Alliance Shop Item List

If you accumulate alliance points by killing monsters and such, you can buy items in the alliance shop.

The following is a list of those items.

Also, as you progress through the activities in the tavern, limited discount will start at random times (valid for 24 hours).

Basically, you should only buy these items when they are on limited discount, but “Shield” (Truce Agreements, Bubble) and “Tribute” do not change in price, so you can buy them whenever you want.

ItemNormal PriceDiscount Price
10 StaminaN/A30,000
50 StaminaN/A50,000
100 StaminaN/A100,000
100K Food Box9,0005,850
100K Lumber Box9,0005,850
100K Stone Box9,0005,850
100K Ore Box9,0005,850
500K Food Box36,00023,400
500K Lumber Box36,00023,400
500K Stone Box36,00023,400
500K Ore Box36,00023,400
5 Minute Speed Up600480
60 Minute Speed Up6,0004,800
12 Hour Speed Up50,00035,000
3 Day Speed Up180,000126,000
City Teleporter25,00020,000
Adv City Teleporter80,00064,000
Troop March Speedup35,00026,250
Adv Troop March Speedup50,00035,000
Troop Recall2,5002,000
Alliance March Recall20,00014,000
City Name Change8,0005,600
1 Hour Defense Increase12,5009,375
1 Hour Attack Increase15,00011,250
Arrest Warrant50,00035,000
8 Hour Resources Gathering Speedup20,00010,000
24 Hour Resources Gathering Speedup45,00022,500
100 Chips3,0002,250
1K Chips28,00021,000
VIP 100 Points15,00015,000
8 Hour Truce Agreement30,00030,000
24 Hour Truce Agreement50,00050,000
3 Day Truce Agreement100,000100,000
Avatar Change10,00010,000




I wasn’t sure whether to post this here or not, but I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to use the lucky stone (efficiently).

I got it for the first time at a previous Hun event, but I don’t know how to use it, so I haven’t used it yet.

Please help me.

Lucky Stones can be used to increase the specialty of the general (optional). To increase the specialty, you need to use runestones and gems to increase EXP. If you use a lucky stone, you will get more EXP.
Related: Specialty Guide

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