Arctic Barbarians Invasion Guide

1/13/2024 – Some text and images were added.
11/4/2022 – Due to specification changes, the score for each barbarian castle has changed, and the article reflects this.

Event Overview

Rewards are given for defeating “Arctic Barbarian’s Castle” that appears randomly on the world map and earning scores.

Combat is pseudo-PvP against NPCs, and differs from monster warfare (NPC: non-player character, PvP: player versus player). Both solo and rally are possible.

The main way to get a score is to defeat a castle and then send troops to occupy it for a certain period of time. Although you can get a score just by defeating castles, it is not much, so occupation is the main way to get a score. Scores can also be obtained by using paid items.

There are 3 types of rewards.

  • Score ranking (individual)
  • Score ranking (alliance)
  • Rewards based on individual score achievement

Rewards based on individual score achievement are not based on competition with others, so if you work hard, you are sure to receive them.

This event is unique in that you can get a large amount of Gems. If you achieve a personal score of 500M, you can get 189,000 Gems.

The event period is often 11 days.

There is a limit to the number of challenges, and you can only defeat yourself 10 times a day (no reduction if you lose). Therefore, the selection of castles is important.

Common concerns of inexperienced people

Will the soldier die if I lose? (Are they lost forever?)

No, they do not die. They become wounded soldiers and are taken to a hospital (siege machines are in a trap factory). Therefore, they can be revived. They do not become deserters or souls, so there is no need to worry about “horns of recalling” or “soul crystal”. ( I am still checking on the case of losing a battle when the hospital is full.)

Doesn’t recovering from wounds consume a lot of resources?

No need to worry about resources.

In fact, the opposite is true. As long as you don’t keep losing, resources are likely in surplus. You can consider it as a resource earning event.

Note: However, the cost of recovery should be lowered through monarch talents and research. Details are described later.

This event is adjusted to reduce the number of wounded (*). Thus, the number of wounded will be much lower than in normal PvP. (* As you can see from the battle report, for example, the number of wounded on our side is adjusted to a few tens of thousands, even if the barbarian side has almost one million killed.)

Thus, the cost of recovery is far less than in normal PvP.

Also, resources are obtained each time a barbarian castle is defeated. For example, at Lv4, you can get about 5-8M of each resource, and at Lv5, you can get about 8-12M.

(The amount of resources you get is listed in a table later in this article.)

Basic Methods and Tips

1. Search

Basically, a steady stroll on the map

Barbarian castles appear randomly on the world map, so the only way to find them is to look for them steadily and visually. However

In many cases, three or so castles are clustered in close proximity to each other, so once you find one castle, you should look around to see if there are others nearby.

Search in PC version

The desktop version of the Evony app, available for Windows PC & Mac, allows you to find on a very large screen.

Narrow the height of the window to display the map more widely.

Download the desktop version here.

Using Items (Barbarian King’s Token)

During this event period, if you buy the event package up to the 5th level, it includes an item called “Lv6 Barbarian King’s Token”. With this item, you can make a Lv6 barbarian castle appear and get its coordinates. (One time per item.)

Reference: Event Package 1-5 All Contents

2. Selection

Rough determination by level

There are a total of six levels of barbarian castles.

The following is a rough judgment of the levels. (personal opinion)

  • Lv1 – Keep level 11 and above
  • Lv2 – Keep level 16 and above
  • Lv3 – Keep level 23 and above
  • Lv4 – Keep level 27 and above
  • Lv5 – Keep level 32 and above

For Lv6, castles of the same strength as the lower levels will appear, so the only way to confirm this is to look at the detail screen or do reconnaissance.

Measuring Strength by Enemy “Power” & “Buffs”

Basically, castles with greater power are stronger. However, you should not judge power alone.

Castle with high power but low buffs are weak.
Castles with low power but high buffs are strong.

To check the power and buffs, tap on the barbarian’s castle and select “Details” from the menu.

(A list of powers and buffs is provided later in this article.)

In the following example, the one on the left has lower power but very high buffs. As you can see from the actual fight, it takes a stronger army to defeat the castle on the left than it does to defeat the castle on the right.

High scoring is the castle with high power

The higher the enemy’s power, the higher the score.
It does not matter how high the enemy’s buffs are.

* Prior to 11/4/2022, the following were in effect

If power is high but buffs are low, the score is low.
If power is low but buffs are high, the score is high.

Please refer to the list of scores later in this article.

Recommended selection criteria is “Highest power required for occupying”

When selecting a castle, it is recommended to judge whether your troops’ power is sufficient for “Highest power required for occupying” or not.

Generally, castles whose “Highest power required for occupying” is too large cannot be defeated by you alone. Also, even if you force them down using items, if you do not have enough occupying troops, you will receive only a small score, which is not worth it.

Therefore, if you pay attention to this, you will be able to make the right choice in most cases.

The “Highest power required for occupying” can be checked from the detail screen of each barbarian’s castle.

The power of your troops can be checked from the bottom of the troop selection screen before the troop departure. Ideally, this number should exceed the “Highest power required for occupying”.

Choose a weak castle that you can reach “Highest power required for occupying” instead of a strong castle that you can’t reach.

This is because the former has a higher score.

Even if the power of the troops sent to occupy the castle is the same, the score will change if the highest power limit of that castle is different.

For example, if the power of your troops is 100M

  • Castle with “Highest power required for occupying” of 150M
  • Castle with “Highest power required for occupying” of 100M

If you send your troops to the latter castle, you will receive a higher score.

Do not defeat weak castles by yourself, but pass them on to your allies

If the enemy’s power is too low, you will get only a small score, wasting your precious number of challenges.

If possible, do not defeat a castle by yourself, but have your friends defeat it.

Check to ensure that the number of troops inside castles of the same power does not differ greatly

Even if the power and buffs are the same, the number of troops inside the castle can vary widely (sometimes by more than 1 million). Therefore, it sometimes happens that a castle that you were able to defeat before cannot be defeated this time.

When attacking a strong castle, it is recommended to scout the castle in advance to check if the number of troops is significantly different from the previous one. If you are attacking a castle far away and it takes a long time to march, it is very painful when you lose and have to start over again.

3. Attack

Basic Notes

  • Must be defeated with a single blow. (If defeated, all enemy soldiers will be resurrected.)
  • When attacking solo, you cannot take a subordinate city with you. (= debuffs by subordinate cities cannot be used)
  • In the case of a rally, the number of challenges will be reduced not only for the rally leader but also for the participants.

The recommended troop composition is high-tier ranged troops with layering

Note: This is only a recommendation “for barbarian events”.

Examples of specific troop compositions

As many high-tier ranged troops as possible, and about 1,000 each of the others.

Example: Keep level 35, March size 1,600,000

TierTypeNumber of
t13~t1Groundeach 1,000
Rangedeach 1,000
Mountedeach 1,000
Siegeeach 1,000

Focus on the ranged troops

As explained in this article, the basis of PvP is to hit the enemy’s counter troops.

And the barbarians’ troop composition varies from castle to castle, with more ground, more ranged, and so on.


In the case of a barbarian event, no matter what the enemy’s troop composition is, I recommend ranged troops for most people.

(Note – unless your mounted troops or ground troops buffs are equal to or greater than your ranged troops buffs. In this case, go with the straightforward counter troops.)

Perhaps many people fall into the following:

  • The ranged troops buff is growing the most. (More than mounted and ground.)
  • Aim only for the strongest castles that can be barely defeated. (If you try to aim for a high score within a limited number of times, that will happen.)

In this case, I tried various types of troops, etc., and found that the number of troops killed was higher when I attacked with ranged troops than when I attacked with counter troops. (When fighting stronger castles, the number of kills will not be high if the ground or mounted troops are halfway buffed.)

Necessity and Effect of Layering

Layering is a troop formation that includes not only a single troop type and troop level, but also all troop types and all troop levels.

Details are omitted here, but roughly speaking, it has the following effects.

By providing a lot of meat walls, the enemy’s time is wasted and the damage of the main soldiers is suppressed. This will increase the damage to the enemy.

As you can see from the test results below, there is a dramatic difference in the number of kills.

Test results: Difference in the number of killing with and without layers

I checked the change in the number of killing against the same barbarian castle by changing only the composition.

  • Test date: 6/30/2022
  • Barbarian castle: Lv5 / 468.1M / +940% / Total number of troops: 8,490,934
TierTypeNumber of troops
With layerWithout layer
t13~t1Groundeach 1,0000
Rangedeach 1,0000
Mountedeach 1,0000
Siegeeach 1,0000
Total Troops1,455,0001,455,000
Enemy Total Troops8,490,9348,490,934

Test results: does each layer have to have 1,000 troops?

The total number of troops in the unit was not changed, but the number of troops in each layer was changed to check the change in the number of killings.

Note that at this time, the lower layers on the barbarian side had 11 troops each.

each 1,000each 100each 1each 0
t13~t1Groundeach 1,000each 100each 10
Rangedeach 1,000each 100each 10
Mountedeach 1,000each 100each 10
Siegeeach 1,000each 100each 10
Total Troops1,055,0001,055,0001,055,0001,055,000
Enemy Total Troops7,162,6847,162,6847,162,6847,162,684

As a result, as the number of troops in each layer decreased, so did the number of killings.

Make the top tier the largest.

It is common in the second half of the game to organize the troops of the ranged troops so that the topmost tiers are small and the two lower tiers are large. For example, t14 is 200,000, t13 is 400,000, t12 is 600,000, t11 to t1 are 1,000 each, and so on. However

“In case of barbarians event,” it is better to have the highest number of top-tier.

The following is the result of actual testing. The composition with more low-tier troops loses, but as the ratio of high-tier troops is increased, the number of kills increases, and finally the barbarians are defeated.

Test result: Is it better to have more lower-tier troops or more higher-tier troops?

I checked the change in the number of kills against the same barbarian castle, changing only the composition.

  • Test date: 7/1/2022
  • Barbarian castle: Lv5 / 391.2M / +830% / Total number of troops: 5,968,896
Total Troops1,453,0001,453,0001,453,0001,453,0001,453,000
Win or LoseLoseLoseLoseLoseWon
t12 Ground1,103,9391,163,8951,337,9101,632,8581,816,500
t12 Ranged637,446598,359778,500778,500778,500
t12 Mounted519,000519,000519,000519,000519,000
t12 Siege8,4038,4038,4038,4442,854,500

As you can see from this.

It is stronger to have more upper-tier than a more lower-tier composition.

Note, however, that this is a “case of barbarian events,” as I have said many times.

Both have their pros and cons, so in the end, it depends on your objective which composition you should use.

The composition with more lower-tier is suitable when aiming for a power exchange. This is to aim to defeat many of the enemy’s high-powered troops with low-powered troops and win in terms of “Lost Power”, even if you lose in terms of reports. In normal PvP, unlike barbarian events, the score based on lost power is the most important, so this technique is very important. Note that I personally believe that this fighting style is necessary for k35 and above, and below that, there is no big problem with more higher-tier. (I didn’t have any trouble in my experience)

4. Occupying & Reinforcing

Occupying Basics

To get a score, you must send troops to occupy a castle after it has been defeated.

Basically, the score you receive for occupation is proportional to the power of the troops you send in. The more high-tier troops there are, the higher the power of the troops and the higher the score.

In addition, each castle has a “Highest power required for occupying” and a “Lowest”. Even if you send more troops than the “Highest”, you will not receive a higher score. If less than the “Lowest”, no more score will be given even if you send troops.

In other words, to get the highest score in a castle, you need to send more than the “Highest power required for occupying”. If you cannot send them, you will waste your score.

Also, as mentioned in the “Selection” section, even if you send troops of the same strength, the score will be lower if the castle is too strong to reach the “Highest power required for occupying”. A weaker castle that reaches the “Highest” will score higher.

When I occupied it, the power was reduced. Why?

When sending troops for an occupation, you would check the power of the troops on the troops selection screen.

This includes the power of the general and the power of the troops, but when occupying a barbarian castle,

the power of the general is not counted. Only the power of the troops is counted.

Therefore, on the screen for selecting troops, it is advisable to remove the general once and then select the troops, so that you can accurately ascertain whether you have enough power.

After that, you can select a general if necessary. If you are sending your troops to a distant castle, you may want to attach a general to increase the speed of the march. If you are right next to a barbarian castle, you may go without a general.

To remove a general, tap the general’s icon on the troop selection screen to enter the general selection screen, and then press the “Resign” button of the general you wish to remove.

Reference: The following examples show the case with a general (left) and without a general (right). The number of troops is the same. The power in the lower right corner is different.

How many reinforcements can I bring in?

This is determined by the “Reinforcement Capacity” of the first player occupied after the attack.

Reinforcement capacity can be increased by the level of the embassy, research, etc.

Therefore, basically, it is better to have the first high level player to enter.

5. Healing

Tips to reduce healing costs

Raising the following levels will reduce the resources and gems required for healing.

Especially monarch talent is super important. It makes a difference many times over.

  • Monarch Talent
    • Lv14 “Healing Cost”
  • Research
    • Defense > Medicine
    • Medical Aid > Repairman

Tips to increase healing speed

  • Change the monarch gear to “Medicine Crown” before healing.
  • Set the duty officer to the hospital before healing.
  • Set Askia Muhammad I as the duty officer of the trap factory before healing.
  • Research
    • Defense > Adv Pharmacy
    • Medical Aid > “~ Troop Healing”, “~ Surgery”

How to earn healing speedup items

See the following articles.
How to get Speedup items efficiently

Tips for getting a high score

Get alliance members to help you

If you send reinforcements to a castle that your friends have defeated, your own challenge chances are not reduced.

Therefore, you can score many times. Compared to doing it by yourself alone, it makes a huge difference.

If you are a heavy coiner, you can use items to score solo ( details are described later), but if you are a f2p (free to play) player, it is essential to have alliance members cooperate with you.

Have your friends take down the weaker castles

To avoid wasting your challenge chance, aim only for the castle with the highest score within your ability to defeat it.

Losing does not reduce your challenge chances, so before you know which castle is the best, it is recommended that you attack and investigate a slightly stronger castle even if you lose. You will consume resources to heal, but you can make up for it if you continue to win afterwards.

Please refer to the list of scores later in this article.

Don’t rally

It is not recommended to rally to defeat a castle that you cannot defeat on your own.

The reasons are as follows.

  • Such castles usually require too much power to occupy and not enough troops to send. In this case, the score will be low for the number of troops sent, and it is not worth it.
  • Rallying consumes the number of challenges not only for the rally setter but also for the participants. If this is the case, it would be better to solo defeat castles within the range of each person’s ability to defeat them and send reinforcements to each other to earn a higher score.
  • Rallying reduces the amount of resources you receive.

Paying for items and using them

During this event period, if you buy an event package up to the 5th level, you will receive an item called “Lv6 Barbarian King Token”.

Using this one item will earn you 45,885,000 score.

Reference: Event Package 1-5 All Contents

If you use 22 of them, you will exceed 1,000M score.

Number of
items used

If you just want to achieve 500M score, you only need to defeat 836M+ castles, no occupation required.

You need a 500M score to get all the individual rewards.

It is difficult unless your keep level is about 38 or higher, but if you defeat a Lv5 836.8M castle, you will get about 5M score for that alone.

Therefore, if you defeat this castle 10 times a day, you will get 50M score. If this is repeated for 10 days, the score will be 500M.

  • Example of successful defeat
    • Barbarian Lv5 836.8M
      • Total number of troops: 10,331,141
    • Attacking Troop
      • Mainly Ranged Troop
      • Attack buff 1,879%.
      • Total number of troops: 2,983,750
        • ranged t14: 2,288,113
        • ranged t13: 629,247
        • Other layers: 1,000 each
      • Wounded: 14,170
      • Recovery costs are incurred, but the balance is in the black.

List of Scores, etc.

11/4/2022 – Scores changed due to specification changes.


  • Score – maximum value per second
  • Buffs – common values for attack, defense, and HP
  • Resources – amount per type (total value, x4)
troops amount
of troops
timeTop tier eachTotal
Lv1962.2K10%24.6Kt4 5,0008.2K5:00t4 2K-3K12K500K
Lv123155.6K25%61.5Kt5 10,00020.5K5:00t4 6K-7K27K800K
Lv234448K50%177.1Kt6 20,00059K10:00t5 5K-26K56K1M
Lv248644K70%254.5Kt7 22,00084.8K10:00t5 8K-43K90K1.2M
Lv25858817K40%322.9Kt7 30,000107.6K10:00t7 13K-16K60K1.4M
Lv263840K90%332Kt7 30,000110.7K10:00t5 9K-51K100K1.6M
Lv21171.6M80%645.9Kt8 40,000215.3K10:00t7 11K-62K130K2M
Lv21752.5M120%968.8Kt8 60,000322.9K10:00t7 15K-87K180K2.4M
Lv33067.2M213%2.8Mt9 130,000944.1K15:00t8 30K-175K370K3M
Lv33889.1M260%3.6Mt9 170,0001.2M15:00t8 47K-260K540K3.3M
Lv359015.9M170%6.3Mt10 220,0002.1M15:00t9 55K-30K650K3.9M
Lv398398326.5M283%10.5Mt10 360,0003.5M15:00
Lv41,27552.8M203%20.9Mt11 600,0007M20:00
Lv41,3741,37456.3M400%22.2Mt11 630,0007.4M20:00t10 140K-800K1.7M5.6M
Lv41,69969.6M460%27.5Mt12 520,0009.2M20:00
Lv41,9121,91279.1M305%31.1Mt12 600,00010.4M20:00
Lv42,0242,02482.9M520%32.8Mt12 620,00010.9M20:00t10 210K-1.1M2.5M6.8M
Lv42,5492,549105.5M407%41.7Mt12 780,00013.9M20:00t11 245K-1.3M2.8M7.2M
Lv43,1863,186131.9M508%52.1Mt12 980,00017.4M20:00
Lv43,8243,824158.3M610%62.6Mt12 1,170,000
t13 780,000
20.9M20:00t11 380K-2M3.6M8M
Lv53,9074,796314.3M720%124.2Mt13 1,550,00041.4M25:00t12 470K-2.6M5.4M8.5M
Lv54,7963,907334.7M387%132.3Mt14 1,100,00044.1M25:00t13 770K-930K3.6M9M
Lv55,8605,968391.2M830%154.6Mt14 1,300,00051.5M25:00t12 600K-3.3M7M9.5M
Lv55,9687,142468.1M940%185Mt14 1,520,00061.7M25:00t12 700K 3.8M8M10M
Lv57,1425,860502.1M580%198.4Mt14 1,630,00066.1M25:00t13 470K-2.6M5.5M10.5M
Lv57,8147,814669.4M773%264.6Mt14 2,180,00088.2M25:00t13 640K-3.5M8.2M11M
Lv59,7679,767836.8M967%330.7Mt14 2,720,000110.2M25:00t13 2M-2.5M9.6M11.5M
Lv511,72111,7211B1160%396.9Mt14 3,260,000132.3M25:00t13 900K-4.9M10.3M12M

Items you can get when you use “Barbarian King’s Token” outside of the event period

Lv6 Barbarian King’s Token

You can get all of the following

  • Refining Stone x500
  • Tactic Scroll x50
  • Senior Resources Chest x125

Lv3-Lv5 Barbarian King’s Token

* As of 6/28/2022, Lv3-Lv5 barbarian king’s token is not available from the event package.

Refining Stone300400500
Tactic Scroll304050
Senior Resources Chest75100125

Rewards List

Personal Score Rewards

Barbarians Invasion Monarch Score Chest

8 Hour
Bronze I5,000,0004,000160671003
Bronze II40,000,0008,000170671204
Bronze III85,000,00012,0001801081405
Silver I125,000,00016,0001901481606
Silver II165,000,00020,0002001881808
Silver III200,000,00024,00022022820010
Gold I300,000,00030,000240261022020
Gold II400,000,00035,000260301224025
Gold III500,000,00040,000280341526030

Monarch Ranking Rewards

Castle Decoration: Fort Frost (14 day)11111
Alliance Honor200,000175,000150,000125,000100,00090,00080,00070,00060,00050,000
Alliance Point200,000175,000150,000125,000100,00090,00080,00070,00060,00050,000
Senior Resources Chest (Blue)400350300250200180160140120100
1 Hour Speedup for Training8005003001251009080706050
1 Hour Speedup for Healing8005003001251009080706050
Dragon Source Fragment20018016014012010090807060
Tactic Scroll25020016014012010090807060
Treasure Box100908070605040353025

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It will encourage me to update the site.




No change in points for 52.8M and 69.6M. Sorry if this is a duplicate.

I learned something completely by accident during the Hecate trial events that apparently also applies to Barbarian castles. This also explains the comment above about monarch talent 6 (mortality) applying (I haven’t actually verified this): Both the Hecate temples and Barbarian Castles act only partially like PVP enemies; in other ways they act like monsters. They are like PVP in that they require layered marches and that the best march is not highest tier cavs. They are like monsters in that monarch talent 6 (mortality) seems to apply (mentioned above), and also RAMUNE CAN BE USED TO REDUCE WOUNDED TO ZERO (if you want to; not saying this is economically the best choice).


It seems that the power value calculated when occupying has been changed to include the general’s power value.

In the case of a castle that can be just barely defeated though there will be wounded. If you concentrate the number of troops only on the maximum level troops type, and layer the other levels and troop type with a number of troops in the hundreds, and also drink, you can win unscathed.
For your information.

I am always referring to this.
The amount of wounded soldiers has increased tremendously since this barbarian event. It is so different by an order of magnitude. Previously, I had a unit of t13 bow 600k, t12 bow 250k, and t11-1 bow 1000, and with 105M at lvl 4, I had about 3000 wounded, but this time I have about 40,000 wounded in the same way.
Is this a spec change?
If it is a spec change that reverses the advantage of bow specialization, that would be terrible.
If anyone has verified this, please let me know. We are currently in SVS, so we can’t do it right away.


This may be late information, but about wounded soldiers.
If the hospital is full, it will be a deserter.
If both the hospital and the holy palace are full, they will die.
It is strange that in a winning battle, even if there are tens of thousands of wounded soldiers, there is no damage to the siege machines lol.

random task

Do “Monster Debuff” gear and Sanada specialy apply to Arctic Barbarians. Similarly, does Aethelflaed or Monster Skill books apply to the Barbarians? Or we should use the normal PvP gear and not monster generals/gear?



Actually while using range has wounded, for level 1-3 Arctic, you can have zero wound if you use purely siege. I don’t have enough T14 siege to test it on Arctic level 4 yet. Nonetheless, I usually put infantry and siege together, it result in lower wound


Hold on so no one use cavs all I see from barb is if it higher on ground you use cavs if the barb has equal troop you use cavs or I’m I doing this wrong

It all depends on the buffs, after all.
Even if the barbarian troop formation is mainly infantry, cavalry tends to take more wounds, so I would not recommend cavalry unless they have very high buffs.
Otherwise, attacking with archers will result in fewer wounds.
In my experience, even though I attacked with cavalry, which has a higher buff than archers, I had more wounds than archers.

This happens because winning with archers means that the enemy infantry is almost destroyed before they reach our archer.
Reference: Troop Type Guide: Usage & Characteristics (Mounted, Ground, Ranged, Siege)


you are doing great articles to help everyone thank you very much but as i read it does not seam to be away to defeat a barbarian city with no wounded am i reading this correct or am i wrong


Barbs are always missing the 2nd and 3rd higher tiers.
Which can perfectly explain why an attack with all-in on top tier is more effective.

As for the optimal layer size (which here proves to be 1.000), maybe (and just maybe) has to do with that it was tested on losing assaults. Were the layers eliminated (when less than 1.000) ?
If layers get eliminated, certainly you will end up with a worst result.
But is this the case for winning assaults (1.000 layer size giving less wounded than 100) ?

I hope that Barbs will be back and we can test. As Barbs (with their weaknesses) is the only in-game “calibration” tool available.

I felt that if a castle that can be defeated with a t12 bow is set to t13, there will be more wounded soldiers, but I will try it next time and report back. Also, if you can afford to take down the castle, I feel that if you set the number of troops other than the main to 100 instead of 1000, you can still reduce the number of wounded soldiers.
At the moment, when attacking castles under 800m, I have the most bows at t12 and all the remaining layers at 100. Injuries are under 200 overall.

What I want to try now that I see the article.
Number of troops wounded (under 800M) at t14,t13,t12
Comparison of number of troops wounded in t14 and t13 archers for 800M castles
Comparison of 800M castles at layers 1000 and 100
Can a 1B castle be defeated with t14 archers and troop buffs

Against a beatable opponent, the high tier would still result in more wounds: for a 391.2M castle, a layer of bow t14+100 would result in 10,000 wounds, whereas a layer of bow t12+100 would result in 186 wounds.

Thanks for the verification.
Just to confirm, the number of troops inside the barbarian castle varies quite a bit, even with the same power buff.
Did you have more (or nearly the same) number of troops of the enemy when you tried it at t12?

As you said, administrator, there is a variance in the number of troops of the enemy. It is not easy to verify with the same number of troops, but the one with less injuries happened to have a higher number of troops. I did other powers as well, so below are the details of the above and other powers as well.

391.2M buff 830%.
At t14, 6,831,099, wounded 10,549
At t13, 7,228,999, wounded 182

468.1M buff 940%.
At t14, 8,094,184, wounded 9,727
At t13, 8,649,134, wounded 6,802

However, for barbarians with wounds in excess of tens of thousands, it is clear that the higher the tier, the fewer the wounds. I’ll test this next time in an 800M castle. t13 gives 83,372 wounded, I expect it to be much less in t14.

Thank you for the details.
So, it may be that the non-highest level is better for castles that can be beaten with room to spare, and the highest level is better for castles that can be beaten just barely. Roughly speaking.


these numbers really defy logic 🙂 !!!
Are we sure that we are comparing apples-to-apples?
same number of troops, same general, same layers etc.


Evonyguide, are you saying in your post above that ranged troops will not attack enemy siege troops until the former wipe out all other troop types? This is interesting to know, especially with regards to arctic castles because they always have so many siege troops.

In fact, I would recommend to try to modify the march in your examples above so that 15-20 percent of your troops are the highest level of siege, and the rest as was before but with 15-20 percent less ranged. You can even try to use a siege general as an assistant with siege range bonus skill book. I recall you were mentioning that siege troops can have a devastating effect on the lower tier troops than themselves. In fact siege T13 and T14 have higher range than all other tiers. And with the Arctic Castles, the event is setup pretty much so that you can beat castles only with lower tier troops than yours. It would be interesting to see your results if this event ever comes back again.

By the way, it is one of the most fun events in the game! There are many people on my server more obsessed with arctic castles than with actually pvp. So many became sad that this event did not return this week. In fact, some were counting on winning 70M of each resources per day for their goals.

Thank you for the information.


it would be great if sometime you put down an article for march formations.
It is difficult (if not impossible) to actually test different scenarios, but still accumulated experience and analytical thinking are valuable.

Night Wolf

Hello and thank you for these wonderful guides, in your ((Test result: Is it better to have more lower-tier troops or more higher-tier troops?)) how come that sieges did most of the killing in that last report when you won ?

Sorry is this is noob question 🙂


As for the troops composition in the barbs castles, there are three types (regardless of levels and troop number).
Type1 = 30/13/9/48 (percentages of Ground, Ranged, Mounted, Siege)
Type 2 = 13/48/9/30
Type 4 = 26/26/26/22

The number of wounded (in the summary and attackers page) are always much less than the kills reported in defender (barbs) page.
The ratio is 4.3-4.59% (wounded that you actually have, to kills reported for barbs).
When you lose, attacker’s wounded are 4.50% exactly.
I can only suppose that the kills in barbs page is what you would have in a real PvP.

Good evening! I am always referring to you. You said that you were still checking to see if they would be deserters, but when the hospital was full, they became deserters.😅


This barbarian can attack up to 15 times a day using a 6-slot march.
Play normally until the 9th time, and on the last time, you can attack 6 slots at the same time (9+6=15 times).
In short, in the case of solo, the attack chance consumption is determined “when you reach the target castle and win”, so you can launch the remaining 5 slots of troops before the last 1-slot troop reaches its destination.
(In the case of a rally, it seems to be -1 when you start up and +1 when you cancel.)
However, the following advance preparations and precautions are required.

– You have to find 6 castles in advance before you make the last one attack.
 (Actually, it is preferable to find 7-8 castles because they will disappear spontaneously or be taken by other players.)

– This will keep you busy because you will have to march 6 slots at the same time.

– If you march to too many adjacent castles, one of the marching units may defeat the castle before all 6 units have left, and the procession may be over.

– Most people can attack 2-3 strong castles with their main general, but the rest have to be weak castles.

This also allows you to earn points from occupation, but even if you do not need the points, you can earn significantly more RSS than attacking 10 castles as usual by daring to attack weaker castles that require fewer wounds.

That is all.


This information is really useful and has brought me great profit.
I am at keep level 32 and I am earning RSS by attacking barbarians level 2 and 3 at the same time.
I am getting a lot less than 15M each resource per day.
I have practiced the barbarian event for 2 seasons (20+ times) and I am happy to report on it.

One word of caution or my failure.
If you do it close to the date reset (16:00 Japan time), you may reduce the next day’s 10 times.
Even if you leave before 16:00, if the time you arrive at the barbarian castle is after 16:00, the number of times will naturally be reduced from the updated 10 times.
I lost 3 times lol.

I think the trick is to allow plenty of time and power.


Is the number of wounded also lowest in the case of a layered formation with the highest-tier of ranged troops at maximum?

Yes. I lost the report, but when I compared the composition with more of the top 3 tiers to the composition with more of the top one tier, the latter had fewer injuries.
(If you try this, you need to do it in a castle you can win. If you lose, the number of wounded will be the same regardless of the composition).
(The barbarian castles have different numbers of troops inside each of them, even if they have the same power and buffs (but the percentage of each type of troops is almost the same), so we cannot make a comparison by defeating exactly the same enemy. However, during this test, I fought a castle with a larger number of troops in the case of more upper tier, and a castle with a smaller number of troops in the case of more lower tier. And yet, there were fewer injuries in the case of more higher tier.)

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