9/6/2023 – Added academy 40 to upgrade requirements.
8/8/2023 – Added academy 38, 39 to upgrade requirements.
7/13/2023 – The guide was substantially revised.

Menu (Availability during upgrade, Unlock conditions)

  • Research
    • Cannot be used during the Academy upgrade. (You can choose the menu, but you cannot start research.)
  • Skill Books Shop
    • You can purchase skill books.
    • Can be used while upgrading.
  • Duty
    • Unlocked at Academy Lv20.
    • Can be used while upgrading.


Below are the main milestones.

  • Lv17: Unlock: Research > Recovery
  • Lv20: Unlock: Duty
  • Lv28: Unlock: Research > Military Advance
  • Lv33: Unlock: Research > Defense Advance
  • Lv35: Enables completion of all categories from Advancement to Military Advance

Upgrade requirements (resources, etc.)

Note: “Construction Time” depends on the “ConstructionSpeed”. The following construction times and speeds are examples, most of which are based on my own play. Note that construction speed can be checked in the “Administration” section of the monarch’s detail screen.

* Blanks are under investigation

* Requires horizontal scrolling

LvFoodLumberStoneOreTimeSpeedRequirementsUnlock (etc)
171,200,0001,300,0001,300,0001,300,0001d 23:0626%Keep17Research > Recovery
181,800,0001,900,0002,000,0001,900,0002d 17:5626%Keep18
192,500,0002,800,0002,900,0002,800,0002d 20:2570%Keep19
203,200,0003,700,0003,800,0003,700,0003d 16:0185%Keep20Duty Officer
214,200,0004,800,0005,000,0004,900,0005d 03:1385%Keep21
225,300,0006,300,0006,500,0006,400,0007d 04:3085%Keep22
236,900,0008,300,0008,600,0008,400,00010d 01:3085%Keep23
248,800,00011,000,00011,000,00011,000,00014d 00:1786%Keep24
2511,000,00014,000,00015,000,00014,000,00018d 12:40111%Keep25
2627,000,00036,000,00036,000,00036,000,00024d 07:15134%Keep26
2748,530,00061,190,00063,300,00063,300,00032d 14:02Keep27
2886,800,000109,120,000111,600,000109,120,00035d 08:15179%Keep28Research > Military Advance
29139,740,000175,360,000180,840,000178,100,00046d 23:19208%Keep29
30210,980,000265,780,000274,000,000268,520,00068d 09:53231%Keep30
31275,096,000347,158,000357,844,000349,898,00083d 20:06253%Keep31
32362,614,000458,239,000472,291,000460,979,000111d 12:02253%Keep32
33503,781,000637,413,000656,894,000640,153,000155d 01:04Keep33Research > Defense Advance
34770,869,000976,410,0001,006,163,000979,150,000247d 22:46262%Keep34
351,483,193,0001,880,515,0001,937,663,0001,883,255,000524d 02:55262%Keep35
362,195,517,0002,784,620,0002,869,163,0002,787,360,000691d 10:09319%Keep36
373,174,962,5004,027,764,3754,149,975,5004,030,504,375968d 01:59349%Keep37
384,962,450,5386,296,502,8596,487,458,3136,299,242,8591,573d 18:22360%Keep38
399,163,047,42611,628,038,29811,980,542,92211,630,778,2983,218d 14:42360%Keep39
4021,554,808,24627,356,067,84128,185,142,52027,358,807,8417361d 19:18Keep40

How to speed up researching

How to increase researching speed buff

Increasing the research speed buff can reduce the research time in advance.

You can check how many buffs you have in your “Research Speed” in the “Administration” category of the Monarch Detail screen.

Research – “Typography (max +70%)” and “Super Typography (max +100%)” in the “Advancement” category of the Academy should be advanced.

Monarch Gear – Equip the “Intellect Crown” before starting research (see this article for details). For more information on how to quickly raise the level of monarch gear, please click here.

Duty Officer – Set a duty officer at the Academy before starting (see this article for more details). Any general can be a duty officer, but the ideal is Eulji Mundeok or Hammurabi. They have skills and specialties related to research. See this article for how strong they need to be.

IMPORTANT – Setting a duty officer of a Military Academy also increases the speed of research. (The Military Academy can be unlocked at Keep level 36 and above.) Don’t forget to do this too.

Civilization Treasure – Equip the “Code of Hammurabi” before starting research. (Civilization Treasure Guide)

Subordinate City – Having an American subordinate city increases your research speed. (List of buffs)

Alliance Science – A buff that is activated simply by belonging to an alliance. Donations and raising the level will give you more buffs.

Other things can also make you faster, such as Victory Column, and Dragon (Celtic Demon), etc.

How to get speed-up items

Speed-up items can be used to speed up the completion of the research being initiated.

The main way to get a lot of speed-up items quickly is to kill a lot of bosses. For other details, see the following article.

How to get Research Stone

A good way to get a lot of Research Stone quickly is to kill a lot of Vikings. However, you cannot earn much by just defeating them solo. It is better to kill as many alliance members’ Vikings in a rally as possible.
Details: Boss Chest & Drop Item List

Others can be produced in Research Factory. However, It’s very expensive and are not recommended except in an emergency. (I’ve put together a detailed article on the production of the Research Stone here)

Other Building Guides


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Level 38 requirement:
Keep 38
Food 4,962,450,538
Lumber 6,296,502,859
Stone 6,487,458,313
Ore 6,299,242,859


I’m having trouble finding an academy to raise my keep level.
It seems to be hidden in the clouds……
Is it a glitch or something that prevents me from doing the tutorial?
I’d appreciate any help you could give me.

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