories that can be collected Without Paying

Difficulty: Low

You can have everyone in the tavern.

  • Victorious Master
  • Genius Leader

*Related – Tavern level and Drop Rate of Historic General (Survey Results)

Difficulty: Medium

You can get them all at the Tavern and the Great General Chest.

  • Aura of Empress
  • Strategy Master
Difficulty: High

You can get it for free, but the probability is quite low.

  • Tyrant
  • King’s Conquest
  • Legendary Hero

Categories you Need to Pay

  • Legendary General
  • Meritocrat
  • Invincible Ares

Reference 2 – General Hall Rewards

Please see the following article.

General Hall Reward List (Art Hall)




Is there a page on the rewards for completing a set in general hall of the art hall?

I’ve never seen Robert Lee in my Tavern. He’s the only one that doesn’t show as “Not currently available in the Tavern” or something to that extent. Is there anything with your set culture that determines which generals will/won’t show up? I spend a bit here and there but not much.

Also, what are the generals you can get from the battlefield shop? Have you information on this also?

Thanks for the good work!

In my experience, it doesn’t seem to me that culture changes the tendency of which generals are more likely to appear.

In the Battlefield Shop you can buy an item called “Epic Historic General”, which will randomly give you a golden historic general. (This includes generals that can be bought at the tavern.)


I have completed “Strategy Master”, but it seems to be different from “Strategy Expert”, which is a requirement for unlocking “Ring of Fafnir” of “Art Treasure”. Do you have any idea where “Strategy Expert” falls?


Thank you for your answer. Oh my god, the strategy master is irrelevant! The Evony team is incredibly misleading, isn’t it? LOL It’s scary not knowing where the trap is.

Thank you for the comprehensive list. I wonder if the rewards are rewarding 😉 Is it worthwhile to hire a general from the tavern just to fire him afterwards? Just to have her/him in Art Hall without wanting him to play? There are quite some crap generals in the art hall. And nowhere in the game any indication of the reward. Only after you unlock the respective Art Hall lvl, which I just did as a necessity for another building. In the first line I see the reward of 30 silk roads. I would not hire for them for example. Are rewards getting significantly better in other lines?

Whether it “significantly better” depends on how you feel about it, but for example, the second line gives you a gold historic general (random), and the third line gives you a 24-hour speedup x10 and 50M of each resource.
Gold is plentiful in the later stages of the game, so you may want to start collecting it then. I started actively recruiting in the tavern when I was around keep level 30.

I look forward to reading every update!
Do you know of anyone who has gotten Mehmed II from “royal chest”? It would be very helpful if you could tell me about it, even if it’s just a rumor. I’ve been trying to save up 100 chests but have been unsuccessful, so I’m about to save up 300 chests.
I’m also saving up for “Witch’s Treasure Bag”.
Is there anything else that I should open after I save up? 😃

I have not rigorously tested and do not know if it is better to open it after accumulating it. 🤔
But 300 boxes is impressive. If you could share your results with me, I would be happy to. ☺️

It came out in my alliance the other day, in 3 chests.

У меня есть Мехмед 2 , из сундуков от вора , вы должны делать их каждый день и может попадётся , удачи 🙂

I got him a couple weeks ago from the royal thief chests. I thought it was likely a mistake and couldn’t get him as no one I’d spoken to had got him that way but I now know it is. Been playing since March last year if that’s any help on time scale of how it can take


If I fire a historic general, will he also disappear from the “General Hall”? Or once I hire him, will he remain in the “General Hall” after I fire him?

If you fire him, he will remain. 😃
In my case, it disappeared temporarily due to a bug, but it came back after I logged back in. 😓

The daily chests are starting to give some of the cooked gens. This list is not totally accurate in that regard.

curious cat

Is there a guide to get epic historical general scroll (without paying) and odds of getting specific generals from it?

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