Art Hall

If you collect a lot of art and generals, you will receive rewards and various buffs at the Art Hall.

To receive rewards, the level of the Art Hall must be raised.

Construction becomes possible at Keep level 11.

To raise the level of the Keep to 28 or 33, or to raise the level of the Triumphal Arch, the level of the Art Hall must be raised first.

Menu (Availability during upgrade, Unlock conditions)

All menus are available during the upgrade. Nothing will be disabled.

There are no menus that need to be unlocked. All available from the beginning.

  • General Hall
    • As you collect various generals, you can get rewards here.
  • Exhibition Hall
    • Collecting Artwork, you can get rewards here.
  • Art Treasure
    • You can check the unlock status of Art Treasure Buffs and upgrade them.


Below are the main milestones.

  • Lv11-25: Unlock the Exhibition Hall Rewards (see table below for details)
  • Lv12, 27-35: Unlock the General Hall Rewards (see table below for details)

Upgrade requirements (resources, etc.)

Note: “Construction Time” depends on the “ConstructionSpeed”. The following construction times and speeds are examples, most of which are based on my own play. Note that construction speed can be checked in the “Administration” section of the monarch’s detail screen.

* Blanks are under investigation

* Requires horizontal scrolling

(Exhibition Hall Reward)
(General Hall Reward)
11140,000140,000140,0005:39:51141%Keep111. Knight Equipment Hall
12200,000200,000200,00023,8006:47:29141%Keep12General Hall II Reward
5. North Ocean War Song
13290,000290,000290,000280,0008:08:48141%Keep132. Oil Painting Hall
15600,000600,000620,000610,00011:43:20141%Keep153. Stringed Instrument Hall
16860,000890,000920,000900,00014:04:00141%Keep164. Jewelry Hall
171,200,0001,300,0001,300,0001,300,00019:41:20141%Keep175. Noble Crown Hall
181,800,0001,900,0002,000,0001,900,0001d 03:33141%Keep18
192,500,0002,800,0002,900,0002,800,0001d 14:34141%Keep196. Ancient Coin Hall
203,200,0003,700,0003,800,0003,700,0002d 06:00141%Keep20
214,200,0004,800,0005,000,0004,900,0003d 03:36141%Keep217. Body Sculpture Hall
225,300,0006,300,0006,500,0006,400,0004d 09:51141%Keep22
236,900,0008,300,0008,600,0008,400,0006d 04:11141%Keep238. Pot Hall
248,800,00011,000,00011,000,00011,000,0008d 15:28141%Keep249. Cup Hall
2511,000,00014,000,00015,000,00014,000,00012d 23:12141%Keep2510. Mask Hall
2623,700,00031,600,00031,600,00031,600,00016d 13:23141%Keep26
2736,340,00045,820,00047,400,00047,400,00021d 06:30141%Keep27General Hall I Reward
1. Tyrant
2855,300,00069,520,00071,100,00069,520,00019d 05:03249%Keep282. Victorious Master
2980,580,000101,120,000104,280,000102,700,00026d 06:51249%Keep293. Aura of Empress
30121,660,000153,260,000158,000,000154,840,00041d 12:25261%Keep304. Strategy Master
31158,632,000200,186,000206,348,000201,766,00055d 04:59261%Keep315. Genius Leader
32209,099,000264,240,000272,343,000265,820,00074d 10:37261%Keep326. King’s Conquest
33290,502,000367,559,000378,793,000369,139,00099d 20:35287%Keep337. Legendary General
34444,516,000563,039,000580,196,000564,619,000161d 20:55287%Keep348. Meritocrat
35855,271,0001,084,384,0001,117,338,0001,085,964,000345d 08:54287%Keep359. Legendary Hero
10. Invincible Ares

General Hall II Reward
1. Heroine
2. Undefeated General
3. Authority of Emperor
4. Greatest Honor
6. Unstoppable General
7. Peerless Hero
8. Famous Leader
361,266,026,0001,605,729,0001,654,480,0001,607,309,000490d 03:41318%Keep36
371,830,814,1252,322,578,3752,393,050,2502,324,158,375685d 21:10349%Keep37
382,861,552,4533,630,828,4843,740,940,9563,632,408,4841,116d 14:44360%Keep38
395,283,787,5246,705,216,2416,908,484,1166,706,796,2412,286d 04:40360%Keep39

Exhibition Hall Rewards

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How to obtain the Artwotk

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General Hall Rewards

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How to obtain the Generals of the General Hall

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